My most popular posts are as follows: 

The Pumpers - Here I list the most prominent dinar pumpers that we've identified and all of the info that we have on them.  This is the most popular post due to frequent Google searches for info on these douchebags.

The Montana Trail - Part 3 is the most popular because this is where we cement that fact that Adam Montana is actually 35 year old James Wolf of Greenville, Wisconsin.  Parts 1 and 2 are essential though, if you want to understand how I arrived at my conclusions.  Part 4 is where I list the claims that he has made and speculate about where else the Montana Trail might lead.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Breitling Busted!!! - Here I identify Breitling as Tony Elder from Lake Havasu City, Arizona (and Vegas) who had Roger and Angela Dorman (from Dinar Daddy and The Treasury Vault) listed as friends on Facebook. 

The Breitling Catalog - Here I go through eight months of Breitling's YouTube videos and show how consistently wrong he is, as well as documenting all of the ridiculous claims that he makes. 

The Douchies - Here I list the winners of every Douchie awarded since the blog started in the summer of 2011.  It's funny, but some people are only interested in reading the weekly Douchie and nothing else. 

The John Jagerson Interviews - John is a currency and investment professional.  In these interviews he lays it all out there how currency revaluations don't work the way pumpers are saying the dinar RV will.
First Interview   Follow-up Interview

Here's an alphabetical guide to other posts:


Adam Montana (James "Wolfyman" Wolf)  - More Drama at DV (10/11)  Continuing Drama at DV (10/11)  Adam Montana Speaks (5/12)  My Thoughts on Adam Montana (10/11)  Comments on Adam Montana (9/11)  More Confusion from Adam Montana (1/12)  More of the Best of Adam Montana (3/13)

Azrael - An Interview with Azrael (1/12)

Brad Huebner - IRS Raids BH Group (9/11)  Dinar 101 from the BH Group (10/11)

Blaino (Blaine Fogel) - Seeker's Comments on Blaino (10/11) Blaino's Diatribe (6/12)

Breitling (Tony Elder) - Breitling Busted (10/11)  The Breitling Catalog (2/12)  Breitling Comes Alive (5/12)  And the Backpedaling Begins (5/12)  Breitling Speaks (5/12)  More of the Best of Breitling (9/12)

Chekmate (Dan Atkinson) - 2011 Douchebag of the Year (1/2012) This Week's Douchie Winner (11/2011)  Dan and Circus Dinar (7/12)

Chuckles - An Interview with Chuckles (3/12)

David Pratt - David Pratt's Injunction (10/11)

Delta - Delta and Shabibi (3/12)

Dr. Pete/Dr. Todd - Dr. Todd (9/12)

Enoch8 - An Interview with Enoch8 (12/11)

Enorrste (Steve Norris a.k.a. The Professor) - Enorrste Posts and Responses (9/11)  Enorrste, Math, and the RV (12/11)

Frank Villa (frank26) - Frankly Reeking (12/11)  Frankly Reeking II (7/12) Frankly Reeding III (8/12)

Highlander - An Interview with Highlander (3/12)

Jack DeAngelis - Jack is Back (1/12)

Jack Lee Smiley - The Jack Lee Smiley Case (12/11)

John Jagerson - "Learning Markets" Videos on the Iraqi Dinar (9/11)  An Interview with John Jagerson (1/12)   John Jagerson Interview Follow-up (4/12)  John Jagerson's Ebook (6/12)

Jonnywg - Jonnywg Q & A (1/12)

Kaperoni - JayP Responds to Kaperoni's "10 Reasons" (10/11)  Kap, Kap, Kap (3/12)

Keepmwlknfny - An Interview with Keepmwlknfny (2/12)

Legolas - An Interview with Legolas (12/11)

Marcus Curtis - An Interview with Marcus Curtis (2/12)  Marcus Curtis Update (4/12)

Marshall Donnerbauer - Marshall Donnerbauer - Electronic Dinar Douchebag (10/11)

Okie - Okie Announces the RV (3/12)  Okie or Not Okie (5/12)

Phoenix - How Iraq Will Pay for the RV (12/11)  Phoenix from "Gimme Shelter" Revamps (9/11)  Phoenix Revamps Again (10/11)

Randy Koonce - Randy's Record (8/12)

Roger Dorman - Dinar Daddy and Okie (10/11)  Dinar Daddy and the Treasury Vault (10/11)  And the Backpedaling Begins (5/12)

Rudy Coenen - Rudy Coenen and Bayshore Capital Investments (10/11)

Sam I Am - Sam I Am Tired (1/12)

Scooter - An Interview with Scooter (1/12)

Sonny1 - Sonny1 Says Goodby (1/12)

SteveI - Yet Another SteveI Meltdown (10/11)

Tariq - Tariq's Take (3/12)  Tariq Follow-Up Call (3/12)

TerryK - A Chat with TerryK's Brother HFord (9/11)


1166 (4/12) - A discussion about the lack of intel regarding the latest rate change.

2011 In Review (12/11) - A review of all of the douchebaggery from 2011

3 Currencies Set to RV (6/12) - 10-15% is huge for an RV.

A Couple of Clarifications (11/11) - A couple of things that people have mentioned that I thought needed clearing up.

A Fake Interview? (1/12) - I was accused of interviewing myself.

A Letter to Santa (12/11) - Just done as humor but yielded a very interesting comment.

A No-Brainer? (4/12) - Addressing the common statement that there's little risk and a huge upside with the dinar.

A Sad Dinar Story (8/12) - All too typical, actually

A Stroll Down Memory Lane (10/11) - Reviewing the frenzy over some bogus intel from early 2011.

A Unique Perspective on the Dinar (12/11) - An evangelist gives his views on currency revaluations and the dinar.

Adam in Dubai (7/12) - Xtranormal dinar videos

Anti-Pumper? (3/12) - I was accused of working for a dinar dealer to promote buybacks

Apologies to Neno and JoeP (11/11) - I screwed up on a couple of things early on with this blog.  I'm sure there will be more

April Fool (4/13) - Comments on Porter Stansberry, Randy Koonce, Frank26, Blaino, Adam Montana

April Update (4/13) - Announcing a surprising reversal of my position on the dinar

Arresting Developments (10/12) - Comments on the ouster of Shabibi

Aspiring Douchebags (9/11) - People who I don't label as douchebags but am keeping an eye on

Booted From the Dinar Forum (8/12) - An amusing site where people tell about getting booted

CBI Policy (3/13) - An IMF document and 2 videos of Shabibi clearly show that the CBI's policy is a stable exchange rate

Colorado Pulls Plug on Dinar Promoter (10/11) - Another dinar dealer has a brush with authorities

Continuing Drama at DV (10/11) - One of Adam Montana's members called him on his bad math and Adam responded.

Deleting the Zeros (6/12) - What does this expression really mean?

Dinar Fact Sheet (10/11) - Closest thing I've seen to an official denial that the US holds dinar

Dinar Indictments (9/12) - Four arrested for dinar fraud, three of whom I've written about in the past

Dinar Researchers/Analysts (9/11) - A list of people I don't consider pumpers.

Dinar Speculation in 1993 (7/12) - Learning the lessons of history.

Dinar Tweets (8/12) - The wonders of modern communication and technology

Dinar Videos (10/11) - Three dinar videos I found on YouTube and wanted to share.

Donations and Dinars (11/11) - My views on dinar sites soliciting money for various causes.

Don't Drink the Punch (8/12) - Another anti-pumper blog

Gurus and Goodbyes (10/11) - Dinar gurus often do a big dramatic exit and then a few days or weeks later they're back at it.

Happy New Year! (1/13) - A review of dinar developments from 2012

Hot Tubs and Dinar (11/11) - News story about a former dinar site owner who ran afoul of the law

Hype from TD - (9/12) - Misleading hype found on Tampa Dinar's website

I Changed My Mind (7/12) - Funny videos that show the level of sophistication for many if not most dinarians

Iraq Needs the RV (12/11) - Or do they?

LDHL (9/12) - LD Holdings is a penny stock being pumped by the BH Group and Breitling

LDHL II (9/12) - Follow up on LD Holdings with analysis from Aim High Profits

Let's Talk Turkey (6/12) - Comparing Turkey's RD to Iraq's

Links to Good Dinar Sites (9/11) - Sites I consider pumper-free

Maliki and the RV (6/12) - Is Maliki holding up the RV?

Maliki and the RV II (9/12) - What's the real story on the delay?

March Update (3/13) - Religious conmen, commentary on Adam Montana, Frank Villa, and Breitling.

Marketing and the Dinar (7/12) - The people behind the sites and the intel are marketers, not economists

MLM Meets the Dinar (10/11) - Unbelievable hair-brained scheme to mix the two.

Monopoly Money (6/12) - A contrarian view posted at Dinar Daddy's site.

MOP Report (8/12) - The Feasibility Study with the $1.13 rate

More Drama at DV (10/11) - A DV member takes issue with Adam's comments on the history of the dinar.

More RV Analysis (9/11) - A few examples of contrarian views.

Occam's Razor and the RV (12/11) - Judging the hype and intel by the principle of "simpler is usually better"

Popular Pumper Lines (9/11) - The most popular lines .... hardly exhaustive.

Reducing the Money Supply (11/11) - Are they or aren't they?

Reuters Article (10/12) - An article on the dinar followed by my observations

RD 101 (1/12) - The basics of redenomination or "lop".

RV 101 (1/12) - The facts about currency revaluation.

RV Reality Check (9/11) - My first post which laid the foundation for everything else on the blog.

Season's Greetings! (12/12) - Float theory, Feasibility Study, VND

Shabibi and Stability (9/12) - Contrary to what some gurus say, Shabibi's focus isn't on raising the IQD's value

Shutting Down the Blog (4/12) - Haha!  I had to do it!

Stardogger Site (11/11) - Clarification on a site I wrote about previously.

Thanksgiving Turkeys (11/11) - A few examples of BS around Turkey Day.

The Ambiguity of Revaluation (7/12) - They don't mean what you think they mean.

The Artificial Program Rate (5/12) - Examining the true value of the IQD.

The Douchebag Summit (11/11) - I just wanted to have a little fun with the gurus here, but some took this serious.

The God Factor (11/11) - The role of religion in the investment.

The History of Dinar Pumping (8/12) - You need a flowchart

The New 50 Dinar Note (11/11) - Something very significant that I don't hear people talking about.

The Plan and the Dark Cabal (3/12) - Conspiracy nut take on what's happening with the RV.

The Pumper Identity Crusade (11/11) - Who are these guys?

The Rebuilding of Babylon (3/12) - Bible prophecy's relation to the RV.

The Strongest Currency in the Region (12/11) - What does it mean?

The Usual Suspects (1/12) - My opinion on who you can trust.

'Tis The Season (12/11) - Yuletide pumping.

Today's Assignment (6/12) - How many mistakes can you find in this video?

Trick or Treat (10/12) - Dan & Tony are missing, FootForward's blown WS prediction, John Gilha

Warka Facebook Page (3/12) - For concerned Warka investors.

You Can't Con a Con (4/12) - Con artists are drawn to the dinar like flies to $#1+

You Can't Fix Stupid (8/12) - Forbes article about the dinar.