Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rudy Coenen and Bayshore Capital Investments

One of the most popular guests for dinar conference calls over the past year has been Rudolph Coenen, affectionately known as "Rudy".  He sprung to prominence after he made a phone call to Sean Hannity on 9/2/2010 discussing the Iraqi dinar, which created a buzz in the dinar world.  "Who is this Rudolph guy who called Hannity the other day?  Where did he come from?"  Well Rudy answered those questions in a post he made on Dinar Daddy on 9/21/2010 stating:

"My name is Rudolph Coenen, i am the person who spoke to Hannity, 2 weeks ago on his radio show. Everyone was wondering who i was, and where did i get my information. I live in Jacksonville, Fl and have been in the Banking business for 15 years. In 1982 i joined the Marine Corps, and had a wonderful 12 year career, Semper Fi. You can google my name and look at my background. I studied International Finance at the University of Colorado, and recieved my masters in economics. My last position was with JPMCHASE in there cdo dept, and i had a 420million dollar portfolio. I also owned a mortgage company called DIRECT LENDING, we did loans thru out the U.S.  I am well known in the banking industry and have had my own radio show and also have been a contributor to fox news.  My life has been very transperent, and anyone can check on it.  I have had commendations and recognition for my involvement in Desert shield and desert storm."   

He then proceeded to make a series of posts about the dinar that would rival War and Peace in content and monotony.  This wasn't the first time that Rudy had tried to promote himself as a dinar expert.  Prior to this he had made posts at Dinar Vets promoting his Florida Dinar Facebook page and was warned to quit spamming.  In retrospect it appears that Rudy had an agenda all along to achieve dinar guru status and eventually launch his hedge fund program for post-RV investments.  Shortly after becoming the hottest new guru Rudy was banned from Dinar Vets under suspicion of using his Facebook page to gather information on DV members.  Adam Montana also said that Rudy had a criminal record in Florida.   

Well DV's loss was the BH Group's gain, as they made Rudy their star dinar pumper and eventually became the marketing agency for his hedge fund.  Over the next few months Rudy and Scooter did the tag team dinar analysis thing on BH Group conference calls while Brad Huebner pumped the hell out of the dinar with his Dinar 101 until finally the authorities shut down the BH Group's operation in July and seized their records, effectively putting Rudy's hedge fund on ice.  Now the poor schmucks who trusted Rudy are demanding to know what's happening to their nonrefundable $750 hedge fund deposits.

Months before all hell broke loose however, an admin at Real Scam was on to Rudy and Company and he covered the whole debacle with impeccable precision.  I won't even attempt to expound on what he said.  I'll simply post the link and bid you good reading.


  1. I love it finally some one tell the truth.
    Whos the new GURU Johnnywg?????????

  2. Thanks. I don't know who Jonnywg is. I've been too busy looking into these other douchebags. It's quite possible that it's one of them posting under another name. I'll keep you posted on my findings.


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