Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Pumper Identity Crusade

We do our best here at Dinar Douchebags to inform the dinar community about who they're dealing with when it comes to gurus and pumpers, but there's only so much that we can do without your help.  So we would like to issue this plea to dinarians everywhere.  If you have information about any of these people please let us know.  We're looking for names of course, but also photos, backgrounds (educational, professional, or criminal), and any websites or businesses that they might be associated with.  The reason for this is simple.  As long as these people are anonymous they're more likely to post lies and disinformation.  Once their identities are known the accountability factor kicks in and they'll be more likely to either behave themselves or go away.  Consider the example of Jack DeAngelis.  This guy was pumping dinar and precious metals online for years until his criminal background was exposed.  Now his website is shut down and most of his YouTube videos are removed because of a guy named Nick who got the lowdown on him.  Well done, Nick!

We'd like to see these pumpers shut down too.  So if you have any information on these guys please contact us and we'll follow up on it.  Here's an example of the people I'm talking about:
  • Okie Oilman
  • Breitling
  • Blaino
  • bear5642
  • Kaperoni
  • Bluwolf
  • Bulldog75
  • Adam Montana
  • Roger Dorman (Dinar Daddy)
Some of you might be thinking "well they're just trying to help us and give us information about what's happening.  Why give them a hard time?"  Well from my experience I can tell you that most people aren't going to spend hours a day on the phone and on the internet doing research and gathering intel (not that these guys actually do that) just to share it for free with total strangers.  There are exceptions of course, but human nature being what it is I believe that the vast majority of people "sharing their intel" have an ulterior motive.  As the saying goes, "follow the money".  If there's a reason to believe that they're making money off of people then you have to question their motives.  If they have a website with advertising then they'll probably want to generate traffic to their site to increase their ad revenues.  If they have a link to a dinar dealer with a promo code for a discount then they probably get a commission for dinar sales.  If they charge for intel or investing information then they obviously have a motive to keep people interested in the RV.  I mean, what if one of these guys suddenly said "sorry folks, but after further research and careful consideration we have concluded that the RV isn't going to happen.  You'll be lucky to get your money back."?  What would that do to the traffic to their site?  Well obviously it would be devastating.  People would look for some other site that says there will be an RV next week.  So the hype keeps coming.

Here's something to think about.  Okie has been saying that the RV is done for over a year now.  Then he decides a few months ago to start his own website to pump the dinar.  Suddenly he announces that he's got a pastor friend in Florida who is going to start selling dinar.  Now if he really believed that this thing was done 8 months ago would he have gone to the trouble of starting his own site?  Of course not.  He would be too focused on cashing in and post-RV investment and wealth management strategies.  See what I mean?  You can use that same logic for all of these gurus and pumpers.  Every time they start up a new business venture and promote it you have to ask yourself "if this dude is about to become a zillionaire then why is he going to so much trouble to start up a business that probably won't generate an income of more than 20 or 30 grand a year, and might even lose money?"  Critical thinking will serve you well in everything you do, but especially when it comes to investing.   

I hear some of you saying "well, you have ads running on your site.  What's the difference?"  Good point.  First of all, I'm not telling everybody that there's going to be an RV that will turn their $1000 investment into $1,000,000.  If you want to invest in the dinar that's your decision, but if you read what is written here you'll do so knowing that it's a long shot.  Yes, I want to generate traffic here.  I put a lot of time into what I do and I feel that I'm entitled to some compensation.  But I'm not putting out any information that isn't already available elsewhere.  If I'm not sure about something then I'll tell you.  And no, I'm not going to forfeit my anonymity because I realize that I'm pissing off a lot of people.  People get mad when you hit them in the bottom line.  That's a little bit different from wanting to remain anonymous so that you can mislead people with no consequences.   

What these pumpers are doing is wrong.  If it isn't criminal then IMO it should be.  If they don't serve time in prison then they should at least be held accountable by the dinar community to the greatest extent possible.  In my mind that means going out of business and being banished from all of the forums and chats and conference calls.  So help us out here, won't you?  Drop us a line with any relevent info and if it pans out we'll use it to de-douche the dinar world.  Thanks.

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