Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Week's Douchie Winner - Jonnywg

10-7-2011 Guru Jonnywg I have just received a call that will disclose some information. The bank screens show that there was continued transactions from institutions. This by IMF law means if an rv has taken place…[and this is NOT CONFIRMED] we will have it shown to the public within 24 hours…about 5pm EST from our calculations. But there are 150 countries in 4-6 baskets and it is from the last one…so say tomorrow am at the latest. Also there will be more banking rates released closer to 5pm. The dong is in the 1st basket and the dinar the 4th or 5th. We are progressing but no cash yet.  At 5 pm I will try to nail down time frame but I feel if not by 5, then the will have to start a new trilateral agreement and confirm rate. The current rate posted is $5.60 USD.  

 10-7-2011  Guru Jonnywg i have just talked to the finance department and i have good news. the rates published yesterday have stabilized. 5.77 usd appears to be going forward as the active rate…the industrial/commercial activity has increased at one of the banks and remains constant at the other we feel at this time that a major effort to reach the rate agreed on in the trilateral agreement has been reached. $5.77, THUS OUR OPORTUNITY COULD BE REALIZED BY 3PM EST…also ther was activity in trading the VND in the same manner…i am not declaring an RV..but this information is real…we hope we are close to the end

10-7-2011 Guru Jonnywg  FYI: I would like to share the following that the MT 527 codes were activated at 6am…Thursday …as at 10 am the codes were changed to represent two different banks in IRAQ…one for CHASE THE Bank of Bagdad TRIQBA575 AND ONE FOR WELLS FARGO The warka Bank WAIVIQBA577…THESE ARE ACTIVE CODES…NOTE THAT A RATE GOES WITH EACH CODE $ 5.75 AT ONE BANK AND $5.77 AT THE OTHER…today as at 8am est i will post the codes again and new rate. These codes are connecte from bank in usa to their clearing supplier bank in IRAQ although little detail available multiple transactions in dinar happened and were on the screens…this information was verified by an IMF contact…it is believed to be cashins by small countries and large holders.  i was informed that the IMF is acting behind the scenes to adjust the rate… this does not guarranttee an RV as the IMF has to hit the rate guarranteed by the unilateral agreement between usa/iraq.  

Can anybody tell me what the hell this new guru is babbling about?  IMF laws!  Trilateral agreements?!? Currency baskets!  MT 527 codes!?  WOW!  I'm impressed!  There's an old saying that if you can't dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bullshit.  I think we have a case of the latter here.  What a douchebag!


  1. This guy is at the top of the list of dinar deceivers! He is so full of hot air he is absolutely out of his mind!

    Tell me, who is he in real life? Name, location, occupation, contact information, etc. I would love to confront him for his foolish lies.

    Can you determine what in the world is his motivation for continually posting such absurd trite?


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