Monday, October 10, 2011

Seeker's Comments on Blaino

This was posted back in July by "seeker", formerly of Planet Dinar.


I (seeker) do not approve-condone the paysite 'Planet Dinar' or its ownership's actions


Most of you know me as someone who believes that we should live our lives with honesty & integrity as our priorities I spent several months as the site administrator for Planet Dinar when it was a 'free site' - working 14-16hrs per day, 7 days a week building the site membership and serving the owner Blaine Fogel, 'Blainos' best interests I recently had a falling out with Blaino because he was rushing to convert to a paysite I did my best to negotiate with him to ensure that people who paid would be getting a fair deal when the new site was announced Blaino 'doubled' the cost we agreed on from $3.99 per month to $6.99 per month he claimed and I quote "the people will gladly pay it" afterwards He said to me and I quote "I will sleep with the devil to make it work" I knew then I was going to leave this site & soon! since opening his site and as of this writing, Blaino has made NO attempt to fulfill his promise of offering a benefits package and continues to promote things in order to expand the paying membership this ploy is obvious - its called PROFITEERING!

When so many are hurting in one way or another this PARASITE decides to attack what little money most investors have to live on and put it in his pocket! I have been in contact with many people who paid to join and then had numerous problems with the site for the most part Blaino ignored them now many have filed complaints with 'Alertpay' which is the service Blaino uses to collect his fee's off your credit cards so they are aware of his scheme Other people are contacting their credit card companies and filing complaints too, asking for refunds why is this happening? because all Blaino is really offering is intel that he and the mods copy from other sites and re-post in his chat room and people are realizing it as the site administrator I was 110% aware of this and complained vigorously but IMO, all Blaino was interested in was counting money!

For my efforts, Blaino blocked me out of the backroom skype chats that he controlled I guess having to read the truth from me constantly will drive a person crazy! lol!

Recently there were several claims of 'hacking' on the planet dinar site... shortly after okie made some insensitive comments in chat the hacker was in fact Blaino himself who in turn told me he was blaming an administrator who had left the site - chaosmite in fact every devious move on the site was masterminded by Blaino and he continued to blame chaosmite for all issues of this nature (how convenient) Blaino would sign in as okie or pilot (okie's alter ego) and raise havoc this was designed to make okie look bad to the membership because Blaino was upset okie had moved to his own site as much as I think okie is somewhat confused about 'Religion' I harbor NO ill feelings toward him, in fact made repeated posts regarding prayers that I had offered up in his name after he left the site, regardless of his opinion of me.

The final straw for me came last Monday when Blaino told me over the phone that if he didn't see a huge increase in paid memberships he was (quote) "going to close down the site and go find a job" I asked what he planned to do with all the members, many who had opted to pay for a full year of membership at $59.00 and he said 'too bad, nothing I can do to help that. I need to deal with my own crap and can't worry about anyone else's"

If any of you out there feel that you may have been tricked by this person or if you know of anyone please let me know I will be more than glad to assist with obtaining refunds or implementing legal action against this schemer! I've kept excellent records of all communications between him & I and believe it would help greatly in bringing resolve to those adversely affected. Please feel free to share my opinions and personal experiences I've listed here my main goal in sending this email is to officially disassociate myself altogether from Blaine Fogel (Blaino) and his website.

God Bless


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