Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Week's Douchie Winner - Tony "Breitling" Elder

A couple of weeks ago I posted "Breitling Busted!!!", revealing that "Breitling" is actually Anthony Patrick "Tony" Elder, a friend of Roger Dorman (Dinar Daddy) who pumps lower denoms which are conveniently available through The Treasury Vault which is owned by Angela Dorman, Roger's wife.  (Apparently he has a luxury watch fetish which inspired his "Breitling" alias.)  I also revealed that Tony is pumping the ISX Report from as though this report is being produced by somebody else and he has no business interest in it when in fact his own company Select Play Media comes up on the PayPal page when you order the report.  Well apparently Tony got word of what was posted and went into damage control mode.  He removed his Twitter account, edited his Facebook page to conceal his friends (including Angela Dorman) and his LDS (Mormon) faith, removed the reference to a collaborative effort by Roger Dorman and Tony Elder from a post on his blog, changed his YouTube account from selectplaymedia to Breitlingdinar, and then claimed that his account was hacked which conveniently resulted in somebody deleting some of the videos which I cited as examples of Breitling's BS.  He then produced new videos where he ranted about people lying about him but he never addressed any of these "lies" except in his claim that he doesn't sell dinar on eBay.

Actually I never said he's selling on eBay, but I did point out that somebody in the town of Lake Havasu City, Arizona is selling dinar on eBay and quite coincidentally Tony is from Lake Havasu City and apparently still has family there.  Here's something else that I find quite interesting.  A Ted Elder (age 82) is listed as the principal for Gameroxx Entertainment, Inc.  Now maybe it's just me but I find it hard to imagine a man in his 80s being an active owner/manager of a video game development company.  I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that this is Tony's company which was simply registered in his dad's name.  (Similarly listed Ted's phone number for the registrant.)  If that's the case, is it really so unreasonable to think that maybe dinar is being sold from somebody else's home and account with Tony possibly acting as the supplier through The Treasury Vault?  I can't prove this of course, so for now it's just a theory.  But I do consider it a plausible scenario.  It's also quite possible that somebody totally unrelated to Tony in a city of 50,000 people is selling dinar on a regular basis on eBay.  Whether he is or not I think it's time for Tony to come clean about his business relationship with Roger Dorman and his business interest in The ISX Report.  Because of his refusal to do so Tony wins the Douchie for this week.  Congrats, DB.

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