Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Artificial Program Rate

Have you ever heard the term "artificial" in reference to the current value of the Iraqi dinar?  One well-known pumper whose name starts with a P and ends with X and sounds like a city in Arizona refers to the current ratio of 1166 IQD to 1 USD (or $.000857) as the artificial program rate.  Others have stated that the current rate is a placeholder until the real value of the dinar is represented via a revaluation.  Well I'm of the opinion that the current rate is quite real and fully representative of the value of the dinar. 

Was the current value of $.000857 just plucked out of thin air?  Why not go with $.001 or $.0009?  One of my readers named DaveD pointed this out recently. 

Iraq has $60 Billion in FX reserves. Their M2 is 70 Trillion dinar.
They have stated they want to maintain 100% backing.
Well guess what. 60 billion (dollars) divided by 70 Trillion (dinar) comes out to .000857 or 1166.

Coincidence?  Hardly.  A "dirty float"?  I don't think so, Tim.  The current value is determined by long accepted principles of economics and currency valuation.  (Actually I ran the latest figures on the money supply and reserves and came up with about 1146:1 which would yield a valuation of $.000872, so there's your RV right there.  Party hearty everybody!)

The idea that the value of the Iraqi dinar crashed when the US invaded in 2003 is nonsense.  It was already in a hyperinflated state long before 2003 as per the CBI website.  When Coalition forces removed Saddam they replaced the Saddam dinars with the IQD shortly thereafter to indicate an end to the Saddam era and to demonetize the currency held by terrorists.  Since conditions were still less than ideal with the insurgency going on, the currency was still depreciating in value so the existing valuation wasn't changed when they redenominated in 2004.  Things began to improve in Iraq after the surge in 2007.  That, along with a series of exchange rate adjustments (RVs) from 2006-2009 increased the value of the IQD as they brought inflation under control. 

As those adjustments were made IQD speculation took off as investors saw the dinar steadily increasing in value.  Dinar dealers and forums starting sprouting up everywhere and a huge revenue stream was created for Iraq.  Once inflation was reined in however the rate froze.  For three years it held steady at 1170:1 until the current rate was set at 1166:1 back in January. 

Usually countries redenominate after a period of hyperinflation comes to an end.  Turkey, Romania, Brazil ... etc. all went with a new currency with a more respectable sounding rate that made cash transactions much easier, but not so with Iraq.  Why?  I am of the opinion that the only thing preventing Iraq from redenominating over the past three years is the gravy train provided by dinar speculators.  I would estimate that well over $1 billion USD has found its way into the coffers of the CBI due to speculation in their currency.  Sweet, huh?  Who would want to put an end to that?  Those other nations didn't have that luxury. 

My guess is that Iraq will drag this out until dinar sales have abated to the point where it makes more sense for them to redenominate than to keep their currency in its present hyperinflated state. In the meantime I look for them to continue to bump the value up from time to time.  Last Thursday an article came out saying that Iraq is working toward making the dinar worth 1/10 of a penny at 1000 IQD to 1 USD.  This would perfectly position them to RD and gain parity with the US dollar. 


Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Memorial Day Douchie

Happy Memorial Day!

Remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms that we often take for granted.

First a little guru news & views and then the award.  This week we were informed by Freeway Bill that we will no longer be blessed by his precious intel.  Bill is a two-time Douchie winner so we're gonna miss the old lug. 

5-24-2012  FreewayBill I...have worked tremendously hard to try to keep you all grounded and well informed about this RV of the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong. I have watched as really good intel providers have went from being good friends to family to competitors to enemies. So, my friends, as I came in, I will go out. I believe that this RV will happen and happen soon. Today? Tomorrow? Next week? I can’t say for sure, but the weather is perfect for it to be very soon.


If he's anything like the others (Bear5642 and Okie are two who come to mind) he'll be shoveling his BS again in no time.  They just can't seem to stay away, these dinar douchebags.  Speaking of Okie ...


Here's an excellent contribution of douchieness from Frank26:

 5-23-2012  Frank26 - Why and how did the CBI collect 3.5 trillion dinar in one month? Auctions. Who did that? Why was it done? Why is the UN involved in the meetings and financial committee? Why are the tariff laws being moved a little bit to sync with the timing? Why do they mention on TV that that they are working hand in hand to raise the three zeros. Why is the IMF interested in the WB in Iraq?

Why are you such a douche?  None of these things mean anything except maybe that Iraq is preparing to redenominate.

(cont.) The CBI is taking inventory of all of their banks in the country. Warka being helped by the CBI. The timing of all of this is seriously amazing! On June 15th chapter 7 should be lifted ...Before June 15th the rate should be released. If not, delays are productive! 

Here we see Frank demonstrating his amazing ability to go out on a limb and cover his arse at the same time.  Nobody does that better than Frankie Frankie Frankie.

On Thursday Foot Forward did a call with himself where he stated:

"I know there have been prophetic words out there before ... several of them in fact ... and every time there's a prophetic word this thing was set to go.  You know what the problem was?  That people speak out and they stop it.  You know, they say "Oh well .... there's not gonna be an RV" or .... ya know "Yeah sure ... we've heard that before!"  You know ... they have such a negative response to it .... and it delays things even further.  You can't have that kind of response.  You just can't!  You're not gonna have everyone on the same page but when an overwhelming majority speaks out in that negative kind of tone it kills the word.";0MzI1MTI3MDY=1 
(24 min in)

So I guess it's our fault we aren't rich yet.  We're too negative.  It has nothing to do with the GDP, the money supply, the GOI, the CBI, or the fact that revaluations of 100,000% or more don't happen.  It has to do with "ye of little faith".  

What really struck me about FF's call is that he admits that he's about to lose his house because he can't make the payments.  (21 min in)  This is the same guy who a couple of months ago said that he had a revelation that trillions of dollars would be coming his way in his lifetime.  This is the same guy who said that if he were to tell you his sources it would knock you out.  And he's about to declare bankruptcy if there's no RV?  I'm not making light of his situation, but I think if I were aboot to lose my hoose I'd be out doing something aboot it rather than visiting chat rooms and doing dinar calls.

Wolfyman was back at it this week with this:

5-24-2012  Adam Montana - some l0psters...say "it sounds like you're saying all Iraqis will be making $300,000 per year suddenly! That's silly!". No, that's not what we are saying or even thinking. We understand that a janitor will not be making $200,000 per year after a major raise in the value. The CASH IN THEIR POCKET would be worth more, but once that is gone they are going to be receiving regular paychecks at the adjusted rate and they will be receiving the redenominated notes as change when they buy something like bread or meat.

So glad you clarified that, Adam.  I was starting to wonder if you were a high school dropout or something.  But it still doesn't explain how they are changing the tariff laws because Iraqis are going to start buying up imports.  Here's what you said last week:

"if the Iraqi peoples are going to remain in poverty ($3000 average income per year, why would Iraq worry about tariffs? A tariff is a tax (government revenue) on an import or export. In all likelihood, this "tariff" issue is designed to tax imports, which not many Iraqis can currently afford. If the value of the currency raises, they will be buying goods, and they will be paying the tariffs"

If their paychecks will be adjusted for the RV then how are they going to have the disposable income to purchase imports which will generate tariff revenues? 

Here's a little tidbit from a new guru:

5-25-2012  ArizonaHeat - I spoke to some friends in Washington and they totally agree with the gradual climb of the Dinar in the coming months, they don’t agree with the statement of printing the money. It is of their Strong belief that process was finished a while back. But I’m not here to cut hairs. They are in total agreement with the larger notes working side by side with the smaller denoms for 12 to 18 months such as the 25k note to be equal with the 25 dinar note, and no that does not affect us. They DO NOT agree with the scenario of a LOP. And as far as the timing of the smaller note with the larger notes, they were looking over Shabibis timeline of this September. Thai wa a statement he made at a meeting back in February I believe. But to do that you would need an RV.

I think he's been in the Arizona heat too long.  If the 25k note is equal to the 25 dinar note I don't care what you call it ... that's a lop, guy. 

And then there was this from BL:

5-23-2012 Bondlady i cant even fathom a lop...i cant see how it would help them at could hurt the small investors who have supported the isx from the start, the ones who've made the isx a success. if they dont add value to the iqd...many invested in the isx will lose, there shares wont be worth anything, but if they add value then they will gain in a big way...helping the economy and building up the private sector thru the isx...and supporting all the companys with in the just lop would be stupid imo.

You know what, I'm not even going to comment on this one.  I'm just going to release the hounds.  My readers are plenty smart and they can comment on what Bondlady said here.  Have at it guys! 


This week's Douchie goes to Blaino for the first time ever.  Blaino has been close on a few occasions but he always seemed to do something doucheworthy at a time when some other douchebag peaked.  This week was different however.  On Tuesday Blaino sent out an email that said: 


All caps, unsubstantiated rumour, and an alert level notice.  A fine effort.  Not quite as good as last year when you made a total fool of yourself with this:


If I had been doing this blog back then you would have won a runaway Douchie.  I'm going to give you a few credits for it anyway and apply it to this week's douchebaggery.  (My blog, my rules.)  Congrats Blaine. 


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Breitling Speaks

I just listened to Breitling's response to my post last week entitled "And the Backpedaling Begins" and I feel that I have to respond. 
  1. Breitling takes a jab at these loppers who are holding onto dinar "just in case".  Okay, maybe I need to clear some things up.  While I can't speak for others I've never told anybody not to buy dinar and I've never told anybody to sell, nor have I called it a scam.  From my very first post entitled "RV Reality Check" I have stated that this is a risky, speculative investment (unlike people like Breitling who have presented it as a 100% sure thing).  Yes I still own dinar, but not nearly as much as I once did and that is because I know a hell of a lot more about it than I did when I first bought.  I am holding on to a small amount just for kicks - no more than I could afford to blow on a weekend in Vegas.  I have always acknowledged that Iraq might decide not to lop, although a lop is clearly what they've been describing when they refer to removing the zeros.  (Ali confirmed that fact in his recent interview with Roger.)  If they choose to go the RV route then I've got a shot at making money here.  Although I know from my research that revaluations of 100,000% don't happen I do think it's possible that Iraq could RV at an unprecedented amount of 100% or more.  In other words I could double or triple my investment.  The problem with the pumpers isn't that they're saying we could make a profit off the dinar.  The problem is in the way they are presenting how revaluations work which is absolute fantasy.  Anybody who suggests that a revaluation from $.00086 to $.86 is realistic with 30 trillion in circulation or that Iraq is going to reduce the money supply to less than a trillion without an RD (lop) is either lying or deluded.  When I say I'm holding on to some dinar it's not because I think I might become a millionaire.  It's because I have weighed the risk (remember there's no guarante that US investors will be able to exchange our dinar for USD or the new dinar after a redenomination) vs. reward and arrived at an amount that I feel comfortable risking which ain't much, I assure you.  It's certainly not $40-50K like Breitling suggested. Ali has stated more than once that he expects to see the dinar slowly increasing in value until it is worth a penny, and at that time he will open his cash-in centers.  If they don't lop I think Ali's scenario is much more believable than the overnight millionaire crap.  That's the reason I still hold some dinar, because there is a possibility of the dinar being worth considerably more in the future, albeit somewhat of a gamble.  It doesn't mean I think Breitling might be right about turning $1000 into a million. Nor does it mean that I'm "screwing" with anybody.  And I'm certainly not working for any dinar dealers since I have repeatedly raised the issue of illiquidity.  How anybody could conclude that my comments would motivate people to buy more dinar is beyond me.   
  2. Breitling says that I'm misrepresenting what he said.  Okay, let's review what he said in the first 14 minutes of this video.  "If they don't follow through there's nothing I can do about it."  "If you're prepared to jump out of the window because you didn't make money off this investment and you're gonna throw a little fit and all that stuff, you should have never been in this investment in the first place."  "You always have to consider that this could be a disaster. That's investments. It's time to grow up."  Exactly how did I misrepresent him?
  3. Breitling is spinning it that if Iraq doesn't RV to around $1 it's because they didn't do what they said they would do, and it's not because Breitling is continually misrepresenting what they've been saying.  I don't think the CBI could be much clearer about their intentions to lop.  They've said it over and over again.  They want to replace the IQD with a new currency at a rate of 1000:1.  They want to reduce the money supply in the process.  They want to ease cash transactions.  This won't change the purchasing power or the savings of the Iraqi people.  It will just make things easier.  Nobody gains anything and nobody loses anything (except for investors who paid 20% more for the dinar that it's worth).  This is my biggest beef with these guys.  They're taking statements about a textbook redenomination and trying to make them mean an unprecedented and quite impossible revaluation to 1000 times or more the current value that will make people millionaires.  They're exploiting novice currency investors who aren't sophisticated enough to see how ridiculous it is to believe you can get rich off an RD. 
  4. Breitling says that these guys posting against him and the dinar came over from IIF (Investors Iraq Forum) and used to post on Dinar Daddy.  I've never posted on or even joined IIF.  I did join Dinar Daddy only to gain access to something but I never posted there.  I don't know who Breitling is referring to but whoever these other guys are I've never met them.
  5. Breitling says I'm trying to bury him.  I'm not out to bury anybody.  I'm just out to present facts to counter the hype and truth to counter the lies.  I'm out to bury the BS about the dinar, and if you're clinging to the BS you might get buried in the process.  It's nothing personal.  Just collateral damage.
The main point that I wanted to address last week was that Roger admitted that he took time off to work on a plan to service his customers in the event of a lop.  In my opinion there's no way he would be doing that unless he had concluded that a redenomination is a strong possibility, which is contrary to what these pumpers have been telling us in the past.   

Back in October I did a post called "Dinar Daddy and Okie" where I presented a theory that Roger got into the dinar because he thought he knew a close associate of Dick Cheney who had inside information on the RV.  That associate turned out to be the laughing stock of the dinar world .... Okie Oilman.  Since Roger had already committed himself his focus became his website and his products rather than the dinar investment itself which he apparently realizes now is likely to be a bust.  Thus the reassessment.  I wrote that post seven months ago and since I wrote it things seem to be confirming the theory's validity.  

I hope Iraq does decide to RV instead of RD.  That way I stand to make up some of the money I've lost.  But I'm fairly convinced as September approaches that the writing on the wall will become clear to just about all of these guys and one by one they'll all look for some way to cover their backsides.  Should be entertaining.


    Saturday, May 19, 2012

    Douchie for May 13-19

    First a quick rundown on some of the nonsense from this week and then the award. 


    OMG!  A bank counting stacks of cash???  Unbelievable!  Stop the presses!!!

    5-17-2012  Adam Montana - If they don't plan on raising the value - why would they change anything?! If they l0p, they lose money. Without a raise in value, they shouldn't redenominate. Since they plan on redenominating, they must be planning on raising the value to cover the expenses of said redenomination, and when the value raises - WE make money. This is and always will be one of my main reasons and arguments for staying the course.

    Okay I know you're a Harvard grad and all, but I've seen your math in the past so I know you're not too good in this area.  Allow me.  They've got 30 trillion dinar, right?  And the cost of a redenomination is $150 million?  So if they raise the value by $.000005 that will pay for the RD.  (An equivalent amount post-RD would be $.005.) 

    x               $.000005

    So we make money on an RV of $.000005? Dude that won't even fill up my gas tank let alone cover the spread on my dinar purchases.

    5-7-2012  SWFloridaGuy - The current rate of the IQD was never designed to be a permanent fixture. It's simply a place holder, an imposed, artificial rate that has never represented the countries genuine standing in the world. Iraq truly is a gold mine and we expect to see our suspicions confirmed very soon.

    From 2006-2009 they were constantly bumping up the rate as a means of combating inflation.  Then in January of this year they bumped it up another 4 pips.  So if it's an artificial rate then why did they feel the need to adjust it?  What?  Were they just bored with the old rate?


    Shabibi said no such thing you lying douchebag!


    I can tell you "why this hasn't gone".  With 100% certainty, too.  It's very simple FF.  It's never gonna go.  It's a fairy tale.  Currencies don't RV at more than 50% of their value.  They'll either bump it up a few % or RD (lop).


    And now to the weekly award presentation.  This week's Douchie goes to Roger "Dinar Daddy" Dorman.  Congratulations on your third Douchie, Daddy-o.  You won the judges over this week with this little gem:


    I've received requests from a massive amount of people asking that I comment on the "Dinars-on-Reserve" programs offered by the various dinar dealers out there as so many have been hurt by some very unfair programs.  I've done my research and have the information I'm anxious to reveal to all who are concerned.

    I've chosen to reveal, right now through this medium, my finding of the BEST and FAIREST of these programs that are currently being offered by dealers today. 

    I will be revealing ALL my thoughts about these programs in more detail on Tidbits Radio and my new segment, "Dinar Daddy's Dialogue" within the next few days.  

    Here's my write-up on the best I've found out there among all the dealers offering "Dinars-on-Reserve".

    Go Awareness... Go Dinar!

    Dinar Daddy

    The Best "Dinars-on-Reserve" Program I've Found... Hands Down!
    There is a "Dinars-on-Reserve" Program out there unlike any other ever conceived, and not surprisingly it's offered by Treasury Vault, the leader in customer promotions within the currencies industry. It's called the "Greater Value Reserve".

    Here's what it's all about...

    By choosing to purchase Dinar using this program, you actually reserve your right to purchase one (1) million Dinar for the next 30 days by putting down JUST $79! For that $79, you actually receive a bundle of Dinar that retails at $89! You'll receive the "All-in-One" bundle (25k note, 10k note, 5k note, 1k note, 500 note, 250 note and 50 note) with each individual one (1) million Dinar you reserve, and you'll receive the bundle within 3 days from your initial payment. There is NO WAIT to receive your down payment value, and there is NO LIMIT to the number of one (1) million Dinar reserves you enter into.

    By choosing to purchase your Dinar through this program, you'll also be "Securely Reserving" a 30 day right to purchase 1 million IQD (40 of the 25K denomination notes) at a DISCOUNTED RATE of $1,050.00 per Million (per 1 million IQD you have reserved), regardless of a rate change in the IQD!

    That's flat out the LOWEST RATE in the industry for any amount of Dinar! No question, this program is a NO-BRAINER for those who enjoy leveraging their holdings by entering into a "Dinars-on-Reserve" program! If you haven't figured it out yet, we also just gave you a work-around to accessing the lowest rates in the industry! Purchase through this method and take advantage of the loop hole that will give you the GREATEST VALUE for your money!

    Now, in case you're not aware of this The Treasury Vault is owned by ......... (wait for it) .............


    (dramatic pause)

    (excitement building)

    Angela Dorman
    , wife of Roger "Dinar Daddy" Dorman.  WOW!  What are the odds???  Astronomical, I'm sure!  QUICK!  Somebody call "Ripley's Believe It Or Not"!!!

    Go Awareness ... Go Truth ... Go Away, Douche!



    Thursday, May 17, 2012

    And the Backpedaling Begins ....

    The CBI announced on Tuesday that the printing of the new currency will begin in September and it is expected to be issued starting in January of 2013 as part of the project to delete three zeros from Iraq's currency.  This prompted a response from Roger "Dinar Daddy" Dorman and a subsequent response from Tony "Breitling" Elder.  Roger went to the trouble of explaining first of all what a redenomination is (I hope Breitling was listening because Roger's explanation is more or less correct, although he did throw out the idea that buying lower denoms could be a viable strategy) and secondly that it's a definite possibility.  He then admitted that over the past year he's been largely quiet as he has been working on how to service his customers in the event of a lop.

    Contrast these comments with what he posted a couple of years ago:

    Let me explain this very clear and simple. In my opinion, despite the amazing logic presented by those who are very educated, or “trained”, in their logic, to share their opinion about the “lifting of the 3 zeroes”, we will NOT see a “LOP”, or a “LOP/RV”.

    He then goes on to list seven reasons why Iraq won't lop, including misinformation like:
    1. Lops only happen during times of stagflation (I think he meant hyperinflation, but whatever ... it's still not true)
    2. Iraq is required to have a currency on par with other currencies (A lop accomplishes that .... besides, they're already on par with S. Korea)
    3. A lop won't change the value of Iraq's currency (complete with hot dog purchase example ... and utter nonsense)
    4. We were told that the war would pay for itself (not by Bush or Cheney we weren't) and a lop won't accomplish that
    5. Obama said he's cut the deficit in half by 2013 which would require a substantial RV (nope, still going up ... hmmm ... a politician making a promise he can't keep ... say it ain't so!)
    Breitling then did a follow up commentary where he too acknowledges that this dinar thing might not turn out the way we're hoping, only his spin on it is that Iraq might change their mind about revaluing to around a dollar like they've been telling us they intend to do.  Actually they never said they would RV to around the dollar.  They said that they intend to reduce the money supply, raise the value, and issue new currency as a way of easing cash transactions, or as Shabibi said when he was in DC last year "facilitating payments".  This is a perfect description of a redenomination or "lop".  Breitling just doesn't understand this, apparently.  Once they remove three zeros from the exchange rate the new value will be about 86 cents, which is close to the value of the USD. 

    It now appears that these guys are going into full CYA mode as the day when their BS is fully exposed approaches.  Adam Montana emphasized last week that a lop is a definite possibility.  To his credit he has always acknowledged that, which could keep him out of at least some hot water from a legal standpoint.

    Breitling went so far as to say that if you don't make any money off this investment and you want to throw a fit ..... well you just shouldn't have been in this invesment in the first place.  Quite a contrast to his well documented statements in the past like "the dinar is a 100% sure thing", and "a lock" as for making money, and even "a winning lottery ticket".  He then went on to talk about how much he has gained from this investment in the way of education and business opportunities, even if there's no RV.  No argument there.  Breitling has managed to find a lot of ways to make money off of dinar investors.    

    Breitling has promoted a sort of triangulation strategy for some time now.  Buy physical dinar, invest in the ISX (Iraqi Stock Exchange), and buy electronic dinar by opening a Warka account.  If there's a lop then I think it's a pretty safe bet that nobody's gonna make much money off the physical dinar.  And with the influx of novice investors being channeled into the ISX there is a very real possibility of a dotcom type bubble being created in Iraq's stock exchange, which of course will eventually pop.  And as for Warka, they've been on the road to insolvency for nearly a year now (did he ever inform his listeners of this fact?).  It remains to be seen how much (if any) of western money is forthcoming to Warka customers.  Taking these things into consideration, there's a real chance here that Breitling's followers could go 0 for 3 in Iraq. 

    A few weeks ago Ali Agha from Dinar Trade returned to the dinar scene and stated that Iraq's project to delete the zeros was in fact a description of a redenomination.  He also added that there's no advantage to owning lower denoms in the event of an RD, a strategy that Breitling has promoted as a hedge against a lop.  I'm sure that observation made the host Roger Dorman squirm a bit, seeing as how The Treasury Vault ("owned" by his wife Angela) has been promoting the purchase of lower denoms in Breitling's Insurance Plan.

    So finally we're starting to hear the truth about what Iraq has been telling us, and more than a few investors are upset.  I look for many more gurus to join the backpeddling in the coming months.  I wouldn't even be surprised to hear people like Frank and Okie say they've told us all along that there's risk in buying dinar and Iraq might end up lopping and screwing us all.  No matter how much these douchebags try to cover their backsides there's too much of a track record of misinformation (which I'll be happy to publish) and outright fraud for them to avoid accountability.  Judgment Day is fast approaching, and there's gonna be hell to pay.

    05/18/12  ... UPDATE!!!  This morning Dr. J posted this at Dinar Vets:

    On October 14, 2010 (YES...2010!!!!), I told all of you on this board that my source told me that there would be NO possible RV until the fall of 2012. Then, my source went on to tell me late fall 2010. For those of you that have been here since that time, you may remember that I have traded currencies for over36 years so unlike other who claim to be "experts," I know a thing or two about currency trading and the workings of the currency world.

    My news flipped the dinar world on it's ear to say the least. I was blasted six ways from Sunday.

    Well...guess what folks? It's May 18, 2012 and there is STILL no RV even though all of the pumpers and gurus have been telling you that it is "just around the corner." In my opinion, the latest pumper is right here on this site and he/she goes by the name of Randlln. These clowns have been telling you the same lies for years and you all just suck it up because..."it makes you feel good" or "it allows you to dream." Ah...that's wonderful but if the IQD falls flat on it's face I highly DOUBT that you will be "feeling good" or "dreaming!"

    From day one, I have told all of you...DO NOT PURCHASE MORE DINAR THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE!!! Yet, many of you are so far in over your head that if the IQD that if it does go south, you are in a world of HURT!!!! That is called GREED and in the currency world, GREED KILLS!!!!!

    Many of you would rather listen to idiot pumpers and gurus (yes, that is my opinion, they are IDIOTS!!) instead of using common sense. Again, you do so because of greed.'s where the "gettin'" gets good...really good...

    I have new information on the IQD, IMO, powerful information but I will be danged if I am EVER going to share the information again!

    I am done with this site and any other site out there. Ban me if you wish there mods because I don't give a crap...I AM DONE SHARING!

    Dr. J

    Well since he won't share any more we can only guess what this news is, but given his reminder about not spending any more than you can afford to lose I have to conclude that it isn't good. 



    Sunday, May 13, 2012

    Douchie for May 6-12

    This week's Douchie goes to Freeway Bill for saying:

    5-9-2012   There is no document written and distributed by any bank that causes the validity of this investment to be in question... NONE! 

    Really?  NONE?  How about this statement from Wells Fargo:

    “Some investors are curious about the Iraqi currency as a potential investment. Expectations for the currency to significantly gain in value against the dollar repeatedly have been disappointed since its introduction in 2004. Considering the illiquidity and fraud risk, Wells Fargo Bank has no plans to trade in the Iraqi currency, and considering that Iraq remains a dangerous place with an uncertain future, we strongly advise investors against taking the risk of buying Iraqi dinar as an investment.”

    Do the words "illiquidity" and "fraud" mean anything to you, Bill? 

    This is from the BOA website:

    "Bank of America, N.A. does not buy or sell Iraqi Dinar (IQD) banknotes, and currently has no plans to offer this service in the future. You may have read on the Internet or heard from friends that Bank of America, N.A. buys and sells Iraqi Dinar banknotes, or has plans to offer this service. This information is not correct.  We urge you to seek the advice of a competent, professional investment advisor before making an investment. You should treat with extreme caution any investment schemes you read about on the Internet, in chat rooms, or hear about from friends or acquaintances."

    Then there's this from the state of Washington Department of Financial Institutions:

    "The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions is warning consumers about potential scams regarding Iraqi Dinar currency exchange services. While foreign exchange scams are not new, the sudden popularity with the Dinar and resulting consumer complaints to our banking partners is concerning."

    Okay, technically that's not a bank but a banking oversight organization, but the point is still valid.  But perhaps the most compelling statement issued by a bank that brings this investment into question came from the Central Bank of Iraq itself:

    "According to a report from Al Sumaria News, Iraq’s Central Bank announced on Thursday that it is planning to delete the zeros from its currency, the Iraqi dinar."

    In case you didn't know, "delete the zeros" in the world of economics has always meant "redenomination".  In the dinar world it's called a lop, and if they do that investors lose money on the spread and quite possibly lose everything if they're not able to exhcange their dinars for the new dinar or USD.  I'd say that qualifies as  "bringing the validity of this investment into question", wouldn't you?

    Here's a memo from 5th 3rd Bank issued over a year ago:

    "Effective Immediately, Fifth Third Bank will no longer offer the Iraqi Dinar currency for sale. Fifth Third offers foreign cash banknotes for the convenience of our customers who travel abroad. The bank does not intend for the service to be used as an investment vehicle. The increased demand for this currency due to rumors and speculation has made it difficult for us to manage within the parameters of the program’s intent, which is to provide currency for the travel needs of our customers. Due to the sourcing and customer service challenges this has caused, we are recommending customers in need of the Dinar make use of local currency exchange at their destination. All other currencies we offer will continue to be bought and sold as usual. We will continue to evaluate the Dinar as needed."

    But apart from the actual memorandums issued for bank customers, the actions of the banks say it all.  One by one they've quit dealing with the dinar.  The gurus wanted us to believe it was because they knew the RV was imminent and they didn't want to let their dinars go, but that doesn't really explain why they won't buy them either does it?  I don't know about you, but if I'm having trouble finding a bank that will buy back my dinar I'm gonna question the validity of this investment. 

     I don't know why you guys make statements like this that are so easily disproven.  Maybe it's because you and your followers don't know how to use Google.  Or maybe you think nobody will bother to verify your "intel".  Or maybe you're just a douche.


    Thursday, May 10, 2012

    Adam Montana Speaks

    Yesterday Adam Montana spoke publicly for the first time about the revelations posted on my blog over the past six months.  In his weekly Q&A session James Wolf aka Adam Montana responded as follows:

    kcw] Patriotic_mess Adam, you are well respected in the Dinar community and many people look to you as a guide (including myself). Yet there some people who have websites listing groups of gurus as scammers and you're name happens to pop up on a few of them. You yourself have said Adam Montana is not your real name and that's fine if you want to hide your real identity, but a few sites go into a lot of detail about the man behind the name and give pages of evidence that person or people are involved in some shady business. What do you have to say to these claims? I'm not accusing you of anything, I just want to hear what you have to say to these accusations. Thanks.
    [Adam Montana] I'm perfectly happy to respond to the "accusations", but first I want to know if your name is really "patriotic mess" lol!
    [Adam Montana] I assume not, but let's move on - no, my name isn't Adam. My contacts are real, the benefits provided for my VIP members after the RV have nothing to do with my "real" name, and my opinions are mine whether I'm an 80 year old Harvard graduate or a 25 year old business man.
    [Adam Montana] If you agree with my opinions, awesome. If you don't - good for you as well
    [Adam Montana] Regarding the "scam" part of my sites - lol! I don't give financial advice, it's clearly stated all over the place that VIP supports the site and there is no guarantee on anything here, and I'm probably the only "guru" out there that will actually tell you that you might take a loss on this investment.
    [Adam Montana] *MIGHT*. We all know that.
    [Adam Montana] Now, if you want my real name and address... please, give me a break I have a family, I have a life outside of Dinar, and I hope you can all respect that. [Adam Montana] next please!

    Okay, now for my response to his response.  First of all, I'm really surprised that Wolfyman even bothered responding to the "accusations".  I think he would have been better off to simply ignore them, but just like Breitling he felt the need to say something.  I guess I just assumed that he's smarter than Breitling.  Maybe not.

    As for protecting his family, Rudy Coenen, Brad Huebner, and Frank Villa have all provided their names for their members.  Don't they have families?  Do they care less about their families than "Adam" does?  Or is something else at play here?

    Personally I don't care if his name is James Wolf, Adam Montana, or Ebenezer McGillicuddy. The name isn't what's important. It's what the name is covering up that most people are concerned about.  Maybe his name has nothing to do with VIP membership, but his claims about being a Harvard graduate who profited off the Kuwaiti dinar certainly do.  Aren't people more likely to join VIP to take advantage of the best negotiated cash-in rates and the lucrative post-RV deals set up by a 50 year old Harvard grad who was savvy enough to profit off the Kuwaiti dinar than they are from a 35 year old high school dropout who was too young to profit off the Kuwaiti dinar and who has a history of running porn sites?  Sure they are!  And his alias is obviously a way of covering up his true identity which would cut into his bottom line.

    What struck me the most about Adam's response is his non-denial denial.  Wikipedia defines a non-denial denial as:

    "a statement that seems direct, clearcut and unambiguous at first hearing, but when carefully parsed is revealed not to be a denial at all, and is thus not untruthful. It is a case in which words that are literally true are used to convey a false impression"

    In this session "Adam" never denied that his real name is James Wolf, and he never said that his claims about being a Harvard grad who profited off the Kuwaiti dinar were true.  In fact he essentially said that it doesn't matter whether they're true or not.  Incredible, huh?  He also didn't say that he indeed traveled to Dubai where he met with his CBI contact.  He just said "my contacts are real".  Wow!  Could you be more ambiguous? 

    Then he finishes up with "I don't give financial advice" and "there is no guarantee on anything here".  Not the point.  The point is he sold VIP membership based largely on a persona that he created rather than on the person he really is.

    If people want to entrust their hard earned money to a guy with James Wolf's credentials then be my guest.  But I think it's only fair that they know his true qualifications as opposed to what he has been presenting up until now. 


    Sunday, May 6, 2012

    April 29 - May 5 Douchie

    For the second week in a row we have a runaway Douchie. 

    [Soonerfan62] NOTICE: Debtarheelgirl just received a call from Senior Negotiating Team for Wells Fargo--THERE IS NO OFFICIAL RV YET....DO NOT CALL BANKS please remain calm, coming soon, WF CODE and RATE when it RVs. This team has asked us to post this:

    [Soonerfan62] Sorry guys phone is blowing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [be2happy] Soonerfan62 - what "paid" forex site was this on? Then I can become a member and see for myself

    [Soonerfan62] be2happy Dealers only

    [anothername] Soonerfan62 the world can not handle a $42. rate-- a loaf of bread would be $600.00
    [Soonerfan62] anothername Why would it?????????????????

    [Soonerfan62] Guys I'll say this, can Iraq handle a $42 rate, easily
    [draavmorris2] soonerfan62, oh yes iraq can. I believe it

    Soonerfan62] draavmorris2 And what people aren;t understanding is this rate is for a few days, then drops under $5

    dinarmaven] Soonerfan62 are you saying that this rate is potentially real?

    Soonerfan62] dinarmaven Saying could be for a couple of days for the benefit of the other countrys

    [wclogr] Soonerfan62, would that be the 6 days mentioned earlier

    [Soonerfan62] wclogr A $42 rate cannot hold 6 days, no

    [ [dinarmaven] Soonerfan62 is this an opinion or are there any confirmations

    [Soonerfan62] dinarmaven 19 intel providers. There are about 15-19 of us that talk daily and most are on the same page with most of the intel, MOST

    [jetpack] Soonerfan62 r u agreeing with this high rate stuff of $42 and this is over??

    [Soonerfan62] jetpack No comment and yes

    [Soonerfan62] prissynell WF will open 2 hours after live rate

    The Douchie isn't so much for the assinine rate as it is for the follow up comment that Iraq can easily handle a $42 value.  With 30 trillion dinar in circulation that would create a money supply worth $1.26 quadrillion USD in a country with a GDP of a $120 billion where they can't even keep the power on. 

    It's becoming clearer every day that these discussions aren't real. I mean, there are a lot of stupid people in the dinar world, but seriously now .... $42? The only logical explanation for this "chat session" is that this was made up to make other dinar gurus look reasonable by comparison. As I mentioned a few days ago I'm told that years ago dinarians were only discussing an RV of up to 30 cents. When people started speculating about an RV of $1 they were laughed at. Nowadays if you say $1 some people are ready to brand you a Negative Nellie, insisting that Iraq must RV at $3 or more. So we've witnessed an upward "speculation creep" that makes $3 now look reasonable to some.

    $3 is not reasonable.  $2 isn't either.  Nor is $1.  Not with 30 trillion dinar in circulation.  So if you're tempted to run to your nearest "reasonable" guru who says RV at 86 cents please leave the absurd rates out of the equation.  Look at the GDP and the money supply.  Iraq can not support more than a few cents at this point, and frankly that's a long shot.

    The review of the Okie Oilman website this week brought up the very real possibility of scammers running several websites creating multiple personalities for the purpose of pumping dinar sales and generating traffic to dinar forums to increase ad revenues.  Whether Soonerfan62 is a real guy or an alias is irrelevant.  Whoever posted as this ass hat wins this week's Douchie. 


    Thursday, May 3, 2012

    The Montana Trail (part 4)

    James "Wolfyman" Wolf
    aka Adam Montana
    Yeah, I know.  You thought I was done with Adam after the last post.  Well, almost.  I just wanted to update everybody on the developments.  First of all a lot of people have been giving me links to this or that.  Fascinating stuff.  I'm posting a few of them at the bottom.  Second, I am compiling a list of Wolfyman's claims.  If you know of other claims he has made or the status of these claims contact me and I'll update this post. 
    1. Harvard grad (stated in his book "Iraqi Dinar - Real RV Intel" and in this blog post in Dec. 2009 ... not bloody likely)
    2. Bought Kuwaiti dinar at the "right time" (from the same book as above, obviously indicating that he bought it before or during Desert storm in late 1990 or early 1991 ... very unlikely - Wisconsin court records show his DOB as June 1976 so he would have been 14)
    3. Bought Iraqi dinar in 2004 (in this interview with Earth Secrets hosts about 19:30 in .... unlikely - 2008/2009 is more likely based on the gfy link below)
    4. Flew to Dubai and met with CBI contact (bwahahaha ..... I mean ... I doubt it)
    5. Has VIP members with $1 million worth of dinar (unverified but doubtful)
    6. Negotiated the best cash-in rate for VIP members (try finding a banker who doesn't think the dinar is a scam .... unlikely)
    7. Took and passed the Series 65 exam (unverified)
    8. Married to a CPA (could be - There's a CPA with the same last name down the road in Appleton)
    9. Has confirmation of the existence of lower denoms in or near Baghdad (I can't find this posted anywhere so I'm not even sure that he said it, but I seem to recall reading that a while back ... if he did say it I would list it as doubtful)  2/11/13 ... UPDATE!!!  He said it!  I found the link. 
    10. Has a secret plan to move revalued IQD to Belize (OGIT or Operation Get it There .... I'm told about this but can't link to it because it's for OSI members .... unverified)
    11. Took 20 million dinar to Belize (unverified)
    12. Has post-RV investment deals lined up for VIP members (ditto)
    It has been my belief since I started this blog that Adam would never have to make good on any of the post-RV stuff because in all likelihood the eventual outcome of the IQD would be a typical redenomination which will not produce a tax avoidance scenario for anybody.   Tax writeoff is a much more likely outcome.  And there won't be any big deals to invest in because there won't be any big windfall to invest.  All the money he was spending on attorneys and business connections putting these deals together?  Who knows?  Apparently some of it was spent on ski trips and football games but so far I haven't seen any videos of James in Dubai or meeting with any big CEOs.

    Also, something occurred to me the other day as I was watching the skiing video.  James uses the word "monstrous" in describing the mountains.  When I was listening to Adam Montana in his audiobook Real RV Intel I heard him mention the possibility of making "monstrous" profits off the dinar.  How many people use the word "monstrous" as a part of their regular vocabulary?  I don't think I ever use it, but both James and Adam do.  Interesting, huh?  I think maybe James has a monster fetish.  He is Wolfyman after all.

    Another interesting observation I've made is about the name "Adam Montana". "Adam" is the generic term for "man" in Hebrew. "Montana" is the Spanish word for "mountain". So in effect Adam Montana could mean "Mountain Man". Considering the videos of James in the mountains I think that's significant. Okay, maybe I'm overthinking this but that's how my brain works sometimes.

    In the comments following Iraqi Dinar Money's review of Dinar Speculation James Wolf said that he has 400 other domain names on different servers. What's he doing with those domain names? Well as Dr. Phil says, the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. I have to assume that James is doing something similar to what he's done in the past, like running porn sites and making money off of gullible people. 

    Back in December one of my readers made the following comment:

    I have been researching these Bozo's for a couple of years. I am pretty sure that the Bozo#1 also known as a state in the US is a professional con man. I believe he has three to five people working for him who I can't name but continually post on various sites. Some of them are located in UT and NV. They do have a reseacher who writes all the BS for these Bozo's who knows a bit about the climate in Iraq but Im sure has never been there. They perpetuate the illusion that the Dinar will RV any day at random rates. Most of the so called Gurus are the same three to five people. Many of them work under the guise of being "Christians". Thats typically used by con artists. The main Dinar dealer that went out of biz last year Im certain has been somehow compensated by the Govt. of Iraq (It's extremely corrupt there). Im almost positive unfortunately that the Dinar will never RV the powers and be will keep it a total mess. Hopefully these Bozo's will be busted soon and the sites will be shut down. Their have been huge payouts to these guys to keep the con going. Dinar "a fathers name" I think has been in on it for a while. He seems pretty stupid but got lucky on his site traffic. This person claimed at one time to be a good friend of "Okies" what does that tell you. This person also still posts the BS rumors written by the others involved in the con. Not sure if its all factual but Im close.

    In my follow up research I have discovered a site called Wolf Spirit Radio .  The host's name is Dave Corso who apparently raises wolves out in Nevada, so I assume that there's no direct link to the name James Wolf.  However, here he did an interview with Drake (who sounds a lot like Okie as I mentioned in my recent post "Okie or Not Okie") and Deatra.  Is it just me or does Deatra sound a lot like the lady who interviewed Adam Montana last year?  Here's another reference to Okie's site and Drake (under Comments).  If I'm right about Drake being the same guy who does the Okie voice, and Deatra is the same one who interviewed "Adam", then we have a connection between Adam Montana and Okie, which would suggest that Adam is behind idiot pumpers as a way to strengthen his position as the realistic and honest dinar guru.  (The comment above referred to people in Utah and Nevada.  It just so happens that the guy who launched Okie into dinar guru stardom is located in Utah.)  I could be wrong about this, so feel free to debunk my theory as I'm still looking into it.  Sometimes in my research I get a hunch and pursue it and come up empty so this wouldn't be the first time. 

    I've talked with people who have been in this investment for five years or more, and they tell me that back then the most they were hoping for was 30 cents.  Most thought the RV would be closer to a dime.  When somebody came along suggesting that it would be a dollar they were met with derision.  Imagine that!  Soon the speculation crept upward and people began to come up with this RI (reinstatement) scenario where the new value would be $3 or more.  In 2011 there was a guru eruption where ridiculous rates of $5 or more were thrown out.  Now here we are in May 2012 reading $14, $25 and even $42.  Even the most gullible and uninformed dinarian has to recognize the absurdity in this.  So why do it?

    My belief is that these rates aren't thrown out there to promote dinar purchases but to nauseate the dinar community to the point that they will seek out a reasonable guru who doesn't throw out rates and dates but "tells it like it is".  A straight-shooter if you will.  Does that sound like anybody we know?  This would also explain the continual posting of rumours at DV despite the protests of many DV members.  Adam has always said that he allows them because he believes in freedom of speech.  Yeah, right.  Post a snippet from my posts on Adam and see how long it lasts!   Again, this is just a theory at this point.  But it makes sense to me.  I just have a feeling that the Montana Trail leads to some other very interesting locations. 

    In closing I would just like to say that James could have gotten away with this (and to be quite honest he still could ... many people are standing by him even knowing what I've posted) had he simply avoided the claims of being a Harvard grad or profiting off the Kuwaiti dinar.  Had he been content to claim that he is a successful self-made businessman that would have been a much larger hurdle to overcome from a debunking standpoint.  Or he could have made the claims about Harvard and Kuwait and just kept quiet about being a corporate headhunter and a networking specialist.  Those were valuable clues.  Or he could have done everything just the way he did and simply kept his Facebook videos private so that prying eyes and ears wouldn't come across them.  In the end, he's the one who provided all of the information that was pieced together to expose him.  Sometimes we're our own worst enemies.

    LinksWarning!  Some of these sites shouldn't be opened if you have kids or supervisors lurking about!

    The Montana Trail (part 1) - Adam's background in the dinar community
    The Montana Trail (part 2) - Adam's background as corporate headhunter and networking specialist
    The Montana Trail (part 3) - Adam's identity as James Wolf confirmed
    Beer and Sex - MySpace page (porn forum - wolfy) (porn site - wolfy) (porn forum - wolfyman)  (Ryan Plisch represents World Money Portal which is part of the Adam Montana dinar network)


    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Breitling Comes Alive!

    Our dear friend Tony Breitling has decided that he's going on tour with REIC (Real Estate Investment Club).  This should be interesting.  Tony has spent the last year creating a bit of a following for himself with his blog and his YouTube videos.  I've written about him a few times to inform the dinar community about what he's up to in Breitling Busted and The Breitling Catalog.  As I have established through these posts this guy doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to the dinar.  I've been wondering why somebody would be willing to put out so much misinformation and make such a spectacle of himself?  Well it would appear that we have our answer.  He's now going to try to capitalize on his status as a dinar guru.  Can't say that I blame him as it becomes clearer every day that there's no pot of gold at the end of the dinar rainbow.  Might as well put plan B in operation, right?  As I've reported before this REIC thing reportedly pays about $400 to the sponsor for each new recruit.  SWEET! 

    I've also recently learned that Phoenix has a book out, and a Cafe Press store ... another example of a dinar pumper whose hidden agenda is now surfacing.  I'll be working on a post about him soon.

    If you're in Southern California this Saturday you might want to drop by and catch Tony's act and report back to us what your impressions were.