Thursday, May 17, 2012

And the Backpedaling Begins ....

The CBI announced on Tuesday that the printing of the new currency will begin in September and it is expected to be issued starting in January of 2013 as part of the project to delete three zeros from Iraq's currency.  This prompted a response from Roger "Dinar Daddy" Dorman and a subsequent response from Tony "Breitling" Elder.  Roger went to the trouble of explaining first of all what a redenomination is (I hope Breitling was listening because Roger's explanation is more or less correct, although he did throw out the idea that buying lower denoms could be a viable strategy) and secondly that it's a definite possibility.  He then admitted that over the past year he's been largely quiet as he has been working on how to service his customers in the event of a lop.

Contrast these comments with what he posted a couple of years ago:

Let me explain this very clear and simple. In my opinion, despite the amazing logic presented by those who are very educated, or “trained”, in their logic, to share their opinion about the “lifting of the 3 zeroes”, we will NOT see a “LOP”, or a “LOP/RV”.

He then goes on to list seven reasons why Iraq won't lop, including misinformation like:
  1. Lops only happen during times of stagflation (I think he meant hyperinflation, but whatever ... it's still not true)
  2. Iraq is required to have a currency on par with other currencies (A lop accomplishes that .... besides, they're already on par with S. Korea)
  3. A lop won't change the value of Iraq's currency (complete with hot dog purchase example ... and utter nonsense)
  4. We were told that the war would pay for itself (not by Bush or Cheney we weren't) and a lop won't accomplish that
  5. Obama said he's cut the deficit in half by 2013 which would require a substantial RV (nope, still going up ... hmmm ... a politician making a promise he can't keep ... say it ain't so!)
Breitling then did a follow up commentary where he too acknowledges that this dinar thing might not turn out the way we're hoping, only his spin on it is that Iraq might change their mind about revaluing to around a dollar like they've been telling us they intend to do.  Actually they never said they would RV to around the dollar.  They said that they intend to reduce the money supply, raise the value, and issue new currency as a way of easing cash transactions, or as Shabibi said when he was in DC last year "facilitating payments".  This is a perfect description of a redenomination or "lop".  Breitling just doesn't understand this, apparently.  Once they remove three zeros from the exchange rate the new value will be about 86 cents, which is close to the value of the USD. 

It now appears that these guys are going into full CYA mode as the day when their BS is fully exposed approaches.  Adam Montana emphasized last week that a lop is a definite possibility.  To his credit he has always acknowledged that, which could keep him out of at least some hot water from a legal standpoint.

Breitling went so far as to say that if you don't make any money off this investment and you want to throw a fit ..... well you just shouldn't have been in this invesment in the first place.  Quite a contrast to his well documented statements in the past like "the dinar is a 100% sure thing", and "a lock" as for making money, and even "a winning lottery ticket".  He then went on to talk about how much he has gained from this investment in the way of education and business opportunities, even if there's no RV.  No argument there.  Breitling has managed to find a lot of ways to make money off of dinar investors.    

Breitling has promoted a sort of triangulation strategy for some time now.  Buy physical dinar, invest in the ISX (Iraqi Stock Exchange), and buy electronic dinar by opening a Warka account.  If there's a lop then I think it's a pretty safe bet that nobody's gonna make much money off the physical dinar.  And with the influx of novice investors being channeled into the ISX there is a very real possibility of a dotcom type bubble being created in Iraq's stock exchange, which of course will eventually pop.  And as for Warka, they've been on the road to insolvency for nearly a year now (did he ever inform his listeners of this fact?).  It remains to be seen how much (if any) of western money is forthcoming to Warka customers.  Taking these things into consideration, there's a real chance here that Breitling's followers could go 0 for 3 in Iraq. 

A few weeks ago Ali Agha from Dinar Trade returned to the dinar scene and stated that Iraq's project to delete the zeros was in fact a description of a redenomination.  He also added that there's no advantage to owning lower denoms in the event of an RD, a strategy that Breitling has promoted as a hedge against a lop.  I'm sure that observation made the host Roger Dorman squirm a bit, seeing as how The Treasury Vault ("owned" by his wife Angela) has been promoting the purchase of lower denoms in Breitling's Insurance Plan.

So finally we're starting to hear the truth about what Iraq has been telling us, and more than a few investors are upset.  I look for many more gurus to join the backpeddling in the coming months.  I wouldn't even be surprised to hear people like Frank and Okie say they've told us all along that there's risk in buying dinar and Iraq might end up lopping and screwing us all.  No matter how much these douchebags try to cover their backsides there's too much of a track record of misinformation (which I'll be happy to publish) and outright fraud for them to avoid accountability.  Judgment Day is fast approaching, and there's gonna be hell to pay.

05/18/12  ... UPDATE!!!  This morning Dr. J posted this at Dinar Vets:

On October 14, 2010 (YES...2010!!!!), I told all of you on this board that my source told me that there would be NO possible RV until the fall of 2012. Then, my source went on to tell me late fall 2010. For those of you that have been here since that time, you may remember that I have traded currencies for over36 years so unlike other who claim to be "experts," I know a thing or two about currency trading and the workings of the currency world.

My news flipped the dinar world on it's ear to say the least. I was blasted six ways from Sunday.

Well...guess what folks? It's May 18, 2012 and there is STILL no RV even though all of the pumpers and gurus have been telling you that it is "just around the corner." In my opinion, the latest pumper is right here on this site and he/she goes by the name of Randlln. These clowns have been telling you the same lies for years and you all just suck it up because..."it makes you feel good" or "it allows you to dream." Ah...that's wonderful but if the IQD falls flat on it's face I highly DOUBT that you will be "feeling good" or "dreaming!"

From day one, I have told all of you...DO NOT PURCHASE MORE DINAR THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE!!! Yet, many of you are so far in over your head that if the IQD that if it does go south, you are in a world of HURT!!!! That is called GREED and in the currency world, GREED KILLS!!!!!

Many of you would rather listen to idiot pumpers and gurus (yes, that is my opinion, they are IDIOTS!!) instead of using common sense. Again, you do so because of greed.'s where the "gettin'" gets good...really good...

I have new information on the IQD, IMO, powerful information but I will be danged if I am EVER going to share the information again!

I am done with this site and any other site out there. Ban me if you wish there mods because I don't give a crap...I AM DONE SHARING!

Dr. J

Well since he won't share any more we can only guess what this news is, but given his reminder about not spending any more than you can afford to lose I have to conclude that it isn't good. 




  1. No no, OKIE is going silent, he said so on the 15th:
    Then posted again on the 16th, but what do you expect from someone like OKIE? On the other hand, news of a LOP might get him to stop predicting the RV 3 or 4 times a week.

  2. And now the hammer will begin to fall. I knew it was only a matter of time. The "Gurus" will slowly disappear one by one.

    Thanks Sam for all your hard work.

  3. Check out this load of crap:

    5-17-2012 Newshound Guru Adam Montana "PM Maliki given 2 weeks to implement Erbil agreement"...That two weeks is almost we're going to see how serious Barzani, Allawi, al-Nujafi, and Talabani are. HCL is VERY important to an RV! And last but not least, the Tariff discussion... if the Iraqi peoples are going to remain in poverty ($3000 average income per year, why would Iraq worry about tariffs? A tariff is a tax (government revenue) on an import or export. In all likelihood, this "tariff" issue is designed to tax imports, which not many Iraqis can currently afford. If the value of the currency raises, they will be buying goods, and they will be paying the tariffs. ["continued in post 3...stay tuned"]

    So Adam says the average annual income for an Iraqi is $3,000. What will be the average annual income for an Iraqi after the RV? $3,000 right? Can someone explain to me how that helps the Iraqis pay tariffs?

    Adam, for someone who is supposed to be one of the more intelligent gurus, you sure are an idiot.

    1. I think I can answer this one. $3000 is 3,498,000 IQD. If Iraq RVs to Adam's guess of $.10 that would mean that they're now earning an average of $349,800 a year which will give them plenty of disposable income to spend on imports which will supposedly will generate tariff revenue. Sweet, huh?

    2. Yeah, but that's incorrect. The RV will change nothing for the average Iraqi. They will earn the same amount of money before and after an RV. An employer isn't going to adjust the exchange rate before paying his employees. He's going to give them the same amount of money he gave them the day before the RV. Example, lets say Habeeb owns a grocery store in Baghdad and pays his employees $50 per day, sometimes he pays in dollars, and sometimes in dinar. The day after the RV how many dollars is Habeeb going to give his employees for their days work? $50 right? So the RV does nothing for Iraqi citizens and Adam Montana is full of crap, but I guess I'm preaching to the choir on that one.

      The only way the typical Iraqi benefits from the RV is if they have some money in savings, and that's only if they don't get killed by their neighbors on the way to cash it in.

    3. I agree with all that you said. I was just pointing out what I think people like Adam expect from the RV. By the way, somebody at DV just got banned for saying the same thing you said. Was that you?

    4. No, I know what you're saying. Didn't mean to make it sound like I was disagreeing with you.

      Yeah, that was me. I guess they can't take it when someone questions the almighty chosen one. Or I guess they knew I was trying to expose him for the douche that he is.

  4. A lot of the info gurus will disappear, but the guru/dealers (Roger) will not. He admitted that he is working on a deal to help people out when it redenominates. So he’s making sure he has channels open to get the dinar back into Iraq for a swap. He also stated in his little talk the other day that when it redenominates, to expect the buy back rate to drop because of supply and demand. He setting himself up to be the guy who gives you maybe $500 dollars for you’re soon to be worthless dinar… which he gets back to Iraq for $850 minus some handling fee.
    This is all a ploy by Roger to get out front on this issue. To be the first to speak the truth. But he’ll be happy to still sell you some low denoms. Jeez… Douchebag supreme.

    The other thing I found a bit sickening in Roger’s talk. He talked about the pumpers and the tall tales and constant RV claims and how has tried o so hard to keep those things in check on his site. That’s absurd. I was probably one of the major reasons he removed comments from his site. It was me and one or two other people posting the truth on his site and driving his followers crazy. He had no problem absolutely shutting us down and making sure our point of view NEVER saw the light on his site. So just how hard did he try to keep the outlandish claims of the pumpers off his site. I remember when Roger vehemently defended his good friend Okie Oil Man. He forbid anyone of talking bad about Okie.
    What a freaking joke.

    1. Agreed. I was yet another of the critics......not only of the RV nonsense but of DD's continual shutting down of comments and then finally eliminating them altogether when he realized they were costing him precious site traffic. His "lower denom sales" and shameless promotion of Treasury Vault (which he obviously owns) undoubtedly qualifies him as one of the worst of the "DD's" (Dinar Douchebags).

  5. 5-18-2012 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Myth - The Dinar is a Scam: we are talking about the current actual currency of a foreign nation. This foreign nation has gajillions of dollars of potential based on their current economic growth, political progress, and natural resources. This currency, the Iraqi Dinar, has gone up in value since it dramatically crashed, and in all likelihood will continue to do so. In fact, it has the potential to dramatically increase in value! The Iraqi Dinar may not increase 1000% overnight, but in my's going to keep going up. More importantly...I like the potential to not only make good money, but to make a LOT of good money. It's like having a lottery ticket that never expires! Summary - the Dinar is not a scam, it is a currency. If you hold authentic notes, you have not been "scammed".

    You are the scam Adam Montana. Why don't you mention all of the money you made with the Kuwaiti RV to back up your point? Why not mention all of your experience as a financial adviser, or your Harvard education to back up your point? I love all of your "in my opinion", "it has potential", as if that's somehow going to exonerate you from any wrong doing. Douchebag

    1. I think there should be a moratorium on lottery references when it comes to the dinar. That's why this is called a scam. Sure, the IQD is a legit currency just like Dr. Pepper is a legit beverage, but if I start telling people that it can cure the common cold or arthritis that's criminal. The only reason the IQD has gone up as much as it has over the years is that the CBI kept adjusting the rate while they were getting inflation under control. It's been under 10% for several years now so I don't see any significant adjustments coming up on the horizon.

    2. This Dr J clown was another one of Roger’s favorites. He pissed a lot of people when he said the dinar wouldn’t RV until fall of 2012. It didn’t prove that he knew anything special or had one single contact. All it proved was that he had a reading comprehension level somewhere above a 3rd grade level… which puts him way ahead of 99% of the dinar world. He made that statement at the same exact time that the first articles came out of the CBI saying they would redenominate in the fall of 2012.

      As for Adams scam claim. Well… again we have to go back to the reading comprehension of 7 year olds. Almost everyone that talks about the dinar being a scam stipulates that the dinar is a legitimate currency and that’s it’s the preposterous claims about the currency that are the scam. It’s the selling of dinar, and the services around it, based on blatant lies that is the scam. But what happens… one of the 99% with no reading comprehension runs to an all knowing guru and asked him to address the claim that the dinar is a scam. The guru then labels us idiots and says the dinar is a legitimate currency… and the 99% thank them profusely for putting the scam clam to rest.
      Kinda frustrating.

      Kinda funny… gurus claim the dinar is a legitimate currency in one breath. Then turn around and say it’s artificially manipulated to 1000th of it’s true value and has been held there for 8 years.
      That would make the dinar iself a scam.

    3. Someone needs to go to DV and start a new thread directed specifically to Adam Montana and ask:

      Are you a Harvard grad, and are you a licensed series 65 investment adviser, and do you recommend the Iraqi Dinar as a sound investment for the members of your site based on your qualifications?

  6. Reeder its been tried many times. You will get banned the second you question Montana's credentials.

    I received this letter one time from Adam (Wolf) when I asked him to fork over his series 65 license validity. He banned me and then sent this to me. You can see that he and his sidekick douchbag lawyer Ryan M. Plisch have this already scripted just in case the issue comes up. The mods were also ready with their lines of B.S. I do believe that a lot of the mods are basically Adams "Guardian Pumpers" and most of them are a couple of people who pose as many different mods I think he (Wolf) may be one because the news traveled very quickly that I was asking these questions. (I have the entire thread if you want to see it.)

    This was posted on March 1 2012 in the Rules, Announcements & IntroductionsView New Content section it was quickly deleted within minutes. Here is the last post I made

    This post has been edited by redogg: Today, 09:38 PM
    Can we pull up his certification under this Adam Montana Guy? As someone that is concerned with my investment it's always good to put a cert to a name. I hope not being out of line asking these simple questions to protect my investment. I know the CRD has the info. Im a little nervous about this Adam Montana person. Is that his real name?

    [#103126] Your posting rights have been removed by an administrator.


    I think you know the answer to that, but I'll answer it anyway: I am not acting as a financial ANYTHING on this site. It would be illegal for me to do so, as any financial advice must come AFTER doing a complete individual analysis on the individual receiving said advice.

    Regardless of any Certifications, authority, or positions I hold outside of this site, I am only giving my opinion on this site. Everyone must seek their own financial and legal counsel before making any decisions based entirely or partially on any of my opinions, as they agreed when they joined the site.

    After reviewing your other posts, it's obvious you're only here to cause trouble. Yes, of course my name isn't "Adam Montana". Yes, of course there is no guarantee here. And here's something you might not like... since I'm doing nothing illegal, you don't bother me. Go threaten someone else, coward.

    And yes, of course you are now banned. Take it easy. 

    1. What a douchebag. I love how he never defends his credentials. Someone who had a series 65 license, and a Harvard education would certainly reaffirm or defend that if it were ever questioned. So far the only thing Adam Montana ever reaffirms is that it doesn't matter who he is, it doesn't matter how old he is, and it doesn't matter what qualifications and credentials he has.

      It's amazing how people can so blindly follow someone.

  7. Hello everyone, been following this site for a while but thought I would finally drop a line. Not everyone on DV is drinking the koolaid. A few like me, hang out waiting for the fireworks to begin.

    @ Reeder, I would put a twist on your new thread idea. It may be better to create a new member, go in and make nice with all the kiddies, hang out with the popular positive crowd get a following and THEN.....become Adams biggest fan after all.......(rewording your paragraph)

    I only follow this site because Adam said he is a Harvard grad, and he's a licensed series 65 investment adviser, he created this forum so people can learn more about this investment and who better to learn from than Adam? Someone who's licensed and qualified? He made money off the Kuwait deal didn't he? What's not to love? This site is the greatest and as soon as I get the money, I'm joining the VIP group as fast as possible. (insert several smiley faces here)

    Repeat this over and over whenever the opportunity arises. This would give me and my fellow DV'ers some great entertainment.

    Love your site, miss all the Lopsters, wish you were still there.

    1. I hear you, and I would, but I've been banned. I only suggested starting that new thread as a way to put AM on the spot. If it's true that he is what he says he is then all he has to do is respond to the thread: Yes, I am a licensed series 65 investment adviser, yes, I am a Harvard grad, and yes, I feel the IDQ is a sound investment in my opinion.

      According to crazyal he bans people for asking those questions. Could you imagine an attorney or a doctor kicking you out of their office for asking them what sort of credentials they have? Only in dinar land I guess.

      I just want as many people as possible to see that he is not willing to answer those questions, that the person who asks the questions will more than likely be banned, and the thread will eventually be deleted to cover up the whole thing.


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