Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Breitling Comes Alive!

Our dear friend Tony Breitling has decided that he's going on tour with REIC (Real Estate Investment Club).  This should be interesting.  Tony has spent the last year creating a bit of a following for himself with his blog and his YouTube videos.  I've written about him a few times to inform the dinar community about what he's up to in Breitling Busted and The Breitling Catalog.  As I have established through these posts this guy doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to the dinar.  I've been wondering why somebody would be willing to put out so much misinformation and make such a spectacle of himself?  Well it would appear that we have our answer.  He's now going to try to capitalize on his status as a dinar guru.  Can't say that I blame him as it becomes clearer every day that there's no pot of gold at the end of the dinar rainbow.  Might as well put plan B in operation, right?  As I've reported before this REIC thing reportedly pays about $400 to the sponsor for each new recruit.  SWEET! 

I've also recently learned that Phoenix has a book out, and a Cafe Press store ... another example of a dinar pumper whose hidden agenda is now surfacing.  I'll be working on a post about him soon.

If you're in Southern California this Saturday you might want to drop by and catch Tony's act and report back to us what your impressions were.



  1. If the dinar leads you to spend even more money on some other A$$hat's pursuit, let me just say there is your sign.

  2. Does this sound like a chilled out Phoenix most of his listeners have come to know?

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    Slade, on 19 June 2011 - 04:43 PM, said:
    Well thats not very NISSSSSSSE ....

    1. I have only held IQD for 4 years.
    2. Post one single link showing I have ever called a date or rate on the can't...because I have not.
    3. I always say and always have said "date and rate classified".
    4. You are troll and a nut case who has obvious emotional issues and do nothing but disrupt the free flow of information on this forum.

    I suspect you are a dealer of IQD or someone close to a dealer of IQD.

    You are a disruptive troll that needs to be banned.

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