Monday, October 31, 2011

Continuing Drama at DV

A few days ago I reported that Adam Montana from Dinar Vets had stated that the IQD fell to mere pennies in value after Saddam was thrown out, and ended up banning a DV member who corrected him.  Well the issue came up again with another member so Adam responded.  First the member's questions:

I was reading his rate prediction and I just don't understand how the math works:

"Let’s say there is a billion USD worth of Dinar out there right now, or 1 trillion IQD. The CBI pays $2.25 for every $3 worth of Dinar, then resells it the next day for $3. That’s a profit of $75 billion just on the spread. Not bad, right?  The problem is it cost them 225 billion to do that… and that 225 billion goes right into the “debt” column."

1 trillion IQD at 3 USD per dinar (minus 25% spread) is 2.25 trillion, not 225 billion.

And for the 10 cent RV:

"the CBI makes 250 million in the first 90 days at an expense of only 1 billion. This puts their debt on this transaction at only 750 million… a far cry from the 225 billion in the $3 RV!!!"

1 trillion IQD at a 10 cent RV is 100 billion, not 1 billion.
At first I just thought there was some mechanism in there that I didn't understand, but one of his sets of numbers is 10x less than you would expect, and the other set of numbers is 100x less than you would expect, so now I'm just confused. Does anyone understand this?

I also don't understand what he means when he says:

"An instantaneous RV to $3.00 will create a ton of wealth – coincidentally, probably about the same amount of wealth that they lost when Saddam Hussein was taken out of power and the value of the Iraqi Dinar plummeted to mere pennies!"

Saddam was taken out of power in 2003. According to the CBI the exchange rate in 1995 was already 3,000 to 1. Is he saying the CBI is putting out false information, or is there something else I don't understand here?  Thanks for any help, I'm geniunely confused about all this stuff.

Now for Adam's response:

I didn't pull a calculator out at all when I was writing the thesis, and it's true I may have mixed up my billions, millions, or trillions. In all honesty, I simply didn't care if the numbers were 100% accurate because my intention was not to present a mathematically precise prediction...

All of the numbers I used were pulled out of the air for one purpose: to illustrate a point.

If you put your fancy calculator down and just pay attention to the logic behind my theory, then you should be able to understand the point I was making and I have accomplished my goal.

Regarding the actual timing of the decline of the value of the Dinar - come on guys, seriously?! Again, I was making a point and although I didn't cite exact dates, the timeframe is still accurate for the purpose of my article.

Amazing, isn't it?  Adam is essentially admitting that he pulled these numbers out of his arse.  This "successful entrepreneur" who graduated from Harvard and is married to an accountant can't keep track of millions, billions, and trillions.  And on top of that he doesn't even consider it necessary.  "Put your fancy calculator down".  Gosh, Paw!!!  Reckon mebbe we oughtta start cipherin' the good ol' fashion way like Jethro?  LOL!  And he expects people to pay him for investment advice?  When will this charade end, Adam?  Just admit you don't know what you're talking about, refund the money to the poor schmucks who thought that you did, and call it a day.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Week's Douchie Winner - Tony "Breitling" Elder

A couple of weeks ago I posted "Breitling Busted!!!", revealing that "Breitling" is actually Anthony Patrick "Tony" Elder, a friend of Roger Dorman (Dinar Daddy) who pumps lower denoms which are conveniently available through The Treasury Vault which is owned by Angela Dorman, Roger's wife.  (Apparently he has a luxury watch fetish which inspired his "Breitling" alias.)  I also revealed that Tony is pumping the ISX Report from as though this report is being produced by somebody else and he has no business interest in it when in fact his own company Select Play Media comes up on the PayPal page when you order the report.  Well apparently Tony got word of what was posted and went into damage control mode.  He removed his Twitter account, edited his Facebook page to conceal his friends (including Angela Dorman) and his LDS (Mormon) faith, removed the reference to a collaborative effort by Roger Dorman and Tony Elder from a post on his blog, changed his YouTube account from selectplaymedia to Breitlingdinar, and then claimed that his account was hacked which conveniently resulted in somebody deleting some of the videos which I cited as examples of Breitling's BS.  He then produced new videos where he ranted about people lying about him but he never addressed any of these "lies" except in his claim that he doesn't sell dinar on eBay.

Actually I never said he's selling on eBay, but I did point out that somebody in the town of Lake Havasu City, Arizona is selling dinar on eBay and quite coincidentally Tony is from Lake Havasu City and apparently still has family there.  Here's something else that I find quite interesting.  A Ted Elder (age 82) is listed as the principal for Gameroxx Entertainment, Inc.  Now maybe it's just me but I find it hard to imagine a man in his 80s being an active owner/manager of a video game development company.  I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that this is Tony's company which was simply registered in his dad's name.  (Similarly listed Ted's phone number for the registrant.)  If that's the case, is it really so unreasonable to think that maybe dinar is being sold from somebody else's home and account with Tony possibly acting as the supplier through The Treasury Vault?  I can't prove this of course, so for now it's just a theory.  But I do consider it a plausible scenario.  It's also quite possible that somebody totally unrelated to Tony in a city of 50,000 people is selling dinar on a regular basis on eBay.  Whether he is or not I think it's time for Tony to come clean about his business relationship with Roger Dorman and his business interest in The ISX Report.  Because of his refusal to do so Tony wins the Douchie for this week.  Congrats, DB.

Friday, October 28, 2011

More Drama at DV

On Wednesday Adam Montana sent out a mass email offering his thoughts on the "upcoming" RV.  Many of you no doubt received this email, but for the benefit of those who didn't I'll sum it up.  Adam thinks the rate will come out at around a dime and then gradually climb up over the next few years toward its former value.  I have no problem with this opinion.  As gurus go Adam's views are as good as any I suppose, even though my opinion is that even a dime isn't doable at this time.  But that's not really the point I want to address today.

In his email he stated the following:

"An instantaneous RV to $3.00 will create a ton of wealth – coincidentally, probably about the same amount of wealth that they lost when Saddam Hussein was taken out of power and the value of the Iraqi Dinar plummeted to mere pennies! What’s done is done, though, and we have to look at the situation for what it is today – not what it could have been or should have been."

Well this prompted one of his members by the name of xyzzy to respond as follows:

In Adam's blog (that we all get mail about) he says this (bold added by me)

"An instantaneous RV to $3.00 will create a ton of wealth – coincidentally, probably about the same amount of wealth that they lost when Saddam Hussein was taken out of power and the value of the Iraqi Dinar plummeted to mere pennies! What’s done is done, though, and we have to look at the situation for what it is today – not what it could have been or should have been."

This may be among the most common explanations used for why the dinar could be revalued back up. Namely that it was devalued suddenly down when Saddam was thrown out. The problem is that this is simply false. Go research at the CBI's history page and they say in 1995 (8 years BEFORE the Iraq war) the dinar had fallen to 3000 dinars per dollar (far less than mere pennies) due to massive printing of the currency over a period of years. Go look on currency history sites like and you might not see exactly the same pattern, but one pretty close. Every resource I know of confirms this.

Adam is clearly a smart guy and is very knowledgeable about the dinar so it is very hard for me to imagine he actually does not know the correct history here. So why push this clearly false info?

He didn't call Adam a name. Didn't accuse him of doing anything illegal. Didn't really insult him. He just said that Adam was posting information that was wrong and he should know that it's wrong. Adam's response?

So xyzzy is stating that the Iraqi Dinar was never in the $3 range. He uses that statement to accuse me of lying.  I can let the first part go - you're all welcome to your opinion, regardless of how right or wrong it is.

The second part, on the other hand - I don't have any desire to let that continue.    Member xyzzy banned, thread closed.
xyzzy was banned and the thread was closed. In other words, rather than discuss the message Adam shot the messenger.  As anybody can clearly see Adam completely misrepresented what xyzzy said.  He never mentioned the $3 rate and never really called Adam a liar.  But he did call Adam on his misstatement of facts and revealed Adam's ignorance, and that couldn't be tolerated.  Thus the ban.

I know the feeling, XYZZY.  Adam banned me last week after I asked him to tell us about his experience of investing in the Kuwaiti dinar 20 years ago.  This is typical behavior from guru dinar site owners.  SteveI does the same thing at People's Dinar. Likewise with Dan Atkinson at People's Talk Radio, Blaino at Planet Dinar, and Med at Dinar Speculator. You call them on their BS and you're gone.

On the other hand you'll find many dinar sites where the site owner isn't driven by the bottom line and members are free to discuss dinar issues and engage in respectful debate without fear of banishment. You see, it's all about the money. If the owner is driven by the pursuit of profits then they can't tolerate free thought and critical thinking. They have to maintain control, and the ban is their control mechanism.

xyzzy brought up a very legitimate issue. Adam's version of the history of the dinar is simply wrong. It didn't plummet to pennies when Saddam was thrown out. It devalued to less than a penny over the years while Saddam was in power and printing money like crazy.

So why would Adam make such a statement? I think the answer is simple, xyzzy. Your assumption that Adam is very knowledgeable about the dinar and knows the correct history is wrong. IMO Adam doesn't know jack. He knows just enough to put on a dog and pony show that takes suckers for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.  Hopefully now more of his sheep will recognize that fact and move on to safer pastures before they get sheared.

I would like to issue these challenges to Adam Montana.  Please offer some evidence to support your claim of capitalizing on the Kuwaiti dinar's devaluation.  Please offer evidence of your claim to be a Harvard graduate.  Please offer your members evidence of your claim to be a certified investment adviser who passed the Series 65 test.  I realize of course that it would be hard to accomplish any of these without revealing your true identity, but if people are going to trust you in the future they need to know that you have been honest with them in the past.

And to the members of Adam's site Dinar Vets I would like to say, until Adam Montana offers such evidence please proceed with extreme caution.  As we have proven on this blog the dinar world is full of con artists and scammers.  Remember that before you part with your hard earned money.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Marshall Donnerbauer - Electronic Dinar Douchebag

AKA Marshall Wayne, this guy has a background in digital media, web design, and internet marketing.  Here he discusses his background of selling Ginzu knives, diet pills, watches, and golf videos as well as becoming a state champ running track in Wisconsin.  He started selling dinar early on in 2004.  He promotes the idea of purchasing electronic dinar as cashing in paper currency might prove problematic.  He also sells "dealer rights" to people who want to use him as a supplier for their own dinar dealerships.  Nothing wrong with any of this.  Just a guy trying to make a profit in a capitalist system.  But Marshall claims that he has inside information on the dinar that he makes available at $497, but is now including for free to his dinar customers.  Sounds a bit like Adam Montana's VIP program, huh?  He also reportedly took a stab at the hedge fund thing a la Rudy Coenen.  But here's the thing that really caught my attention.  Marshall doesn't charge you a setup fee for creating your Warka account, but charges you a 7% fee for any profits earned on that account.  That means that if the dinar RVs at a dollar and you have a million dinar, his cut will be about $70,000!!! So imagine 150 customers holding an average of a million each cashing in at a dollar.  His haul would be over $10 million.  Sure, he provided a service for you, but at what price?  You could save yourself a bundle by setting up your own Warka account.  Mind you, I'm not recommending that anybody set up a Warka account.  I'm just saying that with the dinar as with all investments, doing your due diligence could prove quite rewarding.  Also, you might want to read through this thread about Marshall.  Or just type his name into a search engine along with the words "scam" or "ripoff" and read up on the guy.  It seems that the dinar community is less than enthusiastic about doing business with him.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gurus and Goodbyes

Back in May a guru named Joe P said goodbye to his friends at People's Dinar, convinced that the RV was going down very soon.

Posted 05-09-11
Hi All,

This might be extremely long. I have thoughts but wrote no outline, therefore, the fingers will flow with the thoughts.

It has been an honor and priviledge to partner with Steve, Ray, and every Mod (all of you!!!) here now and past. And how can I express appropriately the emotions of gratitude, admiration, respect, and lifelong relationships formed here at PD. Perhaps more relationships can be formed when we arrive in Phoenix for the event which will take place shortly after the final announcement. That event's date will be posted the moment we know...not a second before.

Now, in reflection of this journey I remember some real highlights...some real disappointments...and many AHA moments. There's no way to tell each story...perhaps I will save that for a joint novel with another member. I know that all of you suffered and celebrated just like I did. The only difference was the depth of each personal event. That cannot be compared. I know that I insulated myself many times, other times I was lower than everyone else, but pulled myself up out of necessity. I also used friends to resuscitate me from time to time, just as they relied on me to do the same for them.

I pray that I brought something for many of you. Some logic, some assessments, some opinions, some clarity, some crazy opinions which panned out or didn't and one that you'll witness soon, some terrible math when it came to converting GBP etc (won't live that down), some dot-connecting, and some horizon lines. I'm comfortable knowing I did the best I could, even when it wasn't good enough for a member or two or three or more. I only called for the RV one time back in, what a lesson that was. Mostly, I kept secret intel I knew before and know because of personal decisions (not one time did we ever share something that could have put lives in jeapordy...nor did we ever buy based on what we learned...nor did we offer anything we knew to encourage anyone else to buy). I refused to be like some terrible, terrible people in the Dinar world. I want to write their names and call them out, but that wouldn't be me. Who I believe and what I believe is different then others. Those I know who lie cannot be defended nor prosecuted...not by me. That's not my job. They will eventually get what's coming to them. A good friend and cohort in the Dinar world reminded me, that I cannot protect people "who don't want to be protected". Sound, sound advice from a respected person.

Well, that's enough of the emotional to the cherry on the ice cream.

This is my final major and significant post. Why? Because my furthest horizon line is June 30th. I truly believe this is our month and am expecting it. But, if it ends up being 50 more days, I can easily make it that far. For those of you that can't, you're wrong. Yes you can. Just as if your vacation was 45 days away, you could make it to that too. For any of you who have financial distress, there is help on it's way, so hang in there as best as you can. Nothing is put before you that you cannot handle. And I've concluded there isn't anything else to catch. It's been a great hunt, but as this winds down, I truly don't need to know an hour before hand or even a day before hand. I'm content knowing it is going to happen and nothing I learn in the next phone call will make any difference to me.

I for one, do not believe that the Iraq government purposely works tirelessly to trick us. Some of the information is purposeful, but for the most part, they aren't laughing at us, conieving some weird article to freak out the Americans. There certainly is misinformation, but it's intended for their citizens and the world, not YOU or ME.

The Iraq government will be completed this month. The DFI fund expiration is this month (meaning the original account must be closed 5-31). Chapter 7 will be lifted in June (RV must occur before that). The resolution of Kuwait has been finalized for quite some time. The HCL has parts passed and the rest will follow before end of June. The Erbil agreements are being fulfilled partially now and completely before end of June. Maliki is not going anywhere. Those that have beaten him will learn differently. Maliki will be one of the most powerful men in the world before month's end. You'll witness his power and statesmanship during his announcement on the 11th. Iraq is ascending back into the world and the blessings that come with that. I, for one, am extremely happy for their country and people.

In closing, I look for this month to conclude the RV and elevate Iraq to the international level they deserve. Including being one of the final investment frontiers remaining in the world.

Protect your emotions by remembering they could take until the end of June. Protect your emotions by not reading certain posters who are realitively new and come with incredible connections just to be at the front of the line. Those who "must be first" are NOT the ones to depend on for accurate information. Be happy with the Dinar you have...buying more is not necessary, especially if it's based on greed. And certainly never based on what I write or say.

We will be attending the Phoenix event along with the PD team. We'll share laughs and tears. We'll form impenetrable friendships. And we commit to forming a group which focuses on making a significant improvement to our country and our fellow citizens.

We wish each of you the best and accumlating the knowledge of how to proceed in your next chapter.

Kindest Regards,
Joe P

For those of you unfamiliar with Joe P, he is a forex trader from Ft. Worth, Texas who used to post on Dinar Vets. He left in late 2010 when the big unauthorized conference call fiasco occurred and thousands left to form People's Dinar where he served as conference call moderator for awhile and was one of the chosen few to avoid being banned. In this post Joe is saying goodbye to the PD crowd because the RV is at hand. (As he mentions he had called the RV previously in late 2010.)  This was in May and he was saying by the end of June, or possibly 50 days more which would put it toward the end of August. Well it's late October now and still no RV. I have noticed he is posting again at DV though, saying things like "Why don't you simply, GO AWAY" "sell now and get out" "What a friggin LOSER!!!!!!!!!!" "I disagree. But respect your right to be stupid" and "You are a friggin liberal nut job".  Really insightful stuff, right?  The sad thing is Joe P used to be a guy that many of us liked to listen to.  His experience in currency trading gave him some insight that most of us don't have.  Now he just seems like this broken, bitter man who is grasping at anything to justify his investment of time and money in the IQD.  

I saw the same thing happen to sonny1, another guy I used to think knew a bit about this investment.  In May of 2010 he said goodbye in this post:




Well of course Nick (sonny1) was back in a week or so telling everybody about what his guys in Dubai were telling him about the impending RV.  Over the past year he has gone back and forth from saying it was a long ways off to it was going to happen any day now.

This week Nick said that Obama's announcement about all of our troops leaving Iraq by the end of the year would prove disastrous if the RV didn't happen by then, and that he would sell all of his dinar after the first of 2012. 

"if we pull out at the end of 2011, like what was made official today, and they dont rv before, i am 100% selling alllll my dinar, because we are screwed..."   

though i am very happy that obama is bringing our brave guys and girls home, they are what make the u.s the best, and we should all be very grateful, but imo this is awful for our investment.

they get nothing done now, when we leave and iraq knows big brother is gone, i can only imagine how quickly iran moves in, and that is bad.

we have roughly 2 months for this to rv, or we will all be burning or wallpapering with our dinar, because if we leave and there isnt movement on our little investment, we f-ed

i dont mean to be negative, and i have always been positive, but we have 2 months or we are f-ed. 

This isn't the first time sonny1 has threatened to sell his dinar.  He did the same thing early this year and then claimed that he only said that to keep other investors from constantly bugging him.

Okie Oil Man said goodbye to his followers back in May of 2011.

[okie_oil_man] good morning america and ships at sea and all our world wide friends. From all intel received within the past 24 hour’s it appears we are approaching the end of our journey to utopia. The end is so near you can feel it. Due to business involvement and also physical problems i have decided that now will be the optimum time for me to retire from the intel furnishing status that i have maintained for several years. I hope you understand my decision. I have enjoyed most of the time being able to share what i had with each of you that may not have had the opportunity and exposure to sources that i have. I   god’s richest blessing’s on you all and have only wanted to be a messenger and a vessel to be used by the lord. I hope i have served that purpose–i may drop by occasionally to say hello but it had gotten to the point that the pressure and questions has taken a final toll on my mind, my body, and my spirit.–god bless you all and godspeed the r/v–goodbye

This was about the same time that Ali from Dinar Trade stopped selling dinar, which prompted many to conclude that Okie was Ali's main pumper.  However, Okie soon re-emerged and started his own website and shortly after that announced that he had a pastor friend in Florida who would be selling dinar.  Hmmmm ..... 

Dinar guru Phoenix also said goodbye back on Dec 10, 2010 convinced that the RV would occur by the first of 2011. 

My Last Public Post.

The time has come for me to say goodbye.

Thank you Adam for allowing me to post on your forum and thanks to everyone else.

We are at the end of this ride and there is nothing more to do than wait.

We are all so blessed to have the freedom to make our own personal choices and I hope everyone makes the right decisions that are best suited for you and yours based upon your own due diligence.

My personal choice for me is to support my local bank and the United States Banking system and to pay all of my due taxes as and when advised by the tax professional of my choice.

I wish the best of luck to all.

Thanks again and be well.


Well as we all know it didn't happen and Phoenix began posting again a few months later, mainly to promote his Blogtalk Radio broadcast where he constantly informs his listeners that the RV is right around the corner.
So what is it about this investment that keeps people coming back after they say goodbye?  Is it the admiration of their followers?  The challenge to get it right?  The kickbacks perhaps?  Or maybe it's the fact that they can't talk about this with "normal" people who don't believe in the RV, so they have to socialize with other believers.

We see all of these clever cottage industries springing up around the dinar - everything from MLM schemes to safes for stashing your dinar.  Maybe somebody should start a 12 step program for recovering dinarians to help them break away from the dinar community and become productive members of society again.  How about it, Roger?  I'm sure you can find a way to make a buck or two de-dinaring these guys.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rudy Coenen and Bayshore Capital Investments

One of the most popular guests for dinar conference calls over the past year has been Rudolph Coenen, affectionately known as "Rudy".  He sprung to prominence after he made a phone call to Sean Hannity on 9/2/2010 discussing the Iraqi dinar, which created a buzz in the dinar world.  "Who is this Rudolph guy who called Hannity the other day?  Where did he come from?"  Well Rudy answered those questions in a post he made on Dinar Daddy on 9/21/2010 stating:

"My name is Rudolph Coenen, i am the person who spoke to Hannity, 2 weeks ago on his radio show. Everyone was wondering who i was, and where did i get my information. I live in Jacksonville, Fl and have been in the Banking business for 15 years. In 1982 i joined the Marine Corps, and had a wonderful 12 year career, Semper Fi. You can google my name and look at my background. I studied International Finance at the University of Colorado, and recieved my masters in economics. My last position was with JPMCHASE in there cdo dept, and i had a 420million dollar portfolio. I also owned a mortgage company called DIRECT LENDING, we did loans thru out the U.S.  I am well known in the banking industry and have had my own radio show and also have been a contributor to fox news.  My life has been very transperent, and anyone can check on it.  I have had commendations and recognition for my involvement in Desert shield and desert storm."   

He then proceeded to make a series of posts about the dinar that would rival War and Peace in content and monotony.  This wasn't the first time that Rudy had tried to promote himself as a dinar expert.  Prior to this he had made posts at Dinar Vets promoting his Florida Dinar Facebook page and was warned to quit spamming.  In retrospect it appears that Rudy had an agenda all along to achieve dinar guru status and eventually launch his hedge fund program for post-RV investments.  Shortly after becoming the hottest new guru Rudy was banned from Dinar Vets under suspicion of using his Facebook page to gather information on DV members.  Adam Montana also said that Rudy had a criminal record in Florida.   

Well DV's loss was the BH Group's gain, as they made Rudy their star dinar pumper and eventually became the marketing agency for his hedge fund.  Over the next few months Rudy and Scooter did the tag team dinar analysis thing on BH Group conference calls while Brad Huebner pumped the hell out of the dinar with his Dinar 101 until finally the authorities shut down the BH Group's operation in July and seized their records, effectively putting Rudy's hedge fund on ice.  Now the poor schmucks who trusted Rudy are demanding to know what's happening to their nonrefundable $750 hedge fund deposits.

Months before all hell broke loose however, an admin at Real Scam was on to Rudy and Company and he covered the whole debacle with impeccable precision.  I won't even attempt to expound on what he said.  I'll simply post the link and bid you good reading.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Douche of the Week - Adam Montana

Not a lot of juicy rumors or intel this week.  Just the usual "any day now" type stuff with a few back screen claims, so the choice was between SteveI and Adam Montana.  Steve of course had another hysterical meltdown which I reported on earlier in the week.  But Adam Montana wins the Douchie this week for banning Sam I Am from Dinar Vets.  What did I do to deserve this?  Well, they were taking questions for Wednesday's chat session so I asked Adam to tell us about his experience of buying up and profiting from the Kuwaiti dinar.  I thought that was a perfectly legit question, seeing as how he made that claim in his book "Real RV Intel".  You see, I have it on good authority that Adam was too young to have capitalized on the Kuwait situation back in 1991 so I thought I'd give him a chance to enlighten us.  His response was very enlightening.  I was banned the very next day.  Douchebags don't like it when you call them on their BS.  

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Douchebag Summit

Okay, I guess our little blog made an impact on dinar sales and put a hurt on the pumpers and dealers so a few of them contacted me and asked if we could all meet and talk this dinar thing over like adults?  I said "sure", and then contacted my buddies Ace and Bruno who work weekends as bouncers at the topless joint down the street.  I told them I needed them to have my back when I meet with these douchebags who might very well have it in for me.  After getting fitted for a wire and obtaining a conceal and carry permit Ace, Bruno, and I headed off to Toledo, Ohio to have a short encounter with these clowns.  It was a lively couple of hours.  Intel was shared, viewpoints expressed, a few insults were exchanged, but fortunately no assaults or threats of bodily harm.  Here's an excerpt from the summit.

Frank Villa: "Well Aloha there brother!  God bless you!  You know the Lord Jesus ...."
Checkmate: "Oh can it, Frank!!!  Let's get down to business!  You're making things difficult for us, Sam!"
Me: "Well, that's sort of the idea.  You guys are douchebags."
Checkmate: "That may be true, but we're just trying to make a buck here.  No real harm in that."
Enorrste: "Vodka anyone?"
Rudy Coenen: "None for me, thanks.  Can't drink alcohol."
Adam Montana: "I'm gonna sue you, Sam!  You said my Belize plan is a scam!"
Me: "Adam how are you gonna sue me without revealing your true identity?"
Adam Montana: "Well I've got the best attorneys money can buy, and they tell me I can!"
TerryK: "Hey everybody, they just RV'd in Canada!"
Brad Huebner: "Shut up, Terrence!  Sam, why did you have to publish that story about the IRS raid on the BH Group?"
Me: "Well Brad it's what I do.  I tell the dinar community what you douchebags are up to so they can make an informed decision about who they want to do business with."
Rudy Coenen: "Well now I have people asking for a refund on their hedge funds."

Me: "Good.  You shouldn't have been taking that money in the first place."
Gankans: "I'm hungry.  Anybody wanna order a pizza?"
Okie: "I'll order it.  I've got great contacts in the pizza bidness."
Tony TNT: "Sam that YouTube video of me showing people how to bullshit their way to successful network marketing wasn't meant to be seen by the dinar crowd."
Me: "Well too bad, Tony.  You put yourself out there with all your BS intel so I thought people should know what you were up to."
Gankans: "Pepperoni, olives ...."
Adam Montana: "So Sam, are you going to take that stuff about me off your blog?"
Me: "Hadn't planned on it Adam.  In fact, I'm looking for more."
Gankans: "No anchovies!"
Enorrste: "Well I certainly hope you're not going to tell everybody about my past.  I mean I would hate to have people learn about my exploits in the congo and my years working undercover for the CIA in eastern Europe to help bring down the Iron Curtain ..."
Me: "Enorrste you never worked for the ..."
Okie: "Okay folks listen up!  I just got off the phone and the pizza is done!  It'll show up at any time now.  The rate is $17.  Thank you Jesus!"

Frank Villa: "Then Shabibi said to Maliki ..."
SteveI: "Blessings on you Okie.  Blessings on us all."
Checkmate: "You're really getting on my nerves, Steve."
SteveI: "Burn in hell, Check!  You and Tony can just burn in hell!!!"
Breitling: "So the pizza's coming?  Great!  While we wait let's accumulate."
Rudy Coenen: "Accumulate what?"
Breitling: "I don't know.  I just like to say that."
Roger Dorman: "Anybody wanna buy a safe?"
Sonny1: "I've had it!  I'm outta here.  You idiots aren't worth my time!"

As you can see we got about as much resolved as the Iraqis do in a typical meeting of parliament.  But as least we're talking, and that's important.  Hopefully the next summit will be a little more productive.  Ace, Bruno, and I are looking forward to meeting with all of these guys again, provided they're not in prison.  ;-)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yet Another SteveI Meltdown

Omigod, this is great!  Sometimes I wonder what I'm going to write about next, but some guru or pumper always seems to provide me with new material just when I need it.  Such is the case with Steve "SteveI" Irwin.  Stevie delivered "fresh intel" to his followers at People's Dinar and requested that it not be shared with the other sites.  Well of course somebody did the C&P thing and his intel was posted at Dinar Vets where it promptly became fodder for the scorn, ridicule, and entertainment of the DV crowd.  Apparently Stevie reads DV because he saw his precious intel being trampled on and he had a total meltdown of Irwinian proportions.

Why in the hell can't you all just leave our information on this site? I just do not get it. Are you so desperate for attention? Give me a break. Ray and I sure get sick of this, so maybe we will just keep it to ourselves from here on out. That will fix and solve the problem for sure.

Yes this is real information unlike the comments from the absolute idiots on DV. That is the dumbest group ever. What joke. We told them not all papers are on line, but yet demand a link? Boy are these members dumb or what.

The problem is that they just cannot think for themselves and just type something close to their IQ and it shows. These idiots will be the first one broke, guaranteed.

Blessings to all,


Don't you just love how Steve goes into total maniac mode and then ends with "blessings"?  LOL!!!  Bulletin, Stevie. This is the internet. You can't have a forum with thousands of people using anonymous names and think that your information is going to remain confidential.  The problem isn't your stupid followers.  It's you, compadre.

And what was this priceless intel that Steve had shared?  Well it was a note he received from his "source" by the name of Ray.


Just wanted to pass on some interesting information one of my guys just told me. He said this is in the Iraqi newspapers, and on TV and even in newspapers in the Arab gulf states. He said that banks in the Arab gulf are buying billions of dollars of dinar. Not just millions but billions. The people of Iraq are wondering why and the government came out and told them that they didn’t know why but would check into it. Seems strange that these banks could have bought billions of dinar before now but have chosen now to do this. And the Iraqi government is playing dumb. I see this as a sign that we are getting very close now. Will send more as I receive it. Have a blessed day.



Okay, billions of dollars' worth of IQD would amount to trillions of dinar.  So in addition to the 2-3 trillion dinar already being held by speculators and the supposed 12+ trillion dinar held by various governments around the world now we have at least a couple of trillion being bought by Arab banks.  By my math that comes to around 17 trillion dinar being held in anticipation of a $1-3 RV which would theoretically provide a $17-51 trillion USD payout to all parties involved.  And this is from the currency of a nation with a GDP of a little over $100 billion that can't even keep the electricity flowing, and whose vast oil reserves are being pumped out at 2.5 million barrels a day which is less than a billion barrels a year which means that even at $100/bl their annual revenues from oil would be less than $100 billion.  At that rate I calculate that it would take at least 170 years to pump out enough oil to pay everybody.

In the meantime what about the Iraqi people?  Isn't this oil supposed to belong to them?  Aren't they supposed to be getting something out of their profits?  After all, that's why we put so much emphasis on securing the oil facilities after the war.  Their people needed those oil revenues.  And now all of those revenues are going to pay off everybody who bought dinar?  Are you starting to see how ridiculous this whole scenario is?

You see, it's not just the manic depressive outbursts that have brought such ridicule to Steve.  It's the absurdity of his claims.  He owns a billion dinar.  He knows what the rate will be because he has a contract with the rate written in.  He knows that the RV will go down by the end of May 2011.  And now, this.  I gotta wonder how many people will be leaving PD after this sorry episode?  I'll be watching and reporting so stay tuned.     

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MLM Meets the Dinar

Just when you think you've seen everything something comes along that makes you do a double take and stare in disbelief.  The other day while I was researching some of these douchebags I happened across this site - .  It's a multilevel marketing plan centered around the dinar and dinar intel. For a $200 fee you can sign up and start recruiting others who in turn will recruit others .... yada yada yada ... you know the pitch.  In the video you'll see that The Currency Vault (now known as The Treasury Vault) is their supplier.  As we now know Roger Dorman from Dinar Daddy is the owner of The Treasury Vault (actually his wife Angela is ... yeah, right!) so I suspected that he had a hand in this.  I did a little digging and learned that the domain name is registered to Efusjon, Inc. in Draper, Utah.  (Efusjon is an energy drink.  More on them later.)  Well Roger lives in Utah so I figure I'm getting somewhere.  Then I found out that the technical contact for the domain name is a guy named Scott Sorensen.  That name sounded familiar so I did a keyword search and .... voila!  On May 30, 2011 Roger "interviewed" a Scott Sorensen from SLS Law Offices (Scott L. Soelberg) in Orem, Utah.

I don't know the extent to which he is involved, but Roger Dorman is now participating in a multilevel marketing business with the IQD as their product.  I guess he's not content to have ten dinar websites, a currency business, an RV text message service, a dinar "pawn shop" (Currency Buy Back), and the ISX Report.  Despite the disclaimer on the home page "Dinar XLR8R has absolutely no interest or ownership in The Currency Vault" it now appears that Roger Dorman is up to his ears in downline creation by recruiting people to help him pump the dinar MLM style, or at least he is assisting them by acting as their supplier or "intel" provider (probably has Breitling or Rudy lined up for those tasks ... hell maybe his "good friend" Okie will fill the bill).  I sure hope they get better intel than we've been getting up until now.  At least they had the decency (or the business savvy) to post "there is no guarantee that the Iraqi Dinar will revalue."   

Now, who is Efusjon, the registrants of the domain name dinarxlr8r?  Well they're an energy drink company like Red Bull, except they started off as a network marketing business only to abruptly terminate their MLM approach last year, effectively putting all of the network marketers out of business as they would no longer have a product.  Their MLM approach was to get everybody marketing the product to create videos and web pages galore declaring the wonders of the product and the organization so that any negative material would be shoved down in the search engine rankings.  I have to expect that dinarxlr8r will try the same approach, which means that we can anticipate hundreds of videos on YouTube talking about the dinar and dinar intel available through this organization.  Hopefully for the reps they won't throw everybody to the curb like they did with their previous MLM effort.  It would appear that they expect this to drag on for some time.

Which brings us back to Roger Dorman.  Could it be that he doesn't really believe that the IQD will revalue?  Why would he participate in a MLM campaign for dinar when this is a product which presumably will no longer be a viable product after the RV?  I mean, once the dinar revalues and people cash in there's no need to buy dinar or get dinar intel any more, right?  So what's the product then?  Dinar t-shirts?  Dinar coffee mugs?  To be honest I wouldn't put it past him.  When it comes to Roger I am reminded of Charlie Sheen's line in Wall Street when he confronted Michael Douglas' character Gordon Gekko and asked simply .... "How much is enough?"

Monday, October 17, 2011

This Week's Douchie Winner - Roger Dorman

This guy Roger Dorman (Dinar Daddy) is a piece of work.  In the past he has thrust Okie Oil Man into the limelight for dinarians to hear valuable intel from a friend of the likes of Dick Cheney.  He has "interviewed" Angela from the Currency Vault without telling his listeners that she's his wife.  And he has pitched the ISX Report as though somebody else was producing it when it was either compiled by or is being sold by Roger or his sidekick Tony "Breitling" Elder, perhaps both.  And on top of all that he insists on publishing intentional lies from the likes of Blaino, TerryK, and the PTR douchebags.  This week he sunk to a new low by introducing "Secure Customer Buy-Back" saying "I’ve been very concerned about the masses of Dinar investors who shouldn’t be holding as much Dinar as they have."  So first he publishes rumors that prompt people to buy dinar they don't need or can't afford, and then he offers to buy dinar back at $800 per million dinar and sell them back within 90 days at $1000 per million.  In effect Roger's company The Treasury Vault is now a dinar pawn shop in addition to being a retailer.  So he's got it all covered ... pumping, sales, buy back, and resales.  Roger, if you're so concerned about people buying dinar they don't need why don't you start by removing the lies from your site and apologizing for ever telling anybody that Okie has good sources?  And while you're at it you can tell people that you and Breitling are doing business together?  In fact, if you really want to set things right I suggest that you offer a buy back at the customers' purchase price because a lot of those purchases wouldn't have happened without your pumping, douchebag!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Breitling Busted!!!

I've been digging around since I started this blog, trying to find out who this Breitling DB is, but up until this week I didn't get anywhere.  Then the other day I finally hit paydirt. 

Tony "Breitling" Elder has been pumping for Roger Dorman at Dinar Daddy for some time although it wasn't clear that he was pumping for Roger because he was pumping The Currency Vault which later became known as The Treasury Vault which is owned by Angela Dorman who is married to Roger Dorman which is kind of like Bill Clinton campaigning for Hillary because he wants to get back in the White House only the Clintons make it clear that they're related but the Dormans don't.  (I hope you're taking notes because this WILL BE on the test!)  Tony lives in Las Vegas but is from Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  Do a search on Lake Havasu City and dinar and you'll see that a lot of dinar is sold on ebay from there.  Hmmmm .... Anyway, Breitling has been pumping the lower denoms for some time now, and it's no coincidence that lower denom sales have increased exponentially this year, at a considerable markup I might add. 

I think a lot of people are familiar with Breitling pumping the lower denoms but they might not be as aware of his recent pumping of the ISX report.  The ISX is the Iraqi Stock Exchange, and the ISX report gives investors valuable information on how to get set up with an account to invest on the ISX.  Now of course there's nothing wrong with making this information available to the public, and there's nothing wrong with making a profit.  But the way that you do it should be ethical, and the way that Tony and Roger have gone about this is anything but.

First of all, all of this information is readily available for free on the internet at and  No need to pay $49.95 to these guys.  Okay, that's not so bad.  I mean if we start hanging everybody who has sold something that was available for free on the internet there wouldn't be enough left to bury the dead, right?  But here's the really bad part.  Roger says of the ISX Report "The guys at The ISX Report have put together the most amazing report about the Country of Iraq and more specifically the Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX)."  And who are the guys at the ISX Report, Rog?  Could it be you and Tony "Breitling" Elder?  Just like you guys compiled this report from what others had written, you could have easily compiled the ISX report from what was already posted on the internet.  That would explain why Tony's company "Select Play Media" (the name he uses on his YouTube page) is mentioned on the PayPal page for the ISX Report when you order it. 

When I discovered Tony "Breitling" Elder's Facebook page he stated that he was CEO of Gameroxx Entertainment. The address for Gameroxx on Manta shows Lake Havasu City, AZ. The principal is lested as Ted Elder who I believe is Tony's dad.

In searching through the results for Gameroxx in Google I found this page.

If you watch the video it displays the following URL.

In The Breitling Catalog I mentioned that B talked about how he used to write PPMs, or Private Placement Memorandums to raise venture capital. No big surprise then that a PPM company is showing on a site for Gameroxx, huh? But what is interesting is that the email on that contact page can also be found on a couple of ISX Report sites.

I did a WhoIs search for ISX Report's domain name and as I expected it has a private listing. But being the curious bugger that I am I decided to snoop around on their website and I discovered that their web design company is The Active Media. I did a search in WhoIs and wouldn't you know it? Their registrant is located in Bullhead City, Arizona about an hour away from Lake Havasu City. Better yet, their Facebook page lists them in .... you guessed it .. Lake Havasu City.

Both Breitling and Roger Dorman have talked about this great report compiled by "the guys at the ISX Report". B has even stated that Jeff got mad at him because he told people not to buy until it goes on sale. It just so happens that the guy who owns The Active Media is named Jeff. Very interesting. It would appear from the above links that Gameroxx, The ISX Report, and DigitalPPM are all connected so exactly who are "these guys"?

If Tony didn't compile this report then he's business partners with the people who did.  Business ethics requires what we call "full disclosure" which means that if you have a business interest in something then you let people know that up front, like when ABC News discloses that they're owned by Disney every time they do a story on Disney.  Pretending to just mention a product that somebody else is producing and profiting from when it's really your product and your profit is a sleazy douchebag business tactic.  It's the same thing Roger Dorman did when he introduced Angela from The Currency Vault and "interviewed" her about their business without telling his listening audience that Angela's last name is Dorman too.  (What a coincidence, huh?) But enough about Roger Dorman.  Let's get back to Breitling.

Now I know that a lot of you out there are saying "I like Breitling.  He doesn't give bogus rates and dates like Okie and TerryK.  And he explains this investment to me in a reasonable way."  Exactly.  That's his hook.  Just like Adam Montana built the largest dinar forum on the net by capitalizing on the disgruntled investors who got tired of being played by the pumpers only to pump his own products, Tony "Breitling" Elder also figured out that people would get tired of the rate and date game and there was a market for "real" information.  And now he's cashing in bigtime.  Only not all of the information he gives you is real.

In his 10/6/2011 afternoon YouTube video he said that you could buy the IQD with one or two zeros and put them into a Warka account and that would protect you against a lop.  Really B?  Really?  Do you not understand that a lop is a redenomination wherein all of the bills will be replaced and all of the electronic currency will reflect that?

Also, according to Breitling they have removed 70% of the large bills from circulation in Iraq.  First of all that makes no sense.  How could they function?  It would be like removing all of our currency except for the coins.  You'd have to load up bags full of coins every time you go to the grocery store.  (Remember, Iraqis don't use electronic banking like we do.  Their society is cash oriented.)  And secondly, just ask anybody in Iraq if the larger denoms are rare.  They'll tell you that they're everywhere, and that the people of Iraq depend on them for their daily transactions.

Another piece of really bad information from Breitling is that the average Iraqi is living off of 2 dinar a day.  That translates to less than 1/5 of a penny.  Does that make sense?  Well it shouldn't.  According to Aswat al-Iraq the average Iraqi's income is closer to $2300 (about 2.7 million dinar) a year or $6 (7020 dinar) a day, so Mr. B was only off by 7018 dinar a day or $2225 a year. 

In researching Tony Elder I came upon this post on  It seems he was involved in some internet startup venture that is now defunct, but caught the eyes of scam watchers.  While this doesn't prove that he's a scammer, this and his Facebook listing as CEO of GameRoxx Entertainment shed some light on his internet entrepreneurial aspirations which I think adds context to what he's doing today.

In closing I'd like for you to just ask yourselves, "would a guy go to all the trouble to record two YouTube videos a day, run a dinar blog, do God knows how many conference calls and interviews, and spend countless hours 'researching' the dinar just to be a nice guy and inform people about their investment?"  I think the answer is obvious.  Breitling is a pumper.  He pumps lower denoms, he pumps the Currency/Treasury Vault and other Dinar Daddy crap, and he pumps the ISX report.  He is also known for his usage of the line "while you wait ... accumulate" which reminds one of another douchebag named Johnny Cochran who, in defending O.J. Simpson said "If it doesn't fit you must acquit".  (Douchebags love to make rhymes.  Remember when Vanilla Ice said "drop the zero and get with the hero" or when Jesse Jackson said "down with dope, up with hope"?)  The smoking gun for me is when I saw Angela (alongside of Roger) Dorman from the Treasury Vault listed as one of his friends on Facebook.  He's in bed with Roger on plenty, and they're both raking it in at the investors' expense.!/AgentBreitling (Closed since he was ID'd) (Closed since he was ID'd)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Thoughts on Adam Montana

While there's still a lot of information that I need to gather on Mr. M I feel confident enough in what I've learned up to this point to state a few things here.

First, I think it's safe to assume that Adam Montana isn't his real name.  That being the case, one has to ask several questions.
  1. Why does he need to remain anonymous?  Honest business people don't usually need to hide their identities.  What is it that Adam Montana is hiding other than his real name?  
  2. Why would anybody want to do business with a man who won't reveal his true identity or location?  
  3. In the event of an RV what guarantees do his VIP members have that they will be able to capitalize on the advantages that their memberships are supposed to provide for them?
Second, contrary to the view that many people have of Adam Montana, he learned about the dinar from his buddy sonny1 and used to be a moderator on Med's dinar site (which is remarkably similar to Adam's blog ... interesting, huh?) which sonny1 helped him build.  Apparently sonny1 and Med had a falling out and it was during that time that Adam launched the Dinar Vets site with his unique anti-pumper approach.  But isn't it odd that a Harvard grad and successful entrepreneur as Adam claims to be would be spending time online as a mod on a dinar forum?  And Adam says that it takes years to cultivate these relationships with people in Iraq and the CBI, and yet just three years ago apparently instead of flying all around the world developing these contacts he was just sitting around at home banning naughty members on Med's forum.  Until he got DV up and running, that is.  Once he did that he threw the Med business model out the window and created his own unique dinar forum approach.

Instead of just pumping the dinar by giving out rates and dates (which is not to say that he didn't make a few flawed predictions from time to time) he would be the "down to earth" guru, keeping people grounded with "straight talk" about the dinar.  You see, Adam's business model is different in that he puts the focus on what investors will need to do following the RV as opposed to boosting dinar sales and getting a commission prior to the RV.  In other words, Adam doesn't pump the dinar, he pumps his products.  This strategy has worked out quite well, as AM has always been a low-baller on the new rate.  He says repeatedly not to expect much more than a dime.  Adam realizes that most investors hold less than a couple million dinar, so an RV at a dime would only give them $200K pre-tax which isn't nearly enough to retire on these days.  So these people will need a post-RV investment plan to build on their RV windfall.  It's really a shrewd approach, and obviously many have fallen for it.

On the Dinar Vets home page it says "over 1000 VIP members can't be wrong".  I'll have to say that the jury is still out on that claim,  but at $17/mo per member that comes to over $17K/mo which translates to well over $200K/yr, and that's just for the VIP membership.  His book Real RV Intel has sold thousands of copies at $30 a pop.  In addition to that Adam has a whole bag of goodies that he sells to VIP members for offshore investing and Operation Get It There (OGIT).   According to Website Outlook, Dinar Vets generates over $50K/yr in ad revenues and the domain name is worth $104K.  Not bad for somebody who won't rule out the possibility of a lop, huh?  

Third, I have it on good authority that AM wasn't old enough to cash in on the Kuwaiti Dinar as he claims in his book "Real RV Intel" .... "I invested in the Kuwaiti dinar at the right time."  While he might think that stating it that way leaves him some wiggle room in the event that it's proven that he couldn't have bought the Kuwaiti dinar in 1991 (he might explain his way out of it by saying that he profited on fluctuations in the Kuwaiti Dinar some time after Desert Storm), the clear implication is that he bought Kuwaiti dinar when it was devalued after Iraq invaded under Saddam Hussein which presumably would have landed him a windfall of up to $3 per dinar.  Had he been one of the few who made a fortune on Kuwait's currency that would of course give him a certain amount of prestige in the Iraqi dinar investment community.  But apparently even the perception of Adam being a savvy currency trader is enough to provide him with that, because to my knowledge he has never offered a shred of proof to back up that claim.

Fourth,  Adam has always insisted that Rudy Coenen is a crook.  While that may be the case (as of now it hasn't been proven one way or the other, even if he IS a douchebag - it's hard to say what Adam's criminal background is until we have a positive ID on the guy) it is striking to me how insistent he is in stating that.   I think the simple explanation is that Rudy's hedge fund is (or was, as the case may be) competition for Adam Montana's post-RV investment plan.  Here's a quote from today's chat at DV.

[kcw] DiNaR DoCtOr If there is a deletion of zeros and my 25k dinar note is worth 21 usd, then will you still provide VIPs with cheaper ways to cash in (participating banks of yours). i.e lower fees? thank you sir
[Adam Montana] DiNaR DoCtOr I'm going to say yes, but keep in mind
[Adam Montana] if that happens, most bets are off

"Most bets are off" IMO means no refunds for VIP or any post-RV products if Iraq doesn't RV.  It is my belief that neither Rudy's hedge fund nor Adam's post-RV investment plan will ever see the light of day.  Ask any tax attorney if they think that Adam's OGIT is legal and see what they say.  In my opinion, if there is to be a substantial RV of the IQD the best course of action would be to simply take that money that you might have used for Adam's VIP and post-RV products and use it to buy more dinar.  For example, instead of paying $17/mo for a couple of years which would equal around $400 buy 250,000 dinar.  If it RVs at a dime you've turned that money in to $25K pre-tax.  Pretty good, huh?  And the money for the post-RV stuff would pay off even better!  I think that's a much better return than you would get on any AM products, and you won't lose any sleep at night worrying about the IRS.  And of course if there's no RV you're not going to lose any money that you wouldn't have already lost paying your VIP membership dues and the other.  You can apply the same logic of course to the (non-refundable) $750 deposit for a seat in Rudy's hedge fund in which case you could buy 600,000 dinar and reel in $60K pre-tax.  (Note: I'm not advocating the purchase of more dinar here.  I'm simply pointing out the flawed reasoning behind what AM and Rudy are offering.)

Last year Adam hosted a conference call with his buddy sonny1 and a respected dinar researcher named Scooter and some tax expert.  During the call he mentioned the possibility that the windfall from the RV would be taxed at 70% as a lottery tax.  This was something that he had previously relayed to his VIP crowd, knowing that they would no doubt talk about it outside of the VIP forum and scare other investors into joining VIP as a way of avoiding excessive taxation on their gains.  This is a common tactic with Adam.  Everything is geared toward selling the VIP membership.  After reading through the figures I posted above I'm sure you'll understand why. 

Another thing that Adam claims is that he has negotiated a better cash in rate for his members than they will be able to get on their own through any bank or dinar dealer.  I would suggest that you go to a bank manager (or several managers if you want more than one opinion) and tell them that you have a large group of dinar investors who will be cashing in their dinar when it revalues, and you would like to negotiate the best deal possible on their behalf for when they cash in.  My guess is that they'll look at you like you're asking them if they can convert currency from Mars and what the fees would be.  They'll no doubt respond in a very dismissive manner because they believe that this dinar investment is a scam.  Okay you might get lucky and happen to stumble upon one of the few who doesn't but come on .... do you really believe that Adam Montana has negotiated anything dinar related with anybody in the banking industry which has repeatedly issued disclaimers and warnings about the Iraqi dinar investment scam?     

In summation, Adam obviously has his reasons for remaining anonymous.  Whether it's to cover up lies that he has told about himself or to avoid accountability to his members or both I don't know.  But I would be very reluctant to invest money with anybody who can't tell you their name and location.  In addition he has a post-RV tax avoidance program that should make any reasonable investor nervous from a legal standpoint.  If you choose to invest any money with him my advice would be the same as my advice on buying dinar - don't send him any money that you can't afford to lose.

I have other things that I could share but I'm waiting for confirmation.  One thing I know about Adam is that he likes to use the threat of legal action to control what is said about him.  In the meantime you might want to check out this link.  This is a site where they investigate dinar gurus and dealers based on what is displayed on the internet.  Very interesting reading.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Colorado Pulls Plug on Dinar Promoter

The Colorado Securities Commission has ordered a company promoting speculation in Iraqi dinars, and its director, to stop soliciting investors in Colorado.

The commission entered a cease-and-desist order on Thursday against AmIraq Fund LLP, general manager BB&M International Corp, and William Burbank, who serves as CEO and managing director of both companies.

The order prohibits them from sell securities in or from Colorado. According to media sources, Burbank agreed to the order but did not admit or deny the state’s allegations.

Burbank and his companies were accused of violating state law requiring the sale of securities to be registered with Colorado regulators.

Securities Commissioner Fred J Joseph said:

“Promoters often offer investors an opportunity to get in on the ‘ground floor’ of a new idea or concept and make a great economic return. Unsuspecting investors can be lured into these schemes, especially if the returns sound good. These offerings require careful research and a strong reminder that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true, nor will it be profitable to anyone but the promoter.”

Monday, October 10, 2011

Seeker's Comments on Blaino

This was posted back in July by "seeker", formerly of Planet Dinar.


I (seeker) do not approve-condone the paysite 'Planet Dinar' or its ownership's actions


Most of you know me as someone who believes that we should live our lives with honesty & integrity as our priorities I spent several months as the site administrator for Planet Dinar when it was a 'free site' - working 14-16hrs per day, 7 days a week building the site membership and serving the owner Blaine Fogel, 'Blainos' best interests I recently had a falling out with Blaino because he was rushing to convert to a paysite I did my best to negotiate with him to ensure that people who paid would be getting a fair deal when the new site was announced Blaino 'doubled' the cost we agreed on from $3.99 per month to $6.99 per month he claimed and I quote "the people will gladly pay it" afterwards He said to me and I quote "I will sleep with the devil to make it work" I knew then I was going to leave this site & soon! since opening his site and as of this writing, Blaino has made NO attempt to fulfill his promise of offering a benefits package and continues to promote things in order to expand the paying membership this ploy is obvious - its called PROFITEERING!

When so many are hurting in one way or another this PARASITE decides to attack what little money most investors have to live on and put it in his pocket! I have been in contact with many people who paid to join and then had numerous problems with the site for the most part Blaino ignored them now many have filed complaints with 'Alertpay' which is the service Blaino uses to collect his fee's off your credit cards so they are aware of his scheme Other people are contacting their credit card companies and filing complaints too, asking for refunds why is this happening? because all Blaino is really offering is intel that he and the mods copy from other sites and re-post in his chat room and people are realizing it as the site administrator I was 110% aware of this and complained vigorously but IMO, all Blaino was interested in was counting money!

For my efforts, Blaino blocked me out of the backroom skype chats that he controlled I guess having to read the truth from me constantly will drive a person crazy! lol!

Recently there were several claims of 'hacking' on the planet dinar site... shortly after okie made some insensitive comments in chat the hacker was in fact Blaino himself who in turn told me he was blaming an administrator who had left the site - chaosmite in fact every devious move on the site was masterminded by Blaino and he continued to blame chaosmite for all issues of this nature (how convenient) Blaino would sign in as okie or pilot (okie's alter ego) and raise havoc this was designed to make okie look bad to the membership because Blaino was upset okie had moved to his own site as much as I think okie is somewhat confused about 'Religion' I harbor NO ill feelings toward him, in fact made repeated posts regarding prayers that I had offered up in his name after he left the site, regardless of his opinion of me.

The final straw for me came last Monday when Blaino told me over the phone that if he didn't see a huge increase in paid memberships he was (quote) "going to close down the site and go find a job" I asked what he planned to do with all the members, many who had opted to pay for a full year of membership at $59.00 and he said 'too bad, nothing I can do to help that. I need to deal with my own crap and can't worry about anyone else's"

If any of you out there feel that you may have been tricked by this person or if you know of anyone please let me know I will be more than glad to assist with obtaining refunds or implementing legal action against this schemer! I've kept excellent records of all communications between him & I and believe it would help greatly in bringing resolve to those adversely affected. Please feel free to share my opinions and personal experiences I've listed here my main goal in sending this email is to officially disassociate myself altogether from Blaine Fogel (Blaino) and his website.

God Bless


Phoenix Revamps Again

Well it seems that Phoenix has gone back to a nightly broadcast.  For those of you who don't know, he announced a couple of weeks ago that he was ending his nightly broadcast and was going to a weekly broadcast on Wednesday nights and wouldn't be talking much about the dinar.  Well that lasted less than a week because he came back fast and furious last week with more exciting information about the pending RV of the Iraqi dinar.  Among his revelations is his belief that Allawi, who has stepped down and is apparently retiring, was only in place to drag the process out until Iraq was ready to RV, and his absence now is an indicator that things are about to pop.  Then on Saturday night he revealed that new information has come his way that indicates that the new value might be closer to $3 rather than $1 as he has always contended.

As I have stated before I don't consider Phoenix a pumper since to my knowledge he has never received any compensation for his analysis on the dinar.  (And as he mentioned Saturday night he has even been considered a downer in the past when he was reporting many of the negative things happening in Iraq.)  I do consider him somewhat of a nutcase however, because of his constant references to metaphysical concepts and conspiratorial hogwash.  But it just could be that Iraq is ready to re-denominate and they might be opting for a combination RD/RV where the new value will be in the $3 range, giving investors a nice profit on their investment without violating all the rules of economics and common sense by increasing the value of their currency by a thousand or three thousand times.  This would accomplish several things. 

First, the Iraqi people (remember them?  they're the ones who actually use this currency to buy things) would be able to conduct business transactions without carrying around bills with 3 zeros, and would be able to make change much as we do with our dollar.  And second, the purchasing power would be increased by over 200% which would make it easier to purchase goods and services from foreigners.  It would be like increasing the value from $.000855 to $.003, or from less than a tenth of a penny to 3/10 of a penny.  Only they would have a new currency that would move the decimal place over 3 spaces to make the new value $3.  Meanwhile their money supply would contract from around 30 trillion dinar to around 30 billion dinar which would be much more manageable.  Investors who bought a million dinar at $.000855 would make two thousand dollars in profit and the large bills would be turned in to the federal reserve.  And third, it would help to combat the recent rise in inflation in Iraq.  In the past they have raised the value of the IQD to where it is now as a means of staving off hyperinflation, and Shabibi has indicated that he is prepared to do that again.  (Unfortunately many have misinterpreted what he said to mean that he's going to raise the value by 100,000% or more rather than 200% or 300%.)  I'm not saying that this is how it will play out, but it makes the most sense to me.  Everybody wins except for the gurus who have been promising everybody instant millionaire status, some of whom I suspect are going to find themselves in legal trouble.  And rightly so, the douchebags! 

While I'm sure that Phoenix isn't talking about an RD/RV I think this is what the information is actually saying.  Yes, the Iraqis have talked about removing the three zeros, and yes they have talked about increasing the value of the currency and bringing it back to where it used to be.  And since in my opinion there is no way to accomplish that with a straight up RV this is what I think they were referring to all along.  Whatever they do I do think they'll do it within the next 90 days.  I guess we'll just have to stay tuned to Gimme Shelter Radio to find out.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dinar Daddy and Okie

Okay, I've been trying to piece some things together about this crazy dinar story and I think I've figured something out. On the Dinar Daddy site Roger states: 

 "I first learned of this opportunity through a friend of one of the authors of “The Plan”. I received very little specific intel from this source, but what I did receive left no doubt that if I was to be approached a million times in my life about investing in this opportunity, I’d never pass it up. For me, it was enough to know that the person passing this information along was indeed someone very special, and he was sharing information with his close friend. The rest I could figure out on my own, and through the tireless phone calls from “sources”, text messages from friends, emails from contacts, and exposure to hours and hours of reading others’ writings in the various dinar forums and news articles."

This is the kind of statement that really gets dinar investors excited.  "This guy has great connections!  He really knows what's going on!"  (As I've stated previously I believe that "The Plan" is a myth, and is a marketing ploy to sell dinar.)  Okay, so later on in an April 2011 interview with Frank Villa he stated:

"Highest of contacts in government was giving direct information and we were expecting this RV to happen a few years ago"

Okay, so if these high contacts had such good information why were they wrong?  I think that's a legitimate question, don't you?  So I started doing a little digging.  On October 30, 2010 Roger stated:

"This gentleman is a very good friend of mine, and I happen to know who his sources are. Should I see ONE negative comment about him, you will be officially blacklisted from my site. Go ahead… try me! I am at the end of my patience once again with those who are trying to destroy the spirit of collaboration and sharing on this site by simply rendering an opinion that has NO VALUE and is given with the sole purpose of ripping the poster. His post is not meant to “pump” in ANY WAY. I know his intention. He is simply excited about what he was told, and apparently couldn’t contain himself. I never would have shared this openly here, despite knowing what he’s talking about, but since it came FROM him to me, and since HE posted it elsewhere, I feel I should post it here. We wait… – DD"

Who was this gentleman to whom he was referring?  Well on Nov. 12, 2010 he states:

I just want to bring to your attention that Okie Oil Man has been DEAD ON the entire last few weeks with his information since coming back into the online scene.
He is, in every way, connected to those who know what is going on.  He was the ONLY one stating last weekend that Thursday they’d form the government.  He warned us early of delays, which weren’t really delays, but simply Iraqi government processes, and so on.
So, before you start ripping my friend, like you naysayers did earlier in the week until I shut you up, realize this situation is very volatile, and things are now happening.  I would not be surprised if we see something this coming weekend.  If not, I can assure you Okie will have been given reasons as to why.

I know who I can trust.  I know who is genuine.  I know who is here to help and who is here to take advantage of others."

That's right!  It was none other than Okie Oil Man.  Roger has complete confidence in Okie because he knows Okie's sources.  Well at least he used to.  After two months of Okie saying "it's done" every week and throwing out bogus intel and ridiculous rates Roger finally had enough and threw Okie under the bus in late January.

But wait a minute.  Why was Roger so confident in Okie's intel and sources at one point?  Why was he willing to ban anybody who bashed Okie?  Well, I refer you to Roger's statement "I first learned of this opportunity through a friend of one of the authors of “The Plan”  My guess is that this friend was his friend Okie, who we all know claims to have these great connections to people in the know.  According to Dinar Guru one of them is Dick Cheney who Brad Huebner claims is one of the authors of "The Plan".  Since then Okie has proven that he knows absolutely nothing of any substance and nobody with any real information.

According to Website Outlook the Dinar Daddy site alone produces an income of well over $100K/yr.  Then you add The Treasury Vault, the iPhone app, the safes, the books, the other dinar related websites that Roger owns and everything else that he's selling and my guess is that you could double that amount.  Who needs an RV?  So Roger probably started out pumping the dinar believing that he really knew somebody connected to Dick Cheney who had valuable information, and now he is just pimping the dinar knowing that his source turned out to be a total putz but this Dinar Daddy thing is a frickin' gold mine.  

The Plan?  A myth.  The source?  Okie.  The RV?  A crapshoot.  The Dinar Daddy site?  A cash cow.  Just a theory.      

Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Week's Douchie Winner - Jonnywg

10-7-2011 Guru Jonnywg I have just received a call that will disclose some information. The bank screens show that there was continued transactions from institutions. This by IMF law means if an rv has taken place…[and this is NOT CONFIRMED] we will have it shown to the public within 24 hours…about 5pm EST from our calculations. But there are 150 countries in 4-6 baskets and it is from the last one…so say tomorrow am at the latest. Also there will be more banking rates released closer to 5pm. The dong is in the 1st basket and the dinar the 4th or 5th. We are progressing but no cash yet.  At 5 pm I will try to nail down time frame but I feel if not by 5, then the will have to start a new trilateral agreement and confirm rate. The current rate posted is $5.60 USD.  

 10-7-2011  Guru Jonnywg i have just talked to the finance department and i have good news. the rates published yesterday have stabilized. 5.77 usd appears to be going forward as the active rate…the industrial/commercial activity has increased at one of the banks and remains constant at the other we feel at this time that a major effort to reach the rate agreed on in the trilateral agreement has been reached. $5.77, THUS OUR OPORTUNITY COULD BE REALIZED BY 3PM EST…also ther was activity in trading the VND in the same manner…i am not declaring an RV..but this information is real…we hope we are close to the end

10-7-2011 Guru Jonnywg  FYI: I would like to share the following that the MT 527 codes were activated at 6am…Thursday …as at 10 am the codes were changed to represent two different banks in IRAQ…one for CHASE THE Bank of Bagdad TRIQBA575 AND ONE FOR WELLS FARGO The warka Bank WAIVIQBA577…THESE ARE ACTIVE CODES…NOTE THAT A RATE GOES WITH EACH CODE $ 5.75 AT ONE BANK AND $5.77 AT THE OTHER…today as at 8am est i will post the codes again and new rate. These codes are connecte from bank in usa to their clearing supplier bank in IRAQ although little detail available multiple transactions in dinar happened and were on the screens…this information was verified by an IMF contact…it is believed to be cashins by small countries and large holders.  i was informed that the IMF is acting behind the scenes to adjust the rate… this does not guarranttee an RV as the IMF has to hit the rate guarranteed by the unilateral agreement between usa/iraq.  

Can anybody tell me what the hell this new guru is babbling about?  IMF laws!  Trilateral agreements?!? Currency baskets!  MT 527 codes!?  WOW!  I'm impressed!  There's an old saying that if you can't dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bullshit.  I think we have a case of the latter here.  What a douchebag!