Monday, October 17, 2011

This Week's Douchie Winner - Roger Dorman

This guy Roger Dorman (Dinar Daddy) is a piece of work.  In the past he has thrust Okie Oil Man into the limelight for dinarians to hear valuable intel from a friend of the likes of Dick Cheney.  He has "interviewed" Angela from the Currency Vault without telling his listeners that she's his wife.  And he has pitched the ISX Report as though somebody else was producing it when it was either compiled by or is being sold by Roger or his sidekick Tony "Breitling" Elder, perhaps both.  And on top of all that he insists on publishing intentional lies from the likes of Blaino, TerryK, and the PTR douchebags.  This week he sunk to a new low by introducing "Secure Customer Buy-Back" saying "I’ve been very concerned about the masses of Dinar investors who shouldn’t be holding as much Dinar as they have."  So first he publishes rumors that prompt people to buy dinar they don't need or can't afford, and then he offers to buy dinar back at $800 per million dinar and sell them back within 90 days at $1000 per million.  In effect Roger's company The Treasury Vault is now a dinar pawn shop in addition to being a retailer.  So he's got it all covered ... pumping, sales, buy back, and resales.  Roger, if you're so concerned about people buying dinar they don't need why don't you start by removing the lies from your site and apologizing for ever telling anybody that Okie has good sources?  And while you're at it you can tell people that you and Breitling are doing business together?  In fact, if you really want to set things right I suggest that you offer a buy back at the customers' purchase price because a lot of those purchases wouldn't have happened without your pumping, douchebag!

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