Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MLM Meets the Dinar

Just when you think you've seen everything something comes along that makes you do a double take and stare in disbelief.  The other day while I was researching some of these douchebags I happened across this site -  www.dinarxlr8r.com .  It's a multilevel marketing plan centered around the dinar and dinar intel. For a $200 fee you can sign up and start recruiting others who in turn will recruit others .... yada yada yada ... you know the pitch.  In the video you'll see that The Currency Vault (now known as The Treasury Vault) is their supplier.  As we now know Roger Dorman from Dinar Daddy is the owner of The Treasury Vault (actually his wife Angela is ... yeah, right!) so I suspected that he had a hand in this.  I did a little digging and learned that the domain name is registered to Efusjon, Inc. in Draper, Utah.  (Efusjon is an energy drink.  More on them later.)  Well Roger lives in Utah so I figure I'm getting somewhere.  Then I found out that the technical contact for the domain name is a guy named Scott Sorensen.  That name sounded familiar so I did a keyword search and .... voila!  On May 30, 2011 Roger "interviewed" a Scott Sorensen from SLS Law Offices (Scott L. Soelberg) in Orem, Utah.

I don't know the extent to which he is involved, but Roger Dorman is now participating in a multilevel marketing business with the IQD as their product.  I guess he's not content to have ten dinar websites, a currency business, an RV text message service, a dinar "pawn shop" (Currency Buy Back), and the ISX Report.  Despite the disclaimer on the home page "Dinar XLR8R has absolutely no interest or ownership in The Currency Vault" it now appears that Roger Dorman is up to his ears in downline creation by recruiting people to help him pump the dinar MLM style, or at least he is assisting them by acting as their supplier or "intel" provider (probably has Breitling or Rudy lined up for those tasks ... hell maybe his "good friend" Okie will fill the bill).  I sure hope they get better intel than we've been getting up until now.  At least they had the decency (or the business savvy) to post "there is no guarantee that the Iraqi Dinar will revalue."   

Now, who is Efusjon, the registrants of the domain name dinarxlr8r?  Well they're an energy drink company like Red Bull, except they started off as a network marketing business only to abruptly terminate their MLM approach last year, effectively putting all of the network marketers out of business as they would no longer have a product.  Their MLM approach was to get everybody marketing the product to create videos and web pages galore declaring the wonders of the product and the organization so that any negative material would be shoved down in the search engine rankings.  I have to expect that dinarxlr8r will try the same approach, which means that we can anticipate hundreds of videos on YouTube talking about the dinar and dinar intel available through this organization.  Hopefully for the reps they won't throw everybody to the curb like they did with their previous MLM effort.  It would appear that they expect this to drag on for some time.

Which brings us back to Roger Dorman.  Could it be that he doesn't really believe that the IQD will revalue?  Why would he participate in a MLM campaign for dinar when this is a product which presumably will no longer be a viable product after the RV?  I mean, once the dinar revalues and people cash in there's no need to buy dinar or get dinar intel any more, right?  So what's the product then?  Dinar t-shirts?  Dinar coffee mugs?  To be honest I wouldn't put it past him.  When it comes to Roger I am reminded of Charlie Sheen's line in Wall Street when he confronted Michael Douglas' character Gordon Gekko and asked simply .... "How much is enough?"

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