Thursday, March 29, 2012

Okie Announces the RV


Okay, for the newbies out there, none of these guys know jack - especially Okie!  Let's review:

3 Nov 2010- The salary's of GOV officials will be paid on the 10th of November so they would certainly have had to R/V previous to that date.

4 Nov 2010- OKIE relayed that his contact the (1) in the list above, call him Saturday and said it will happen this coming Wednesday (today). But as things go, he received another call yesterday and was told that there was a snag in the DFI fund for which Iraq was working with the UN to get things worked out. He was told that this could add a couple of days to the RI/RV date but things had to be done before Nov. 10th for many reasons. Okie then gives a list of reasons why the RI/RV must be done before Nov. 10th. See post by Okie on this date.

7 Nov 2010- This turkey is all done and ready to come out of the oven. Gov of Iraq finally done what was necessary with a little threat and coercion---we're there---watch the next few days and you will be richly rewarded for your time.

OKIE's Predicted Dates • Page 4 • Iraqi Dinar 2011 Revalue "Rumors" • Iraqi Dinar Revaluation 2012

3-31-2011--Guru OkieOilMan--channeled through Pilot... Everything that in the past that needed to be done is completed. We are now simply watching the clock. After all these years–our boat is docking–it would take hours and hours to expound on what all has positively transpired in the last few days. I am tired of sleepless nights obtaining intel/info for myself as well as all of you. Now i am going to rest and watch the clock. Nuff said.”


4-5-2011 Guru OkieOilMan it is furnished me that we are only days if not hours away from the r/v and watching the cbi website will be of no use since a new and private web-site for the cbi will only be viewable by a select few and that is on a subscription basis.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Interview with Highlander

Since last summer I have become familiar with the views of a certain very informed dinar analyst who goes by the name of Highlander.  She ran a dinar site for a while but has since changed her focus to research and commentary on the dinar.  Recently she took the time to answer a few questions related to her experiences in this investment.

Sam: Thanks for taking the time to discuss the dinar with me for my readers. I first approached you about this a couple of months ago but you didn't seem too interested. What changed your mind?

HL: First off I want to thank you for this opportunity. My delayed decision had nothing to do with you or this site. I just feel that if I don't see something worth while sharing or talking about then there is no reason to do so. I will do research and digging and watching until something changes or comes to light that I didn't know or I don't see being presented to the people and then I will share via a conference call.

Sam: Could you give us some insight into who you are and what you do?

HL: I was born and raised in Arizona. I have traveled some and lived in a few different states and also lived in South Korea. I have since returned to my home state and currently I am self-employed with my own business. While I have attended college, I hold no formal degrees at the present time. I am just like many on this net. A very passionate person who just wants to know what is going on with our investment. I respect hard work and self motivation. I love talking to people and hearing their thoughts and opinions, especially if they can base them on research and provable documentation whether they agree with me or not.

Sam: How long have you been a dinar investor?

HL: I first entered this investment in March of 2010.

Sam: How long have you been a researcher?

HL: I very slowly entered the research arena. I started off with articles, but like many out there, I had a hard time at first understanding them. And then if you throw the rumors on top of that it seemed impossible to figure it out. After August of 2011 when Iraq did not get their chapter 7 release I really decided that it was time to know why. That is when I was blessed to be taken under the wing of some of the best researchers on the net and they started sharing documents with me. Once I started down that path I couldn't stop. I was amazed at the information that was truly available to us and I have tried to absorb anything I could get my hands on ever since.

Sam: Who were your influences in researching?

HL: My intial exposure to anyone trying to decipher the news and make it understandable was Enorste. When he moved over to currency chatter I followed and found Randy Koonce there who also was steadfast on articles and research. Then of course I went on to meet the likes of Scooter and Enoch8 which just opened the flood gates! But the one that influenced me the deepest was a gentleman that went by the handle Hiram601. This gentleman not only believed in education, research and hard work but he had spent decades studying the middle east, the culture, the religions, the people, the customs, the list goes on and on. He spent hundreds of hours teaching me to try and not perceive Iraq through western eyes and thoughts but to try and understand through their eyes. Unfortunately he was taken from the dinar community too soon. Tough financial times hit, like it has for most, and there wasn't any money to keep his home or to acquire his blood pressure medicine. With some of the research missing and not having enough knowledge in the arsenal yet, decisions were made that I firmly believe would not have been had he known then what we know now. With the stress of what was going on in his life and the added stress that came from this investment he suffered from a brain aneurysm brought on by his high blood pressure and he passed on. After holding his hand and having to say good-bye to a man that had become like a brother to me I vowed that I was going to research everything I could get my hands on. I don't want to see another person make those choices with their life because they don't have the information that is available out there. That event broke my heart and put a burning passion in me to present the research so people could make educated decisions and not ones based on hopium.

Sam: Unfortunately I've heard far too many similar stories to that one.  Thanks for sharing that as it really demonstrates the seriousness of the intel nonsense we're constantly subjected to.

HL: Yes Sam there are far too many people who have suffered similar fates as Hiram601. I have met people who lost their jobs, homes, cars, filed bankruptcy and have nothing left and don't even know where the money is going to come from for groceries next week but they still hold the dinar they purchased.  The danger of not looking at all the factual evidence, documents, and history of an event like this is that life altering decisions can be made on bad information or hopium.  I truly believe it is important for people to think of this as an investment and not a lottery ticket. If they can do that, it will help ground their thoughts and emotions and open their hearts and minds to all possible outcomes and allow them to properly prepare and make better decisions that affect their lives today.

Sam: How have your views on the RV changed since you started researching?

HL: Oh boy have they ever changed! Before dedicating myself to researching I fell into the same roller coaster I still see happening on the net today. I would see the news and hear the "intel" and get all excited and then get let down when it didn't come true. I believed that surely someone had researched these so called "facts". Imagine my dismay when I started digging into the documents, Iraqi parliament minutes, council of ministers minutes, and even video logs from our government and the European government and more and discovered that what we were being told was not the truth at all! I so strongly believed that they would do what we were told that Kuwait did that I even stated on a conference call I wouldn't cash in for anything less than 3.22! Now I have a lot more background not only on Iraq's history but in economics and the study of currency reforms. I am more grounded and have removed myself from that very unpleasant roller coaster that is very harmful to people. I still believe that their is potential for the country of Iraq and their currency. What i am looking at now is how can they make that happen and if they can make that happen then what is realistic for us as investors to expect in return for our investment if anything.

Sam: You were telling me an interesting theory the other day on "The Plan" and how it might have been legit at one time but derailed by the Iraqis. Could you talk about that a little?

HL: The short version is this. I think it is possible that there may have been a lofty plan to go into the country of Iraq and benefit from the wealth of that country. After all the United States had done it multiple times throughout history. The problem they ran into in Iraq, if in fact such said plan did exist, was the history and strength of these people. Just like Britain held out against the on slaught from Hitler day after day, the iraqis have held out against decades, centuries and milleniums of on slaught from many nations. They know how to survive and they have a very rich history and are a very proud people. They had in their history many of the things we try to take credit for giving them. They already had a constitution from the 1930's. In fact they had a democratic government and open trade until the Baath party over threw that government which ultimately led to Saddam. In other words they are capable of deciding their destiny and I belive that is exactly what they are trying to accomplish despite any outside influences.

Sam: Tell us a little about the conference call series that you and a few others are doing now?

HL: Myself along with Enoch8, Proteus and Patriot (with occasional guest appearances from others) have endevored on a series of conference calls that we have entitled "The Iraqi Dinar: Fact or Fiction". The purpose of this series is to try and break down the different items that are the basics of Iraq and monetary reforms and help the people to feel like they have the power to research and understand their investment and not rely on someone else to tell them what is going on. Basically we are trying to lay the foundation that people need to have before they try to build their house. We seperated each item into a week of its own and we try to share as much as we can on the designated topic for the night and demonstrate how it may relate to Iraq and our investment. For example one of the upcoming topics is "Monetary Policy vs. Fiscal Policy. On that call we hope to be able to explain to people the difference between the two, who is in charge of each one, how each one affects the economy and money and how they relate to each other and ultimately try to understand why this is important to investors in the Iraqi Dinar. We are holding this series every Friday night and it is hosted by ReValue.US with a second feed in to the call being handled by the Call Squad. Recordings of the past weeks are available on either of those sites. And I want to take this opportunity to thank both Proteus and Patriot for being willing to tackle these tough issues in their forums along with Enoch8 too for all his time and willingness to share his research and knowledge as well!

Sam: Any advice for investors and potential investors?

HL: I think first and foremost would be the recommendation to people to arm yourself with knowledge of your own. Build your foundation properly and then make your decisions. Only you as an investor or potential investor knows how much risk you can afford without damaging your financial well being. If everyone would remember that this is an investment and not a guarantee they can make more sound financial decisions. Rember that you can lose on an investment just as easily as gain so please make sure that what you invest into this is something that you can do without if this does not turn into a money maker. Please don't fall into the everyday hype of it is going to RV today. That is harmful to yourself and your family. This is not the first monetary reform to have occurred in history and there are steps that have to occur before they can "pull the trigger" as some would say. Learn the steps and then you can sit back and relax and wait this ride out knowing that no matter what the outcome is you are prepared for it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Douchie for March 18-24

I always enjoy going through the absurd commentary on the dinar, so if you will indulge me this week I'm going to plow through a number of things before I get to granting this week's Douchie. 


Really?  Do you recall saying this in Sept. 2011?


Excuse me for saying that your guy don't know Jack.  You've been spewing this crapola for the better part of a year now, Bear.

3-21-2012  FreewayBill Right now we are in that "holding pattern" waiting to land. The time is nigh and we will see this very soon. Keep the faith as we should not see another weekend without a pocketfull of money.

Well the weekend is here and my pockets aren't any fuller than last weekend.

3-21-2012  Jonnywg another quality intel day...from our sources, all have signed off but there is still a paper issue that is looks like all is in the process of being resolved today/tonight...rates are all over the place but stay grounded at $4 usd and anything more is a blessing...i am still very positive re a release very soon.

I can think of a lot of words to describe your intel, but "quality" isn't one of them.  You haven't been right about anything yet, hombre.  An unknown paper issue?  Really?  LOL

3-21-2012  Blaino we believe there will be a press release world wide in the morning of the announcement of the new leaders of Iraq...we know that Maliki signed off on everything...all is done over there... if it goes like we think we're here...we're over with...shabibi has the reigns to pull the trigger now...he has up until sunday...we dont think he'll wait till sunday...we think we'll hear tomorrow.

No press release on Thursday.  No RV on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

3-21-2012  Poppy3 All information recieved today has been great. Should be able to cash out almost anywhere by wed of next week.

Sure, you can cash out next week at the current rate.  If you can find a buyer, that is. 

3-21-2012  DinarWishes I was totaly expecting this to show last night and I guess they couldn't make it happen...But, I am hearing some really good things and that this should happen any time...Remember I said Tuesday thru Thursday and Im still sticking by that statement...I feel the end is Very close at hand.

Well here it is Sunday and no RV.  Thanks for playing.


So you're calling $4-14 realistic?  Mathematically?  LOL!  How about a tenth of a penny?  I think that's realistic!  And I can do that math for you if you want.

3-22-2012  Hammerman there are no no no NO NO NO NO NNNNNNOOOOOO delays...only thing delayed was the press release...i'll start looking late this after noon...cant share any more...and no i did not call it for this after noon...i stated ill start looking...its all good, my ears are burning and im smiling.

Maybe you should have added another NO!

3-22-2012  FreewayBill The intel the past week has been better and better each day.

That reminds me of a line from a song in Damn Yankees. "We gotta get better 'cause we can't get worse".


I hope your friends are well stocked and comfy.  They could be there awhile.

3-23-2012 Blaino There has been a change...involving will delay us a short time. So, no doubt there will be no activity tonight. Tomorrow comes! The newly decided drop dead day is Sunday... so I think they'll hit it early if for no reason but to confound us!

Have you ever actually looked up the definition of "drop dead date"?  From Wikipedia: "In trade and contract law, a drop dead date is a provision added to a legal or trade act, such as a contract or a court order. Such a provision sets a last-delay date (hence the name drop dead date) past which certain consequences will automatically follow, such as cancelling the contract, taking property or entering a judgment."  If you keep issuing a new date you can't consider the original date a drop dead date. 


Well maybe the banks don't sleep but your friends will have to eventually.  Hope they've got a cheap hotel room near their bank.

3-24-2012  FreewayBill a country cannot host a Summit with worthless currency. Why do you think everything just seemed to come together this weekend? What a better way to kick off the Summit but by RVing your currency to show off the most valuable currency in the world???? I believe we will arrive at our destination within hours from now...Bank on Monday.

Japan hosted the 26th G8 summit with a currency valued at a penny. Vietnam hosted the 16th ASEAN Summit held in Ha Noi,Vietnam 9 April 2010.  What was their currency worth? Nice try!

Yeah, it was a fun week.  The anticipation of something happening prior to the Arab Summit this week really put the douchebaggery in high gear.  But what stood out to me was the conference call I posted on earlier in the week when the IQD Team tried desperately to spin what their Arab interpreter Tariq said about the redeonomination.  When he insisted that a 25K IQD note would be exchanged for one (1) new 25 dinar note after the RV (otherwise they wouldn't really be accomplishing anything as far as reducing the money supply) these guys started doing economic contortions and slight of hand to make it appear that Iraq is actually announcing to the world that they will increase the value of their currency by 1000 times and make dinar speculators millionaires.  Then Mike "explained" the lop to Tariq by offering a completely inaccurate account of what happened with Turkey's lop, saying that they had 15 zeros and removed 6 of them without increasing the value.  In fact they had six zeros and removed them all, raising the value of their currency (and reducing their money supply) by a million times in the process. 

Mike also said the concern about the lop is that "it sounded to them like they were gonna turn in a 25 note that had $21 worth of value for a note that had fifty cents worth of value".  HUH?  First of all there is no 25 note to turn in.  The note worth about $21.50 is the 25K, and it will be turned in for a new 25 note also worth $21.50.  No loss of value.  No net change.  No "devaluation".  Just a textbook case of a redenomination to ease cash transactions.  The  concern (justifiable I might add) is that the dinar that investors bought is going to be replaced by a new dinar with no net increase in value rather than an increase of 100,000% as the gurus have been telling us for years now.  Tariq had it right.  You guys had it wrong.  So congrats to the IQD Team on their first Douchie.  It was well-deserved.

By the way, I went on record January 19 saying: "Let me make a prediction right now. I will stake my reputation on the fact that the value of the IQD will remain relatively unchanged as of April 1, 2012. It might go up a few % but nothing more. Like I said, 30% at the most."  Since I stated that the IQD has moved up 4 pips to 1166 - an increase of a whopping .34%.  A week from now I believe my prediction will hold up.  Any of you gurus wanna put some money on it?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tariq Follow up Call

Well for those of you who heard the IQD Team conference call with Tariq on Sunday there was a follow up call where the lop was explained to Tariq.  If Tariq wasn't confused before I'm sure he was thoroughly confused after this exercise in doubletalk.  Listen and judge for yourself.;0NjM4MTQ3ODQ=1

I have extended an invitation to Tariq to share his views on this issue here at DDB, free from any coercion or coaxing.  We await his response.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tariq's Take

In the practice of law they have a saying ... "never ask a witness a question that you don't already know the answer to".  In the O.J. Simpson trial Chris Darden had O.J. try the gloves on in front of the jury, convinced that they had to fit him.  When they appeared too tight it left doubt in the minds of the jurors.  (I read that O.J. just went without his arthritis medication for a few days which resulted in his hands swelling to throw the jury off in the event of a glove demonstration, but I digress).  Darden had never witnessed O.J. putting the gloves on so he didn't know how they would fit.  A colossal blunder. 

Sunday the IQD Team did a conference call where they introduced a man from Iraq named Tariq who they claim has worked as an interpreter for US forces.  The idea was to get the take of somebody who lives in Iraq and knows Arabic and can offer a qualified view on what is being said in Iraq.  During the course of the call one of the panel members (Shannan I believe - about 45 minutes in) asked him about the face value of the new dinar that will be issued.  His response wasn't exactly what they were expecting.  He insisted that a 25K IQD note will be exchanged for  a new 25 note.  He explained that if it was a 1:1 exchange there would be no resulting reduction in the money supply.  Without using the word, he was basically saying that Iraq is going to lop.  OOPS!  Gotta prep those interviewees a tad better in the future!

The panel spent most of the rest of the conference call trying to explain how Tariq is young, doesn't have access to the same articles that they do, doesn't know what they know .... yada yada.  But they never really addressed the main point he was making, that a 1:1 exchange accomplishes nothing when it comes to one of the CBI's stated goals of reducing the amount of dinar in circulation.  I'd say maybe the fact that he lives there and hears what's being said and knows the language gives him a better grasp rather than a worse one.  JMO.;0Mzg1MTEzMjA=1

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Douchie for March 11-17

Everybody and their brother was calling the RV this week.  No doubt some of this is due to the anticipation of something happening prior to the Arab summit in a couple of weeks, but then these idiots have been doing this every week for a year or more so who knows?  Anyway, here's a quick summary of the "intel".


- rates are not live at all...should see before monday, but could go into thursday...we have had good solid intel from ust, imf, iraq, kwt, dubi, london, sydney, hong kong, bis...we are hearing rate 12.86 to 14.38  
(good solid intel? 12.86 - 14.38? oooookay!)


(Right! None of this double digit rubbish ... just the regular "higher than Kuwait" rubbish. Well Done!)

Jonnywg -   we wait here with baited breath that OKIE is has not shown up live at the teller cashin anywhere...just the currency screens...and i might add the rate is variable as well some at $14+...most at $4+...this leads me to believe the final rate is not posted... anything over $4+ is a not count on high rates...we hope the luck of the irish is bestowed on us today. 
(No such luck. How about "anything over a tenth of a penny is a bonus"?)

(Arrived where, Cap1? Where are we?)


footforward - They are printing a new currency right now ... this currency that will be ready in September.  Please understand we are not waiting for this currency because there's lower denoms available that they can use as soon as they RV and they can use them right now.   What will happen ... we're gonna have the RV and then down the road in September when these new lower denoms come out.  The only difference is gonna be that they're gonna have Kurdish on them as well  ... so they will just start to circulate these in, pull out the notes that don't have the Kurdish language on them, and it will be a simple switch that no one will even know really took place. 
(So the RV will happen before the new lower denoms replace the current lower denoms which still haven't been issued or even seen by anybody but we know they're there?  Got it!  ff apparently forgot to mention that September is also the date that the three zeros will be deleted, which refers to a redenomination or "lop". Later in this same call he cites evangelists Ken Copeland and Benny Hinn as confirmation that this is about to happen. I kid you not!)


Debtarheelgirl - I personally just got a phone call from a National Evangelist friend who got a call from his Austrailian minister friend,Austrailian TV announced Re-evaluation of MANY countries Currencies would take place on Friday! WOO HOO! 
(Woo Hoo indeed! Must have skipped the IQD, huh?)


soonerfan62 - Guys just a quick drive by, no questions. There are no less than 12 of us right now burning up the phones with connections then compairing that info with one another before posting. I can say none of us have found a reason for it NOT to happen AMN. Chin up we are in great shape. 
(I can give you plenty of reasons, soonerfan ... just read my blog)

All of these people are doucheworthy for sure, but this week something unusual happened.  Somebody sent me an email stating the following:

Your information concerns me and I think this this may be a scam investment. I do not own much dinar but i am going to sell it before i lose money. Can you recommend where I can get rid of it?

Steve Gibbons

Well as I posted earlier in the week, this was a trap to try to get me to "reveal" that I'm somehow motivated by money and am an anti-pumper who makes money from dinar dealers who compensate me for getting people to sell back to them.  Trying to help the poor shmuck salvage some of his hard earned money I responded with the name of a dinar dealer I had heard of recently who buys dinar at a reasonable price.  Next thing I know this is hitting the dinar forums as "evidence" that I am on the take and am just doing this for the money.  Fortunately most people saw through this and laughed it off.  But I'm not laughing.  I have devoted a lot of time and effort to this blog to give people the kind of information that I would have appreciated when I first bought dinar.  My total compensation from ad revenues since September comes to less than one day's pay, and I've received nothing from any dealer ... EVER!  Needless to say from now on anybody who wants to know where to sell their dinar is on their own.  I will not have my integrity questioned because of something so trivial. 

So who is Steve Gibbons?  I'm not sure, but I have my suspicions.  A clue was left on a certain dinar forum that it was written by a pretty well known guru.  This came on the heels of a certain guru getting really pissed at a certain blogger for receiving a certain award because of a certain post.  I'll let you connect the dots.  In the meantime I hereby award this week's Douchie to Steve Gibbons, whoever he might be.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Delta and Shabibi

This is an excerpt from a transcript of a conference call made by Frank Villa and his sidekick Delta on Monday 3/12/12.

Posted  09:41 PM
Frank’s CC Notes 3.12.2012

Delta arrives on the call.

A week or two ago Delta’s contact got in touch with Shabibi. Dr. Shabibi told him they are going to do this before the Arab Summit. Delta thanks Mary Cooper and WalkingStick newshounds for the articles. Yes indeed! BRAVO!!

Lots of good news from Iraqia TV says Delta

Article speaks of person who picks up phone and talks with Dr. Shabibi. Almost what Shabibi said to Delta’s contact was in the article that came out today. This is a huge article says Delta. All the majors are developed. The CBI in the coming days are going to be done. Today they promised that this is going to be done. Significant decrease in the value of the dollar against the dinar.

Private companies to be paid in Saudi Arabia. 1.2 billion but right away to be paid 408 million in 2 days by wire transfer. The CBI and GOI are ready to go and they are running late!

UN all saying same thing to get Iraq out of Chapter 7. Again on Iraiya TV Kuwait agreed to drop debt to finish everything. The borders to be reconciled! Huge!

The Arab Summit is huge for Iraq! This is a time to show your neighbor the best of the best; this is just how Arabs work culturally!!!

GCC (Saudi Arabia) asked Iraq to finish all the obligations to Kuwait.

Banking systems asked to drop the difference between IQD and USD.
RV will likely be between .86 or a little over a dollar; we can only wait to see.Call came today to Delta from his contact that Dr. Shabibi, may possibly pull the trigger THIS WEEK!

New lower denominations, patterns, history, we MAY see on Tuesday or Thursday.

Frank jumps in to say pay attention to Tuesdays and Thursdays

Looks like wire transfer to happen between Tuesday and Thursday. These are INTERNATIONAL banking days!

Calls on the Iraq 2012 budget was a stall tactic.

Meeting in Jordan, Dr. Shabibi, Minister of Finance, and another person this past week. Can only guess what was discussed behind closed doors.

Confirmation a call to Delta saying we may see it this week!!! Some lower denoms to be likely be seen! 50, 100, 200 and 1 and 2 most likely but likely no coins at this time. Perhaps later this year.

Delta shoots down the possibility of a Dinar LOP. IT”S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Iraq is going to REVALUE THEIR CURRENCY! NO LopSTERS!

Delta and Frank explain the prime article today regarding the decreasing the value of the USD against the dinar.

We see in this call that Delta makes the claim that his contact was in touch with Shabibi and was told that they would do this (revalue the IQD) by the Arab Summit (March 27-29 I believe).  So I think we can assume then that if the summit comes and goes with no RV that Delta doesn't know diddly.  Then he goes on to say that lower denoms are likely to be seen, including a new 50 note.  As I have pointed out before, Iraq already has a 50 note worth a little less than a nickel.  If there's a new 50 note introduced with a different value (like ... say $43) that would mean a redenomination since you can't have two 50s with two different values in the same currency.  In other words .... LOP!  

However Delta goes on to say that there will be no lop.  So he goes from describing a lop in one sentence to insisting that there will be no lop in the next.  If you ever had any doubt that this guy is clueless this should remove it. 

Looking forward to see what transpires and how these guys spin it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This was brought to my attention today from another forum. 

I was wondering the other day about this guy Sam I Am. The self-proclaimed ‘watchdog’ of the dinar community. Is he really this good Samaritan exposing the confusion to the dinar investment? The lion tamer of misguided dinar gurus who he refers to ‘incessant pumping and misrepresentation of facts’ to innocent victims in which he is trying to save? Is Sam I Am really all this or is there a devious sinister cash producing motive at the expense of Iraqi dinar holders behind his blog page? The root of all evil after all is money right? I decided to venture out and see if I could pinpoint a more luring and lucrative purpose for his blog. A motive that all seem to find attractive – money. Here is my email to Sam I Am, you decide if he is getting paid to convince you to sell your dinar or not. Sam I Am, your own words could not have said it better. You're a DOUCHEBAG! Steve------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 3:11 PM
Subject: dinar
Evening, Your information concerns me and I think this this may be a scam investment. I do not own much dinar but i am going to sell it before i lose money. Can you recommend where I can get rid of it? Steve Gibbons 

Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 20:09:50 -0700
Subject: Re: dinar

Hi Steve. A friend of mine recommended Safe Dinar. He said they pay more than other dealers and their turnaround time is pretty quick. Good luck. -Sam
March 14, 2012 at 3:27 PM

Let me say first of all that I have never met the guys at Safe Dinar and I don't know anything about them other that what I was told by my friend who is planning on selling his dinar.  I have never run ads for them on my blog and I make no money from the sale or purchase of dinar.  I simply received an email from somebody who claimed to think the dinar is a scam (which wasn't the first email of that type that was sent to me) and tried to help them out.  Little did I know that they were trying to set me up to look like I'm profiting from from "anti-pumping".   I mean seriously, how much money would I theoretically make just mentioning a dealer who buys dinar in one email?  Is that the best you can do?

I think what is happening here is that the pumpers are starting to feel the sting of added scrutiny and loss of interest in their BS.  So their solution is to try and discredit me.  Rather than prove me wrong with facts they have decided to call my motives into question, but it won't work.  My posts are too well researched and fact-based to discredit.  Even if I was working for a dealer or profiting somehow off my blog (I have made a little money from Google AdSense but hardly enough to make it worth the time I've put into this blog) the fact remains there are hundreds of issues and questions I've raised that the gurus can't sidestep with their accusations.  The statements coming out of the CBI indicate their intent to redenominate or lop.  Nobody gets rich from a lop.  Ergo, if they are going to lop then it's more than likely that this investment isn't going to produce diddly for anybody.  Whether I'm a sinner or a saint doesn't really change that, now does it? 

They say that no good deed goes unpunished.  I guess this is my cross to bear.  But for every fake email trying to lay a trap for me I get tons of emails telling me about people who have been hurt by  the lies of the pumpers and gurus.  If I can help some of those people recoup some of their hard earned money and understand the true risk and potential return of owning IQD then I feel that I have accomplished something with this blog. 

Sorry douchebags.  I'm not going away.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Warka Facebook Page

As many of you have heard the Warka bank in Iraq has become insolvent and the CBI is stepping in to try and rescue it.  It's too soon to know what that means to most investors, but I thought some of you might be interested in reading what they're saying on Facebook.  Good luck.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kap, Kap, Kap ......

Wow!  The competition for this week's Douchie was outstanding!  The best I've seen in months.  First we had this from Studley on Sunday.

[Studley] Thank the Chinese, Legarde, our Special Veterans, and other Patriots around the world… they saved this at the last minute, we are in overtime, our backs are against the wall, this MUST come out now, otherwise very bad things will start happening around the world, there is a line in the sand…. this will be either a new glorious era, or you will see institutions crumble, along with major problems in the financial markets…
I believe we will see the finish line in the next 24 to 36 hours…. Our country is being cleansed of a very bad element that has been allowed to steal from great Americans for decades…. There will be a great reckoning shortly….be ready for some very unique times….. God Bless you all

Well the 36 hours passed, along with the rest of the week and so far no major problems in the financial markets other than what we've already seen for the last three years.  Then we had this from jonnywg, also on Sunday.

2:19 PM CST: 3sIntel [jonnywg] OVER THE PAST 3 MONTHS we have stated on this site that the rv was near, soon or imminent………something always blocked it …..SWEET QUEEN declared the RV LAST WEEK AND WE KNOW IT WAS PUT IN MOTION BUT AGAIN BLOCKED…. in the past 2 weeks over 100 top banking executives were forced to resign, over a 100 others were arrested, and 250 banks were raided by interpol. BY TODAY 99% of the problems have been erased. I feel today may be our day, TODAY may bring a global reset to help us all, TODAY may be a giant step for mankind with all of the social packages to be released … TODAY may be the day that we get the opportunity of a lifetime, TODAY we may step forward into a bright future ….. I feel TODAY may be our day.

This nonsense about all of the bank executives resigning spread like wildfire.  The implication being that the RV is somehow tied into this worldwide "reset".  Even Brad Huebner from the BH Group tried to get in on the global settlements crapola in his conference call.  (I guess it's desperation time for Brad in light of his recent troubles.)  Folks, there are thousands upon thousands of bank executives in the world, and most of them are not young.  They retire all the time.  I'm not even sure that it's true about the resignations, but if it is it may very well be that the number of execs resigning is higher now due to the restructuring of the financial world rather than some global crackdown by interpol.  Do a quick keyword search in Google for "interpol" and "banks" and "raids" and see if you can confirm what jonnywg said.  All I found was something about raids in Spain and South America in response to cyber attacks against government and commercial enterprises.  Nothing about bank raids.

Then on Tuesday a guy named leo posted this.


Well I guess the sites were too chatty because it didn't happen.  Darn the luck! As entertaining as all of this douchebaggery was, one post stood out among all of them.  It wasn't rate and date intel stuff.  It was news analysis.  I am more convinced every day that the people spinning the news are doing more harm than the intel douches because most people know better than to listen to the likes of Okie, jonnywg, and TonyTNT, but unfortunately they think that some of these newshound gurus know what they're talking about. 

This is an excerpt from a post that Kaperoni did on Tuesday.

kaperoni: "According to the agreements, the new bill will be printed by a European company and introduced to the market gradually and in a well-planned schedule to ensure it will not result in shocks and would not have a negative impact on the market," explained MP Khalil. He added the exchange rate between the new banknotes and the old ones would be 1:1,000.”

kaperoni: This is an extremely powerful statement.

kaperoni: I was thinking about this today…1:1000.

kaperoni: Let me tell you exactly what they are saying here. This is telling us no LOP or re-denomination is going to happen. Because they are telling you the difference between the “old and new banknotes”. In order for this to be true, the notes have to be honored at the printed face value. If, for example, a LOP or re-denomination occurred (changing the value), they would state the exchange rate between the new and old notes would be 1:1, meaning they now have the same value or a neutral event. But that is not the case. They are clearly stating 1:1000.

They already did a 1:1 exchange in 2003 and it wasn't a lop because there was no change in the exchange rate.  It was done primarily to get rid of the old Saddam dinars and demonetize the dinar held by terrorists.  Sure, it was a value neutral event, but that doesn't mean that 1:1000 isn't a neutral event.    

Now let me tell you exactly what they are saying here.  They're saying exactly what it looks like they're saying!!!  The exchange rate between the new banknotes and the old ones would be 1:1000 as in new = 1 and old = 1000.  In other words they give you a new 25 note worth $21.50 for your old 25K IQD note worth $21.50.  They give you a new 10 note worth $8.60 for your old 10K IQD note worth $8.60.  They introduce a new currency worth 1000 times more with 1000 times less in circulation. That's what we call a redenomination, or cutting the zeros, or deleting the zeros .... whatever else you want to call it - it spells L O P !!!   Don't try to spin this to mean anything else, dude.  They couldn't be any clearer.   

The expressed purpose for the redenomination according to the CBI is to ease cash transactions, or as Shabibi said when he was in DC last year to "facilitate payments".  It's not to "make dinar holders millionaires".  Your take on this suggests that Iraq is telling us that they are going to increase the value of the IQD 1000 times and make us all rich.  Really?  In case you're not aware of it countries don't announce revaluations ahead of time.  But they are obligated to announce redenominations ahead of time in order to avoid chaos.  They are clearly announcing an RD here, Kap.  As Judge Judy would say, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.  Congrats on winning your second Douchie.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Plan and The Dark Cabal

I just read this and I had to share it with my readers.  It came from a Nesara blog.  If you don't know much about Nesara it's basically a conspiracy nut site that promotes the idea of global settlements and in recent years they have tried to attach themselves to the supposed RV of the dinar.  Marcus Curtis did some excellent research on these guys in his blog.

Hi! Guys
Due to questions being asked, I’m going to do my best and try and explain what has happened with the RV and what is being anticipated to happen.
Initially, the Iraq Dinar was to RV, to pay for the cost of invading Iraq and for personal gain, by high ranking USA and other Government Politicians.This was simply called “The Plan” and should have been a somewhat straight forward process.
We (the lower people) were never supposed to know about the RV, but thanks to the internet we did and we started to purchase dinars in high quantity. The only thing that the powers to be could then do to dissuade us from purchasing, was to provide misinformation and there was lots of it.
I’m sure glad that I had the opportunity to purchase Dinar.
Unfortunately, because of the debt crisis within the USA and Europe, everything changed and the initial intent of the Iraq Dinar RV was transformed into being a global bailout and the global realignment of 159 currencies.
Political posturing, greed, corruption, bribery, intimidation and murder created a massively, complex and convoluted process, that required a considerable amount of additional time, with delay after delay, because Governments of the world, battled for more, more and more again, for a higher financial value, additional taxes, gold and oil deals.
When we got involved in the Dinar, none of this information was known or, anticipated and the Dinar was slowly transformed into what it is today, the Salvage of The World Economy’s.
While this was occurring additional commodities finds of vast oil fields, gold and other minerals caused the richest country in the world, to become even richer resulting in the greed further worsening.
All these changes caused in conceived problems, between the three (3) tribes that made up the Iraq Government, creating additional pressures on the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) to control runaway inflation and threats by other Governments, IMF, UST, who wanted more value in the IQD, to their currency.

China, who is the holder of a considerable amount of USA debt (and who is one of the largest holders of IQD) became fed up with the constant delays and forced the issue with the USA Government as O’Bama, was using Iraq as a platform for his re-election later in 2012
.One additional important aspect of the RV was the inclusion of Prosperity Packages with The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act (Nesara) who was preparing to return vast amounts of stolen money by Governments and individuals, believed to be in excess of $16 Trillion.
See Lord James of Blackheath at the House of Lords - Presenting This Information
[link to]
The BIS along with Nesara, were constantly progressing in this regard and Iraq became a vitally important part of this process, as they joined in unison together.
G20 countries working in unison with Negara, placed considerable pressure on (High Level, corrupt Politicians, Banks, Terrorists, Illuminati, other Dark Cabal organizations and other entities,) to be removed from their positions under the threat of being arrested for Treason, Grand Larceny, etc., as they wanted to ensure that all potential threats that could further delay the activation of the RV and launching of the prosperity packages, were removed.

Factor in extremely complicated algorithms, frequent cyber-attacks by the dark Cabal i.e.: George Soros who have been doing everything possible to maintain their financial stranglehold on the FIAT Monetary Systems,preventing the new money system to be asset backed and you can begin to understand the severity and complex problems that have occurred.
I’m pleased to state that while this has delayed the progress of the RV the process has progressed exceptionally well, with hundreds of influential individuals being removed, either by their detention or, by resigning from their positions, in exchange for information to be used in bringing the Illuminati and Black Cabals to justice.
This can be proven by simply watching television broadcasts who have disclosed such information or, by going to this link:

PTR Link

What Is Going To Happen Now?
Hopefully nothing, as everything that needs to be accomplished for the activation of the RV, has been completed.Banks around the world have prepared and are at a state or readiness and they have begun to make available, attractive bank packages, to solicit Dinar Holders,
I have every reason to believe that we are where we need to be and it’s now just a timing issue, having to synchronize with the world banking, Forex, a drop in Gold prices, the stock market and Iraq Central Bank dinar auctions.
To the best of my knowledge and belief, if “MURPHY” can resist raising his ugly head, then all we are waiting for is the activation codes, to be sent to the banks and that can be literally at any time even today.           

Obviously people are asking why the RV that we've been promised for a couple of years now hasn't happened yet.  These guys had to come up with something, so here it is.  Who knows?  Maybe they're right.  Maybe everything this guy stated is 100% accurate.  Then again, maybe it's 100% horse poop and the reason there hasn't been an RV yet is that there never was going to be and this whole scenario was made up by douchebags.  Just my 23 dinars.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Rebuilding of Babylon

I don't like to discuss religion too much on this blog because I don't feel that it's really relevant, but the fact is many people who are invested in the dinar have done so because of their belief that what is happening today in Iraq is the fulfillment of bible prophecy regarding Babylon.  With those people I could probably talk about currency valuation, money supply, GDP, redenominations,  CBI statements .... etc. until I'm blue in the face and they would still cling to their faith based devotion to owning dinar.  So let's talk about theology.

I covered  this somewhat in a previous post called "The God Factor", but I'll go a little deeper into the topic today.  The idea that investing in the dinar is wise because of biblical references to Babylon is problematic in many ways.

First of all, the idea that Babylon will be physically restored is just one interpretation of scripture.   Bible prophecy isn't like other biblical topics.  I mean we're all pretty much agreed that stealing is a sin, right?  We can all pretty much agree that Jesus had twelve disciples.  We can all believe in the resurrection or the golden rule.  But nothing in the bible is more open to interpretation than prophecy, for one simple reason.  It hasn't happened yet.

There are many different views concerning the identity of Babylon.
Babylon 1932
We should remember that Babylon was a city.  Yes, it represented an empire just like the city of Rome represented the Roman Empire, but Babylon itself was a city just as Rome was and still is today.  Recently I had a discussion about the dinar with an eschatology (bible prophecy) teacher at a well known bible school.  I was surprised to find out that he in fact owns dinar, but not because he believes that Babylon will be rebuilt. In fact he stated emphatically that it won't happen.  He told me that according to scripture Babylon's destruction was to be final, and that destruction occurred over a century before Jesus was born.  History seems to support that view, as the ruins of Babylon are still there to this day.  Saddam Hussein started to rebuild Babylon in 1983, going so far as to inscribe his name on the bricks like King Nebuchadnezzar did.  That ended with his downfall in 2003.  When he was overthrown those buildings were ransacked and the bricks became collectors' items.  In 2009 the area was reopened as a tourist destination, but there is no ongoing project at this time to rebuild anything other than a cultural center in Babylon.

With this in mind, we need to consider other theories as to the identity of the Babylon from Revelation.  Among them ... Rome, the Catholic Church, Jerusalem, the world system, Wall Street .... etc.  Take your pick.  It's hard to say until this all plays out. 

Second, the bible warns believers against any participation in Babylon.  Why would Christians want to help fund the building of a nation, kingdom, or empire that is considered evil and opposes God's kingdom?

And finally, even if what we've been told by some about Babylon being rebuilt is true, that doesn't mean that anybody is going to profit from owning dinar.  It's quite possible that Iraq could become the wealthiest nation in the world without making anybody outside of Iraq rich.  It's possible that we'll all be dead by the time Iraq emerges as the new Babylon.  It's possible that it will happen in our lifetime but that the redenomination will leave dinar investors holding a currency that is going to be replaced with a new currency worth 1000 times as much.  We call that a lop, and nobody will get rich from a lop.  Consider the following article from June of 2011.

BAGHDAD -- A senior Iraqi Central Bank adviser says the government has adopted a two-pronged plan to restructure the national currency in order to facilitate large transactions and make government accounts more efficient, RFE/RL's Radio Free Iraq reports.

Mudhhir Muhammad Salih, a member of the bank's advisory panel, told RFE/RL on June 23 that in the short term, larger banknote denominations of the dinar would be issued to simplify major transactions.

He said that because so many Iraqis still dealt mainly in cash, it was cumbersome to carry bags full of money to pay for expensive items like cars. The inconvenience leads people making such purchases -- as well as many entrepreneurs -- to use dollars for those kinds of transactions instead of dinars, something the government wants to end.

He added that large denominations equivalent to around $100 would be issued to simplify major purchases, and new coins and lower denominations would be introduced for smaller transactions.

In the longer term, Saleh said a redenomination was needed wherein three zeros will be dropped so that the 25,000-dinar banknote -- currently the largest denomination -- becomes a 25-dinar note.

He said the change was inevitable, considering the economy is expecting high growth in the coming years with a planned increase in oil production to finance reconstruction projects.

In this scenario a 25K note (currently worth about $21.50 USD) would be replaced by a 25 note worth the same amount.  This is how redenominations have always worked.  Never in history has a redenomination worked like the gurus are telling us where the larger notes are removed as the money supply is reduced and the books are cooked to cover up the coming RV. 

Some of us have been trying to get the word out for some time now, and yet people keep buying dinar and keep following these gurus and pumpers, believing that God is going to use the revaluation of the dinar to rebuild Babylon and make Christians rich so that they can fund all of these wonderful ministries in these "end times".  I wonder if these people have ever even read the bible that they claim to believe?  In the book of Acts a crippled man was begging for alms.  Peter responded that he didn't have any silver or gold, and yet somehow under his leadership the first century church was able to establish the Christian faith which has endured for two millenia now.  Why do people think you have to be rich to do God's work?

I have had this post sitting in the draft section of my blog for months now, contemplating whether or not I want to send it.  I finally decided to post it after listening to people like Frank Villa and footforward babble on about Babylon and this "blessing" that is upon us. 

If you want to be wealthy, seek wisdom.  It's a very spiritual thing. The book of Proverbs is devoted to the topic.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. (Proverbs 4:7)

Riches and honour are with me: yea, durable riches and righteousness. (Proverbs 8:18)

It's hard to scam a wise person. It's hard to keep a wise person from prospering. The biblical path to wealth is hard work, delayed gratification, and developing your skill and expertise in a certain area. The lottery approach isn't in the bible, and I submit to you that believing you will become rich from an RV is a lottery mentality that's unbiblical.

There's an old story told about a man on the porch of his home during a torrential rain. The water started rising and it was obvious that his life was in danger. A boat came by and the people inside told him to get in before he drowns. The man declined claiming that God would save him. They left and the water kept rising. Another boat came by offering help but again he declined. Finally a third boat came by with the same results. The man ended up drowning and when he got to heaven he asked God why He didn't save him? God replied "What are you talking about? I sent you three boats!"  The moral of the story?  Sometimes answers to prayer arrive through very common sense solutions. 

If Iraq redenominates as they've been telling us they will nobody can claim that they weren't warned.  Banks have called this a scam.  Government institutions have called it a scam.  (Yeah, yeah I know - it's a legitimate currency.  But you can only buy stuff with it in Iraq.  And anybody who presents the statements from Iraq as supporting a 100,000% ROI is promoting a scam.)  Numerous websites have either called it a scam or at least pointed out the true risk and potential return as this blog does.  I don't know what Iraq is going to do, but I know what they're telling us and if they do what they say they will the only people who will get rich off of the dinar are the dealers, forum owners, and gurus who dangle the prospect of riches before inexperienced and gullible investors.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Douchie for footforward

On Sunday Feb. 26 this guy footforward did a conference call saying that hundreds of trillions of dollars need to be moved around as the prosperity packages and global settlements are resolved.  For this reason it might take a couple of days for us to actually see the manifestation of this historical revaluation.  He said the longer this takes the higher the rate will be because more money will be needed to fix the problems in the world's economy.  In fact he says the system will require quadrillions of dollars to "really get it going again".  He proclaims that we're going to see "heaven on earth" as this blessing from God shows up.  He went on to say that he believes it will happen by the end of February (oops) and that Iran and Syria will be "dealt with".  His accompanist (or should I say accomplice?) in this nonsense was a guy named Lou who buttered him up and helped him explain how the revaluation of the dinar is tied in to a coming worldwide revival.  He (ff) goes on to say that there are going to be trillionaires and that he is going to have trillions of dollars pass through his hands in his lifetime.  (Currently the world's wealthiest man is Carlos Slim with an estimated fortune of $63 billion.  Bill Gates was worth $100 billion at the peak of the tech bubble in the 90s. He's worth less than $60 billion now.);0NjI2NzA1MTc=0

Okay, first of all there aren't hundreds of trillions of dollars in existence, let alone quadrillions.  (Don't these people know how to research this stuff?)  Second, the global settlements/prosperity packages nonsense has been thoroughly debunked time and time again.  And third, where does this "man of God" get the idea that heaven on earth is going to happen prior to the return of Christ?  I mean,  are  Christians supposed to put their trust in God or the dinar?  It's almost like ff has substituted the RV for the second coming.  Dude, your intel sucks, your theology stinks, and your understanding of economics is sorely lacking.  Do us all a favour and go back to working the merchandise booth for Benny Hinn crusades.  In the meantime enjoy this week's Douchebag Award.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

An Interview with Chuckles

Most dinar forum owners have something to sell.  Some sell books, some sell RV alert services, some sell "intel" or VIP memberships.  Most sell advertising space.  Some sell all of the above.  But there are a few forum owners who have refused to sell anything out of a desire to avoid the appearance of ulterior motives.  One such owner is known as Chuckles, from Dinar Dater.  I caught up with him recently to get his story and his thoughts on investing in the IQD.

Sam: Tell us a bit about your background. Where did you grow up? Where do you live now? What do you do?

Chuckles: I grew up in Sylvania, Ohio as the son of a respected local business owner. I went to college for music performance in Dayton, Ohio, and really had a great time playing out at bars and clubs. After college, I moved to Florida with my girlfriend (now wife/soul mate) in order to pursue my dreams of becoming a rock star. That, of course, did not pan out. LOL!!!! Since the majority of the market in central Florida was a service based industry, the area didn’t meet the needs of my family. It didn’t provide the kind of returns someone like my wife (an engineer) required. So, we moved back North (Michigan) for hopes of gaining higher returns. Of course, that’s when the entire economy took a serious hit (911, the Iraq war, etc.). Luckily for us, my wife got a great job and was thereafter promoted quite rapidly through the ranks. As for me, I received my MCSE certifications in 1999 and was quickly hired as a Senior Systems Engineer for Ford Motor Company’s IT division. In that position, I was successfully responsible for maintaining all of their dealers’ customized websites. I stayed with them until 2008 when I received a better offer from McKesson Pharmaceutical Systems to head up their entire QA division. I remained with that company until the entire division was completely eliminated and everyone was laid off due to unforeseeable circumstances. So for about Six (6) months, I was unemployed and seriously had to assess my options regarding my career. It was a rough time. I racked up credit card and other debt and struggled with ways to reinvigorate my passions for the IT profession. Thankfully, it didn’t take much longer before I was hired by a large and very successful engineering company to head up their IT Staff and Support Center for each of their Five (5) separate offices which, of course is where I remain to this day. However, with the present economy, I understand that job uncertainty is a way of life and no one is immune from it. So, like most people, I wonder about the future and can only hope that my services will continue to be needed as they are now. It doesn’t matter what position you hold in life, we are constantly threatened by new and different eras of supply and demand. Life can change in a blink of an eye and that makes it rather difficult for us to always be prepared.

Sam: How did you learn about the dinar?

Chuckles: I was told about it from my father who was approached from a member of the BH group.

Sam: How did you become a forum owner?

Chuckles: It’s a funny story, and quite ironic. Actually I think I was like most people that got on this dinar ride in the first place. I was hungry for more information regarding the dinar so in my pursuit of knowledge, I joined a few forums and chat rooms. Initially, I joined Dinar Vets because the site seemed fairly credible due to its’ large membership base and the fact that there were a few members that posted quite regularly who seemed to have more knowledge than I did at the time. At first, DV seemed the most legit site, as far as the dinar goes, because who would think that Twenty-Seven thousand (27,000) people would blindly follow a faceless leader if he wasn’t above board, right? I was quickly kicked from DV for asking questions about how the country of Iraq would ever be able to pay for a 1 to 1 dollar RV with so much currency already in circulation? I, like so many other people only wanted the truth. I didn’t want to be pacified with answers that would not suffice in the real world. I needed to know more and with that yearning I migrated to other sites. So in 2010, when Checkmate (Dan Atkinson), TNT (Tony Renfrow) , SteveI, and JoeP seemed to be at odds with DV, I felt inclined to follow them to the new site they started called Peoples Dinar where their slogan was “No Boss No Cost.” And hey, in my opinion, it’s always fun to have a new site or be a part of one. It’s human nature to like new shiny things right?

Ok, I’m rambling. Back to why I started my site. One night back around December 2010, a few of my friends who were in a Skype group (including Native Girl who used to be Checkmate’s sweetheart who was living in Kuwait at the time and whom he used to use as one of his guru sources in chat and on conference calls) were in People’s Dinar chat room. We were asking questions and one of our Skype members was talking about her friend, who was pregnant at the time, having food cravings. A few references were made about pickles and then the pregnant member typed that she didn’t have any pickles but could go for a banana, which she did have. Needless to say, the uptight moderators (specifically Kevin aka Mango Rancher) made more of the conversation than what it was and decided to ban those included in the conversation EXCEPT FOR, GUESS WHO? CORRECT, NATIVE GIRL). LOL Most of the people they banned were not members of my Skype group, but some of them were. So, in essence, the narrow minded actions of People’s Dinar is truly what was the beginning of the Dinar Dater site because after we were banned, a few of my Skype group members said “Chuckles, you are an IT Tech and you have studied the dinar, why don’t you start your own site. “ So, I did. At first, the site was basically for those of us that wanted to share, chat, post and discuss everything regarding Iraq and the dinar and be able to do so without reproach. It was really as simple as that. It wasn’t controlled by any agenda, or money making scheme like bio fuel, a Viper’s brother’s widow fund (PD asked its’ members to contribute and several of us are still waiting for our individual PayPal to be credited back the amount we contributed), or a San Fran trip that was to occur post RV and where most of us felt like certain folks could be fleeced more than they already were. There has never been a hedge fund planned by my group. BY THE WAY RUDY, WHERE IS THE $700,000 USD YOU TOOK FROM PEOPLE TO BE A PART OF THIS POST-RV HEDGE FUND?..LOL, NOW THERE IS STORY IN AND OF ITSELF….LOL).

Sam: What have you learned as a forum owner?

Chuckles: I’ve learned that you cannot please everyone. No matter how much you try and keep folks grounded some folks are clearly those who are under more pressure than you. But really, you get all types. You have the conspiracy theorists, the religious folks, the spiritual, the poor, the sick, those that are desperate and looking for miracles in one way or the other, those that hang on to every word a guru speaks or those that believe in a LOP (or not), the ones who try to figure out things from an economic standpoint, those that try to brown nose, those that do and no longer believe in the investment itself, etc. I don’t believe I have ever seen a more diverse group of folks joined at the hip on the internet as there are on dinar sites. It is dumbfounding! I really appreciate the fellowship that we have at Dater, but I just hope that no one person invested in the dinar anywhere gives more free time to this particular “hobby” than they do to their families, work, and school or wherever they are in life at present. Because in reality and at this point, we must live our lives without the dependence upon the dinar and right now, a “hobby” is all you can truly call it at this point. The Dinar is very speculative investment that has become an internet phenomenon for a lot of people. In my opinion, one should never define their existence via an online persona.

And as far as owning a site, I’m Just saying, if you run a site without a personal financial agenda (i.e., never put up any advertisements or charge for a membership, or take a kickback from anyone, have a “donation” button, or ever ask a dime from any one) then that should speak highly of your intention in the dinar world. Not that it does, but it should! costs Forty-Four Dollars ($44) a month to maintain.  We get approximately One Thousand (1000) hits a day of course AFTER clearing the false (bot) accounts created by crawlers, which other sites most likely do not do based on their inflated numbers vs. contributions. Moderators do not and have never charged or been paid for anything they post or do. They are members just like on any other site. They just have a few more options in the “backroom.” LOL

Clearly, I could make money just on the advertising alone. So why don’t I? Because I HAVE A SOUL! This is people’s hard earned money and emotions we are playing with and I take that very seriously. It is important that I apply myself to the principal of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” So as a community, I’d like to think that Dinar Dater is one of the best “dysfunctional families” out there regarding dinar on the net.  Seeing what I call “the Hopium “that other forum owners put out for the impending Monday RV, then the Tuesday “Nopium”  let down is really a shame. Anyone can come and take the research our folks do free of charge, we are here to share for free because everything posted is public articles or merely opinion, and that’s it. Simple, huh?

Sam: How have your views changed since you bought?

Chuckles: I had never invested in currency before the Dinar so I came into this very new to the whole concept of holding hard currency and treating it like an investment. I was used to maintaining a 401k and buying bonds for my daughter’s education but as far as currency trading I was a complete novice. So to say “has my view changed” since I first bought?  Yes!

Sam: How do you feel about buying dinar on reserve?

Chuckles: It's a lottery ticket, and foolish... and the dealers that do it will surely face prosecution, because I don’t believe they actually have the amount of currency held in their vault to make good on the reserve.

Sam: How do you see this playing out?

Chuckles: I am no Guru, I’m just some guy who likes to read and form my own opinions. I do believe Iraq has the potential to return to those invested in their infrastructure. That’s why the US strategically destroyed it. Now, if you’re asking do I think holding the physical currency will return better than owning stock in Exxon, Caterpillar, GE, BP..Etc? I challenge anyone out there to show me where someone has made millions without investing millions. It’s a pay to play market. Seeing folks wonder why Berkshire Hathaway isn’t holding Dinar, or trying to prove the treasury or Donald Trump holds dinar is laughable. They aren’t! Money isn’t made that way.

Ok, the Chucks prediction.  This is my feeling, if there is no currency reform in the next year (Spring 2013) and they double their GDP we should at least see some change in the exchange rate, maybe half 1170. Assuming Iraq continues using their auctions (MOF and Currency auctions) as a form of stabilization. IMO, Shabbi is running out of options, he needs to reform the currency clearly and hopefully make the MOF auctions available outside Iraq to back up the potential liquidity a raise in the rate would cause. Though nothing to me currently says 100,000% increase, sorry. Iraq will not go into debt to pay us off! They will allow us a return, but they will not go into debt over it. I do like the idea of treating currency out of country like they did the Swiss Dinar exchange, or some sort of hybrid model. I can be sure nobody knows how this will end, but treat it as a hobby. Don’t get too emotionally involved and read, read, and read. With any investment take control and know when to sell or know when to hold. This is your life don’t listen to nameless folks like myself. It’s your money! Now, I’ll end on the million dollar kicker. If they change the rate to something you are willing to sell for, where would you be able to exchange your money? If the banks treat it as toxic, the currency dealers gouge, and MSB do as well. As my friends say, Chuckles you’re like a lingering fart in a closed room.