Thursday, March 29, 2012

Okie Announces the RV


Okay, for the newbies out there, none of these guys know jack - especially Okie!  Let's review:

3 Nov 2010- The salary's of GOV officials will be paid on the 10th of November so they would certainly have had to R/V previous to that date.

4 Nov 2010- OKIE relayed that his contact the (1) in the list above, call him Saturday and said it will happen this coming Wednesday (today). But as things go, he received another call yesterday and was told that there was a snag in the DFI fund for which Iraq was working with the UN to get things worked out. He was told that this could add a couple of days to the RI/RV date but things had to be done before Nov. 10th for many reasons. Okie then gives a list of reasons why the RI/RV must be done before Nov. 10th. See post by Okie on this date.

7 Nov 2010- This turkey is all done and ready to come out of the oven. Gov of Iraq finally done what was necessary with a little threat and coercion---we're there---watch the next few days and you will be richly rewarded for your time.

OKIE's Predicted Dates • Page 4 • Iraqi Dinar 2011 Revalue "Rumors" • Iraqi Dinar Revaluation 2012

3-31-2011--Guru OkieOilMan--channeled through Pilot... Everything that in the past that needed to be done is completed. We are now simply watching the clock. After all these years–our boat is docking–it would take hours and hours to expound on what all has positively transpired in the last few days. I am tired of sleepless nights obtaining intel/info for myself as well as all of you. Now i am going to rest and watch the clock. Nuff said.”


4-5-2011 Guru OkieOilMan it is furnished me that we are only days if not hours away from the r/v and watching the cbi website will be of no use since a new and private web-site for the cbi will only be viewable by a select few and that is on a subscription basis.



  1. Who is the old man and how in the #&*$ did he learn to post videos to YouTube?

    1. LOL! I guess he's just one of the tens of thousands of sheeple on his way to the shearing.

    2. well the guy in the video ain't Okie, LOL!

  2. even though no-one on here agree's with me on anything, but i do think we will agree on how sad this is.

    it has to be at a point though were no-one actually believes him anymore.

    1. To be fair sonny, no one agrees with you because what you present is wrong and always debunked. Let's keep it honest

    2. Like his latest claim that Iraq was forgiven bedt of $2 Trillion.
      Where does he pull these numbers from... don't answer, I know where they come from.
      By most reports Iraqs debt were in the 125 to 200 Billion range. The highest mumder I ever saw claimed was in the low 300 billions.
      There are people claiming today that Iraq has 600 Billion in assets and that's will allow them to RV.
      Just how stupid is that claim?
      They had a total debt of, let's use the high number, $300 billion. Do you think for one minute any country would have forgiven their debt if they were sitting on $600 billion?

      LOL... I just copied this right off the CBI website...

      External Debt Restructuring
      Following the ouster of the regime in spring 2003, Iraq’s external debt was estimated to be between $130-$140 billion. Reducing this debt to a sustainable level has been a priority since 2003 and debt relief negotiations have taken place in a variety of forums. This has led to the cancelation of a significant amount of Iraq’s external debt.

      Iraq’s external debt is comprised of four components:

      Paris Club bilateral debt ($42.5 billion)
      Non-Paris Club bilateral debt ($67.4 billion)
      Commercial debt ($20 billion)
      Multilateral debt ($0.5 billion)

      Sonny proved full of it once again.

    3. Sonny
      Sonny has also used as an argument about no lop that countries forgave Iraq all this debt and BigFrankD on dv gave him 4 different links where it showed countries who RD and was forgiven debt as well.....shortly after that thread was deleted. Gotta love sonny

    4. This is from 03. I guess that's accurate were is China and Kuwait. And for the 10th time I didn't delete franks post get that through your thick head

    5. China would be part of the Non-Paris Club debt.
      China was owed $8.5 Billion from Iraq. They forgave 80% of it.

    6. There debt to Kuwait is a little harder to figure out. Kuwait is not a permanent member of the Paris Club. They are an associate. So I don’t know if their debt was part of the Paris or Non-Paris debt.
      The original debt figures for Kuwait are bit harder to pin down also. I’ve seen $15 Billion, but I’ve also seen that the UN imposed $50 billion in compensation for the war. I would guess that is not part of the $130-$140 the CBI listed. That’s still only about $200 billion and still far far shy of the $2 Trillion claim.

    7. i just got home and looked, you are right. here is current link to there debt,0,3525145.story?page=1

      looks like i am 2-1 now, i got you on mexico, and turkey, and now you got me on the debt. good job, and you guys can stop saying i was wrong on mexico, and turkey,i provided an article and a pdf, suck it up guys your are wrong move on!!!!!!!!

    8. Sonny... your PDF was bullcrap. The PDF was about the currency devaluation. It listed a number reasons of the devaluation. Nowhere in the PDF does it even mention the redenomination. It even mentions that the currency was overvalued years prior to the devaluation, and the date they give is a couple years BEFORE the redenomination.
      Again... you claimed that the paper proves the currency devalued because of the redenomination. The paper doesn't even mention the redenomination.

    9. In your world you were right about Mexico and turkey. In the real world you're 0-1,000,000

    10. Give it up. Your lame attempts are not working. You can get away with that on dv but not here. All your links get debunked. It's ok sonny I know truth hurts sometimes. I'm still game on my bet with you. What are you scared of. You have super secret intel're never wrong right do put &10,000.00 on the line. Are you all bark and no bite

    11. What happened to no more name calling sonny? *shakes head*

  3. The thing is:

    He's been saying this stuff for years. He's either:

    1. Stupid - If my "source" were giving me errant info more than 2 times, I would lose the sources. He's a dumb as a bag of hammers if he really continues to believe these "sources".


    2. The Wizard of Oz - Former side show elixir salesman who can mesmerize a group of people to swallow ANYTHING! (A man named Adolf used this same principle with a population of desperate people back in the 30's...all they wanted was someone to lead them....affirm them....VERY SCARY!)

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  4. Someone made a pretty good point, and yes, I agree that it is a pretty strong assumption, but one that certainly makes you think though. Someone said a couple weeks back that it is entirely possible that Okie, and some of these other "gurus" that are as outrageous as Okie, may actually be just made up characters, created by one of the less than outrageous, but still unrealistic gurus out there. They then use characters such as Okie as a way to make themselves look that much less outrageous in their assertions on in this investment, especially when they have people like Okie to say how crazy they sound, just to make themselves sound as if they are the reasonable one.

    Yes, I agree, this is a bit of an assumption to make, but what other logical reason, other than a flat out scam they are pulling, would a character like Okie be created for. If only there was a way to know this for sure though..

    1. Oh I'm sure they are characters that are created by others. Most of these gurus are all in on it together. It's a sad world here in dinar land. Being broke will make you dumb and naive

  5. I really don't think Okie is stupid or dumb, or whatever else you want to call him. I think all of the gurus at one point or another shook their heads in disbelief at how people continue to follow them regardless of what they say or how many times they're wrong.

    At what point do people begin to use their brain and question what's being said? How many people would continue going to a doctor who misdiagnosed them more than 1 or 2 times? Same goes for a financial adviser, or an attorney, or a golf instructor, or any other profession for that matter. Most people wouldn't even go back to a restaurant that got their order wrong more than once or twice.

    It is quite obvious that it's much easier to profit from people's stupidity than it is to profit from a product or service that requires people to do any kind of logical thinking. I think Sam's point of dinar website membership fees is the perfect example. Why would someone pay $50 a month for a membership fee on a website when they can take that same money and buy dinar? It's not like they're going to get to cash in quicker, get a better rate, or find out before anyone else that the RV has happened. Suckers

    1. "There's a sucker born every minute" ~David Hannum

    2. There's a sucker born every minute and the gurus are breedin' them faster than a mexican bordello. (no offense intended towards any mexicans of course)

  6. I'm pretty sure that the guy in the video is Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters II.

  7. I have a very good friend (for years) who lives in OK, and has met with "Okie". He is a real person. My friend, who is also someone who invested, said that he had met Okie right around the time Dinar's went on the market. Met with him several times. He believes that "Okie" is a pathological liar. (No foolin' huh) I guess he isn't all the things he claims to be...Oil Exec, etc.

    I spoke to "Okie" only once, by phone. Charlatan is too soft of a word. But I can assure you, he is not someone else. But WHO he is is a person you would want to use Mr. Clean on....gets rid of slime and scum......

  8. Thanks D.C.! Well, I did say it was a bit of an assumption, but the motives are definitely has to have some personal gain to it, because nobody intentionally makes claims that many times that are obviously completely false without good reason. Then again, if it is in fact a matter of him being clinically diagnosed with some mental diability that brings on the need for such actions, which based on how outlandish his statements are, may be entirely possible if not done for some personal agenda of his.

  9. I'm going to give you guys my theory. I believe there are several master pumpers with aliases and alter egos who pump for them. I'd break them up into about four groups. Let's just say that one is called Hank26 and he works alongside of the BS group with intel provided by a dealer named Habib. Then there's a group that was started by a guy named Medicine Man who had guys like Alan Idaho, sammy2, and Brightlight on his site. Totally separate from Hank26 and that crowd. Then there's a guy named Smokie with guys named bullshmit, grizzly ... etc. posting for him. And finally there's a guy named Don Adamson AKA Checkplease who stole thousands of members from Alan Idaho and started his own guru site with guys like Chef, Cobra, JimmyVG, and TommyDynamite working with him. They say you can't con a con. I think these con artists saw the potential in the dinar scam and each developed their own pumping operation with unique invented personalities and approaches. Probably have paid writers and researchers to develop material. Again, just a theory.

    1. I think your pretty much right on Sam. I think Adam is the original ringleader (con man) he and a small group of others started to form websites, blogs, forums, chat rooms and conference calls expressly for the purpose of making the American public purchase Dinars with the anticipation that the dinar was going to revalue at any moment. Secondly, these same pumpers have been earning commissions on all of the financial advisors telling the holders of the Dinar how to hide the potential cash in after the dinar revalues from the IRS with offshore corporations and banks. Adams "VIP Room" for example.

      They have been successful as I personally know of many Dinar holders that have spent thousands of dollars setting up the offshore accounts.


  11. I think Sam's theory is about as close to reality as we're going to get until a thorough investigation is completed. The scam has grown and many branches have sprouted from the original designers as it became clear how much money there was to be made. Greed and opportunity breed corruption. Ignorance fuels the fire. Information from sites like this one may help to extinguish some hot spots, but only arrests with major publicity, or ultimately, action by Iraq on the future of their currency will finally put out what has likely become the largest financial fire in history in terms of Dollar volume and number of victims.

    1. Want to see how the insanity has grown?

      That's a thread from September, 2006. The "guru" was the time's version of Oakie, a fat loudmouted liar named Shotgun Susie who had the best intel, boots on the ground, inside sources among the Kurds and a lawyer working at the CBI among others.

      But one of the things I find interesting in this day of Oakie posting rates of $14, or $23 etc... is that back in the day, the conservative consensus was for an RV of 3 to a dollar or so, and Susie was the batshit crazy contingent making wild claims of it RVing OVER A DOLLAR, this particular "way out there" was for $1.68.

      See, it's a matter of this or that Guru having to have the biggest RV and the best story. Let's face it, the 33 cent is crazy as a shithouse rat to begin with, but after a while the people saying $1.68 kept saying it loud enough and long enough that some, blinded by greed, started rationalizing reasons that no matter if it's crazy, it MIGHT be true. And as that happened, the GURU saying it got more popular and in order for the other ones, and the new ones, to get noticed was to say even higher rates, even more made up reasons why THEY were right and that other GURU was just a pumper. So soon the "conservative" ones worked up their way, built new myths that became gospel, came up with new and ever more convoluted storylines and scenarios that had to prove they were right and had to prove how the other GURUs were wrong.

      No one in 2006 was talking about "Chapter VII" because that myth had not been made up yet. And that myth, BTW is complete BS, you know. "Chapter VII is a part of US bankruptcy law, but it's a phrase our mind is comfortable with and sounds official and is very easy to accept, it makes the user of the term sound like they're "in the know" to those who don't known any better. In fact, the legal mechanism used to intervene in Iraq in 1990 (not in 2003) was UN Charter Article VII, and there is no 'out from under" it, and after there is no move to 'IMF Chapter VIII" it's all just a story. Invented by some guru looking through press stories, often translated so that "Article VII' became "Chapter VII" and they were off to the races. They found a story that no other guru had, and they alone knew the scoop on why it didn't happen this time, OF COURSE! It was ready to RV except they haven't been released from Chapter VII yet! and if the OTHER gurus weren't idiot lying pumpers, they would have known this LIKE I DID!

      Take a little free time and go back and read the old school forums. First look how many stories are the same stories they tell now, but also look at how many of the "accepted facts" weren't made up yet, it's an interesting exercise.

    2. For instance, look at this post from June of 2007!

      I was talking to a friend/acquaintence tonight about the future of dinar. He was very excited about and began talking about all the positives that are occurring. However, his take was that with laws passed and oil companies coming in, that we would begin to see an increase in value of the dinar, "in 90 days" & "we could possibly see a value of 50-75 cents in a year". My enthusiam was dampered just a bit as talk of an overnight RV has had me about to bust through my skin.

      So what do you think? Will we really see an overnight RV or are we destined for slow growth over 1-2 years? All pros and cons of both models are welcome.

    3. F8 that's some awesome digging dude. Thanks for the comments.

    4. Shotgun actually got her start on Investors Iraq forum before heading over to Rolclub.
      The first pumpers I remember where a group called the Fab 5. They were lead by Clay75. The pump at the time was 30 cents, then I remember 40 some cents, then they actually called a buck. The Fab 5 got exposed as dinar dealers and they disappeared overnight. I’d bet they are still around today, just posting under different names.
      Shotgun was one of their most ardent supporters. She gained a big following for her crazy claims and it wasn’t long before she suddenly had all these “contacts” for the dinar. It was simply dinar dealers calling her and pretending to be people in the know. Feeding her lies to pass to the masses. Turns out ShotgunSusie was a bit slow on the uptake. She had been in a car accident that almost killed her and left her brain damaged. That was all verified by an article in a local paper where the accident had happened. She had then moved to Alaska. It was shortly after that was discovered that she ran off to the cover of Rolclub where Neno protected her from any criticism… or facts for that matter.
      I heard eventually she and Neno had a falling out. Don’t know what ever became of her.

    5. One of the things that has allowed some of this is google translate or other online translations. That's how Article VII became chapter VII for instance. It's also now being twisted all over in the 3 zero Redenomination.

      Also, one I remember recently was someone saying something would happen "in a matter of days" when a closer translation would be "in the future".

      Anyhow, if you go back and read the ROLCLUB archives, if you start at about page 12 and go back from there, you'll see the same story we have now, different players and different "must happen" events. The HCL was around then, some talk of "Chapter IV" but no Chapter VII yet. There was a petroleum conference in April of 2007 and the similarities between that event and the current Arab Summit are almost word for word. But of course anyone saying "as high as 1:1" would be laughed out of most forums, and might get banned in others.

      I really wonder how many of the big gurus from back then are the same ones we have now, with different names. There was a "Texas Lady" in the day who sounded an awful lot like "Texas Granny" to name one I suspect.

      And then there's this gem...


      Yes, although similar in the devaluation aspect, it was totally different since there was an infrastructure in place before Saddam invaded Kuwait. You have to understand that most thought the invasion was the end of Kuwait, and rightfully so, and with that fear, the Kuwaiti dinar dropped, and continued to drop to a low of just under .10 at its lowest.

      Now for anyone who saw that U.S. would never allow Saddam to seize another oil rich country and get away with it, investing in Kuwaiti dinar was a unique opportunity, but there again, you had to have connections in country as this was a sudden devaluation, not like Iraq where it was a controlled devaluation, so you cannot compare the two.

      As to potential for those who did take advantage of investing in Kuwaiti dinar, many did very well, and thinking back, I wish I had socked everything I had into dinar like a couple of business associates did who were working in Kuwait for several years, before and after Saddam, so when Iraq situation presented itself, heck, I would have to be a fool not to dump all I had into it and go for another ride, only longer this time around. lol

      As I have seen it, with a controlled devaluation as was the case in Iraq, who would be fool enough not to realize it has to be restored sooner or later, after all, it is logical, but at the same time, with no stability in Iraq, it was different than Kuwait situation. In fact, as we have all seen, Iraq is probably the investment of a lifetime, far bigger than Kuwait, Germany and any other event that impacted currency in our lifetimes. You would have to be crazy not to take a shot and invest knowing what will happen eventually, and I know restoration will be the minimum to expect and then rise as the Iraq infrastructure is built, which it already is compared when Saddam was raping country for personal gains with days of massive corruption.

      Frustrating to wait, but with what we have seen here, it is only a matter of time, so unfortunately, patience is what we all must have plenty of. As with most who have been involved from beginning, we all knew this was unchartered water and no one had a clue when value of dinar would be restored, but everything we know now says it will, and soon, very soon, so hang in their dinar gang, we are close.

      Good luck and health to all, Mike

      That is from a poster named OffShore Wealth...a guy named Mike, from Wisconsin.....

      And another poster from back then who isn't around anymore is a guy named DinarDanny who is pretty interesting to dig around, too.

    6. Hmmmmm.....mike from Wisconsin sounds like someone else from Wisconsin

    7. really, sam has my address, phone number and name, so stop....

    8. No that guy named "mike" sounds way too smart to be you. There's another major player from Wisconsin that runs a forum

    9. Unbelievable, callingfoolsout.....this always seems to turn into a pissing contest between you and sonny1. Who's winning?

    10. I know d.c its almost like he is stalking me. Its actually embarrassing

    11. I don't know either one of you, but it sounds like he's intimidated by you. I'm all for intelligent conversation, but sadly, these "poking matches" are way too juvenile for me. Think I'll stick to Sam's posts, and leave the schoolyard. Good luck!

    12. I don't know either one of you. But....As much as I like this site, and the balance it provides, sadly I'm gonna sign off here. I had hoped this would be a place of intelligent dialog, but sadly, it's ruined by the schoolyard stuff. Got better things to do than read this.

      Good luck!

    13. It's called calling a spade a spade. Sonny you embarrass yourself.

    14. I am being serious here, your embarrassing yourself, and now your fading people out of here, use your head

  12. for the record - OKIE IS PILOT - they are one and the same

  13. Thanks anti-guru.What makes you say this? Is this something that he said, or something that someone found out which revealed this, or is this an assumption based on vernacular and things that were said? Thanks!

  14. OK, 1st post here. I think SAM I AM said it (or somebody else did) but the quote was (paraphrasing also) "Is that the average Dinar investor would rather be affirmed than informed" to which I agree. I am looking at the Iraqis and nobody else. I KNOW these people, worked there for 3 years during OIF, and 3 months during Desert Storm, the ONLY thing that Iraqis are good at; is blaming OTHER people for their problems! First it was the British, then the British endorsed Monarchy, then the Iranians, Saddam and his sons, the Americans, the terrorists, Al-Queda, ad infinitum. . . .
    So when this deal DOESN'T go down like we expect it to, I hv only the Iraqis to blame. I feel sorry for those who hv brought GOD into this mess, how can you reconcile with a Minister/ Priest/ Holy Man/ and, OR GOD who sold you trash?
    I bought mine from Habib's Used Camel and Sheep Sales, down on the corner of MSR 1 and the Tigris, you guys should go see him if you're in the market for a used camel of sheep! lol

  15. Interesting thread and comments going on here. There are a few things that I want to clear up though. It is in fact Chapter 7 under the charter of the united nations. See link below directly to the UN website. Chapter 7 was not a made up issue. Coming out of restrictions placed on them via the use of chapter 7 sanctions does not guarantee and RV however, as was stated in this thread. But I do believe that as long as they have this over their heads the currency is not going to move enough to be able to count it as any real profit if that ever occurs.

    The IMF uses articles. Iraq is under article 14 with the IMF and the goal is article 8. Please see link below.

    Article XIV: Transitional Arrangements

    1. Notification to the Fund
    2. Exchange restrictions
    3. Action of the Fund relating to restrictions

    Article VIII: General Obligations of Members

    1. Introduction
    2. Avoidance of restrictions on current payments
    3. Avoidance of discriminatory currency practices
    4. Convertibility of foreign-held balances
    5. Furnishing of information
    6. Consultation between members regarding existing international agreements
    7. Obligation to collaborate regarding policies on reserve assets

    Notice the big difference between the two. Article 14 countries still have restrictions on their exchange and article 8 does not. With Iraq still being article 14 they have a ton of red tape to be able to move money in and out of that country which is a huge hinderance to getting investors to come in and jump start that economy.

    Iraq is a wealthy country that has a tremendous amount of problems. The scam is not the currency itself but lies in the willy nilly gurus who promise things they know nothing about and won't admit that we could get nothing just as easily as make a few cents.

  16. Say you have accumulated 10 million dinar and think you're gonna be rich. Iraq announces that they are going to replace the currency with the new 'no zero' notes. Being a typical dinaidjit, you think you're rich! but eventually it will get pounded into your head that no, it's just like everyone has been saying, (on DV they had to say it in a special closet, but still) it's a straight LOP. That's okay, you think, long term investment and all, so you begin to make your plans to swap your old notes for the new. No bank will touch it, they've all said for years they wouldn't and for the love of Bob, it wasn't just smoke and mirrors, they really aren't going to touch it. So you call your online pump it up dinar dealers. No one answers. Hell, they've known all along, and once the word was out, they wisely went into hiding at an undisclosed location with Dick Cheney. For there safety.
    About this time, you finally get a straight answer that the expiration date that the desperately stupid on the forums is not only real, but you're gonna have to go to Iraq, not to cash in and be rich, but just to keep from losing the 10 grand you have in the dinar in the closet. So you look on and find out it's gonna be $1500 and take two days (actual Priceline price, I checked) but hey, if you don't go, you're gonna lose it all because even Ebay at $350 a million is drying up by now, you're not the only one panicking. So you take a week off work, get your flight and go, with 10 million dinar in your checked bag, to Kuwait. There you find that to rent a car to go to Iraq is illegal, so you have to hire a driver from the livery service adn this is a big boom to them, another $1,000. You hate to do it, but you're gonna lose $10,000 so you do. You get to the border and the customs agent opens your bag, has a big episode and eventually explains to you that it's illegal to bring in
    a) any
    b)more than X
    Dinars, but this being Iraq, if you give him half of them, he'll not notice the other half. Now you're getting pissed, but hey, half or nothing, so you negotiate (thanks for the advice on cash in Adam Montana!) him down to giving him 3 million and letting you keep 7 million.
    Okay, you've flown around the world, taken a week off work, paid bribes spent big money for a flight, car after a night listening to the bombs go off in town, you finally make it down to the local Warka Bank. You want to both cash in, and check up on the $2500 you deposited there when the very smart Guru told you to. You're very happy they're still open. after the stories of them being insolvant etc...
    SO you go in the bank, the teller tells you that yes, the accounts are fine, although all the citizens lost 25% of their deposits. What? The foreigners? Well, they lost everything, the recovery funds only paid out Iraqis. So sorry. So, let's cash in your dinar for the new notes, shall we? You can cahs in as much as you want, up to 1 million dinar per day. You have 7 million? Oh my, why would anyone want to cash in 3 and a half years pay all at once? Sorry, there are no exceptions.

    So you go get a room, cause, well, this is gonna take a week. Your livery won't stay a week, but he'll gladly come back next week to pick you up, it'll only be $1500. The bank takes the 10% tax Iraq has imposed on all foreign cash ins.

    So lets recap, $1500 for the flight, $2500 for the car, $500 for a hotel room, $3000 for the bribe going into the country, oh, and we didn't mention the $1500 more they took to let you leave with more than the limit, either.

    Can you see where this is going? People are gonna lose everything because even if you have ten million, it's gonna cost that much or more to simply exchange them old notes for new.

    And that's why the dealers are gonna be hard to find.

  17. Well said F8, dealers buy for 860 (roughly), sell for upwards of 1200 per million, and then when Iraq re denominates they will gouge again so basically there is a 600 dollar spread per million coming folks way. Yes the dealers could just disappear, though I think if they do have access to the new notes they will want their greedy paws in that gouge as well. Just an opinion, but like I've tried to tell folks. It's your money folks and personally Ebay has been my friend as of late and the Arab summit pumping helped me sell off almost all of mine. I Rv'd already because I would of spent it on something stupid anyway. Wait did I just say that? ROFL!

    1. I've been telling everyone to sell before its too late. You can get at least $1000.00 per million from the delusional who think that the rd is a great thing do they buy before its too late lol. The whole event is a fantasy and there will never be an overnight jump of 1,000 or 100,000% in the iqd!!! Sell now before it's too late people

    2. It's going to be hard if not impossible to get dinar INTO Iraq during the exchange period. It has been illegal under most circumstances to take Dinar out since the new notes were issued, and let's face it, refusing to let them come home to be exchanged is free money to them. Why in the world would they let you back in with money that should never have left. And the dealers are gonna disappear, I can promise you that. They can't get it back in country any more than you can and I'm guessing that a few of their customers are going to be anywhere from disappointed to phucking pissed at them, if they have any sense they'll become invisible. Sure after the exchange they'll be back, but likely with new names. As for the guru pumpers, get ready for Iowa LP gas man....

  18. was a paying member (stupid, I know) of PTR and just yesterday 4/22/2012 I was quickly booted and banned from PTR after posting legit articles about dinar scams wanting a logical debate as to to why the scam articles are not true but the words of Dan, Tony and Gary are true. I was promptly booted and banned from their so-called site.


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