Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kap, Kap, Kap ......

Wow!  The competition for this week's Douchie was outstanding!  The best I've seen in months.  First we had this from Studley on Sunday.

[Studley] Thank the Chinese, Legarde, our Special Veterans, and other Patriots around the world… they saved this at the last minute, we are in overtime, our backs are against the wall, this MUST come out now, otherwise very bad things will start happening around the world, there is a line in the sand…. this will be either a new glorious era, or you will see institutions crumble, along with major problems in the financial markets…
I believe we will see the finish line in the next 24 to 36 hours…. Our country is being cleansed of a very bad element that has been allowed to steal from great Americans for decades…. There will be a great reckoning shortly….be ready for some very unique times….. God Bless you all

Well the 36 hours passed, along with the rest of the week and so far no major problems in the financial markets other than what we've already seen for the last three years.  Then we had this from jonnywg, also on Sunday.

2:19 PM CST: 3sIntel [jonnywg] OVER THE PAST 3 MONTHS we have stated on this site that the rv was near, soon or imminent………something always blocked it …..SWEET QUEEN declared the RV LAST WEEK AND WE KNOW IT WAS PUT IN MOTION BUT AGAIN BLOCKED…. in the past 2 weeks over 100 top banking executives were forced to resign, over a 100 others were arrested, and 250 banks were raided by interpol. BY TODAY 99% of the problems have been erased. I feel today may be our day, TODAY may bring a global reset to help us all, TODAY may be a giant step for mankind with all of the social packages to be released … TODAY may be the day that we get the opportunity of a lifetime, TODAY we may step forward into a bright future ….. I feel TODAY may be our day.

This nonsense about all of the bank executives resigning spread like wildfire.  The implication being that the RV is somehow tied into this worldwide "reset".  Even Brad Huebner from the BH Group tried to get in on the global settlements crapola in his conference call.  (I guess it's desperation time for Brad in light of his recent troubles.)  Folks, there are thousands upon thousands of bank executives in the world, and most of them are not young.  They retire all the time.  I'm not even sure that it's true about the resignations, but if it is it may very well be that the number of execs resigning is higher now due to the restructuring of the financial world rather than some global crackdown by interpol.  Do a quick keyword search in Google for "interpol" and "banks" and "raids" and see if you can confirm what jonnywg said.  All I found was something about raids in Spain and South America in response to cyber attacks against government and commercial enterprises.  Nothing about bank raids.

Then on Tuesday a guy named leo posted this.


Well I guess the sites were too chatty because it didn't happen.  Darn the luck! As entertaining as all of this douchebaggery was, one post stood out among all of them.  It wasn't rate and date intel stuff.  It was news analysis.  I am more convinced every day that the people spinning the news are doing more harm than the intel douches because most people know better than to listen to the likes of Okie, jonnywg, and TonyTNT, but unfortunately they think that some of these newshound gurus know what they're talking about. 

This is an excerpt from a post that Kaperoni did on Tuesday.

kaperoni: "According to the agreements, the new bill will be printed by a European company and introduced to the market gradually and in a well-planned schedule to ensure it will not result in shocks and would not have a negative impact on the market," explained MP Khalil. He added the exchange rate between the new banknotes and the old ones would be 1:1,000.”

kaperoni: This is an extremely powerful statement.

kaperoni: I was thinking about this today…1:1000.

kaperoni: Let me tell you exactly what they are saying here. This is telling us no LOP or re-denomination is going to happen. Because they are telling you the difference between the “old and new banknotes”. In order for this to be true, the notes have to be honored at the printed face value. If, for example, a LOP or re-denomination occurred (changing the value), they would state the exchange rate between the new and old notes would be 1:1, meaning they now have the same value or a neutral event. But that is not the case. They are clearly stating 1:1000.

They already did a 1:1 exchange in 2003 and it wasn't a lop because there was no change in the exchange rate.  It was done primarily to get rid of the old Saddam dinars and demonetize the dinar held by terrorists.  Sure, it was a value neutral event, but that doesn't mean that 1:1000 isn't a neutral event.    

Now let me tell you exactly what they are saying here.  They're saying exactly what it looks like they're saying!!!  The exchange rate between the new banknotes and the old ones would be 1:1000 as in new = 1 and old = 1000.  In other words they give you a new 25 note worth $21.50 for your old 25K IQD note worth $21.50.  They give you a new 10 note worth $8.60 for your old 10K IQD note worth $8.60.  They introduce a new currency worth 1000 times more with 1000 times less in circulation. That's what we call a redenomination, or cutting the zeros, or deleting the zeros .... whatever else you want to call it - it spells L O P !!!   Don't try to spin this to mean anything else, dude.  They couldn't be any clearer.   

The expressed purpose for the redenomination according to the CBI is to ease cash transactions, or as Shabibi said when he was in DC last year to "facilitate payments".  It's not to "make dinar holders millionaires".  Your take on this suggests that Iraq is telling us that they are going to increase the value of the IQD 1000 times and make us all rich.  Really?  In case you're not aware of it countries don't announce revaluations ahead of time.  But they are obligated to announce redenominations ahead of time in order to avoid chaos.  They are clearly announcing an RD here, Kap.  As Judge Judy would say, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.  Congrats on winning your second Douchie.


  1. Oh kaps alter ego rockinrich will be in here defending himself. Lol. How can they still try and say this is a good thing. Are people really that desperate to shut down all logical thinking and common sense. It's a sad world her in dinar land

  2. I vote for Okie Oil Man. He outright called the RV at least twice since Mid February and professed himself as 'early Okie' Kap works hard to uncover facts, give him a break.

    1. I'll keep your vote in mind when this blog becomes a democracy. ;-)

      Okie has already won several Douchies and there's a good chance he'll win more, but as I pointed out most people have figured out that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Unfortunately many haven't with Kap, Breitling, Adam Montana, Phoenix ... etc.

    2. Exactly Sam. Anyone still falling for the likes of Okie are beyond help and bring to mind the statement "You can't fix stupid". Kap and Breitling deserve a big Douchie practically every time they speak. They spew falsehoods constantly. They have both taken the 1000:1 statement and proclaimed to mean no lop. That's stunning... because I'm not sure how much more clear they can make it than saying 1000 old for 1 new... which without a single bit of doubt is a lop. It's like Breitling's recent claim that Iraq's statement about reducing the money supply back to billions means no lop. WHAT?? That is EXACTLY what a lop does in this case. It's stunning to watch this ignorance play out.

  3. This is in response to other these quotes and other things Kap has said,

    To quick points....First name one time in history when a revalue happened above 50 one time it happened above 35 percent...Second name one time a revalue happened and at the same time they released a different set of currency. Let me help you out here kap, none of this has ever happened before. If they are talking about two sets of currency then they are talking about a redenomination. and if there are two iso numbers it is all over!!!!

    For a nations currency to be used as a reserve it means that currency will be used to back other currencies. I can see given the stability of Iraq that nations are just lining up to do this. (yeah right) To take the now 60 trillion in circulation and revalue that to 86 cents or even a dollar creates a debt liability that is 5 times greater then our national debt. A redenomination will raise the value of the currency and at the same time relieve the debt obligations that come from an RV

    The cost of the Iraq war is contributed to the cost of the War on terror. Iraq will not need to pay for that with dinar.

    "The costs of the War on Terror are often contested, as academics and critics of the component wars (including the Iraq War) "

    So by these news links it is evident that America is paying for the Iraqi war. Oil revenues from Iraq are suppose to be used in rebuilding the country. just a side note...Oil is sold in dollars not dinar. Iraq's M2 money supply is a little over 60 trillion (according to the CBI)this is base money that has not been expanded through the debt process. Our M2 is somewhere around 9 or 10 trillion. Iraq has a population of somewhere around 32 million people. Our currency is a reserve currency and it is global and we have a population around 310 million people. Given these facts it only seems logical that Iraq could very well redenominate. To discount this is foolish beyond belief!

    Here is a mind blower. The money supply is expanded through debt. this means that every dollar in your wallet represents someone else in debt. This also means that the 4 trillion in debt from this war is in circulation in the form of US dollars!!! Why should Iraq pay for that!!!!

  4. I find it interesting that you try to prove Kap's wrong when he does nothing but put out what the CBI or IMF or World Bank state. I have yet to see him take information out of context, he simply presents it. So you really should be asking these questions to those entities rather than Kap. Oh, but it easier to just bash him right? I think you should call that Senator and ask him just how much Iraq is on the hook for. He is the one who made the statement, "Iraq will pay for the cost of the war in oil." However that is accomplished is not Kap's problem, he is just the messenger (borrowed that from Okie). I know Kap wants to buy a plane with all the new cashflow, i would highly doubt any of you will get an invite for a ride. But then again, you will be sitting at home with your jaws open wondering how you all could have miscalculated this event.

    1. Kap claims on lops.
      1. Any type of currency devaluation (LOP) is considered a failure of monetary policy. Dr. Shabibi has not failed.

      That is a flat out lie. First a lop is not a devaluation. Secondly, lops for the most part are done as the culmination of successful monetary policy to reduce inflation. The lop simply removes the effects of the past inflation.

      2. Lesser value notes in circulation such as 50, 250, 500. Devaluing the larger 3 zero notes would make them worth less than these lesser notes.

      While that statement is true, it again is a massive distortion on Kap’s part. Because the redenomination/lop does not devalue ANY of the currency. All current notes, large and small will retain their current value and be replaced with new notes at a rate of 1000 old for 1 new.

      3. Iraq wants the dinar to be an international reserve currency. Cannot devalue the notes in reserve (25,000), circulate them as payment, or traded amongst countries.

      Another pumper lie pushed by Kap. I’ve challenged a number of people to show me the article where Iraq claimed the dinar would become an international reserve currency. The second part of his sentence is just nonsense. Again, nothing is being devalued.

      4. Iraq holds arguable the second largest oil reserves and is mineral rich. They are too wealthy to not honor the value stated on the notes.

      Again, they will honor the face value of the current notes at the current rate. But if they issue a new currency with the new rate (redenomination) they WILL NOT honor the old notes at the new rate.

      5. Iraq has stated..They want the “strongest currency in the Middle East” Any such type of LOP would be a devaluation and therefore not considered strong.

      This is another ridiculous misinterpretation pushed by Kap and other gurus. First, he again claims a lop would be a devaluation. Secondly, The exchange rate for a currency has nothing to do with it being a strong or weak currency. It’s about the BACKING of the currency. The Iraqi dinar is currently backed by over 100% in reserves. That makes it a very strong currency.


    2. Kap claims continued---

      6. US holds dinar as a result if funding the CBI initial reserves. This dinar will eventually payoff the war debt.

      Again… Kap spreads pumper unsubstantiated claims. No proof ever that the US holds one single dinar. It was also a huge misinterpretation to think Iraq would pay us back monetarily for the war.

      7. One of the authors of the currency exchange plan – Assistant Professor Dr. Fadel states in his documentation, “We must emphasize the extremely important issue is that if you remove three zeroes from the currency should not affect the actual value thereof to be trading in the old currency

      Kap claims this means no lop. Again he seems to be thinking about lops devaluing the currency. Nothing is further than the truth and the quote from the professor states that exactly. "Removing zeros doesn not effect the value of the old currency". How Kap misinterprets that is amazing.

      8. In 2003 when the NID was introduced at it’s initial rate, the previous currency was in essence devalued taking all wealth from the country to prevent funding of terrorism. Raising the currencies value will in essence, return that wealth now that the GOI is stable and economic conditions have improved.

      Again… Kap pushing pumper lies. The previous currency was devalued over 20 years ago. It was over 3000:1 prior to our invasion. It is widely reported that the only currency in use in Iraq prior to the invasion was the 10,000 and a 250. Here’s a quote form Hugh Tant…
      “There were basically only two denominations of that: there was a 10,000-dinar
      Note, which was worth about $5, and there was a 250-dinar note, which was worth about 12.5 cents, 12 cents. “

      Kap and a lot of dinar holders seem to believe the rate was 3:1 just before the war. So he thinks dirt poor Iraqis were running around in Iraq with only $750 and $30,000 bills in their pockets.

      9. The CBI has stated “both currencies will co-exist” and the process will not change the “monetary value” of the dinar.

      This is another statement from the CBI that Kap claims means no lop. Silly, “Both currencies will co-exist and not change the monetary value of the dinar” is EXACTLY what a lop is.

      1 post. 9 things out of context.

    3. Would't want to fly with Kap anyway. Especially if his interpretations of articles is any indication of his flying skills.

    4. Wow DaveD! Great analysis. Maybe I should have you do a few posts.

  5. Kap didn't just put out what they stated. He twisted what they said to make it mean the opposite of what they were clearly stating. Thus the Douchie. I don't need to ask the CBI what they meant. They couldn't have been clearer. A little study of redenominations is all you need to understand them. As for that senator, he didn't say that Iraq will pay for the cost of the war in oil. He said "we were told ... etc." He's a democrat following the party line that Bush said the war wouldn't cost us anything when in fact Bush never said it. Prove me wrong. Show me a direct quote of Bush saying "Iraq's oil will pay for the cost of the war". All you will find are quotes from Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld saying that Iraq's oil revenues could help cover the cost of reconstruction. Kap's video link confirms that they're already contributing to that cost without the RV. Oil is sold in USD after all. There is ZERO evidence that Iraq is obligated to pay $800 billion or more to the US for the war, just as there is ZERO evidence that 1:1000 new for old means RV.

  6. Two articles to read.

    Key here is 'bold move'

    Key here is 'in the coming days which will then significantly decreased the value of U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar. '

    Eat your heart out lopster!

    1. "Iraq is working on a project to delete the zeros from the currency to facilitate financial transactions in the country with the country's openness to international markets and try to attract capital and investors to contribute to government efforts to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure as a result of decades of war and siege."

      Everything in this statement is consistent with an RD. I don't know how you read a 100,000% RV into this.

      Nobody is saying that Iraq's currency won't increase in value vs. the USD. Where we disagree is that this will happen via an RV. I think the fact that they're saying that they will issue new currency at a higher value with a lower money supply tells you how they'll accomplish that. L O P!

  7. Just do your own research folks. I won't defend anyone be it Sam or myself, but I'm all about my own investment interests. If you defend a "guru" because what he or she says makes you feel better about how much you've spent, you're just being lazy. Protect the money you've spent, and take charge. Simple as that!

  8. Great job, Sam. Anybody who doesn't agree with your idea of a LOP is given one of your cherished awards. Anybody with access to a computer, an opinion and an axe to grind can become a Dinar Expert too, apparently. As the Ultimate Supreme Exalted Dinar Guru, then, since your opinion is the only one which counts - I wonder... in the off chance that this thing does not turn out the way you think it will, who's going to call you to the carpet and poke at you with a sharp stick? Or will you rise above the level of integrity you point out that most of the other gurus don't have?

    Folks - we can all stop looking for The Guru with The RIght Stuff. And we can stop thinking for ourselves too, those of us who tend to do that. Sam I Am is the Ultimate Supreme Exalted Dinar Guru, and if you don't see this happening as a lop - well then, shame on you. You deserve his scorn and ridicule.

    Go ahead, Sam. Poke at me with your sharp stick. Who am I to disagree with you?

    1. Debra, I think that you have missed the point here then. The issue is that he makes these claims, and never supports his statements. Everything that Sam I Am has stated has been fully supported both by documented and historical facts. Kap on the other hand has not. Kap has every opportunity to address these facts that contradict everything that he is saying, but he chooses not to do so. In fact, he has done to people exactly what you say about Sam I Am, insult, name call, and then ban members from his site for disagreeing with him, and presenting facts to back their opinions saying that it is being "negative".

      Sam I Am has never banned anyone from posting their opinions, and welcomes all sides, and facts that can be presented to support both sides of a debate, but the problem is that everyone that comes in to bash this site, or support and defend one of the award recipients, they have never presented a valid argument to show how the opinion of Sam I Am was wrong, and that the recipient of this award was actually treated unfairly, because they were actually correct in what they were stating. That is the issue I have. If someone is going to say that someone's post such as Kap's is correct, rather than attacking those that disagree, provide some evidence that he or others are actually correct in what they have been saying. Thanks!

    2. Hi Deborah. No, I don't give a Douchie to everybody who disagrees with my idea of a lop. Lots of people disagree with me and I still consider them honest and ethical people. But when I see somebody clearly distorting news articles in order to present "evidence" that Iraq is telling us they're gonna RV the dinar to 1000 times its current value I have to speak up. And yes, anybody with a computer and an internet connection can create a blog about the dinar, but not just anybody can create a blog that will draw readers and initiate discussion. Many have tried by the way, with limited results. If people don't consider my viewpoints relevant they don't have to read. It's as simple as that. I'm not a guru, by the way. I'm a watchdog.

    3. JayP, sorry my friend, but you are factually wrong. Of course you will not care to examine the truth of this, however it is nonetheless true. I applaud your devotion to the guru of your choice, Sam I Am, but you are flat-out wrong in your bold claim that nobody has ever "presented a valid argument to show how the opinion of Sam I Am is wrong." At best, you are simply ignorant. He must appreciate your loyalty, though. We all have to believe in somebody. But slamming people to promote your own opinions is tacky, and this blog is tacky. And although the last couple of lines in your retort are quite witty, most of us stopped using such pathetic, transparent attempts at one upmanship in our early teen years.

      And as for being a 'watchdog" - if that is so, you surely are a vicious one. Not many gurus like to be called gurus. After the RV, when you have no more use of this grossly named blog, I hope you find better use for your time and intellect than throwing your rude, egotistical, condescending "opinions" at people. Perhaps you should be a sports writer.

      Thank you for so graciously allowing my reply.

    4. I would love to be a sports writer. At least then I wouldn't have to listen to stories about people who lost their homes, families, and health due to overextending themselves in this investment because of the incessant pumping and misrepresentation of facts coming from the forums. You might think my approach is tacky and gross, and maybe it is. Maybe I should start every post off with "I respectfully disagree". But given the track record of lies, exploitation, and fraud perpetrated in the dinar world I am at a loss when I try to understand why I am the focus of criticism rather than the con artists and pumpers I'm addressing. Tens of thousands of people are clinging to false hope here, thinking that any day now their lottery ticket will kick in and all of their worries will be over. That's very sad, don't you agree? I get emails all the time from people who have read my blog and thank me for opening their eyes. If it takes going over the top a bit to get my point across then I guess that's what I'll do. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  9. Kap deserves his own special Douchie for this...

    Kaperoni merchandise... too funny.

  10. wow sam errr i mean chuckles giving kap another douchie huh well when this thing is all said and done kap will have the last laugh and all you loppers ill bet my house that you all have dinar just in case your wrong i find it funny how none of you will come into chat or get on a call and try to debate him on the issues.

    1. Actually rockinrich, I did disagree with Kap, in a very respectful manner, providing proof and evidence to support my position on the topic of a redenomination, deleting zeros, and his belief that the notes have already been printed.

      When I presented my proof, hoping to have a mature and respectful discussion, and asked for his evidence, rather than providing any evidence, to include evidence of the pictures he has claimed to have seen of the new notes, he banned me from his site. He has yet to provide the evidence that I have asked him for.

      This is unfortunately the standard for those that have a way of distorting the facts of what a redenomination is, how it would work, and what it would mean to our investment. They say things, but have never once been able to support their position with any documented or historical facts, outside of twisting quotes in articles by leaving out key details.

      So the truth is, yes, there are those of us that have been willing to discuss these topics with him, and others, they just ban so that those people cannot question them anymore. Of course, if he and others have evidence to prove anyone wrong, he can always respond here to this Blog post, and explain his position, and provide the evidence that I have asked for. I for one would like to see what he has to bring...

  11. Don't hold your breath waiting for a reply, JayP. Those criminals have been challenged repeatedly to provide evidence of ANYTHING they've claimed and NOT ONE of them has EVER done so. They can't provide the evidence because it does not exist. Their only defense is to eliminate the challenger, and one would THINK that most people would be smart enough to see it. Unfortunately, the majority are not.

    Their information is fabricated, and after overwhelming evidence has established that fact, the simple truth is that people will ultimately get exactly what they deserve for having been gullible enough to fall for it. As long as people are desperate enough to believe the nonsense they've put forth absolutely non-stop for more than 5 years now, and the perpetrators continue to make money hand over fist selling Dinars and promoting their B.S. websites, the carnage will continue unabated unless or until they are prosecuted, or until Iraq finally acts to RD and issue a new currency, whichever occurs first.

    Those who have been brainwashed to believe that spending $1,200 to purchase $860 worth of non-tradable Dinars will "soon" be made millionaires by a third-world, unstable and impoverished country are not going to be convinced otherwise, regardless of logic, common sense and simple math. It's mind boggling, but after 3.5 years of watching and researching the insanity, I no longer have any doubt that it's true.

    1. I think that you said it perfectly, but I would definitely enjoy a good discussion of different views on these topics, so it would be nice if one of them would show something if they are being up front and honest, and truly do believe what they are saying based on some facts that are out there. If they cannot, or will not do so, then it is odd to me that those who will defend them so blindly cannot understand why their info is so easily questionable to those with any bit of common sense. If they are not being up front and honest with themselves or others, then it would make sense that they would not want to discuss this with those that question their information they put out there, and as you said, just eliminate the challenger, and not debate in a forum where they can be responded to directly.

      As you said though... I am definitely not allowing myself turn blue from holding my breath....

  12. It’s pretty funny. Rockinrich posts on an Iraqi news sight that I post on. He has brought up Kap and other guru lies there a number of times. I’ve called him on it and asked him to provide the link for the claims dozens of times. He always replies with “I’ll get that for you”. He has never once come back with the link. As we know, the link doesn’t exist. It’s made up crap. I would have thought that after 20 or so attempts to go find a link he promised me… and not being able to find one of them, or even get his idol Kap to supply one… I would have thought it might sink in that some of the stuff he believes just might not be true. But like a good soldier, he continues on. Parroting the same lies over and over.

  13. The bottom line is that convincing those who are desperate and/or gullible that they merely have to be "patient" and wait to turn their mere "thousands" of Dollars into "millions" is really a fairly easy pill to swallow if they truly believe there's even a slim chance it might happen. Who wouldn't wait a few years to become a millionaire? That's why this thing works so well and why these pumpers and website owners have been so successful for so long. The victims become convinced that they have very little to lose by waiting for tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow never comes, and very few are able to calculate the potential losses. They're repeatedly told that the most they can lose is 20% or so of their investment. The reality is that it's more like 60% - potentially much MORE if there is eventually difficulty exchanging back to U.S. Dollars.

  14. Deborah like many others have put on a pair of "RV glasses" so that everything they read, be it news or guru pump, makes perfect sense and supports their need to be millionaires. It seems time is the best cure for this...they finally start seeing the cracks in all of the guru's stories and lies...then start doing some research on their own....then finally take off the RV glasses. It won't matter what proof you provide to some of these people.


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