Friday, March 16, 2012

Delta and Shabibi

This is an excerpt from a transcript of a conference call made by Frank Villa and his sidekick Delta on Monday 3/12/12.

Posted  09:41 PM
Frank’s CC Notes 3.12.2012

Delta arrives on the call.

A week or two ago Delta’s contact got in touch with Shabibi. Dr. Shabibi told him they are going to do this before the Arab Summit. Delta thanks Mary Cooper and WalkingStick newshounds for the articles. Yes indeed! BRAVO!!

Lots of good news from Iraqia TV says Delta

Article speaks of person who picks up phone and talks with Dr. Shabibi. Almost what Shabibi said to Delta’s contact was in the article that came out today. This is a huge article says Delta. All the majors are developed. The CBI in the coming days are going to be done. Today they promised that this is going to be done. Significant decrease in the value of the dollar against the dinar.

Private companies to be paid in Saudi Arabia. 1.2 billion but right away to be paid 408 million in 2 days by wire transfer. The CBI and GOI are ready to go and they are running late!

UN all saying same thing to get Iraq out of Chapter 7. Again on Iraiya TV Kuwait agreed to drop debt to finish everything. The borders to be reconciled! Huge!

The Arab Summit is huge for Iraq! This is a time to show your neighbor the best of the best; this is just how Arabs work culturally!!!

GCC (Saudi Arabia) asked Iraq to finish all the obligations to Kuwait.

Banking systems asked to drop the difference between IQD and USD.
RV will likely be between .86 or a little over a dollar; we can only wait to see.Call came today to Delta from his contact that Dr. Shabibi, may possibly pull the trigger THIS WEEK!

New lower denominations, patterns, history, we MAY see on Tuesday or Thursday.

Frank jumps in to say pay attention to Tuesdays and Thursdays

Looks like wire transfer to happen between Tuesday and Thursday. These are INTERNATIONAL banking days!

Calls on the Iraq 2012 budget was a stall tactic.

Meeting in Jordan, Dr. Shabibi, Minister of Finance, and another person this past week. Can only guess what was discussed behind closed doors.

Confirmation a call to Delta saying we may see it this week!!! Some lower denoms to be likely be seen! 50, 100, 200 and 1 and 2 most likely but likely no coins at this time. Perhaps later this year.

Delta shoots down the possibility of a Dinar LOP. IT”S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Iraq is going to REVALUE THEIR CURRENCY! NO LopSTERS!

Delta and Frank explain the prime article today regarding the decreasing the value of the USD against the dinar.

We see in this call that Delta makes the claim that his contact was in touch with Shabibi and was told that they would do this (revalue the IQD) by the Arab Summit (March 27-29 I believe).  So I think we can assume then that if the summit comes and goes with no RV that Delta doesn't know diddly.  Then he goes on to say that lower denoms are likely to be seen, including a new 50 note.  As I have pointed out before, Iraq already has a 50 note worth a little less than a nickel.  If there's a new 50 note introduced with a different value (like ... say $43) that would mean a redenomination since you can't have two 50s with two different values in the same currency.  In other words .... LOP!  

However Delta goes on to say that there will be no lop.  So he goes from describing a lop in one sentence to insisting that there will be no lop in the next.  If you ever had any doubt that this guy is clueless this should remove it. 

Looking forward to see what transpires and how these guys spin it.


  1. I don't think we have to wait until "the Summit" to know that Frank and Delta are full of crap. They've been loaded for several years now, to the point of overflowing. I'm still waiting to see the completed G.O.I. that Frank was telling us was "hiding" 19 months ago and still hasn't come out. :) He has no conscience whatsoever.

    Frank is undeniably the religious equivalent of a snake oil salesman. Mr. Haney from Green Acres comes to mind....."Tell ya what I'm gonna do, Mr. Douglas!" Arnold Ziffel knows more about the Dinar than these guys, and he's probably long since been consumed as bacon.

  2. Once 1...2.......3 are done we are merely T-minus x days or maybe hours away from this thing popping. We must pay attention to what they do and not what they say because they are politicians and they lie. We must believe Frank because he is man of god and would never lie.

    Frank, Anglequest, Delta, all as useless as tits on a bull when it comes to facts and information on the Iraqi dinar.

  3. LOL From what I've been told by numerous "sources", Delta is also known as $3.67Dinar. Anyone remember him? What a fake he was. I remember someone calling him the Pigeon, because he'd fly in and poop on everyone and then leave. He would say his friend knew Shabibi, or worked for the CBI, he always had something stupid to say to blind the sheeple. One day he was gone and then Delta was born. I even heard on one of franks CC's where delta let it slip about belly dancers, and frank caught him and pretended like that was a comment from $3.67Dinar. Those two are scary because they work so hard to deceive.

  4. Sad, pathological people. Impossible to insult. Impossible to stop them. They all, are true parasites in society.


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