Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This was brought to my attention today from another forum. 

I was wondering the other day about this guy Sam I Am. The self-proclaimed ‘watchdog’ of the dinar community. Is he really this good Samaritan exposing the confusion to the dinar investment? The lion tamer of misguided dinar gurus who he refers to ‘incessant pumping and misrepresentation of facts’ to innocent victims in which he is trying to save? Is Sam I Am really all this or is there a devious sinister cash producing motive at the expense of Iraqi dinar holders behind his blog page? The root of all evil after all is money right? I decided to venture out and see if I could pinpoint a more luring and lucrative purpose for his blog. A motive that all seem to find attractive – money. Here is my email to Sam I Am, you decide if he is getting paid to convince you to sell your dinar or not. Sam I Am, your own words could not have said it better. You're a DOUCHEBAG! Steve------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 3:11 PM
Subject: dinar
Evening, Your information concerns me and I think this this may be a scam investment. I do not own much dinar but i am going to sell it before i lose money. Can you recommend where I can get rid of it? Steve Gibbons 

Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 20:09:50 -0700
Subject: Re: dinar

Hi Steve. A friend of mine recommended Safe Dinar. He said they pay more than other dealers and their turnaround time is pretty quick. Good luck. -Sam
March 14, 2012 at 3:27 PM

Let me say first of all that I have never met the guys at Safe Dinar and I don't know anything about them other that what I was told by my friend who is planning on selling his dinar.  I have never run ads for them on my blog and I make no money from the sale or purchase of dinar.  I simply received an email from somebody who claimed to think the dinar is a scam (which wasn't the first email of that type that was sent to me) and tried to help them out.  Little did I know that they were trying to set me up to look like I'm profiting from from "anti-pumping".   I mean seriously, how much money would I theoretically make just mentioning a dealer who buys dinar in one email?  Is that the best you can do?

I think what is happening here is that the pumpers are starting to feel the sting of added scrutiny and loss of interest in their BS.  So their solution is to try and discredit me.  Rather than prove me wrong with facts they have decided to call my motives into question, but it won't work.  My posts are too well researched and fact-based to discredit.  Even if I was working for a dealer or profiting somehow off my blog (I have made a little money from Google AdSense but hardly enough to make it worth the time I've put into this blog) the fact remains there are hundreds of issues and questions I've raised that the gurus can't sidestep with their accusations.  The statements coming out of the CBI indicate their intent to redenominate or lop.  Nobody gets rich from a lop.  Ergo, if they are going to lop then it's more than likely that this investment isn't going to produce diddly for anybody.  Whether I'm a sinner or a saint doesn't really change that, now does it? 

They say that no good deed goes unpunished.  I guess this is my cross to bear.  But for every fake email trying to lay a trap for me I get tons of emails telling me about people who have been hurt by  the lies of the pumpers and gurus.  If I can help some of those people recoup some of their hard earned money and understand the true risk and potential return of owning IQD then I feel that I have accomplished something with this blog. 

Sorry douchebags.  I'm not going away.


  1. So you’re saying you don’t have a special “promo code” at Safe Dinar? I don’t have to mention the “Sam I Am Deal” when I sell back?
    It’s hilarious. I’ve been accused of that same thing on many boards. Like you say Sam, when they can’t dispute facts they go on the personal attack.

    Here’s another little fact that slipped by the other day that most gurus will a problem with.
    “…and pointed out that government banks are the only outlet for the process of replacing the currency that will continue over two years.”

    1. Yeah, I didn't even say "tell 'em Sam sent ya!" Seriously, find a Facebook page for Safe Dinar with me listed as a friend, or maybe "A Special Deal I Worked Out For You Guys With Safe Dinar" posted anywhere on my blog. I don't want to make money off of the dinar. This whole thing sickens me. I only do this because I wish somebody had done something like this for me before I bought dinar.

  2. Sam these douches are getting desperate. More and more are opening their eyes and I know there has been less interest in the dinar lately. Of course there was a huge push of B.S. starting during tax season to get people's monies when they get their returns. I can't wait for this Redenomination to happen. Lots of people are going to feel screwed but honestly it's their own fault. Desperation makes people brainless and powerless but I do see many more questioning numbers and "intel". Sonny1 stopped posting here because he doesn't have the power to ban people here for calling out his lies like he does at DV. This is getting more and more comical. Keep up the great work Sam. Obviously the gurus are scared and they know they've been exposed so they are going to try and discredit you do their followers remain loyal... Keep exposing the truth

    1. i stopped posting here out of respect for sams site, a fool like you, who have no clue starting spazzing out so i decided to post elsewhere. the only people i ban are those who are rude douchebags, like you i am guessing. i am guessing i banned you...right? plus i feel 100% that it will rv, and this site has a different agenda. look at there actions, not words, it is going to rv. it is so funny to me that fools like you callingfoolsout, are so angry that you believed okie, and probably over spent, that now you are the angry little morale that
      pathetic. and sam telling people to sell is not a good idea, when it hits what are you going to say to the person who sold..... from experience dont advise to buy or sell..

    2. Lol you are such a tool professor. Go back to doing damage control on your buddy's site. You know they are going to RD so don't act like you are on dv other than for an agenda. no I didn't over spend. I actually bought mine in 2005 when I was in Iraq and I sold all of it because I live in the real world. And got back more than I paid for it on. When they shut down the boarders to issue the new currency with the 3 languages and without the 3 zeros good luck cashing out sonny oops I mean professor. Have a great day and keep lying to people on DV.

    3. Ps....Sam didn't tell them to sell. Some tool emailed him asking him where he could sell and Sam gave him a suggestion where he could sell. I guess if it was you then you would have lied to him and talked him into joining Adams bogus VIP for the best rates. I guess Adam can get a better rate than the CBI lol as he claims.

    4. The agenda of this blog is to give people the facts. Nothing more, nothing less. And I didn't tell this guy to sell. He asked where he could sell and I made a suggestion. If he had asked me whether he should sell or not I would have said something like "determine how much you're willing to risk in order to double or triple your money, because that's probably the most anybody will make on this".

    5. Hello Sonny1 .. We have heard this many times about "Watch what they do, not what they say". Do you care to expand on this some, and explain what it is that you have seen them do that would lead us to believe that they would have a rate in the short term over .001 per Dinar, or not need to re-denominate? Thanks!

      No bashing here, just an honest question since you are the only one that seems to be willing enough to actually come and post and try to support your viewpoint, which agree with you or not, I would have to respect that.

    6. well the article yesterday that states that they were lying about there reserves, thats good. lopping now isnt in there best interest, it would of been more likely to lop when inflation was in the 20-30's. the fact that all these countries are waving iraqs debt, thats good. the fact that cbi themselves have stated that they have been buying back dinar for u.s.d, thats good, why do 3 times the work when all they have to do is tell vendors-buyers to treat there notes as if they dont have the zero's, and change the monetary policy according to the change, then there would be no need to rush the new notes because it would be neutral. they need need need small denoms to rv, to make change for 1.
      lopping is neutral, the broke stay broke if things stay the same (which lopping-staying neutral would do), and i know you loppers will say but rd'ing builds purchasing power, let me share something with you all, lopping doesnt build purchasing power (again neutral is even). so there are just a few reasons why i dont think they will lop. and another thing, this callinfools out guy keeps saying that i plug adam's vip, i have been in vip 1 time, i am not a member of his vip, i do not make and have not ever made 1 penny off of that site, i do not plug vip and since i am not a member, i wouldnt be the best spokesman. and i do know a professor, who got me into the dinar, but i have never had the handle professor, like this guy claims, if you guys want to know the truth, just ask, dont make up lies about me. i respect sams site and have a different agenda on this investment, thats why i stopped posting, but i will come on here and defend myself against liars, or those who make up lies about me. as you guys think that they will rd, to me, that is as stupid as a rv is to you guys. rd'ing makes no sense, like i said jayp look at there actions, not what they say, they were caught yesterday being 35 billion off on there reserves.

    7. Thanks for the response Sonny1. For the record, I hate nobody, but those that flat out lie to investors for personal gain. In fact, I despise those people that prey on the innocent and ignorant. That said, I give anyone the benefit of the doubt, especially those willing to share evidence to what they are saying, and as of now, I am considering you a person willing to try and do this, and be open minded. So as far as your comment about people on this site hating you, don't be so quick to judge, there are those of us with an open mind here. :)

      As far as your points though, for starters, your point you made regarding the lop happening when inflation was 20-30% is unfortunately wrong. Many of the re-denominations happen after the hyper-inflationary period was mitigated. There was was an excellent study that was done of prior re-denominations, and if you look in this, you will find what I am saying is true. Re-denominations happen after inflation is mitigated, and in cases such as Brazil and Argentina both in the 80's and 90's, where inflation was not resolved, and there was a pattern of multiple attempts at currency reform. Deleting zeros is not something that generally will resolve inflation, and is typically implemented after the inflationary period, and in some cases, a number of years after, as is the case with the CBI talking about this.

      Do you have anything to dispute this though, and show that a re-denomination would only, or most commonly happen during the inflationary period?

      As far as buying back the Dinar, do you have anything to support that this was happening because they are going to RV. The fact of the matter, is that in December and January, they even stated that they were flooding the markets with the dollar to ease the demand of the dollar, causing the dollar to strengthen against the Dinar. This was because of the issues in Syria and Iran, and the demand of the dollar was spilling over into Iraq, as money was being smuggled over to those countries and sold on the black market. Do you have anything that contradicts this fact that is well known which was happening?

      As far as no need to rush the new notes, you are correct. In fact, inflation was brought to single digits by the beginning of 2007. This was over 5 years ago, so I would say they are definitely not rushing this process. Do you consider this a rushed process?

      As far as building purchasing power, I would agree with you. Each Dinar would have a higher value if they were to redenominate (most likely 1000x higher), but their would be 1000x less dinar, so as you stated, it ultimately is revenue neutral. This does not mean that they would or would not revalue or redenominate though, so this is really a mute point when pointing out what they have seen them "do".

      As far as them being caught being 35B off on their reserves, are you stating that they have 95 Billion in their foreign exchange reserves rather than 60? Do you have a link to show this being said, or anything to support this statement?
      Thanks, and again, I appreciate the discussion. Right or wrong, nothing is better than getting down to the raw facts.

    8. They found one article from a year ago that claims 80-90 billion. Who knows where the guy got his numbers from. TThe CBI... who tracks the numbers, has reported dozens upon dozens of times what the reserves are. There were multiple articles out recently when Iraq surpassed the $60 billion number, making it the highest amount of reserves ever in Iraqi history.
      Pumpers believe the one article, with no follow up, proves all the other articles to be a lie.
      That has beeen a common theme for gurus for a long time. Everything that doesn't fit their agenda must be a lie.

    9. Mexico
      In spite of the Oil Crisis of the late 1970s (Mexico is a producer and exporter), and due to excessive social spending, Mexico defaulted on its external debt in 1982. As a result, the country suffered a severe case of capital flight and several years of hyperinflation and peso devaluation. On 1 January 1993, Mexico created a new currency, the nuevo peso ("new peso", or MXN), which chopped 3 zeros off the old peso, an inflation rate of 10,000% over the several years of the crisis. (One new peso was equal to 1000 of the obsolete MXP pesos)....

      here is a very recent reason to rd because of your actually wrong there bud.

      you ask for proof of releasing u.s.d for dinar would create a rv..
      well unless the laziest country on earth likes doing 2-3 times the work, if they were rd'ing there would be no need to call those notes in now.none. they would let them work side by side, and let the 0'ed notes faze themselves out. it creates a lot more work. but them rv'ing and doing this makes sense, causes less confusion later. i think most loppers are seriously confused, all, not some, but all there actions are leading to a rv.its pretty clear...
      and daveD that article was from jan. not a year ago.

    10. I found these news stories on the web... you can search each one of them. Do they sound familiar?? Every one of them was a lop.

      “Zimbabwe’s bank chief plans new currency reforms _ removing “more zeros” from the plummeting Zimbabwe dollar”

      “New Turkish Lira. As of 1st of January 2005, six zeroes have been deleted from our currency and YTL”

      “The North Korean government recently knocked two zeros off its currency, the won.”

      “Yeltsin to Lop 3 Zeros Off Ruble in Currency Reform”

      “New pesos: Mexico will trim three zeros off its currency”

      “The Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP) has created the Currency Revaluation Project to improve the efficiency of financial transactions by eliminating three zeros from the guaraní.”

      “Bolivia, which in 1985 had the world’s highest inflation rate, introduce a new currency today, trimming six zeros off its peso.”

      “Azerbaijan. Georgia. … told RFI that a plan has been made to remove three zeros from the currency and phase out the current banknotes late this year”

      “Ghana recently knocked off four zeros from its old currency and introduced a new currency”

      “Romania is to relaunch its currency, knocking four zeros off the leu”

      Notice Paraguay even called it a Currency Revaluation Project.
      It's VERY common for reporters to use the term revalue when describing redenomination/lops. It's just sloppy reporting.

    11. It's very clear sonny1 has no clue how Redenominations work or he is still pushing his AGENDA on this site because he knows members at DV read this site so he's gotta promote RV to keep the delusional in check for Adam. Sonny judging by your track record of being 99.9% wrong about everything dinar related and due to the fact you helped Adam start DV its clear you work for him. Both live in Wisconsin right.....both been in other sites together before DV right. By the way Sam as put together a resume of your greatest chats and there's much more online. Google + sonny1 and you find some pretty hilarious statements by you.

    12. Sonny1, unfortunately I do not think that they are confused. Let me ask then, when Mexico re-denominated, why did they re-denominate? Based on your logic, they could have just revalued, and there is no need for countries to re-denominate. As I stated earlier, some will redenominate soon after, some years after inflation was mitigated.

      Since you brought up Mexico, let's look at that scenario some then, and see if there are any similarities between Mexico, and Iraq, and why they would redenominate.

      Here is the Bank of Mexico website:
      In there is a document that you can read to give you the history of the Peso:

      Page 22 talks about the currency change in 1992. It is in Spanish so it would need to be translated which I have done. Here is what is says in English:
      By 1992, the design another series of coins in denominations of ten, five, two and a weight and cinuenta, twenty, ten and five cents, as a result of the creation of a new unit of the Monetary System of the United Mexican States equivalent to thousand dollars of the previous unit. The new unit I keep the name of "weight" and was adopted in order to facilitate the understanding and management of National Currency Converter quantities, so as to facilitate a more efficient use of computer systems and accounting records. Contrary to the previous currency, the new unit is the prefixed, temporarily, the adjective "new", whose use was eliminated after 1996. Subsequently, two other pieces minted with silver center in denominations of twenty with the effigy Hidalgo, and fifty new pesos, with the Children's Heroes.

      Now, please note:
      "The new unit I keep the name of "weight" and was adopted in order to facilitate the understanding and management of National Currency Converter quantities, so as to facilitate a more efficient use of computer systems and accounting records."

      This sounds just like what we have all heard Iraq say when mentioning the benefit of deleting zeros would facilitate the ease of cash transaction. In fact, here is an article from just yesterday:
      "He noted the benefit to the new currency that contained the categories of paper and metal, stressing the importance of the project to delete zeros in facilitating financial transactions"

      So before saying that others are confused, I would caution that you read the very evidence that you provide as proof that your position is the only correct point of view, because the evidence that you provided contradicts your own point of view. The timing of when this process is implemented is irrelevant.

    13. mexico rd'd for the reason the article says, because of logic is iraq has low inflation, so they will rv.
      what is the comparison between iraq and mexico you ask, there is about as much comparison as there is between iraq and turkey.
      callinfoolsout, how many times do i have to tell your stupidness, that i do not work for adam, this is adams first site, i dont even belong to his vip. stop acting like a complete idiot. sam, why do my posts have to be reviewed, but idiots like callingfoolsout can sit and bash me....ok then. from now on callingfoolsout i am completely ignoring you, because you are to dumb to understand what i am saying...

    14. sonny1 everybody's comments are moderated now. I felt that things were getting out of hand a week or so ago and I changed my settings so that I can look the posts over before they are published. I'll ask everybody again to refrain from namecalling and insults and be respectful. We're getting some good discussions now and I'd hate to see it stopped because some people can't be civil.

    15. Sonny1, then based on this logic of yours, why did Romania re-denominate? If the only reason that a country re-denominates is to solve hyperinflation, well then I think that it would be important to examine the history of that re-domination.

      Romania had inflation within single digits by 2004, but did not re-denominate until July 1, 2005. Based on the logic you are using here, they should have been able to just revalue, not re-denominate..

      Turkey, an example that you provided, also resolved inflation by 2004, but redenominated in 2005. The other important thing to note, is that the redenomination did nothing to actually change inflation. In fact, inflation in 2004 was at about 9.3, and as of 2010 it was 8.7, with inflation going up and down between those years. The currency reform was not to mitigate inflation, just as it would not be done to mitigate inflation in Iraq.

      The other important thing to note, that Iraq has also specifically mentioned Turkey and Romania as 2 successful examples of what they intend to do.

      If Turkey and Romania both redenominated after the inflationary period, just like we are hearing Iraq say they want to do, then can I ask why you believe that inflation being low is a reason that a country will not redenominate when that is clearly not the case? Thanks!

    16. Sonny… EVERY redenomination is because of inflation. It is highly preferred to wait until inflation is brought under control before lopping. That doesn’t mean every country does it that way, but it is preferred.
      This is from the UNC study on redenominations/lops.
      “Hypothesis 2: Redenomination is more likely following a period of high inflation and a subsequent stabilization. A dramatic downward movement in inflation increases the probability of a redenomination. This is particularly likely in countries that are more open to international capital flows, that are under an IMF adjustment program, and that have politically independent central banks”
      It also states…
      . “we should expect that redenomination will occur after a period of high inflation, but also after that inflation has been removed from the system; a dramatic downward change in inflation should increase the chances for redenomination.”
      “Indeed, 2004 was the first year of single-digit inflation in Turkey since 1972, making 2005 an apt time to reinforce the commitment to low inflation.”
      “the Russian government announced that the ruble would be redenominated as of January 1, 1998, with three zeros removed from the currency. This was intended to assure the public that Russia.s economic crises were behind it; inflation was on the decline, falling from 875% in 1993, to 200% in 1995 and further, to 15%, in 1997

      You guys have been shown this a number of times yet you continue to push the lie that lops only happen during high inflation.
      How long will you continue to tell this lie Sonny?

      Your Mexico example is a bust also Sonny. Their inflation was high during the eighties, by 93 when they lopped inflation was down to 11%. You can check the figures right here.

      And for the ridiculous claim that I keep hearing gurus making that Iraq didn’t have high inflation….
      From a congressional report…

      "This report was originally prepared at the request of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. With the Committee’s permission, it is being made generally available for the use of Members.”
      During the 1990s, a period of hyperinflation occurred. The government continued to print money to meet expenditures while economic sanctions shut off the supply of imported goods leading to a classical monetary overhang. A yearly inflation rate of upwards of 2,000% per cent was reported in open market food prices between 1990-1991. Another source estimated that inflation increased 5,000% between 1990and 1995"

  3. I have little doubt that as more and more people take the time to examine all of the information contained within this blog, more and more "site owners" and pumpers will begin to see the handwriting on the wall. I feel pretty certain that all but the most ignorant of the guru followers will see that lame attempt to discredit Sam for what it was.

    It really should be looked at as a "good" thing. It indicates that there are in fact finally more people being directed here, and that there is concern developing in the minds of at least "some" of these people that their days of carefree Dinar-related income are numbered and that they may be facing even greater problems than "Sam I Am." They definitely don't want to see their members coming to this site. They're bringing a pen knife to a gun fight.

  4. Keep up the good work man! Don't let it sicken you. I highly doubt than anyone who has taken the time to read through your posts would actually believe that you're out there to scam people on the sale of their dinars. And the fact that there are people posting negative stuff about you on other sites - well I see that as good advertising brother. Nothing draws a crowd like a little negative info. All people have to do is read a couple of your posts and they'll get the picture.

    1. i agree with you, the okie types, have ruined a good investment, i like this site, though i am pro rv, the only thing i dont like is getting personal with peoples private info, it is great that people can come here and post what they feel, its a free country. i will never be one to bash sam on any site, i know many dont like him, but i for 1 have respect for what he is doing. people on here hate me as well, all i ask is for the same respect.

  5. It's a funny argument....I even had one clown (Darin) tell me he was going to go out and buy more because of me...he couldn't argue the facts so he decided he would go with "well if we aren't going to make much money on it then I should go out and buy a bunch more"....his claim that I was an ani-pumper was causing people to buy more...LOL.

  6. I also have been spreading the word about your site Sam! I agree that if I had found this site to begin with I would not have even bought in. Or at least would have bought less.
    I am seeing sheer desparation on the dinar sites. Especially OOM. When all of the world is talking about WAKING UP that includes the dinar world. Even the diehard Christians on OOM are now wiping the sleep from their eyes and looking at this differently than even a month ago. Okie/Bulldog are steppin' in their own crap and they are gonna need thigh high boots pretty soon it is gettin that deep.
    Keep up the great work and expect more sabotage to come your way from the fakers.
    Glad to see that your vaca was a short one. LOL :)

    1. I appreciate your words and your efforts Debra. Nice to know some of the sheeple are starting to become aware of the shearing. Just to clarify, what I was referring to when I said I was going to relax is that I'm no longer going to spend hours a day working on this blog like I did when I was researching Adam Montana and Breitling. I felt that it was crucial to get that information out to the dinar world so I felt compelled to see those projects completed. Now I can just devote a few minutes a day to it which is much more to my liking I assure you. I've got some good backup here with you and Legolas and DaveD and others who comment and publicize the blog. I feel that I can afford to relax now.

  7. It's great to see the posts becoming more and more sophisticated, and even better to find that word is finally spreading and having some positive effect. Trust me when I tell you that those who have been the most outspoken "Go RV" and anti-"lopster" posters will in the end be the ones screaming for the blood of those who deceived them. It virtually always works that way. When or if the Federal target letters start going out, you'll see the pumpers and gurus quickly attempt to disappear and go into hiding, and those who were previously their biggest supporters will become amateur war crimes detectives seeking to identify and destroy them. It's the nature of the beast. I suspect we'll start seeing it sooner than later. Awesome job Sam. Let's hope it's doing more good than we know.

  8. Over the past 18 months or more, literally hundreds of valuable posts discussing and providing solid evidence for the RD position were made by JMW, Dalite, Keepm, Dinarck, myself and several others. Much of that information is still available in the DV site archives. Curiously, all posts of several "others" made prior to December, 2011, have been deleted from the site. I find that more than a bit disturbing for obvious reasons, but it's good to see that at least the information we posted presenting the opposing viewpoint is still available for those who are interested to see and use for their own research. Much of that information is being repeated again here on Sam's blog, which is also good to see.

    Open debate, with both sides presented is invaluable. I began this adventure as a somewhat skeptical and hopeful RV proponent, and changed my mind about 2 years ago, after extensive research and examination of the so-called gurus and pumpers. Since then, I've been sarcastically labeled a "lopster."

    For the record, I was on DV for a long period of time, both before and after joining the site officially. During that time, I never once saw Sonny1, there or elsewhere, promote Adam's VIP service or even the site itself. I was also one of the original members (with Sonny1) of both Medic's Dinar Veterans (DV) and Dinar Speculators (DS) sites, and never saw him attempt to promote any of Adam's many sites there either. I know that he helped start the site, but that fact in and of itself doesn't make him an employee or pumper. There is plenty of evidence out there demonstrating what many of us have or haven't said, and I think it's unfair to accuse Sonny1 of doing anything which can't be documented. I disagree with his RV position, and remain hopeful that at some point, thru respectful give and take, he too will ultimately change his mind, but until then, he's definitely entitled to his opinion, particularly when he attempts to support it. I admire the fact that he's been willing to come here and jump into the lion's den to defend himself on a blog which is pretty much one-sided. He deserves some respect for that fact alone. Let's keep the open and professional debate going.

    P.S.: I appreciate the apology on DV, Nick. I can no longer post or respond there, but I was informed of it, and did see it.

  9. It will be 50-50 Legolas. There will those screaming for blood, but their will be just as many who will refuse to admit this was a scam. They will defend the likes of Breitling, Kap, and Sonny past the bitter end. They will claim the RV was a done deal, the gurus were right all along. It was Obama, the IMF, Maliki, insert any boogeyman here, stopped it and forced an exchange of currency. They wont call it a lop. That would be admitting we were right and they will NEVER do that. They will continue to say us lopsters were idiots and we were wrong all along. Breitling does it practically every day. He claims the lopsters were crushed because we ignored Iraq saying they will reduce money supply. It's THE most stupid statement ever made in dinar land... yet all his minions fall for it. Look at any penny stock board that went bust. You will find quite a few people hanging out there for years afterwards defending the scammers who took them to the cleaners.
    LOL... that reminds me of when I used to post on IIF back in 2006. 6 years ago I was trying to tell people this was a scam. There were actually people who demanded I be banned because they were worried the CBI was reading the site and I was giving them the idea to lop.
    Yes... There will be those that will blame us for this. The CBI could never have figured out to do this if we hadn't told them about it. Hilarious.

  10. LOL. You're right DaveD. There will be some who will still defend them that far, but I think the numbers will be far fewer than 50%. At that point I think it will come down to an "intelligence factor." While I've come to accept that 50% figure in some other topics, I think that in this case, at least in the instances where people were resourceful enough to have had an opportunity to view both sides of the argument, a majority will remember what they saw, and realize that they believed what they were desperate to believe, unable to see "the forest for the trees," having been fooled by the overwhelming hype. Many will be unjustifiably angry that they were intentionally misled. They'll demand "justice" when they realize what transpired. I sincerely hope they get it, but the sympathy factor may be somewhat limited.

    We probably won't get to see much of it, because most of those sites will shut down immediately upon something finally occurring, but rest assured, phones will be ringing off the hook in the offices of prosecutors and civil litigators across the country when many of those people suddenly decide that it was "someone else's fault" that they lost their money. Until that something finally occurs, we'll just have to wait and see.

    I remain hopeful that when or if the RD takes place, that they will see fit to RV at the same time, increasing the value to par with the U.S.D., or above, and that our losses might then be minimized, possibly even resulting in a small profit.

  11. Just an excerpt, opinions?

    Regional tensions, political rivalries have kept dollar high before the dinar; CBI is working hard to increase IQD against the USD
    Posted: March 15, 2012

    ...Central Bank is working hard since the year (2003) to increase the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, making maintaining the price for a long time, but political rivalries and the US withdrawal and other external factors, economic sanctions and international threats to neighbouring States of the country, led to an increase in US dollar to Iraqi dinar.

    1. Reality
      Just a quick thought cjkv… as your post and quite a few other stories out of Iraq lately have shown, Iraq is having a really tough time maintaining the value of the dinar. The street value has drifted up to the 1240 range for a while now. That’s reality.

      Speculation 1
      Now let’s look into the fantasy world gurus live in. They claim all these announcements of delete 3 zeros means a huge 100,000%. They have even announced a start date of Sept for this glorious RV according to gurus. Iraq is even planning a massive public education push to announce the soon to happen 100,000% RV.
      If all this stuff were as claimed by the gurus, do you know what would be happening with the dinar right now. There would be chaos on the streets of Iraq. They would be murdering each other left and right for dinar. There would be no dinar available anywhere. The demand for it would far outpace supply. Real currency speculators would cut your legs off for a sure thing 10% return. Imagine what they would do for a sure thing 100,000% return. You would have people beating your doors down right now offering you 50 cents per dinar… knowing they would get a 100% return in a few months.

      Speculation 2
      Or just maybe…. The gurus are wrong. It’s a lop just as we have claimed for years. All these announcements are causing no change in the demand for the dinar because they mean no change in value for the dinar.

      Which two go together better. Reality and speculation 1, or reality and speculation 2.

  12. Looks like Dinar Daddy might be in line for some Douchie attention.

    Check out this DD entry. About possible outcomes.

     Redenomination: I’ve read articles for well over two years now wherein Iraq intends to change their currency to lower denomination notes, print new currency, and call in their old, outstanding notes (the very ones you and I hold) over an undisclosed period of time. Eventually the old (current) notes would not be considered valid currency and anyone holding such notes would be basically holding toilet paper. Rate speculations aside, I feel it’s critical the public view this as a legitimate possibility. I’m doing my best to set myself up with the best possible outcome for my Dinar holdings. I’ll be sharing my efforts in the coming weeks. They involve collaboration with several respected individuals and companies who make it their priority to assist you with your needs in this area of concern. I’m simply doing my part to bring their information to the forefront so each of you has the opportunity to decide what course of action is best for you, your situation, your outlook, and your personal comfort level. I’m personally hoping that should this scenario occur that there are still ways to make a solid return on my holdings of Dinar through this as well.

    Remember… DD practically guaranteed his followers there was no way there would be a lop. He went so far as to hide the possibilities of a lop by disallowing any comments on his site because the information us lopers were supplying was upsetting the natives. He also allowed hundreds of guru post on his site claiming the redenomination delete 3 zero articles meant a huge RV.
    So now it seems he is “collaborating with respected individuals and companies to assist you with your needs in this area of concern”.
    What a load crap… In other words, we bilked you coming into the dinar, we’re now planning on how to bilk you getting out of the dinar.

  13. I think that this site is becoming more and more important. There are two sides to every coin and I believe that Sam is doing due diligence trying to show a different perspective in this investment. I sold all my Dinar about a month ago actually making a small profit. I suspected their was something strange about DV and Adam Montana a long time ago when I was banned a few times for asking very legit questions about Adam and his "Vip Room". Legolas I agree with you all the way. Sonny1 sorry I still think that you and Adam could very well be the same person....Sorry thats just a gut feeling I have. Keep up the great work Sam.

    1. A word about Sonny1.. yesterday we had some good back and forth of opinions and facts with Sonny1 (see above). When some very good facts were put in front of him, he no longer responded to the posts. If we are right, then he can just admit that those of us that disagreed with his points had some very valid points that he should consider, or respond with how we were wrong. His lack of response to the last couple of points and questions both daveD and I mentioned, may be very telling about the confidence he really has in his own opinion. His lack of ability to prove the points wrong makes me a little more concerned than before the discussion began.

      Now the question is, will he take this information that may be new to him, and do the right thing with it, or will he ignore it, and allow those that apparently do not know this information, or are fooled into thinking that this is not true, to think that there really is only one possibility for this investment to end?

      I think it was a great discussion, but since he is such a prominent, and well respected figure on the site which he normally visits, it will be interesting to see how he takes this information and uses the name he has made for himself to properly educate his friends in this investment, or if he will sit idly by and allow them to continue to go down a path of obvious misinformation.

      Sonny1.. I sincerely hope that you are going to do the right thing in educating your friends on DV... it's your move.. :)

    2. JayP this is exactly what sonny1 always does. He runs when he can't make up crap after being presented with facts. He's clearly wrong and has no clue how redenominations work or he does know but can't let his sheep know how wrong he is. Dinark is always asking him questions and he dodges them all the time. Sonny keeps claiming the dinar is undervalued when it's not. It's hyper inflated. It should start to become very clear what his motives are. Wake up people

    3. jayp, run? i have a family and a life, i dont just sit and respond to people on the internet all day! sorry. wow.
      your news that you shared with me yesterday means nothing!
      i understand inflation, countries over 20% rd, you should share that with your posse on here. if iraq were to rd like you guys claim, they would of done it 4-5 years ago, but hey didnt. and to respond to area 52, i am not adam. jayp i think it is funny, that you are talking to me like i am an idiot, telling me it is my move, thats funny. wow, you guys need to pick up a new hobby. callingfoolsout, every time you post you truly show your lack of a brain.

    4. Sonny1.. no need to get upset here, if I upset you, then I apologize, but not sure what you are getting worked up or upset over. I am not sure what you mean by "run?", but I never said you ran, I just pointed out that when there were valid points and facts put in front of you, you did not respond.

      You once again stated here that if they were going to RD, it would have been done 4-5 years ago. This was a point you already made yesterday, and I responded, as well as daveD. Can you respond to the posts then? Here is what I asked:
      "If Turkey and Romania both redenominated after the inflationary period, just like we are hearing Iraq say they want to do, then can I ask why you believe that inflation being low is a reason that a country will not redenominate when that is clearly not the case?"

      I provided the evidence to show how this is not the case, so if this is not correct, do you have anything that proves this wrong?

    5. i am not upset, i just cant be in 2 places at 1 time. whos question should i answer, because your boy daveD says countries rd because of high inflation (which makes my case) and you say that this is not the case, why dont all of you guys get together, and get a consensus, and how you guys really feel, and we can take it to the chat room over at dv. a real debate is back and forth, not getting posts checked, taking an hour between posts. we should set up something on chat. though i will admit, its hard taking on 30 people by myself. pm me on dv and let me know

    6. I would love to do that sonny1, and thanks for the invite. If you see my message below though you will see, that we are not allowed to discuss this topic, ask questions, or bring it up according to Markinsa, so that would definitely not be a place that would best be fitting for the discussion.

      As far as inflation, what inflation caused is the zeros, but deleting the zeros has not been proven as a method that resolves inflation. Deleting zeros does reduce the money supply though, and ease financial transactions, which is what Iraq has stated they want to do. I do not think that you can argue that they have stated this.

      So in order to put all of this to rest, all you need to do is show where it can be proven, or where there has ever been a case, where zeros were added to a currency due to inflation, and then a country revalued their currency 1000x, or even 100x for that matter, and did not delete zeros in the process, because saying it absolutely will not lop, is stating exactly that if you believe that Iraq will get the Dinar on par with the dollar...

    7. no offense, but your making no sense, mexico lopped 3 zeros because of inflation, and after they lopped they got inflation under control. so it is a proven reason to help reduce inflation, which is why iraq would of lopped 4 years ago, when inflation was crazy. and to your last question....
      name 1 country ever that had what iraq has, oil, n-gas, gold, sod farms-j/k. were they could actually revalue there currency.
      i now need you to admit this, and be honest, not negative, would it of been smarter for iraq to rd when inflation was high? dont lie now, to make your case, just answer the question, i just gave you a prime example.

    8. Well, sod farms says all we need right there.. LOL!!! Ok, all kidding aside though, do you have anything to support your statement that they lopped to reduce inflation? Where did you get that information from?

      Not to repeat myself, but if we are being completely honest, then did you read what I posted from the Bank of Mexico website when talking about the history of their currency? Let me repost it just in case:

      "The new unit I keep the name of "weight" and was adopted in order to facilitate the understanding and management of National Currency Converter quantities, so as to facilitate a more efficient use of computer systems and accounting records."

      Please note they specifically state"so as to facilitate a more efficient use of computer systems and accounting records." Do you have anything that proves this this is not true, or that there was another reason for redenominating?
      Also, what did the redenomination do for inflation. Can you tell me what inflation was the day of the start of the process, and what inflation was after? I think that would tell you what you need right there.

      I also point to Turkey and Romania that redenominated when inflation was less than 10%, which you have not yet addressed. If a redenomination is to reduce inflation, then why did they need to do this?

      As far as the oil, there is not enough oil in the country to justify an increase in their rate 1000x higher than the current rate for a total of almost 72 Trillion in M2 supply. Saudi Arabia has Oil, and they do not have a rate equal to the dollar, and they only have a fraction of the money supply that Iraq has in M2. Do you have any other country that has oil in mind that has over 70 Trillion in money supply?

    9. sonny1.. and to better answer your question more directly if it would be smarter for Iraq to Rd when inflation was high, no, it would not have been smarter for a few reasons. For 1, the country was in turmoil, so a simple lop would not have resolved inflation, and the corruption was so bad, that it would have been more damaging if they were to do it today. The Gov't is still concerned that corruption and counterfeiting would do more damage than good in the implementation of deleting zeros, but the risks would have been even higher in 2006.

      The other reason is that it would not make sense to redenominate during inflation, because if it is not resolved, they would have just found themselves in a postition with zeros all over again, so rather than needing to repeat the process multiple times, I believe that 1 redenomination once inflation has been brought under control and maintained, makes much more sense.

  14. Hi Area52. This site is definitely incredibly important. Sam has done what no one else has done, at least in terms of putting it all together in one place, and accessible to all. It's just a matter of making the blog better known.

    My feeling is that your suspicions about Adam Montana are correct, but I'm certain that Sonny1 and Adam aren't the same person. We know who Sonny is, and are reasonably certain of Montana's true identity. Personally, I think Sonny1 has a bit more integrity. I could be wrong, but it's too early to tell. He's at least making an effort to convince me. :)

    1. Legolas, you are way smarter than this. I've read tons off your posts and you are clearly very intelligent. Being a detective how can you not see sonny1 is just as guilty as every other guru on the dinar forums. He is constantly misinforming others on dv and he has been dead wrong 99.9% of the time. He is a fraud and a pumper. He plays the roll of being on the out but you know deep down he has a hidden agenda for Adam. He's a very well hidden pumper. It's clear reviewing his chats and track record over the year that he is guilty. The guy has power to ban people at dv and check ip addresses. I know you can't be fooled by his shadyness

    2. legolas, i went in to the board, and took you off of mod review, but i dont have power to take you out of the lop section, please dont be a azz like most of the people on here are. please just stick to good debate. thanks
      p.s if you ask me something and i dont respond in 30 seconds, its probably because i have a life. lol

    3. legolas, to be honest with you, i dont have to convince anyone of anything, i really dont give a crap who likes me, just dont say things about me that are untrue, thats why your buddy callingfoolsout shows time and time again, that he is a complete 0. leg i have always gotten along with you, even when you decided to start telling people to sell there dinar without proof that it wont rv. yes i do have the power to check ip's, and ban people on the site, so what, that means nothing. dinarck-jmw-jayp-lotsofdinar-keep and i can go on and on, disagree with me all the time, and they dont get banned, its just the ones who act like idiots.

    4. Sonny1.. yes, I will admit, that you have even stated on DV that you were respectful of me there, even though we disagreed, so I do respect that. That said though, I have been threatened by another staff member "Markinsa" that when I stated someone had a valid concern that deleting the zeros would not be a good thing for our investment, he warned me that I can be sent to the lop section, and that I would deserve what I get, but when other members get questioned for getting excited about every delete the zeros article, they are warned for bashing. Does this sound like DV may be a little one sided to you? It seems it would. This is why I will no longer post there, it is definitely not a place for intelligent discussion and debate, and Markinsa has clearly done an excellent job is showing that. This is what has become of the site that you helped build, and apparently moderate for... not good

  15. and even though i respect sams site, and there are more than a few attitude's on this site and it cant be easy for sam, but you feel that this site is the place for fair discussion, i cant even post 1 thing with out most of the people on here calling me every name in the book, and thinking i have 9 usernames.come on now. i think its flattering that you guys have your own section. dont you? that is what you believe right?
    i have treated everyone who has a different opinion than mine with major respect. only the rude ones get banned, and they should be banned. wouldnt you agree? and dont lie.

    1. sonny1.. I would agree with you 100% on that one actually. The thing is though, I have never been rude to a single person on that site, so why would a staff member attack me, or say I deserve what I get, just because I said someone else that mentioned that deleting zeros is not a good thing had a valid concern. Again, we are talking about a site that you helped build, so this to me a direct reflection of you if this is the intent of the site.

      If a person is rude, sure I can see that, but if they are respectful, and want a good, educated discussion, but being told that a site only allows 1 view point responding to a post, that should speak miles about the sites intention don't you think?

  16. i am not adam, i can only speak to my actions, and those actions are to respect the members, i debate all these guys, and it never ends with attacks like on this site. true? so maybe instead of asking me, when i have no control over adams mods, you should maybe ask sam to ask his members to show me the respect that i show the members on dv. because that is what your saying right?

  17. I agree, and while I do not feel I should need to defend Sam, I will say that he did state that he has changed it so that all posts need to approved to be posted because he was concerned that the discussions would not get anywhere by being disrespectful, and I cannot disagree with him on that, or you on for that matter, it would just be nice if the site you helped create had that same thought process rather than promoting only allowing 1 point of view from some strange reason, and say that only those that say "Go RV" should not be bashed for their opinion... If all of these sites opened the discussions to all facts to be considered, both good and bad, just imagine how much more well informed we would all be :)

  18. Really? Prove it to me and everyone here you're not Adam....... Give us facts that differentiate the two of you. Can you tell us what Adam's real name is? Of corse not because you're hiding something, just my opinion. I love the way in which the educated pumpers like yourself use fictitious names but have no problem influencing naive investors to buy into the hype thats basically 99% wrong most of the time. One more point you state "I don't have to convince any one of anything, I really don't give a crap who likes me" Really Sonny? Than why do you even post here or even feel the need to defend yourself?

    "i have treated everyone who has a different opinion than mine with major respect. only the rude ones get banned, and they should be banned. wouldn't you agree? and don't lie"

    Thats totally untrue Sonny and a blatant lie. I have been banned at least 4 times questioning the validity of subjects that Adam had commented on, in a totally respectful manner. Banned every time and like JayP says Markinsa (whoever that is)
    is a bit brain dead when it comes to the reasoning...lame very lame.

  19. Oh, Sonny1 one more thing,

    I started a thread on DV recently that mentioned this site and Sam I am on the "Opinions, Perspectives, and Your Two Cents on the Iraqi Dinar" section. It was deleted within 20 minutes. This was the thread heading

    "Has anyone heard of this guy Sam I am and his site?"

    I was under the name of Redrider I had about 15 posts. Why was that deleted? Interesting..

    1. i didnt delete it so i dont know what to tell you, and i am not adam, so that is an issue you will have to get ove on your own, or believe what you will, your boy legolas is telling you that i am not him, soooooooo......

  20. Wow. Lots of misinterpretation going on. First, I don't want to speak for Sonny, but I think his reference to banning people referred to him personally, rather than representing the site itself. It's impossible to know who is banning whom, but I think we should take his word that HE only banned those who were rude. Speaking for myself, I know that I was banned, and never made a rude comment to or about ANY member. I was "allegedly" banned for soliciting e-mails, which never happened, and which is NOT prohibited in the site's TOS anyway. The only prohibition is against "spamming." I merely advised that if a particular article was deleted, members could leave me a message and I'd be happy to send them the link. Adam "claimed" that I wasn't banned - merely relegated to the "lop" section, but that wasn't accurate either. Virtually everything I wrote there was blocked prior to posting by persons unknown. I could "type" in the lop section, but no one could see it. Kinda silly! And why bother posting in only one section anyway? Preaching to the choir.

    At any rate, without evidence to the contrary, I think Sonny1 should be taken at his word on that subject. The very fact that he is here, and responding when he doesn't have to deserves respect.

    My defense of Sonny1 was "also" misinterpreted. I was referring to the separate accusations that he is in fact Adam Montana, and also "the professor." He is definitely not Adam, and to my knowledge, the professor referred to has never posted, and was only "referred to" by Sonny1. That individual's information has never been accurate, and Sonny1 never hesitated to admit when he was wrong - unlike virtually EVERY other so-called guru and pumper involved in Dinar mania. To his credit, as far as I know, he always came back and apologized when intel he provided proved wrong. I've never seen that from any of the rogue's list of BS posters.

    A complete review of Sonny1's posts over the past 3+ years could easily be interpreted as pumping, (although miniscule in comparison to the legions of others) and I've called him on it several times. The two drop-dead RV dates he provided in both July, 2010 and July, 2011 were clearly questionable, and his post in late 2011 stating that if there was no RV by January, 2012 there would BE no RV and he'd be selling his Dinars, followed several weeks later by yet another post stating that he wanted to BUY 10 million MORE was undeniably questionable. I asked for an explanation, as did many others, and never received one. Honestly, I found the first two disturbing, and the last one alarming, to put it mildly.

    But again, compared to the others......well, there really IS no comparison. Some might argue that he represents the shrewdest of the pumpers, and that may or may not be true. I would argue only that without concrete evidence, it's unfair to make accusations. There are plenty of people out there who have done much worse and haven't been vilified for it. I prefer to reserve judgment until evidence is more thoroughly analyzed. He has repeatedly stated that he's never made a dime from DV, and I'm sure he's smart enough to know that statements like that could come back to bite him if untrue. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt until proof establishes otherwise. Like I said, he gets points from me for being here - Sam hasn't issued any subpoenas. :) To be continued.....

    PS: Sonny1 - I received your e-mail, but I'm blocked from sending or receiving messages at DV as well - can't see it.

    1. now that we seem civil, let me explain, i have been wrong a number of times, and admitted it right away, but i have also been right. (the whole political fiasco) i have middle east friends, and there friend is an editor who used to be a reporter at the khaleej times, he has given me a few dates that were wrong. he has actually interviewed shabbi 2or3 times though not since 2010, he is the gentleman that is assuring us that there is no way they will lop, and since he is closer to the actual action, i will believe him over a few guys who are scorned by a bad 12.87 okie prediction. i left the site a few times, for a month or 2 at a crack, because i have a sick child, and some times are better than others, and i come back on to take my mind off of things. i bought 10 million more in jan, because my friend wanted 6 more million, so i took the other 4. i have nothing to prove and nothing to hide, i told sam who i am, i am not adam, i know adam real good, but we are 2 totally different people, as you all have noticed i do not even belong to the vip area, i would rather find my own info, plus for me personally i wouldnt pay for info, though i dont blame others, i hear that all the vip members are happy. i did feel that if our troops left that we were s.o.l, but my m.e friends assured me that it was a good thing, which has proven true. i have never made 1 penny from dv, though i could of made quite a bit i imagine, but i dont really need the money, and i didnt feel it was the right thing for me to do. i dont have to be here, and beside digging up peoples personal info (which is pretty low, though the checkmate info was disturbing, and i have so much on frank you all would cringe) but i like this site, i like good debate, debating on the dinar is fun,right or wrong. if you guys dont want me to post on here i wont.

  21. As I've said many times, the RD position has been very effectively presented, both here and on DV. The evidence supporting it is overwhelming, and I've personally researched it extensively and spoken with many people who are more knowledgeable on the topic than I. Personally, I have absolutely no doubt that the RV hoped for has never, can never, and will never occur. According to experts I've spoken to, 99% of the pro-rv hype and argument presented on the Dinar websites is essentially irrelevant. The K.I.S.S. principle applies perfectly. The ONLY important issue is the amount of "CURRENCY IN CIRCULATION." THAT is what determines current or potential value.

    As in every other RD situation, Iraq printed TRILLIONS of Dinars during inflationary periods - more every year for the past 8 years. The current number in circulation outside the banks is stated by the CBI, WTO and IMF to be somewhere around 28 TRILLION with a total M2 in the neighborhood of 60 TRILLION. Even if those numbers were to be wrong (and that's highly unlikely) it wouldn't matter. The key is the word "trillions" and too few people seem to understand that. Many argue that the numbers are being reduced. Even if that were true, (and it's not, based on readily available figures) common sense should tell us that they couldn't possibly reduce the number from trillions to billions without re-denominating. It just can't happen. U.S. investors alone likely hold trillions by now. The numbers are staggering.

    Further, ask yourself how hard it is to buy as many millions of Dinars as you want - any day of the week. There IS NO SHORTAGE - not here, and not in Iraq.
    Would Iraq be allowing the shipment of billions of Dinars to the U.S. and elsewhere every month for years if they had any intention of increasing the value by 1,000 times? Highly unlikely.

    All one has to do is look at the numbers of "units of currency" in circulation of virtually ANY other country on the planet, and the significance should become obvious. Those countries which have currencies valued in the ranges we're hoping for do NOT have trillions of units in circulation - not even TWO trillion, let alone 28.....or 60. Look up the numbers! The ONLY way Iraq can bring their currency on par with the U.S. Dollar is to reduce the number of Dinars in circulation from TRILLIONS to BILLIONS......which is EXACTLY what is accomplished by the proposed and widely publicized RD. Removing the 3 zeros instantly reduces the number in circulation from 28 trillion to 28 BILLION, AFTER which they could easily raise the value if they wished. To believe that ANY country in the world could arbitrarily revalue their currency by 1,000 times its current value is just incredibly delusional - and way too may people absolutely refuse to understand the simplicity of this fact. Iraq is currently the 5th poorest country in the world. NO amount of oil is going to move them up 191 positions to become the richest overnight, and the simple truth is that it will be at least 10 years before they are able to produce even as much as the U.S. produces TODAY - facts easily discovered by simple research. So the oil argument is senseless, but many people are easily convinced by it. It "seems" impressive until you look at the TOTAL picture.

    DaveD's point about the chaos which would be created by the 1,000X increase in the value of the Dinar is excellent. Based on the wealth of information now out there, if ANYONE in Iraq truly believed that the value of their currency might increase even 10 times, let alone thousands, just imagine what would happen. Clearly they understand what's going on. Only the millions in Dinar Land refuse to accept the fact that there will be no overnight millionaires. The gurus are either lying or terribly misinformed. You decide which.

  22. Sonny....I just noticed your post above about getting along "even after I started telling people to sell their Dinars." I'll assume that you "believe" I did, but if you go back and check my posts, you'll find that I never told anyone to sell their Dinars. I put 2/3 of my own up for sale, but specifically told everyone to do their own research and make their own decisions. In more than 3 years, I've never encouraged anyone to buy OR sell their Dinars. In fact I've specifically stated repeatedly that I'm hopeful that a small profit can still be made, IF the CBI decides to revalue AFTER a re-denomination. At this point we don't know if they'll do anything at all. Time will tell.

  23. Legolas your probably one of the most logical posters here as well as pretty accurate in my opinion. So lets step back and take good look at this. I have always thought that the DV guys are pretty much professional con men. Sonny1 realizes that this site is gaining popularity and your role here. Pro conmen need people like you on their side. I read his apology to you on DV. I found it very telling. Now I see you are defending him......???? You have got to be kidding me..funny the con continues. Until Sonny1 real identity is revealed Im still convinced that he is Adam Montana (another fictitious name). Don't fall into his trap. Ask Sonny if you could speak to him on the phone get a number you don't have to reveal it but get some solid confirmation who this joker really is.

  24. assured, I'll fall into no one's trap. I've been pretty clear on my opinions, particularly of the gurus and pumpers. I don't disagree with your opinions regarding Adam Montana, and I'm well aware that it's not his real name. I'm pretty sure we know who he is, but regardless, none of these people will be difficult to identify. I can tell you that I'm certain that Sonny1 is not Adam. There's no need to go into detail here, but you can put that issue out of your mind. I have his name and e-mail address, but unlike many of the others, I really don't believe he's trying to hide. There are more important issues for us to concentrate on, and that isn't one of them. I'd rather encourage rational debate and engage as many intelligent people as possible.

    I've repeatedly suggested that everyone should be saving everything of interest in terms of chats, posts, etc., dating as far back as possible. Without a doubt, depending on the ultimate outcome, most of those sites will disappear and evidence may be destroyed. Tampering with evidence is a crime, and most of it will be recoverable anyway, but having that info available from multiple sources could be valuable. There's no such thing as too much proof.

    I'm pretty sure that Sonny had no delusions that what he said on DV would put me on his "side." He knows I can't reply to it, and that it won't change the opinions of anyone there, one way or another. I think the intent was essentially honorable. He has my e-mail if he wants to talk.

    As I've said before, I'm glad he's here, and I remain hopeful that now that he's engaging, and addressing specific issues, progress can be made. There is nothing to be gained by shutting down that dialogue.

  25. First… I don’t see the relevance of whether Sonny is Adam Montana. Who really cares if they are one and the same or different people.
    Secondly… Sonny is not going to “progress”. He has shown classic pumper guru behavior in this one thread. He came here and made the false claim that counties only redenominate if they are currently suffering high inflation. This claim was proven a lie years ago on dinar boards. The UNC paper by Lanya Mosley has been around for years. They have all certainly seen it by now.
    Even on this thread when directly shown proof that the claim is false. He still sticks to the claim. He used Mexico as an example and I even gave a link that proved that claim was a lie. Mexico’s high inflation was years prior to them lopping. He simply ignored it and kept to the SCRIPT. I gave up a long time ago trying to get gurus to see the light. I post now in the hopes that people looking for information on the dinar will see the light.
    Name on single guru that became educated.

  26. The truth is that thousands of people would care if they were to learn that Sonny1 and Montana were the same person. It would prove deception on a grand scale, and the site would likely lose a huge percentage of its membership - at least those with an IQ high enough to comprehend the significance.

    That being said, someone who makes an accusation like that without evidence to support it loses a great deal of credibility - particularly when the "rest" of their position is very valuable and potentially effective. This site possesses a great deal of credibility, and has the potential to educate and inform people who would likely not otherwise have an opportunity to be exposed to the truth.
    I think it's vitally important that we stick to "facts in evidence" in order to maintain that credibility, which obviously doesn't exist elsewhere. If we lose that, why should anyone believe anything "else" we have to say? Just a thought.

    1. I am atually with you and daveD on this point.While I also undrstand where some are going with that one, without being able to prove itbeyond a shadow of a doubt, it really does no good, so we should just enjoy and respect that sonny1 is at lease willing to discuss and debate with us.

      daveD, you are likely correct, he will not answer the facts presented to him. The question of who he is is not needed, all that matters at this point is that facts were presented to him, which he ignored, and when he made points, and was questioned, he clearly evaded the question and cleverly redirected the topic.

      sonny1, credibility is key here, and to maintain that credibility, I would recommend not ignoring the facts or evading questions is not going to help that.

      I will not just drop the question regarding Turkey and Romania, and the fact that when they redenominated they were less than 10% inflation, and they are 2 coutries which Iraq stated are 2 succesful examples of what they intend to do, so why is that they redenominated. Also, as daveD mentioned, Mexico did not have high inflation, and as I pointed out right from the Bank of Mexico website, it was to facilitate computer systems and accounting records, just as Iraq stated to ease transactions.

      To save credibility here, the options are simple, either admit where you were mistaken, or simply prove how these facts are false. If you cannot do one of thse 2 things, your credibility and intentions are obviously going to come into question.

      Sam, thanks for having one of the few places for this type of open discussion and debate, because it really is wonderful to talk with open minded, and educated individuals, and I enjoy the discussions and debate where we can get to the facts without rules or restrictions regarding what we are allowed to bring up, or evidence we have to support a side one way or the other.

  27. i obviously caused quite a stir, and that was not my intention, i dont to be part of a site where it revolves around hate, and complete rudeness. leg and sam, you guys have my e-mail, if you ever want to chat shoot me an e-mail.

    1. Like I said earlier sonny1, there is no hate here. I actually enjoy the discussion. I am just confused by your unwillingness to answer the question that I asked. What is the advantage or gain by ignoring the facts presented to you? It would seem that this is the problem with why there is so much misinformation. When facts are presented, I guess human nature makes many investors want to ignore it, hoping they will go away, or just fear it so much, that it may just be easier to ignore, but I still think we should be honest with other investors when they ask about this possibility though. If I had any part in making you feel as if you were hated though, then I do apologize, I was just trying to see if you could show me how my thought process was wrong since you have historically acted so confident that a re-denomination cannot happen, and I do believe that many that post here feel the same way. There is a difference between hate, and being realistic.

    2. Just as I suspected.........Thanks for the answers Sonny1. It's not about hate or ruddiness its just about being honest. A lot of folks that have bought Dinar feel as if they have been taken for a lot of money by things that have been posted on your sites for years, and you basically are responsible for DV and yes you allow people to post bogus rumors but don't allow people to contest what the nature of your site is ..oops you and Adam.....sorry

      Why is it that hundreds and hundreds of the brokers, investers and stock market gurus lose other peoples money daily, but they never hide or use fictitious names or manage websites littered with unresearched speculative info? They are on TV write books, give seminars..etc. But people like Adam and You hide your names your educations and where your place of business is ..., etc. Bernie Maddoff never faked a name his phone number or his office address but you do....Why?

      I don't care if Sam and leg have your email why isn't it made public? or your business address so someone can actually see and talk to you? Come on don't you see my point?

      Good luck Sonny1.

  28. once again jayp here is the mexico inflation fact. please make this the last time i have to post this, its the 3rd time, you guys were wrong on this one, its ok your human

    In spite of the Oil Crisis of the late 1970s (Mexico is a producer and exporter), and due to excessive social spending, Mexico defaulted on its external debt in 1982. As a result, the country suffered a severe case of capital flight and several years of hyperinflation and peso devaluation. On 1 January 1993, Mexico created a new currency, the nuevo peso ("new peso", or MXN), which chopped 3 zeros off the old peso, an inflation rate of 10,000% over the several years of the crisis. (One new peso was equal to 1000 of the obsolete MXP pesos).

    1. Sonny… what are you reading there. It says Mexico defaulted in 1982 which set off inflation. They didn’t lop until 11 years later in 1993.
      Again I give you this link.
      Change the dates to be 81 to 94
      You can see inflation jumped in 82/83 and then dramatically decreased in 1989. It was then 4 years later they lopped. So your assertion about Mexico is flat wrong.
      Now… even if you were right about Mexico. It would still not mean anything. There are countries that have lopped while still in the midst of high inflation. But that is not the preferred way to do it. You have seen the UNC study that points that out.
      From the study, again:
      “we should expect that redenomination will occur after a period of high inflation, but also after that inflation has been removed from the system; a dramatic downward change in inflation should increase the chances for redenomination.”
      There are many examples of countries lopping with low inflation rates.
      That 100% refutes the oft used statement of gurus that “Countries only lop while suffering high inflation”. It's simply a lie.

    2. Sonny1.. unfortunately you once again evaded the issue of Romania and Turkey. As I pointed out now at least 3 times, their inflation rate was in the single digits. These are the countries Iraq has referenced as examples of their intentions. Ignoring this fact will not make it go away.

      You also ignored the information from the Bank of Mexico I gave you that told you why they redenominated so the inflation rate at the time of the redenomination is not relevant.

      I see what you pulled from wikipedia but it does nothing to prove that a country will not redenominate when it has already resolved inflation, and I have clearly proven that is wrong. As long as you ignore this fact, it tells me that you know I am correct in this fact.

  29. JayP, nothing you have said says Iraq will redenominate either. You keep making references to other countries who are not Iraq as if what you state is fact in Iraq. The process of collecting a currency and issuing a new one is very similar to these other countries, therefore referencing them is not unreasonable. Especially when the proximity is close. It's funny how this site is so anti-RV, yet you all claim to hold dinar? Wow, maybe this article was right on the money? Who are you trying to convince to sell their dinars? Apparently, not yourselves.

    1. Well, the problem here is you are now redirecting the conversation because I never once told anyone they should sell, or buy for that matter. I also never said that Iraq will definitely redenominate, and in fact stated several times in the past that the Govt has been working to convince the CBI otherwise, but I have stated that it is definitely what the CBI wants to do, so it is definitely something to be cautious about.

      So I am at least admitting that there is a chance we can make a reasonable, and realistic profit, but the realistic expectation would be of eventually doubling or tripling our money.

      On the other hand, those that say that it is impossible for Iraq to redenominate, or that this is not what the CBI has been saying they intend to do is simply lying, point blank. For those that read this thread, prior to reading, they could claim ignorance, but clearly the evidence has been presented here, and nobody has been able to prove that a country only redenominates to reduce inflation, or that a country would only redenominate when inflation is still high. I gave sonny1 the opportunity to prove this fact wrong, but as you see for yourself, he has ignored this point in every response. Doesn't this concern you even a little that he cannot, nor will not address the proof of Romania and Turkey, that a country will in fact redenominate, even after inflation has been mitigated, and inflation is within single digits? If what he states is true, then those redenominations would never have happened, and Iraq would not have used them as examples of what they intend to do. If you can say this does not concern you, I do not believe you are being honest with yourself here, otherwise sonny1 would have been able to respond to this evidence.

    2. JayP doesn’t have to say Iraq will redenominated.
      Iraq themselves have said it literally hundreds of times now. There have been numerous articles that state they will redenominate. There have been tons of articles that state they will delete 3 zeros. That also means a redenomination/lop. As noted, many of the articles even use other countries that have lopped as examples of just what they will do. They have stated the 1000 old dinar will be worth 1 new dinar. I don’t know how much more clear they can make it.
      Your statement of “The process of collecting a currency and issuing a new one is very similar to these other countries” as if that is some other process that is similar to a lop but not a lop… where does that come from? Where and when has this similar, but not the same, process… that results in a huge RV… where and when has it been done before?

      To not believe that all the redenomination and delete 3 zero articles actually mean a redenomination/lop… then you have to believe that Iraq is pronouncing to the whole world a soon to happen 100,000% RV. There are many words to descried people that would believe such a silly thing, words that I think we are trying refrain from calling people on this site.

  30. Let me be the first to say I love pumpers. I'm making a killing off selling what I hold, these pumpers are providing free advertising. You've been warned. Sell it all and learn to invest in something other than currency. Just saying!

    1. Yep I sold all of my holdings. Made money

    2. Chuckles, Where did you cash in. I kept my enthusiasm for a realistic rv amount, 10 cents to 80 cents, until Shabibi got ousted, and I've been losing it since then and believe it's time to cash in. I'm curious about what a couple of the more researched investors are thinking, Highlander, Scooter, Enoch8, but it is hard to find any of them posting anymore.... hmmmm

    3. Joan, I sold mine on Ebay. I bought it as a collectors item, and sold them as such. When I sold them I made back the 20% the dealers charged me for buying it initially. So I broke even. I hope that helps, and I will never invest in hard currency again. I do like silver but it isn't for everyone (I buy it and just tuck it away for my kid to find 40 years from now). When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.


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