Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Confidence Game

Sometimes I get email from people who tell me about their efforts to talk some sense into a loved one about their involvement in the dinar.  They'll show them something that I've posted in the process.  A typical response is "and who is that guy?".  The inference I believe is that Okie has connections with people high up in the government, or that Adam Montana is a Harvard graduate and a well connected entrepreneur who made money on the Kuwaiti dinar, or that Breitling is a professional investor with all these great contacts who hangs out with multi-millionaires .... etc.  So who cares what this Sam guy has to say?

My response to that is this - I'm nobody.  I'm not a professional investor.  I'm not a guy who hangs out with Wall Street movers and shakers or politicians or CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or anything like that.  I have no sources in the CBI, the IMF, the UST, or the UN, and from the track record of the gurus I have to conclude that they don't either.  The difference is I'm up front about it.

My sources are the CBI website which gives us the history of the Iraqi dinar and shows the financials for the CBI and the dinar, the DOJ that stated that the currency reform plan of the CBI is a redenomination rather than a revaluation, the IMF which states that the CBI's policy is to maintain a stable exchange rate for the dinar, and the US Treasury who said that the main reason the CBI went to a crawling peg regime from Nov. 1, 2006 to Jan. 1, 2009 was to bring down the rate of inflation (not because their GDP and oil production were up), and that they only have a nominal amount of dinar for daily transactions.  My sources also include Google and sites like Wikipedia that debunk many of the things the gurus have told us.

I'm not a prophet of God who has visions about the revaluation of the dinar.  No, I'm just a guy who does his best to use the brain that God gave him.  I read.  I fact check.  I endeavor to verify everything I'm told before I form conclusions.  I've learned that the hard way, like so many other dinar investors.

I don't expect anybody to believe anything that I say just because I say it.  Again, I'm just an anonymous guy on the internet.  You're a fool if you trust me (or anybody else) just because I seem like such a nice guy.  That's why I provide links to so many of the things I say.  I want you to read them for yourself and then form your conclusions.  If you find out tomorrow that I'm an ax murderer or even worse, a Justin Bieber fan, you can separate my personal peccadilloes from the information that I provide.

The dinar world is full of charlatans.  They'll claim this or that to gain your trust.  Once they do they can get you to voluntarily hand over your hard earned money without a gun pointing at you.  It's still theft, but it's called fraud rather than robbery.  The "con" in con man or con artist stands for "confidence".  If a con man can gain your confidence he can get your money, and that's what he's after.  And of course it's much easier to gain your trust if you can convince people that you know Dick Cheney or somebody high up in government, the military, or the business world.  That's why it's so important that you don't trust anybody that you don't know with your money, especially anonymous dinar gurus on the internet. 

From Wikipedia:

The intended victims are known as "marks" or "suckers", and when accomplices are employed, they are known as shills.

A short con is a fast swindle which takes just minutes. It aims to rob the victim of everything in his or her wallet.  A long or big con is a scam that unfolds over several days or weeks and involves a team of swindlers, as well as props, sets, extras, costumes, and scripted lines. It aims to rob the victim of thousands of dollars, often by getting him or her to empty out banking accounts and borrow from family members.

Confidence tricks exploit typical human characteristics such as greed, dishonesty, vanity, opportunism, lust, compassion, credulity, irresponsibility, desperation, and naïvety. As such, there is no consistent profile of a confidence trick victim; the common factor is simply that the victim relies on the good faith of the con artist. Victims of investment scams tend to show an incautious level of greed and gullibility, and many con artists target the elderly, but even alert and educated people may be taken in by other forms of confidence trick.

The marks in the dinar investment are typically church people with little education or investment experience, but of course educated people and people with some investment experience have also been taken in.  The shills would be the people talking about how great the gurus connections are, or how their sources are confirming what the guru says, or that the Kuwaiti RV really happened just as the guru says it did.  They can either do this on conference calls, in chat rooms, or simply by posting in a forum.  A great example of this is "My uncle was in Kuwait and I know for a fact that he made over $100,000 on the Kuwaiti RV and he knows guys who made a lot more than that!" 

The dinar investment would be considered a long scam.  VERY LONG!!!  LOL!  And like most cons, there's a team of swindlers with the dinar.  To date we don't know how many of these guys are working together or know each other, but I can promise you there's a team of them, researching, writing, pumping, "confirming", and praising their leaders.  (This is all very easy to do on the internet where one person can create scores of identities to reinforce the notion that the RV is happening.)  Some of them do audio or even video broadcasts with sets and props.  They use scripted lines like "Bush said the war would pay for itself" or "the authors of the plan have put things in place and the latest developments are all part of the plan!". Sometimes the scripts are more up-to-date like "Christine LeGarde met with Maliki this week and told him to get the RV done."  The more detailed and current the script is, the more believable it sounds to the marks.

You can call me names and make accusations if you want, but for 28 months now I've been telling the dinar community that nobody's going to get rich from any RV, and I've posted hundreds of links to support that statement.  So far I'm batting a thousand and the gurus are batting zero.  Dinar investors have a choice to make.  Stop listening to gurus and start researching the facts regarding the dinar, or place your financial well-being in the hands of hack gurus who are profiting at your expense and have no results to back up their talk.  It's up to you. 


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stryker Strykes Again

I haven't said much about Stryker lately, and there are a couple of reasons for that.  First, maybe I'm wrong but I think the guy actually believes everything he says so I'm less inclined to put him in the same category as the others.  And second, the absolute stupidity and crapola spewed out by other gurus has kept me preoccupied.  Eagle1 was a good example.  However, the other day Stryker did a five minute pumping riff that would have made TNT Tony proud.

After saying some admirable things like "the dinar is not your saviour", Stryker went into high gear pumpocity in one of his daily broadcasts.  Starting at 7:30 in he says that he knows financial people and economists with PhD's who say that his group is doing some of the best news coverage out there, and that a substantial revaluation is possible.  As I've stated before, no respectable economist, financial adviser, or currency expert is going to endorse the dinar investment, so it comes as little surprise to me that Stryker's people are unnamed.  On the other hand,this blog has named several experts who have referred to it as a scam.  In fact I have interviewed one of these experts by the name of John Jagerson on two occasions.  I would like to challenge Stryker to produce similar experts along with their names and credentials to supports his position.
He goes on to say that 75-85% of their money supply is US dollars and the financials are all "in the value", meaning (I think ... Stryker is very hard to follow when he's talking numbers) that their money supply is only 15-25% IQD for all we know.  What he doesn't mention is that the money supply figures on the CBI financial page are listed in .... DEEE - NARS!!! 

How much clearer do they need to be?  The reason the value of the IQD has been under a tenth of a penny for over a decade is the fact that there are trillions of them in circulation that are backed by less than $100 billion in foreign currency reserves.

Stryker then follows that up with the claim that the CBI isn't going to tell us what they're going to do.  HUH???  They've been telling us for years that their policy is a stable exchange rate and they've kept it extremely stable for five years now.  They've been telling us for over three years that they intend to redenominate, removing three zeros and replacing the old currency with a new one at an exchange ratio of 1000:1 old for new.  What does he mean they're not going to tell us?  The problem isn't lack of disclosure here.  The problem is RV believers don't want to listen.
After that he says that there's no transparency in Iraq.  Well the IQD happens to be on an IMF program that demands transparency, and periodic audits to ensure such.  That's what is meant by "program rate".  It's not an artificial rate that only applies until they release the true value as some gurus suggest.  It's more like probation because Iraq is so corrupt and volatile and can't be trusted. 

After that Stryker goes into Breitling mode, saying that they're putting USD into the market to keep the dinar's value down.  The fact is USD have been in the market since the IQD was introduced.  Early on (before the new CBI was established and started managing the money supply) the IQD's value spiked and the decision was made to withdraw some USD from circulation and replace them with IQD in order to prevent further appreciation. It's called  supply and demand.  So how does Stryker conclude that putting USD into the market would lead to a lower value for the IQD if pulling USD from the market accomplishes the same thing?

Al Hodges
A few days later Stryker crossed over into conspiracy nut territory, spending half of his show talking about a "real letter" from a "real attorney" named A. Clifton "Al" Hodges about global settlements.  What he didn't tell his viewers is that Al Hodges is a "real crackpot".  Don't believe me?  Type "Al Hodges" and "Nesara" into Google and look at the results.  Or try "Al Hodges" and "CMKX".  Or just read through the tinfoil hat nonsense of this lunatic in the letter Stryker was talking about.

You might also want to check out this article from the New York Times.

Or maybe look over this rambling manifesto about the cabal on a page that includes Mr. Hodges' photo which Stryker was using on his broadcast.

Or you can check out the thoughts of citybear59 on this CMKX board.

Back to what I said earlier about Stryker believing everything he says.  Stryke that.  Why would anybody with any sense buy into this rubbish?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Marcus Curtis' Views

A couple of years ago I conducted a number of interviews to give the dinar community perspectives from people I considered credible.  One of them was a man named Marcus Curtis who has a blog dedicated to the dinar called Iraq Currency Watch.  Shortly after that interview Marcus sold all of his dinar and revamped his blog to inform everybody that he now considered the dinar investment a scam.

He wasn't posting much on the dinar over the past year or so, saying that he wanted to focus more on his family and his work.  But recently Marcus has added a few posts to his blog and has been participating in a discussion at Baghdad Invest about the fraudulent nature of dinar marketing.  He's of the belief that Iraq is using US dollars from the sale of dinar to build their reserves, and that when they redenominate they'll probably only allow exchanges in Iraq, virtually ensuring that anyone holding IQD outside of Iraq will lose what they've invested.  This is a worst case scenario for dinar investors, and it's a view I haven't really subscribed to until recently.

The reason I'm reconsidering my view is that a man calling himself Zahlid who claims to be an Iraqi connected to the CBI has been saying essentially the same thing that Marcus has been saying.  He's saying that the RD will occur in a couple of months and dinar investors will have nobody to blame except for the lying conmen who have been pumping it for years.  This, coupled with reading through Marcus' research has me wondering now if the worst case scenario is what we'll soon be seeing.

The emergence of Baghdad Invest and Marcus' re-emergence, along with Mr IQD's input have created a sort of alliance among our sites to expose the scammers and the lies they've spread for the longest time.  I posted recently about Baghdad Invest and Mr IQD, and today I would like to invite my readers to check out Marcus' thoughts on his blog and a couple of threads at Baghdad Invest.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Rate is in the Budget

Recently I received an email from somebody asking about the assigned value of $1.16 for the IQD in the 2014 budget, the assumption being that an RV from $.000857 to $1.16 must take place before the budget is implemented.  My response to them was that these "the RV is in the budget" rumours surface every year and every year they're wrong.  For some reason the rate shows up as 1.16 (or 1.17 in previous years) but the budget is always in trillions of dinars rather than billions as you would expect if a 100,000% increase in the dinar's value had occurred.  The obvious answer to anybody who isn't drinking the RV koolaid is that the current rate of 1166 dinar to the dollar is being represented as 1.16.  Since it happens that way every year I have to assume that it's not a typo, but a result of the way numbers are presented in Arab culture.  The gurus of course are always eager to pounce on any such opportunity to lead the uninitiated astray. 

Consider for a moment the following:

In February of 2010 Breitling said that the RV is in the budget.

In February of 2011 somebody read a misprint of trillions as billions and concluded that it meant RV.

In February of 2012 there was again talk of the new rate in the budget.

Here's a few more links to browse. (two-thirds of the way down)

The budget for 2014 doesn't contain any historic revaluation of the IQD.  The rate in the budget is less than a tenth of a penny, just like it was last year and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that ..............................

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Conference Call Money Machine

Over the last year and a half I have enjoyed reading the thoughts of Mr. IQD, a fellow guru-basher who shares my contempt for gurus even if he might not share my views on the eventual outcome of the IQD.  He was ahead of me on the shenanigans and eventual indictment of the BH Group.  He's also been following the BS of TonyTNT and the Reno scam more closely than I have and for that I applaud him.

Mr. IQD has shared a few of my posts with his readers on occasion and was kind enough to link to my blog and send some traffic my way.  I'd like to return the favour at this time by pointing out some excellent observations in a recent post on his site.

Every once in awhile somebody will ask me about the motivation for people who do conference calls.  The assumption (I think) is that these gurus just do these calls to be helpful in sharing the information that they've collected after hours of diligent research and intel gathering all day long.  But a recent post at MrIQD sheds a lot of light on this enterprise.  Check it out.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Iraq Abducted into the WTO

And the fun just never seems to end. The other day on a whim I decided to listen to a conference call from a guy called Money775 or "Apostle Money". It was called the Apostolic Call, and they were all excited about Iraq being part of 159 nations abducted [sic] into the WTO. (They've had 159 members for years. Iraq is still classified as an observer nation. I'm baffled as to how he extracted the information that Iraq has now been granted full membership.) "Money" declared that this was the obstacle to the RV, and now that they have been "abducted" we're going to see a revaluation by the end of December. I assume that he meant December of 2013, but we'll see how he revises that now.

The WTO news that he was referring to was posted on the WTO website where they announced that Yemen has been accepted as the newest member. During the call "Money" also stated that the US didn't join the WTO until 1995. Wow! Really? Is that so surprising considering that the WTO was only established in 1995? He also stated that Japan was one of the nations newly inducted into the WTO. Wrong. Japan was a charter member.

I did a post a few months back called "Don't Listen to Gurus". This would be another excellent example of why.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Eagle1 Post and Rebuttal

Recently the dinar world was updated by Eagle1 on the delays in the GCR (Global Currency Reset) and the roll-out of the Babylon II software that the international banking industry will supposedly be using to track every country's exchange rate and assets which will be required to back their currencies.    

I'm not going to take the time to respond to the whole post, but I will address a few important statements.  Eagle1's words are in red and my responses are in black.

* * * * *

Many months ago I published a post detailing the purposes of the Babylon II software that was implemented globally in the world banks. That process began last February.

This mythical software was no doubt called "Babylon II" because it would capture the attention of church people who believe that the RV of the dinar is a prelude to the eschatological "rebuilding of Babylon" in modern day Iraq.  This view of bible prophecy has been exploited to trap untold thousands into buying dinar.

The rollout was not without flaws and failures despite months and months of testing.  Without repeating a lot of what I said, the objective in the banking system was to enable daily adjustments in currency values while tracking the asset backing of each nation which would become the basis of each currency's valuation.

And we're supposed to believe that this incredible revamping of the world's currencies and the new software to track them has gone unreported by Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and every other respected financial publication but somehow Eagle1 knows about it?

The functions incorporated in Babylon II make the software for Obamacare pale by comparison.

So implementing a program that keeps track of less than two hundred currencies and their nations' assets is more complicated than enrolling tens of millions of people into various health care plans?  I knew that he was going to use the Obamacare website fiasco to explain why the Babylon II roll-out has been delayed.  Look, if we've learned anything from this administration's screw-up it's how unnecessary the whole debacle was, and yet it only took a month or two to resolve the issues.  But this Babylon II project has been delayed since February according to Eagle1.

The new banking software was essential for compliance with the Basel III protocols. Those protocols require all participating banks to raise their asset base to a minimum of 10% of overall liabilities.

As one of my readers jrg pointed out, the Basel III reforms can be found at and they say nothing about asset backed currencies.

That sounds nuts when you think about it but when you realize that banks have been operating at a level of 5% since 1999 during the Clinton administration -- a level incidentally which resulted in the 2007-2008 crash of so many banks -- you can understand that greed and the desire for increased profits motivated that downward shift in 1999.

Former Fed Chairman, Paul Volcker, strenuously objected to the lowering of those standards in 1999, along with allowing banks to get into investment strategies for which they were not designed (or prepared) such as hedge funds, derivatives trading, etc., etc.

The Volcker Rule, which was just added to the Dodd-Frank regulations in the past few weeks, is an attempt to repair the cause of the banking debacle.

Even the 10% asset level, in my personal opinion, puts banks at continued risk -- especially when you have the kind of exploded economy we've been suffering through during the past five years.

A quick example, if you don't mind. When I was the president of Union Bond & Trust Company in the 80's, Hong Kong-Shanghai Bank (now HSBC) offered me $50 Million for one year at 7%, payable in arrears. At the time, it meant I could lend out $500 Million during that year. At prevailing interest rates, I could easily make $50 Million and more during the year, return the $50 Million loan at year's end plus the seven percent and be fat and happy.

Here it is.  The big credentials reveal.  This guy is not only a minister but he's also the former president of Union Bond & Trust.  This of course is about gaining trust.  Surely somebody with such an impressive background knows what's really going on here, right?  Let me remind you that Rudy Coenen claimed to be a former VP at J.P. Morgan Chase, but according to the federal indictment against him he worked there a total of one day and wasn't a VP of anything.  Rudy is now awaiting sentencing for defrauding dinar investors.

The catch was that if any of my bank officers made risky loans, I could get hung out to dry and be liable for those funds without the ability to repay in a timely fashion.

We do business locally with Yakima Federal Savings & Loan for our ministry. They are easily the strongest banking institution in the northwest and one of the strongest in the nation. They keep their asset base at around 27% (and at the moment are nearing 30%). By comparison, this past year Bank of America was sanctioned by the FDIC because their asset level fell to 4.57%.

You get the picture!

With the Global Currency Reset in the offing, the implementation of the Volcker Rule is highly significant.

The major banks have been required to implement this rule immediately, while smaller banks will have until 2015 to get out of the various investment portfolios they are involved with.

The chief concern, and the primary logic behind the implementation of this rule, is that with the GCR taking place and many people holding different currencies, among which are the IQD and the VND, there will be a sudden influx of cash into the banks and the banking system as a whole.

Banks will suddenly have multiplied millions of dollars on deposit that they can turn around and reinvest into legitimate banking operations.

The Volcker Rule prevents banks from using those funds in riskier endeavors and putting depositors' monies at risk.

Is he saying that the Volcker Rule was implemented to protect the windfall from the RV and the GCR?

Many of you will remember the "false flag" events that preceded Kuwait's revalue 20 years ago and China's revalue more recently. In each case, just prior to the revaluation of their currencies, notices were published which were designed to deflect any immediate attention to what was actually occurring.

False flag?  You mean Saddam didn't invade Kuwait and take their money and torch their oil fields?  You mean he never used WMD?  You mean he wasn't one year away from getting nukes when coalition forces decimated his program? (last paragraph page 1)

China made the statement that they weren't going to revalue their currency "at all" and 24 hours later did just that! With Kuwait, a notice was sent out by the Emir that they were postponing the revalue of their currency to some indefinite date. 24 hours later the Kuwaiti Dinar was revalued.

Again with this bogus China RV denial story?  They denied that any time frame was agreed to, not that they would revalue.  And their RV has been ongoing now for over eight years to the tune of a 35% increase, which is less than a 5% annual increase.  There was no overnight RV that produced any windfall for speculators in China.    

And once again, there was no Kuwaiti revaluation.  The rate was the same when the central bank of Kuwait resumed business as it was before they were invaded.

Whether we've just seen a "false flag" with regard to Iraq or the GCR is a matter for some discussion. All of the information leading up to yesterday indicated that the GCR would go "live" at 5:50 PM Eastern.

Throughout the day we watched events unfold leading up to it. At the last minute, the process was halted and the delay was attributed (by some sources) as pushing it right up to Iraq's induction into the WTO. Whether there is any validity in that report is questionable.

In a conversation this morning with a representative from the WTO, I posed the question as to whether we were going to get to see this event yet this year or whether it would get pushed off to mid-January (most likely January 21st).

Apparently that question was also on this representative's mind and he said that he had put that same question to three of the central bankers who are part of the GCR process. Each of them in succession swore up and down that the GCR absolutely HAD TO HAPPEN before the end of 2013.

We shall see, won't we?

We saw, all right.  There's more in his post but that's about all my stomach can handle at the moment.  Let me just remind everybody of some things that Eagle1 has stated in the past.  He claimed in 2012 that Iraq has over $70 trillion in assets, in part due to the fact that he confuses billions with trillions.  Not something one would expect from the former president of a financial institution, is it?  In the same post he claimed that U.S. soldiers struck gold while digging foxholes in the streets of Baghdad.  (Now think about that for a minute.  Why do soldiers dig foxholes in battle?  They do it when they're in open areas and there's nothing to hide behind to avoid enemy fire.  In urban warfare you have buildings, cars, walls ... etc.  Why would you dig a foxhole when you can hide behind things that are already there?  And how is a foxhole going to hide you from a sniper on the fourth floor of a building looking down on you?  And even if they wanted to dig a foxhole, Baghdad is a fairly modern city with paved streets.  How does one dig a foxhole through pavement?)  Then in June of 2013 he blamed the GCR delay on the Edward Snowden situation.

* * * * *

So who is this Eagle1 guy?  Well back in April somebody sent me an email with his first name.  Frankly I wasn't really too motivated to do any real research back then.  I tried a few keyword searches and gave up.  But after this latest post I had a relapse of researchitis and went back to work.  To the left is a photo that I found with a cached page from KTFA's site. (scroll down toward the bottom)  If you're a member there you can access the page without using the cache feature, but I have no interest in joining such a site.  In the post Eagle1 explained why the RV would probably occur on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  (That's better than predicting a particular date, I suppose.)

Re: Frank26......08-14-2011

Postby Eagle1 » August 14th, 2011, 11:07pm GMT  •  [Post 48]
Good Afternoon, Family:

I've had this discussion with Frank and Delta before on one of the CC's, but because of my background in international banking let me explain once again for the sake of those who are not aware of this.

There is a good and logical reason why you (normally) don't see activity on Monday or Friday in international banks or in any banking transaction or trade with international consequences. Let's go back to when I was President of Union Bond & Trust Company in Anchorage, Alaska. 

I conducted business with banks and traders in HongKong and Shanghai, in Tokyo, in Zürich, London, Paris, Brussels, Auckland, Sydney, Perth, etc., etc. Can't tell you how many times my phone rang at 2:00 or 3:00 AM and a banker from Credit Suisse was on the phone, or at 11:00 PM and a banker at HongKong-Shanghai Bank was calling. Before time zones were consolidated in the U.S. some 30-plus years ago, we had five different time zones in Alaska alone. (Alaska is 3400 miles wide, so you will understand!) Even with consolidation, there is a four-hour time difference between Anchorage and New York. That's half a day, folks! And that's just in the U.S. If I called someone at Barclay's in London on Monday morning at 10:00 AM, it was already 9:00 PM in London. Thus any Monday business in Anchorage with London had to be conducted on Tuesday morning when their offices opened.

Try the opposite extreme! Suppose I had business with HongKong-Shanghai Bank in HongKong, and it was 2:00 PM on Thursday in Anchorage. It was already 8:00 AM on Friday in HongKong. Had in been in HongKong, the reverse would be true. Thus, because of the time-zone differences around the world, international bankers have agreed universally that any transactions or trades between international banks would only occur on Tuesdays through Thursdays.

I often scheduled large tranches of money between banks, and we agreed that in order to avoid heavy international scrutiny, we would limit international transfers to $250 Million per transaction per day. (We could have done more and did so under limited circumstances, but this was an easy way to do business.) I often did transactions totaling into the tens and hundreds of billions of dollars, but they were still broken down into $250 Million transfers per day. Thus we deliberately limited ourselves to transferring $750 Million per week per transaction -- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday -- even if the total transaction were to exceed many billions of dollars. Under certain circumstances and time zones with parameters set up well in advance we transferred up to a billion dollars per week.

Family, this was more than two decades ago, and even though the limits and dollar amounts have changed throughout the years, banks still stick to Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for any major trade, currency exchange, currency revaluation, or international funds transfer. Its just the nature of how things are and have been conducted in our business world.

It wouldn't surprise me at all to see some changes take place in these practices in the years to come as the rest of the world becomes better connected electronically (and you all have seen or at least heard about all the pinging between CBI and banks around the world as they have been preparing for the RV). 

Maybe this explanation will help everyone better understand the philosophy of the Tuesday - Thursday window for the RV. It doesn't mean that we couldn't see an announcement on a Friday or Sunday, but no actual cashing in will likely begin until the Tuesday - Thursday window. That is, unless there are a lot of changes taking place I haven't heard about! (Smile.)

Blessings on you!


Well his profile said Sunnyside, Washington so I typed "Sunnyside", "Washington", and "dinar" into Google and found this link.  The guy in the photo looks a lot like Eagle1 to me, and his first name matched what was sent to me in April, which is not a very common name.  Yep, I think we have a match.  Thanks for the tip, BTW.   

Here's a couple more links to information on Regner "Eagle1" Capener.  I can't say that any of his claims aren't true, but based on what I've seen in the dinar community up until now I'm understandably skeptical.

Even if everything he says about himself is true, his dinar intel and analysis hasn't been any better than any other guru up until this point.  Proceed with caution.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

WOW!  2013 really went by fast.  It seems like only yesterday the dinar was valued at less than a tenth of a penny, but now it's less than a tenth of a penny.  Yeah, that's right.  No RV in 2013. 

As Jay Adkisson from Forbes put it:

Well, loyal dinar investors, we are finally here! We are at the place where you need to get your confidentiality agreements with your financial advisers in place, and start looking for expensive houses on the French Riviera. Yep, for you it is champagne and caviar from here on out. The latest rumors say that the Iraqi dinar is just about to RV. Heck, the Vietnamese Dong and the Melchizedekian Shekel are about to RV too. Plus, NESARA is about to be passed into law, and that means that Omega Trust & Trading is about to pay off. Bernie Maddoff is going back in business. Heck, even Charles Ponzi is coming back from the dead to pay off. It all starts right now!


The sum total of all the activity regarding the Iraqi Dinar for 2013 could be summed up as Zero, or my Mexican friends like to say, Nada Grande.
And for all you True Believers in the Iraqi Dinar, please rest assured that 2014 will be exactly the same. There will be 30 million rumors of the impending RV so that they can sell more near-worthless Dinars to new suckers (and more to old suckers), but nothing will actually happen.
For you, that beautiful home on the French Riviera is not happening. The champagne and caviar is not happening, either. For you, the Riviera in Las Vegas is selling rooms at $35 per night, feel free to bring your own sheets, and there’s a Quiznos in the food court.

Despite that fact there was plenty of excitement in the dinar world.  The Reno cash-in scam continued and apparently even surfaced across the country in the DC area.  Dan and Tony from PTR (People's Talk Radio) split up and Tony went on to douchebag superstardom winning the first ever uncontested Douche of the Year award two months before the year ended.  Chapter 7 sanctions were lifted prompting many to believe that the RV was finally at the door.  Of course the door was answered by tens of thousands of disappointed dinarians who found nobody there.  Rudy Coenen pleaded guilty to dinar fraud but his alleged co-conspirator Brad Huebner and company had their cases thrown out on a technicality in November, only to be re-indicted in December.  And unfortunately the violence in Iraq escalated as the country saw the most bombing fatalities in six years. 

Every week some douchebag was saying the RV was done and every week they were wrong.  Every month I said that no big RV was forthcoming and every month I was right, along with a few others including my very knowledgeable readers who are now apparently gaining some name recognition of their own.  Good for them.  I think their comments are doing a lot of good as people now realize that these are not just the isolated views of one person. 


 Last January I made a few predictions for 2013.  I said:

I will stake my reputation on the fact that the value of the dinar will not increase by more than 10% in any given month or by 50% this year unless there's a lop. The same goes for the Vietnamese dong. I also predict that we will see another indictment of one or more of the douchebags I've written about in the past. I predict that Iraq's M2 will end the year at more than the current figure of 72 trillion unless they redenominate. And finally, I predict that Obama and Maliki will both end the year without being removed from office. 

Well as I already mentioned the dinar didn't budge last year, so check that one off.  The dong finished the year slightly lower, so we can check that one off, too.

As I also mentioned the dinar fraud case against Brad Huebner was dismissed on a technicality, but a new case was introduced a few weeks later.  In the meantime the prosecutor indicted Brad on another charge.  It's not dinar-related but it's an indictment so I'm going to give myself partial credit on this one.  Additionally we have learned of a fraud indictment from 2012 of Tony "TNT" Renfrow.  His trial is coming up soon, but since the indictment happened in 2012 I can't count it.  There was another dinar fraud indictment in 2013, but it wasn't somebody I've written about in the past so I can't count it either.

The M2 ended the year at over 80 trillion dinar, so we can check that one off as well. 

Some of the gurus were blaming Obama for holding up the RV, and they said that the PTB would remove him from office so that the RV could go through.  Most of the gurus blamed Maliki, however.  ("Stick a fork in Maliki - he's done and so is our current Administration.") They insisted that his time was over.  Well of course they both finished the year in office just as I said they would.  The only thing holding up the RV is the fact that there is no RV to hold up.  There's no Santa Claus, either.  No Easter Bunny.  No Great Pumpkin.  No Superman.  Hopefully now people will recognize the fictional nature of this big RV.

So I grade myself at 92% on my predictions.  (5.5/6)  I'll let you compare that with the gurus.  For 2014 I will just predict that the dinar won't increase more than 20% for the year and the M2 will finish at more than the current amount of 84 trillion (barring a redenomination of course).  I say 20% not because I believe it's going to increase in value but just to cover my backside in case something crazy happens and they bump it up to 1000:1 from 1166:1 which would be about a 16% increase.  As for the Vietnamese dong, I'll make the same prediction that it won't increase by more than 20%.  While I would like to see more dinar fraud indictments I'm not too confident that the authorities will do anything so no predictions there.  Maliki is apparently up for re-election in April and while I won't make any predictions, I will say that he has a good shot at winning.  The gurus have blamed Maliki for holding up the RV (they gotta blame somebody, right? .... can't be that they don't know what they're talking about, of course), so it might be interesting to see how they will explain the holdup if Maliki loses. 

Thanks to all of you for your support over the past year.  The traffic is better than ever.  Here's hoping that the RV scam will run its course in 2014 and our services will no longer be needed.  Happy New Year everybody!