Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stryker Strykes Again

I haven't said much about Stryker lately, and there are a couple of reasons for that.  First, maybe I'm wrong but I think the guy actually believes everything he says so I'm less inclined to put him in the same category as the others.  And second, the absolute stupidity and crapola spewed out by other gurus has kept me preoccupied.  Eagle1 was a good example.  However, the other day Stryker did a five minute pumping riff that would have made TNT Tony proud.

After saying some admirable things like "the dinar is not your saviour", Stryker went into high gear pumpocity in one of his daily broadcasts.  Starting at 7:30 in he says that he knows financial people and economists with PhD's who say that his group is doing some of the best news coverage out there, and that a substantial revaluation is possible.  As I've stated before, no respectable economist, financial adviser, or currency expert is going to endorse the dinar investment, so it comes as little surprise to me that Stryker's people are unnamed.  On the other hand,this blog has named several experts who have referred to it as a scam.  In fact I have interviewed one of these experts by the name of John Jagerson on two occasions.  I would like to challenge Stryker to produce similar experts along with their names and credentials to supports his position.
He goes on to say that 75-85% of their money supply is US dollars and the financials are all "in the value", meaning (I think ... Stryker is very hard to follow when he's talking numbers) that their money supply is only 15-25% IQD for all we know.  What he doesn't mention is that the money supply figures on the CBI financial page are listed in .... DEEE - NARS!!! 

How much clearer do they need to be?  The reason the value of the IQD has been under a tenth of a penny for over a decade is the fact that there are trillions of them in circulation that are backed by less than $100 billion in foreign currency reserves.

Stryker then follows that up with the claim that the CBI isn't going to tell us what they're going to do.  HUH???  They've been telling us for years that their policy is a stable exchange rate and they've kept it extremely stable for five years now.  They've been telling us for over three years that they intend to redenominate, removing three zeros and replacing the old currency with a new one at an exchange ratio of 1000:1 old for new.  What does he mean they're not going to tell us?  The problem isn't lack of disclosure here.  The problem is RV believers don't want to listen.
After that he says that there's no transparency in Iraq.  Well the IQD happens to be on an IMF program that demands transparency, and periodic audits to ensure such.  That's what is meant by "program rate".  It's not an artificial rate that only applies until they release the true value as some gurus suggest.  It's more like probation because Iraq is so corrupt and volatile and can't be trusted. 

After that Stryker goes into Breitling mode, saying that they're putting USD into the market to keep the dinar's value down.  The fact is USD have been in the market since the IQD was introduced.  Early on (before the new CBI was established and started managing the money supply) the IQD's value spiked and the decision was made to withdraw some USD from circulation and replace them with IQD in order to prevent further appreciation. It's called  supply and demand.  So how does Stryker conclude that putting USD into the market would lead to a lower value for the IQD if pulling USD from the market accomplishes the same thing?

Al Hodges
A few days later Stryker crossed over into conspiracy nut territory, spending half of his show talking about a "real letter" from a "real attorney" named A. Clifton "Al" Hodges about global settlements.  What he didn't tell his viewers is that Al Hodges is a "real crackpot".  Don't believe me?  Type "Al Hodges" and "Nesara" into Google and look at the results.  Or try "Al Hodges" and "CMKX".  Or just read through the tinfoil hat nonsense of this lunatic in the letter Stryker was talking about.

You might also want to check out this article from the New York Times.

Or maybe look over this rambling manifesto about the cabal on a page that includes Mr. Hodges' photo which Stryker was using on his broadcast.

Or you can check out the thoughts of citybear59 on this CMKX board.

Back to what I said earlier about Stryker believing everything he says.  Stryke that.  Why would anybody with any sense buy into this rubbish?


  1. "He goes on to say that 75-85% of their money supply is US dollars."

    LOL. Iraq's money supply (not reserves) is 100% in Iraqi Dinars because if it were in $ it wouldn't be "Iraq's" money supply it would be America's. In reality, the 85tn Dinar Iraq have created is in addition to however many USD's are on Iraqi streets. It's not even sane pumping (if there is such a thing) just the same silly low-level guru word games...

    "Stryker then follows that up with the claim that the CBI isn't going to tell us what they're going to do."

    Probably because that's how conspiracy addicts (who disproportionately buy into guru's BS for literally years on end like sheep) collective mentalities work : "If Iraq says they'll RV that's "proof of the RV", but if they DON'T say that then that's "proof of the RV" because they probably wouldn't say that anyway if you 'read between the lines nudge-nudge-wink-wink'". When you possess this paranoid conspiratorial mindset, you can convince yourself of anything based on anything and will see proof of the RV in everything:-

    A: "Japan's going to RV and give me $100,000 for my $1,000 worth of Yen tomorrow"

    B: "Where did you hear that? They haven't said anything"

    A: "Well they wouldn't would they?"

    B: "OMG! You're right! It must be real then! What colour Porsche are you buying tomorrow then?"...

    His target audience appears to be the same crowd who see "proof of the RV" in cloud formations, tea-leaves, in Elvis shaped root vegetables, etc. As for Al Hodges, the guy's totally lost in a world of his own. The CMKX link being one perfect example:-

    "Mr. Hodges told me that he could produce testimony from an unnamed witness who had heard Christopher Cox, then the S.E.C. chairman, direct that no enforcement action be taken against CMKM. Mr. Cox declined to comment, citing the pending litigation, but it is worth noting that the S.E.C. did file enforcement actions against the company while Mr. Cox was at the helm."

    "While pursuing his own theory of what happened at CMKM, Mr. Hodges does not seem to have done an especially thorough job of keeping up with the official version. The federal indictment of Mr. Casavant was unsealed in September, six months ago. But when I spoke to him this week, Mr. Hodges told me that Mr. Casavant had not been indicted."

    With a divorced-from-reality "quality lawyer" like that, you're better off being represented by Ronald McDonald, LOL.

    1. "His target audience appears to be the same crowd who see "proof of the RV" in cloud formations, tea-leaves, in Elvis shaped root vegetables, etc. As for Al Hodges, the guy's totally lost in a world of his own. The CMKX link being one perfect example:-"

      Too funny but absolutely true. These guys also see the RV in NESARA as well as a GCR which will make them wealthy because of the dinar they own.? hmmmmm.

      None of that makes sense and all it really amounts to is wishful thinking blended with denial. but maybe I should give them the benefit of the doubt. I am heading outside to look at cloud formations and to see which way the wind blows. I will let everyone know my intel when I get back. ROFL

      Nice Job Sam! Stryker makes no sense. I wonder what he gains from all this? Thank you Brian for providing my laugh for the day. It seems your analysis is accurate as well as funny

  2. I have to admit I have been guilty of using the word stupid much too often here but honestly it's what comes to mind instantly whenever I see people praising one of Stryker's goofy "breakdowns" of an article. When he was a regular on DV he would take a legitimate news story or other statement out of Iraq and in the guise of doing a "breakdown" for everyone so they could "better" understand it (Lol!, BETTER understand it??????) he would simply twist everything and spin it into total nonsense so that it fit with what these people wanted to hear and they would heap praises and thanks on him for his effort! It was of course nothing but guru speak and based on fantasy, half-truths and outright lies but no matter he was "breaking it down" into something everyone could easily understand, if these people can't read and understand anything without the likes of Stryker explaining it to them then there really is no hope for them.

  3. Ok the stupidity (yep I said stupid again but hey nothing else fits!) just reached a new high! Dontlop is now saying that the "bails" (sic) of Dinar air dropped by the CIA were fake and they will not be honored thus reducing the money supply, wow this is going waaaaaay beyond absurd!

  4. Not relevant to above, but could someone explain why TNT Tony is having everyone tweet to politicians about the dinar?? I have a family member involved with this and I am at wits end with the BS! Can anyone really explain this "investment" to me???

    1. There's not much to explain. A bunch of con artists have made the claim that the Iraqi dinar is going to revalue by some massive amount and create overnight millionaires of anyone that owns them. A bunch of people (including your family member, apparently) believe them. It is mathematically impossible for this to happen but since very few people understand basic math or foreign currency exchange it is easy to confuse and trick them. Many people have become so emotionally invested with the "hope" offered by this scam, that they no longer process information, common sense or logic related to the dinar. The greed or financial desperation is overwhelming their better sense. I wish I could offer advice on how to snap them out of it, but I can't. I have found it very difficult to convince them that they are being scammed. Many of them will go to their grave believing they are about to strike it rich.

    2. Seaglassgirl, it helps if you see "RV" guru's as basically actors or politicians (same thing, LOL) who need a new act or they become stale. They regularly wear different "costumes" and use different "stage props" - "tweet your politician", "pray to Jesus", etc, is simply the guru's equivalent of a stage-prop. It "suggests" that they "must" have some credibility. In reality, they spew out all this nonsense knowing full well that most won't do it, and the few that do will be seen as the same total crackpots as the NESARA bunch who've been "writing to their politicians" and asking where their "$10m" is every year since 1992...

  5. Pretty much sums it up Networth. All of that on top of conspiracy ignorance spouted off by paid liars such as Dontlop just solidifies peoples delusional thinking. Once people have convinced themselves that they will be able to buy that house on the ocean and never have to work again its pretty hard to convince them otherwise. You become a "lopster" or a "dumper" or "negative".

    Seaglassgirl.....this isnt an investment. Its a scam. You should tell your relative that. Tell them they havent invested in anything. They simply exchanged one currency for another and got ripped off in the process. The dinar or any other currency on earth will never skyrocket in value by thousands of percent. Thats not how currency works. Challenge your relative to prove to you otherwise.

  6. Another jewel from Kaperoni:

    1-27-14 Kaperoni: There is a new article on the bonds and gold coins out...appears authored by former deputy of the CBI Saleh. these two items, bonds and gold will let them reduce the money supply but more importantly, reduce the spread between Official rate and Market rate. I believe this step will help them transition to IMF Article VIII. Article Quote: "The economist said: that this step has been the study of economic feasibility,by theCentral Bank for the purpose of selling gold coins and cash and other foreign currencies as well as treasury transfers to the public soon." Soon!

    I can NOT for the life of me why people thank this egotistical moron for the crap he puts out. He has no clue.

    1. Total idiocy. He conveniently fails to explain how "bonds and gold" are going to magically reduce the money supply. Somehow they're going to "unmake" money by issuing bonds and buying gold. It is encouraging that he is acknowledging that the money supply is really high. Whether he knows it or not, he is admitting that there have been way too many dinar produced for a revaluation to occur. Perhaps we should view that as a sign of progress.

    2. He will NEVER admit to anything which points to a redenomination. Never. His ego will not tolerate it.

  7. I'll just add one clarification on the "program rate". This is clearly defined in the IMF docs, for anyone that wants to go look, as rate the IMF uses in their monitoring program to convert IQD to dollars to total up all assets and liabilities. They set it to 1170 to match the actual exchange rate at the time the monitoring program was started and fixed it at that rate even if Iraq were to change the actual rate. That has in fact happened as even though Iraq tweaked their rate a tiny bit to 1166 a year or so ago, the IMF program rate is still 1170. Its just so the IMF can easily make year over year comparisons. So far from being a constraint on the CBI, it doesn't even exactly follow the CBI's rate.

  8. Kraper_pony will say anything to keep his victims confused. Same thing with Dontlop. As paid dinar pumpers they thrive on deception and depend on peoples ignorance and greed.

    BTW......did anyone happen to read a certian "believer" over on DV say that Kraper_pony was "smart" and not like the other gurus? ROFl.....why is that not surprising. Bevis and Butthead could tell him the RV was going to happen tomorrow and he would think they were brilliant.

    1. Lol@ bevis and butthead comment. DB will worship anyone who cheerleads the RV. He's desperate and pathetic. The nonsense on DV the past week has been comical by dontlop and DB. Dumb and Dumber

  9. Well stupidity is limited to dontlop and kap. Mountain Goat returned to dinar recraps today.
    There seems to be some confusion as to what is going on with this RV process. As long term dinar holders we have waited for years in anticipation for the revaluation of the Iraq dinar to take place. Do you know that officially the revaluation did in fact take place on December 1, 2013 ?

    So why have we not yet seen this currency go international along with the other basket of currencies in the planned global currency reset (GCR), as organized by the IMF and the rest of the financial and economic communities.

    After researching I have found many disturbing issues with this revaluation process that has been holding this process up. I will reveal now what my investigations have found.

    I have found that the USA is intentionally, unmistakably holding the process up.
    We also know the IQD did officially revalue as early as December of last year, almost 2 months ago. Also there is a matter of special contract rates that will be used during the exchange process. These rates have been established and funded by contracts between the US and Iraq and the US and China, thus they call them contract rates.

    So far, from what I have been able to expose , there have been early exchanges taking place between the politicians, their families and friends (basically the “boys” club of Washington DC). The so called “privileged”.

    So how can they do this since the rates are not yet international?

    They are able to do this since the administration in Washington DC controls the UST and the UST controls the RV process.

    Such as they have the power to push the button to activate the rates at the banks whenever they want to. Since this is only one part of the process to go international and not the completion of the process to the final steps, the rates are not yet pushed to go live to the world’s exchanges but only go live to this small group of so called privileged people when they desire this select list of wealthy individuals need to exchange.

    This list is not random and is hand picked individuals. They have been activating the rates at night in the cloak of secrecy so the elite can exchange behind our backs.

    We are not supposed to know about this. So far they have used up much of these contract rates that were intended to be for the American public in general not just the favored and privileged few.

    This is illegal and wrong.

    It was not supposed to work this way. We were told consistently over the last few months by the UST that we would all have a fair chance to play in this process and also be able to participate as the general public by exchanging also with the contract rates.

    How were these contract rates established?

    China bought oil credits for $38 from the US per dinar. The US bought oil credits from Iraq for $32 per dinar. With this the US and China plan to buy oil from Iraq like the US at a very discounted price, way below market prices. At current market rate of oil being at around $100 - 120 per barrel this is a bargain for them.

    China funded the bucket of money for the high contract rates associated with their deal by trading trillions in gold reserves. They already moved this to the UST gold reserve deposit. So the US basically sold part of their oil credits to China.

    1. I couldn't resist so I posted in response. And surprise, surprise, recraps actually posted my comments.
      usmc Sgt A
      Question? How does China trade trillions of dollars in Gold Reserves when they have 1,054 Tonnes of gold reserves? 1,054 tonnes x 1,000 = 1,054,000 Kg of gold x $40,000/kg = $42,160,000,000
      $42.16 billion is smaller than Trillions the last time I checked.

      My facts come from World Gold Council

      someone replied and said>>>
      It would be easy for China to trade trillions to the UST--By way of cancellation of trillions in debt!

      I replied,
      That's not what MG said. MG said that China had already transferred trillions of dollars of gold reserves. Normally the one in debt makes the payments. If you have a mortgage, you pay the bank. The bank doesn't pay you. And the US is in debt to China. But this still doesn't address the problem of China having only $42Billion in gold reserves. In fact according to the World Gold Council ( the total gold reserves for the top 100 countries and groups is just under 32,000 tonnes.
      32,000 tonnes x 1,000 kg/tonnes = 32,000,000kg
      32,000,000kg x $40,000/kg = $1,280,000,000,000
      So the total gold reserves for the world is $1.28 trillion in gold, how does one country transfer trillions of dollars of gold?

      Let's see if they will post that response.

    2. Great posts Steve, though you'll probably reach the point where you'll be declared a "negative troublemaker" when their guru's claims get repeatedly openly debunked in front of everyone. It truly boggles the mind as how people think they can just throw any old cr*p out there. Sure they do so knowing most people won't check out the 'facts' out of confirmation bias, but all it takes is for one person to do so, and the whole thing falls apart. I'm sure you've figured outthough, a lot of "believers" simply don't want the truth on their forums, they just want a hive-mindset comfort-blanket / cult-following to cling to.

      On some sites people are pumping the absurd GCR thing and saying "Iraq will soar when the IMF "reprices" the Dinar to gold". LOL. Iraq has a mere 29.9t of gold ($1.205bn worth). If the Dinar were pegged solely to that, it would be one hell of an "RV" - going DOWNwards well below 60,000:1-70,000:1! Oil credits is pure junk conspiracy. The USA has been buying Iraqi oil at normal market prices for years. If Iraq was selling oil at $38, their GDP would be almost 1/3rd of what it is now and would have been plunged into massive debt earning only $29.5bn from oil exports each year whilst spending over $100bn on domestic govt spending. Another common sense thing that flies straight over certain "believers" heads...

  10. Lol......the comedy continues at DV. Dontlop is being obliterated and continues to spout the Swiss and Kuwait RV lie. Lol.

    It seems Keepem has finally been banished to LOP prison. I guess Adams VIP scam has started losing profits from truth being told. You had a good run Keep. You were able to expose more lies than anyone on that site. I am sure Adam feels it nothing personal and only business. Haha

    1. I noticed there has been some serious damage control going on over there lately, Montana and company got real lenient there for a while immediately after the BH group indictment but now I suppose they are losing sheep at an increasing rate and feel they must do something. There has definitely been a big change in the attitude of the members toward this "RV " in the last year or so and it's all too obvious people are finally starting to wake up, I honestly think part of that can be attributed to seeing others they once respected acting like total idiots when confronted by undeniable facts. Because of this people like Dontlop and DB have far more to do with people seeing the truth than they do in suppressing the truth as they so obviously are desperately trying to do and the more desperate they appear the more the "RV looks like the farce it is. Dontlop has become as bad as DB and has reached the point where it seems he and DB have become nothing more than the village idiots trying to support each other but no one takes either of them serious anymore, the more they say the more they accomplish just the exact opposite of his intentions.

    2. I've noticed the same thing too dwm. There's been a definite shift in the number of people who bought into it years ago who are no longer blindly swallowing "Guru Hopium". The Guru's amateurish lapdogs like DB & dontlop, who try and keep people from "straying" are finding throwing out the same long debunked lies over & over (like the absurd non-existent "Kuwaiti RV") and hoping no-one will check is no longer working (because people are finally starting to verify fake Guru 'factoids'). Great news all round.

      Another thing I've mentioned previously is the explosion of EBay auctions from people ditching their Dinar - was dozens then hundreds and now is over 7,500-8,500 at any one time. A lot of these people are the types who don't post anything to any forum (and for many, no longer read any forum), but simply quietly "cash out" without saying anything. So the numbers waking up is far higher than the number of people posting saying they've woken up. 2014 is going to be a bad year for guru's I feel. :-)

  11. Pretty much. Now the troll says I am kissing Keppems "bum". This coming from a guy who endlessly and embarrassingly smooches up to the arse of any scumbag dinar pumper who is telling him the lies he wants to hear. Give me a break.

    1. Dinarck, it looks like DB is getting his feelings hurt lol. Truth hurts.

      Dinarck I know your reading this so I will wind you up further - carry on kissing rob Saunders bottom and keepem's bottom. I doubt either would give you a reach around because Dinarck your a little troll in a cheerleaders dress. Carry on being the lopster bit:(h. Your a joke Dinarck and a sheep of what is never going to occur in Iraq. The RV will happen and I will laugh when the people that you turned against the investment come vying for your blood. The Iraqi dinar is grossley undervalued if people can't understand that then they are missing out on what is the best chance of making a lot of money. Contractors in Iraq know that the RV is coming.

      Read more:

      Oh DB you're a treat. There's people you can talk to about your metal instability. Please do talk to someone. You're becoming too delusional

  12. "The dinar is grossly undervalued"

    This lie is the one he seems to base his entire pumping operation around. The facts have been shown to him and it isnt hard to comprehend why 85 trillion units of currency equals 1166 against the dollar. The grossly undervalued line is nothing more than a tool to
    keep the hype alive even though it has been easily and thoroughly debunked.

    "Contractors in Iraq know the RV is coming"

    Lol.......the single most pointless ignorant statement probably ever typed onto a dinar forum. Thats like in Iraq know that a pink polkadotted Mickey Mouse is going to come down from the sky in Iraq and fart out twinkies all over the country.

    If contractors "know" that the "RV" is coming then why in the hell are the risking their lives being conractors in Iraq? Duh.....

  13. Nice to have a link to my board here. Good job folks, it's nice to see other like minded people debunking this Dinar RV garbage. Scam upon scam, there are so many involved I could write a book on it. Tony TNT is one of Snifferpup's most ardent followers. For those who don't know, Sniffer was the biggest ever fan of Chris Story (Edward Harle) of World Reports. These people are making money off every scam available, pay per click sites, selling unregistered shares and bilking innocent people. I'm going to keep checking in with this blog, you are doing good work


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