Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well I trust that all of you who were glued to the internet waiting for a New Year's Day rate change have returned to reality by now. 

Before I address the events of last year I'd like to make a few bold predictions for 2013.  I will stake my reputation on the fact that the value of the dinar will not increase by more than 10% in any given month or by 50% this year unless there's a lop.  The same goes for the Vietnamese dong.  I also predict that we will see another indictment of one or more of the douchebags I've written about in the past.  I predict that Iraq's M2 will end the year at more than the current figure of 72 trillion unless they redenominate.  And finally, I predict that Obama and Maliki will both end the year without being removed from office.  Yeah, I know.  Some of you are saying that I'm pretty safe in those predictions, and yet what I'm saying flies in the face of what we're hearing from most of the pumpers and gurus.  You see, BGG recently announced that he's going to start keeping score with the track record of other gurus.  I just want this on record so that at the end of the year BGG can compare my record with his and everybody else's, not that I actually believe he'll acknowledge anything that I have to say of course.

2012 was a fascinating year for somebody like me who reads and writes about the dinar and dinar pumpitude.  Of course every week some guru was sharing their intel about the impending RV, and every week they were wrong.  Most of the year we heard stories of whales cashing in their dinar in Reno, Nevada ahead of the RV. People were convinced that they were somehow going to be allowed in on this early cash-in. It's a scam, of course. But what can you do? Some people never learn. I'm told that some arrests could be forthcoming regarding the Reno thing but as of yet we haven't seen any. Maybe it will happen in 2013.

 In January we saw the first increase in the official value of the dinar in three years when the dinar went from $.0008547 (1170 dinar per dollar) to $.0008576 (1166 dinar per dollar). Despite all of the gurus and pumpers who claim to have rock solid intel from CBI contacts and government officials, nobody seemed to have a clue that a 4 pip increase was coming. Amazing, huh? Of course, after the increase they all had to comment on what the increase means. Some said it was a head fake. Others said it was just a system test prior to the real RV. After a few months it became apparent (to some of us anyway) that this increase was done to address the spike in inflation resulting from the IQD exchanged for USD when coalition forces left Iraq at the end of 2011, and was probably the only RV we would see in 2012.

In March the Arab Summit in Iraq came and went without "the RV", despite the numerous claims from the gurus that they needed to revalue prior to the summit. 

In April we nailed down the true identity of Adam "Wolfyman" Montana, exposing him as a liar and a fraud.

In September four people were indicted on dinar related fraud and money laundering charges, three of whom have been featured in this blog's header.

In October CBI governor Shabibi was removed from his position under allegations of financial misconduct. Again, none of the gurus had a clue that this was coming, but they certainly seemed to understand the implications.

"The UN is going to step in and restore Shabibi so he can RV"
"Shabibi wanted to lop so Maliki removed him so they can RV"
"Shabibi and Maliki both wanted credit for the RV and that's what the power struggle is about"

LOL!  Yeah, they were all over the map.  It turns out Shabibi wasn't restored and his replacement didn't RV. Again, not one guru that I am aware of got it right. It appears now that Shabibi was removed for reasons totally unrelated to the official value of the dinar.

And finally in December - the sickness/stroke/death/whatever of Talabani.  None of the gurus saw this one coming, either.  Okay, I'll give them a pass on that.  I mean, who knew that a fat, 79 year old smoker and drinker with diabetes might keel over?  Still, they all had their views on what this meant for "the RV".   

Since my last post I've noticed some noteworthy examples of douchebaggery.  FootForward has done conference calls where he claimed that:
  1. Lower denoms (1, 5, 10, 25 notes) were printed in 2003 at the same time as the 50, 250, 500, 1K, 5K, 10K, and 25K notes.  (Nothing was provided to substantiate that claim, of course.)
  2. Kuwait did RV in 1991, despite what anybody tells you.  (This was in response to a post from SWFG if I'm not mistaken.)
  3. Talabani didn't have a stroke.  This is a bogus story to discourage investing in the dinar.  (There's plenty of disagreement on whether Talabani is dead, braindead, or simply in a coma but to my knowledge FF is the only one who thinks nothing happened here.)
I've written about this guy several times, but never really knew his story.  Well the other day I read this at Dinar Vets from a member named Rayzur.

I was quite taken aback... okay almost stunned when I saw FF being referenced as any kind of guru in a discussion that was actually talking as if he had any credibility.
I'm sure he is a nice guy, and at least at one time, had earnest intentions. And, that said, I remember when he first started coming into Okies chat room as this young (early 20's) kid about a year or so ago, who did not have a clue about the more salient points of the discussion, the mechanisms, properties, issues or considerations about Iraqi currency and that referred to as the RV. He mostly tagged along and would offer encouraging words now and then. Eventually, he started to increase his participation by adding his opinion about the RV, as determined by his prophetic vision or messages he would get in prayer. Vague though encouraging at first, he never really committed to an actual date or rate, and seemed to dovetail off Okie's predictions in direct correlation to the news Okie gave (with his own prophetic messages inter twined so as to look like his own words)... He was definitely a follower, albeit most encouraging (in vague feel good stuff), and increased his offering of prophetic messages consistent with the feedback and his intra-room following. He and BWM would talk a lot in the room... with BMW usually leading and FF following.
While initially fascinated watching the kool-aid being served in the room (and truly enjoying some great friends I met there in messages back and forth), I eventually left the chat room as it became just too difficult to take, filled redundant, insipid, inaccurate, wrong and meaningless word salads. I had been a member of DV throughout my adventures over to the hysterical room, and one day it just got to silly to justify returning for hit of amazingly stupid.

There are so many people from the Okie room now venturing out into the land as gurus... having apparently graduated from the Okie training school of meaningless, mindless, pontification, then mixed with the unique bedazzlement of the person (in FF case it would be his prophetic messages,.... which for the record have never ever in my awareness over the past year and a half, ever, even one time, been right no matter how small or inconsequential)....
The only remaining question for me with FF and most of the other graduates is whether or not they stay in touch with Chief Full O Bull (Okie). Has he remained their puppet master, with their voices his.... or are they functioning as an Okie franchise, and independently operated....

So according to Rayzur FF got his start hanging out in Okie's chat room and slowly built a following by talking about prophecy, prayer, and visions pertaining to the dinar.  That right there should be all you need to know.

Also, Breitling was recently talking about the hidden value of the dinar and he made a curious statement.  Referring to a story about the printing of the IQD back in 2003 he said:

(quoting Hugh Tant) "The cost to produce the currency was approximately six cents per note, which allowed for a very high quality paper".  Now ... you go look at today's rate, and they paid six cents for a tenth of a penny. Does that make sense to you?  No, it doesn't .... later on down the road that'll play into it being a hard manipulation.  It's just a stupid, dirty float.  It cost them six cents per note.  So just from the cost of printing the currency and getting the whole thing done, you go look at your currency and it cost them ... JUST ONE NOTE ... it cost them six cents to do that.  So that's what its real value is worth.  At a minimum. (10 min. in)

As I was listening to this bovine excrement I was absolutely floored.  "Breitling has outdone himself", I said to myself.  I figured I had to address this in my next update post, but the following day he offered a "clarification" that he was really referring to the new 1 dinar notes that have to be worth more than a tenth of a penny.  Well OF COURSE the value of the new currency will be greater than that of the IQD.  That's the whole point in redenominating - higher value and lower money supply.  But the transcript that I posted above shows very clearly that he was talking about the current value of the dinar being held down since it was printed in 2003, not the new value post-lop.  He even stated that he doesn't know what the printing cost is today, so you know he was referring to the cost nine years ago.

My theory on this is that B did that video and uploaded it thinking he had just given people some incredible info to justify a big RV when somebody probably pulled him aside and explained the difference between currency notes and monetary units, and upon realizing what a fool he had made of himself he went into damage control mode and came up with this lame-arse explanation.  Nice try Tony, but no cigar.

A week or so later B was at it again, saying that Donald Rumsfeld sold WMD to Iraq when he was Secretary of Defense back in the 80s.  This is one of those talking points from political hacks that eventually become accepted as fact when they're nothing of the sort - kind of like forum facts about the dinar.  Actually Rumsfeld was an envoy (not Sec. of Def.) in the 80s when we provided Iraq with economic aid, counter-insurgency training, battlefield intelligence, and some conventional weapons (not WMD) from third party nations like Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt in order to keep Iran from becoming too powerful.  I would challenge Mr. B or anybody else to produce any article from any reputable news publication stating that the US sold WMD to Iraq.  It's really not that relevant as to the future of the dinar, but I think this speaks volumes about the lack of adequate research and factual commentary he provides.  In the same video he stated that Obama and Biden advocated splitting Iraq up into three zones.  Actually this was a proposal made by Joe Biden in an op-ed piece in 2006, and it merely suggested that Iraq be decentralized into three autonomous regions to reduce ethnic tensions.  This was over two years before he became VP and it was never a policy advocated by the Obama administration.  Again, not too relevant per the dinar but it definitely speaks to the issue of credibility.

Shortly after that Frank Villa (frank26) made an absurd analogy between faith in God and faith in the RV when he said:

I'm really really tired and fed up of all the people that call me and complain because those are the people I ask them "are you a Christian?" "... well, I believe in a creator ..."  No, you're not a Christian.  I understand now why you're acting the way you're acting.  Doggone it, a Christian knows very well to be faithful ... that's the first thing ... the reason that we accept God because we have faith to accept Him.  And then the things that He brings us to we keep hold of that faith.  We don't let go of it like a little child that's not disciplined enough nor old enough to understand what is right and wrong.;0OTc3NDYwNjg=0 (48 min. in)

This isn't the first time a dinar douchebag has made such an analogy.  In January of last year Okie compared faith in his intel to faith in the resurrection of Jesus.  Listen Frank, a person can be a committed Christian and still have sense enough to recognize that your intel and analysis are worth about as much as the official value of the dinar you're pumping.  After a few years of hearing you and Delta tell people they're going to be blessed any day now when Iraq RVs, it's only natural that people get a little annoyed and choose to inform you of that fact, especially after seeing some of your fellow pumpers getting indicted for saying similar things. 

Later in that call Frank tells his listeners that Iraq is telling their people that they have so much gold that they're going to start using it to back up their currency. (58 min. in)  Actually Iraq already had some gold in their foreign currency reserves, and what they announced was simply that they were increasing the % of gold in the reserves, probably replacing some of the "iffy" euros in their possession. Yet another lie from Frankie Frankie.

Which brings me to the Douchebag of the Year award. Try as I might I couldn't decide. So many douchebags to choose from ..... what to do? I've decided to just let my readers pick the winner. My only role will be to nominate the candidates.  I nominate everybody who received a Douchie in 2012.  You can see the list here.  Make sure you only select one from 2012, as the list includes winners from 2011.  Either email me or post your choice in the comments below by midnight January 31.  The winner will be announced shortly thereafter. 

Despite all of the lingering douchebaggery there is at least one dinar site that has opted to move on from the "waiting for the RV" mentality and do something productive.  Proteus from Revalue.US is putting together a new site called where different contributors will be offering tips on how to develop skills, talents, and ideas to enhance their lives rather than vegetating while waiting for the ever elusive revaluation of the dinar.  The theme is "being pro-active".  This positive step is long overdue IMO.  Kudos to the PrimeLIVE gang.

Continuing with that thought I was fortunate enough to come across this post the other day at Dinar Vets.  Marlys wrote:

I grew up in a very small poor town. I had a happy childhood and didn't know how poor we were.
However, I learned from the behavior of my parents and others around me that dreaming meant dreaming of things that were never attainable so why bother.

With the hopes of having more than a little bit of money from the revaluation of the dinar I started dreaming of things that I wanted that really could be obtained.
As time passed and the RV never happened I found that these were things were things I really wanted such as setting up a scholarship fund for art students in my dad's name.
I decided to take matters into my own hands and started taking classes to learn how to trade options in the stock market. It's been a year now and I've got a pretty good handle on it. I'm making money but not enough to support my kids....yet. I will eventually because I have dreams, real dreams, and I'm going to get there.

Another area that has greatly changed in my life is my relationship with my older brother. He is only five years older than me but is from my mom's first marriage. I've always idolized him but he has never felt a part of our family. When he learned about the dinar he felt the need to share it with my two other siblings and me. We talked a lot about the possibilities of the revaluation and our future. We talked about how we could help our children and how we could help others with the money. We found we had a lot in common. He is now my trading partner and we talk almost daily.

The dinar may never revalue and I think I'm okay with that. Don't get me wrong, I hope it does and soon, but if it doesn't my life has been so richly blessed already that it will just be icing on the cake.

I'm not one to share my thoughts very often but I wanted to let someone know how much I have benefited from just being made aware of the dinar.

It's great to dream Marlys, so long as those dreams have some basis in reality.  Getting rich off of "the RV" isn't realistic.  The best dream is the one where you can roll your sleeves up, go to work, and make it a reality.  You seem to have a firm grasp on that.  Congrats!
Have a happy and prosperous new year everybody!


  1. Nice recap Sam. Especially the story about the rise of FF.. isn't that true about most gurus? They start out in chat and maybe post one or two things.. then someone starts praising them and before you know it they have a following and are a SME. The only problem is, most of their knowledge is theoretical and based off false premises that they have themselves heard or read on forums. So instead of becoming an expert on IRAQ they have become an expert regurgitator of dinarian talking points and RV-speak. As everyone knows, if you repeat a lie enough times and forcefully enough...

    I have seen it at least 4 times with people I personally know. People with normal jobs. One a photographer, one a business man, another a pastor, etc. (none of them prior currency experts or traders; none with any experience in Iraq heaven forbid...) I watched them get into the Dinar mess, gradually get excited (or rapidly in some cases), and over time my friends, who are naturally dynamic leaders, developed a bit of a following. (Charisma and natural leadership skills will earn you a following no matter what you do in life. Nothing wrong with that; just have to make sure you are correct in what you are leading them).
    However, as we know now, in this case they are all dead wrong. And in a couple cases, they have developed quite a following and I am now hearing others on other sites (even a leader of another site) reference one of them, the pastor, as a credible Guru/Reference/Contact.
    The problem is, I know this person personally and I know what history they have with the dinar; and 100% of it is from the forums. It is easy to laugh about it all, now that I am 100% completely out of this circus. Although in my heart I really dont like to see personal friends stay cought up in this... because I believe it is stealing their life and joy like it started to do to me. But heaven forbid you try to help these people; they blow you off as an unbeliever (yes, it is a matter of 'faith' to many of them). So I give up.
    I have always said the reason people believe so strongly in this dinar, is because they have their own hard money in it. Nobody will easily admit defeat when his money is involved.

    As far as the winner of Douchebag of the Year, that's a hard one. I think it should go to the five or so mods and experts who jumped ship from PD (after banning me for disagreeing with SteveI's no lop policy), only for them to also leave PD and join forces with PI and make those silly videos with BGG and Randy Koonce etc. for some dinar seller. You know, the videos that made you laugh..

    Rich in TX

  2. It’s always entertaining to read about Breitling’s idiocy, and I still wonder in amazement how Rodger Dorman can run a website that links and displays every lie and false rumor about the dinar while promoting his wife’s dinar selling company.
    So I have to nominate Iraqi, U.S., state, and local officials douchebags of the year for allowing this scam to continue.

  3. There are so many worthy candidates. It's a shame there can only be one winner. My inclination is to give the edge to James Wolf. He's not a dumb guy. I think he probably knows the dinar is not going to RV. But he portrays himself as the rational, reasonable guru so he can sucker them into that VIP racket he has going on (knowing that he will never have to deliver these "special deals" he has negotiated). Consequently, he probably suckers more people into this scam than anyone else. I would make Roger Dorman a close second, however. His website amalgamates the idiocy and gives far more exposure to the other douchebags than they would get on their own. I think he also knows that garbage is a bunch of BS. But he does it knowing it pumps currency sales through his (or his wife's) currency exchange business. Both are equally deserving candidates. Neither one spends a lot of time personally spouting the BS. But both have found ways to financially exploit the BS. This shows particular contempt and disregard for the people they claim to want to "help". And that makes them exceptionally qualified candidates for this award.

  4. though a few on here think i should get the db of the year award, imo, it should be a tie.. breitling, and steve1 shoiuld share the honor. steve1 because he is a complete tool, and he has never even been close to correct on anything, and breitling because he literally makes everybody dumber by continuing to do conference calls, and gets 100% of the shit that comes out of his mouth wrong.

    sam, happy new year, hope your good.

  5. I have to go with SteveI on this one with his douchebag sidekick Ray. As sonny pointed out, he has consistently said lie after lie and went as far as even being months behind other guru's lies as with the recent nonsense using the old Brietling line that having electronic currency will make it so it will not matter what they do with the IQD! This move is not uncommon for this douche. His ridiculousness and blatant stupidity regardless if intentional or not should earn him the award before anyone!

  6. OK.. I correct myself regarding SteveI. As much as I do believe that this culprit has flown under the radar as arguably the worst offender of the bunch, sticking to the rules of only voting for a nominee you listed I will need to change my vote. Remarkably I just realized SteveI seemed to manage to evade that elusive douchie award all year, therefore the next logical nominee would have to be Adam Montana. thanks Sam!

    1. Wow! I didn't even notice that SteveI never got a Douchie. I know I've poked fun at him but somehow he never won one. That seems like such an injustice.

  7. There are many that are worthy of the highly coveted "Douchebag of the Year" award, but no one deserves it more than Okie. After all his stories.....RV @ $40+, go ahead and quit your job, etc., he still has a cult of followers that absolutely worship him. Just look at the comments after he posts. I find this simply amazing.

    Maybe there should be a runner-up award given. Sam, thanks for all of your hard work. Too bad some people refuse to wake up.....greed, pride or maybe it's just plain stupidity.

  8. I would've cast my vote for Stevei, but since he's not eligible I'll go with that Breitling character.

  9. Sonny1 gets my vote.

    He claimed to run a blog and had the political influence and power to have Obama not get re elected then claimed he lived near Janesville and that we all know who lives there and said he won't go much farther than that. Lol, sonny
    is always good for a laugh.

  10. I agree with callingfoolsout its an easy choice. Sonny1 what a joke.

  11. thanks for the votes guys, coming from 2 winners like you guys means a lot.... wow....

  12. oh, and as we found out, it would of taken jesus himself to beat santa clause. i think we all can agree with that.

  13. Hey sonny. How's it going. I am sure your buddy easy is happy that I have been banned from DV. He now has free reign of unimpeeded hype.

    You don't get my vote sonny. Southwest Pumper Guy gets mine. He plays it off like he is some "reasercher" keeping people informed with his brilliance when really he is nothing but a pumper who spins every article he can find to keep people believing in the impossible. He makes me sick and is Douche #1 IMO.

    1. Southwest Pumper Guy sounds a lot like Kaperoni.

    2. He is a lot like Kraperoni actually. They both "break down" articles so their followers can understand them. Problem is they spin the article to misinform and confuse people into believing in the "RV" that will never happen. Not like has been pumped anyway.

      He goes by SW Florida Guy and has developed quite the following of sheep over at DV by telling people what they want to hear. I called him out many times from LOP prison over there and of course he never once responded. Shocking huh? The last thing wannabe gurus want is to have to take responsibility for their deception.

    3. Hi Dinark.. sorry to hear you have been bumped from DV.. you were one of those few voices of reason that seemed to know how to mix it up, keeping some sanity to that site of craziness, but people like yourself at least made the nonesense and ridiculousness entertaining by having some good debate by some grounded and sane people. I do ot gent to go on DV often enough, but when I do, I will do my best to carry your torch of sanity there though...

    4. Thanks JayP. It was inevitable. Even LOP prison wasn't sufficent for them. Logic and reasoning is obviously bad for business. They will use the excuse of breaking forum rules by insults or whatever else they can use but its funny how the hard core RV believers can jump all over anyone who disagrees using whatever insults or verbal venom they want without any consequeces.

  14. O yeah. Great site Sam. Keep up the good work.

  15. Who are you and what do you base your opinions on? Do you "know" these "guru's" or just what they say on these conference calls? And I also wonder.....why would you spend SO much time trying to blow everyone out of the water on this issue...but yet YOU have dinar?

    1. I am a guy who bought into the hype for awhile. Then when I observed how consistently wrong the gurus are I decided to get off my backside and do some research for myself. When I did I realized that the big RV fantasy is all based on lies and distortions of facts.

      I base my opinions on facts, and I have linked to documents that support what I say as often as possible. Read through my blog and click on the links and see for yourself.

      No, I don't know any of the gurus. I just listen and observe and report. As for the time I spend on this, it began as a way of informing the newbies about the lies and the hype, but the more I discovered the more it turned into a quest to see these guys held accountable which is now happening. After running the blog for a year though, I decided to relax. I was posting three times a week, but now I only post once every month or so, so I'm not really spending that much time on it. I think I've made my point sufficiently.

      As for owning dinar, I sold off over 98% of what I had. I can envision a number of scenarios that could produce a profit for me, but I can't envision one where I get a 100,000% return. Knowing what I know now I would never buy dinar, but since I already owned it and I know the numbers I really don't anticipate the value going down, unless they do something really stupid like a free float.

      I tell people not to buy more than you can afford to lose, and I practice what I preach. If it all goes south I lose a day's pay.

    2. My vote for DB of the year involves a mirror. As a dinar investor pick up the mirror with two hands and look into it slowly and grin(or should I say shagrin?). The idea of investing in a highly risky and volatile investment like a currency is ridiculous. Ok, so the US dollar is crashing (most dinar followers believe this crazy idea so I wanted to speak to it), but then wouldn't this Dinar also be effected by the exact same influences that would devalue our own currency? If you are scared of the USD maintaining it's value buy a hard asset, learn a trade, but for Pete's sake please don't buy any more of this paper. The dealers are the only ones who made money off this in 8 years. Save your money and make it work for you. If your money isn't making you more money, you are losing every second. Sounds simple, just saying.

    3. Just a short comment on statements like "do you even own dinar?" Yeah, I've owned Dinar, and I've also spent a lot of time and money (well the state has) researching these guys who sell this stuff. If Sam hasn't given you enough information on these snake oil salesmen before the lawsuits start may God help you recoup your losses! THIS IS YOUR MONEY! Do some research, before you blindly follow anyone. Sheesh! Who needs to spend hours justifying their investment using confirmation bias, and the worst is defending a Guru? When clearly you have been provided with access to their real names and facts/lawsuits..etc?

    4. Dinarians are a funny bunch. They seem absolutely obsessed with the reasons why people post negative stuff regarding the dinar. I can't tell you how many times I went into dinar forums (before I was banned) and was asked the "why are you here" questions. I was bombarded. Yet I don't recall a single time when a dinarian asked for a shred of evidence or attempted to hold a poster or moderator accountable for the lies they were fed. If they did, I don't recall and I'll bet they were tarred and feathered also. It's almost as though they are in that funny state between sleeping and waking up from a dream. You know you were dreaming but you want to go back to sleep and try to pick up where you left off. They don't want anybody ruining the dream for them, even though they know it's a dream. It's very odd behavior. Most people appreciate being told the truth. But dinarians insist that you continue to lie to them.

    5. Isnt that the truth? I dont know how many times RVers would ask "why are you here" or "do you even own dinar" or my favorite which is to bring Adams name into the discussion like if that solidifies their argument. always know when dreamers have lost the debate when they resort to these tactics. Never once do they stop to know what?.....maybe this guy is right in what he is saying. No instead they insist that their view point is correct even though is has easily just been shown to be silly. No amount of logic or reasoning or facts will persuade them from their dream. As a matter of fact they have absolutely convinced themselves that there are no facts. They are convinced that economics is irrelevant because this is going to be a ground breaking monumental event like if Iraq is the only country on Earth who would be allowed to do it. They are convinced that articles and interviews from Iraq and the CBI are all "smoke" and lies because they are trying to hide the "RV". Unless of course some article comes out which they can spin to mean the RV is imminent. Then of course that article is true. It is completely laughable.

      Another favorite of mine is the notion that the dollar is going to lose a massive amount of value which will make the dinar extremely valuable. Hahaha....what they fail to comprehend is that the dinar is pegged to the dollar so it would basically become worthless.

      And then there is the constant conspiracies. Another cop out by RVers in an attempt to avoid in dealing with reality. I am pretty sure that I have heard them all and each is just as ridiculous as the last. They believe that they will become rich overnight as long as the NWO or Global Elites or Rothschilds or whatever other stupidity they can conjure up will just implement their "plan".

      The bottom line is that you cannot reason with delusion. No matter what facts you put in front of someone, conspiracy will always win out as long as it means they will ba able to buy that Ferrari and 10 bedroom house they have been eyeballing.

    6. I am increasingly more convinced that most of the people defending the RV and attacking the idea of a lop are the same 3 or 4 people under different names.

    7. So true... Another favorite is "no one can possibly know what can happen" repeated almost like a mantra. Whilst this is true up to a point (no-one is perfectly psychic), the way Dinarians use it is to extrapolate it into defending absurd obvious impossibilities to try and run away from defending absurd claims with facts.

      Eg, if an average family car passes by your window at 50mph, it's true that you genuinely "cannot possibly know" whether it will slow down or speed up a few mph in 5 seconds time, but you can however, state with absolutely authority that you know full well that it won't accelerate to 50,000mph nor can its towing capacity be increased from 1t to 1,000t simply by scribbling in 3 zeroes on the vehicles tow-bar specification sheet and pretending it's "secretly under-rated"...

    8. I wish that were true Sam, it would restore my faith in mankind just a bit if it were only a few people involved with this. But the banner at the top of your site kinda proves that wrong. There's 20 different photos right there, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    9. DaveD I'm talking about the posts in the forums, not the guru stuff. I think there's a ton of posts to create the impression that thousands of people still believe in this thing. I could be wrong but I have to believe those numbers are dwindling.

    10. You have people like Caz and Easyrider fighting tooth and nail to keep the hype alive by cheerleading the impossible and defending delusion daily. On DV anyway. I am sure each site has their little enforcers that run around squashing any discussion of reality by spouting off "knowbody knows" or Iraq is wealthy and has a lot of oil. Blah blah. It's telling that these forums need cheerleaders at all and you maybe correct. I would not doubt it at all if it was all a group of hype meisters with multiple screen names attempting to keep a "positive" vibe in the dinar "community". Lol. I mean anyone who can read and has any common sense at all I would think would figure out relatively quickly that a massive RV is impossible. I admitt it took me about a month. A little reading is all it takes.

    11. About a month? Boy do I feel dumb. It was over a year before I figured it out. But then I didn't have a blog like this at the time.

    12. you aren't dumb Sam. The dinar mania was originally set up to be convincing as possible and to steer people away from the truth.

      How many times have we heard the good ole..."just before the RV there will be so much bad news and misinformation that everyone will want to sell all their dinar".

      This was a brilliant ploy by some OG. OG meaning original guru. Haha. This way, the more people read bad news the more they get excited about the "RV".,

      When I first bought in I figured that there was simply no way the value could not go up from where it was. That's because I didn't fully grasp hyperinflation and redenominations. Once I did some research into those two subjects I soon realized that something stunk around dinarville.

      It's really sites like this one Sam that helps others wake up. I for one appreciate it.

  16. Hahaha....exactly Brian. Well put.

  17. This site has alot of good info. thanks

  18. here is james wolfs aka adam montana Myspace page with pics and i think 2 videos

  19. all seriousness I would go with montana as well.

  20. DV has gone into complete defensive mode. Even a post by Sonny1 was censored. He posted into the Lopster tank asking why I was banned and saying that DV has gone into the crapper. Not long after the post was removed. Lol. It seems I can still view the forum but if I try to post it says that it will be "reviewed" by the mods which it never is and never posted. Blatant censorship. Not surprising when you have mods posting saying that most of the "trouble makers" have been removed. WOW!! They say that some would argue with a tree just to hear themselves talk. In other words........agree with the upcoming massive RV or be censored. Disgusting.

  21. Hey Dinark,
    Yea DV cut off my makecents user and is blocking my current IP (sort of an odd method given the dynamic nature of such). The web is such a perfect vehicle for those who want to push an idea and do not want to allow any critique. I think maybe some (more) of the dinar exchangers might be charged but do not share your hope of Wolf-montana and his brethren ever being charged even in civil court*. The big money is with the exchangers so they will attract the most attention from law enforcement. Plus the vast majority of his flock will only thing that it didn't happen, but that it could have. So they won't even be angry at him for the most part. Even if the cult leader is discredited, the members may well continue to believe, especially in this case where the belief isn't about any one guru, but about an external event. I would guess there are plenty of folks at DV who even if they saw a video of Wolf laughing at them for being such suckers, would still not give up their RV fantasy.

    * I don't think its illegal to sell a real service that people do not need, even if your do you best to try and persuade them they need it. So in DV's VIP/OSI whatever it is, I presume they are in fact pointing folks to legal ways to setup off shore LLCs and so on (not that any of them will need one). But they do have to actually offer what they claim. Recently Montana touted his trip to Belize to speak to bankers about setting up opportunities for post RV this and that. It seems very unlikely that any banker would spend time with someone who claimed to represent a group of folks who, due to some speculative investment, might one day be wealthy. Come back and see me when you ARE wealthy. Even less so if he were to tell the banker what that speculative investment actually was. So, it seems that either he had to lie to the VIP flock about what he was doing, or he had to lie to the bankers about who he was representing. If he was smart he really would have gone to Belize and really visited banks, maybe even asked about US financial transactions and what not (and taken a tax right off on the vacation). This might give him sufficient cover. But even if it is technically over the line I doubt any agency is going to spend the money to go after it.

    DV IDs: jg167 -> engineer1138 -> xyzzy -> -> joefriday -> makecents

    1. Sorry to say I saw it coming John. Someone as smart as yourself is a major threat to James Wolf.

      I dont recall ever saying that I want him convicted but if he is found guilty of fraud then I do. Its obvious he is nothing more than a dinar pimp and a scam artist in my opinion.

      If you take a look at his myspace page then you get a good idea of what he is all about. All the followers over at DV think he is some currency expert God when he is nothing more than some kid who figured out how to start a website and gather a following by lying to people. Its pathetic to read the braindead at DV talk about how they will just wait for their text from Adam before getting excited. Hahahaha....what a joke. James Wolf knows better than anyone that he will never have to text anyone.

    2. Indeed, Wolf has done a quite masterful job of cultivating the Montana persona as a benevolent expert and is (at least lately, perhaps always) quite careful to prefix his comments with disclaimers. All the "thank you so much for all you do Adam" comments as he feeds them more rubbish, are funny, pathetic, and sad all at the same time. I'd suggest that maybe he even believes it himself now, except for his vigilance at banning (usually stealthily so you do not show up in the banned group) anyone who disagrees no matter how politely. Oh well. 20Mil's (aka 20Million) recent flurry of posts have stopped at the same time I was dropped so maybe he is out as well. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him do arithmetic!

  22. Nothing specifically to do with dinars, but just thought the folks here would get a chuckle out of this. A couple of the tinfoil hat gang at DV have posted about the shocking house bill HR8791 foretelling of the horrors in store for Americans from their own government. The only problem is that the story was made up at TheOnion.,14175/

    What a hoot. Nearly as funny as when the online edition of the Chinese People's Daily ran TheOnion article about Kim Jong-un being named the "sexiest man alive". I would almost believe that report itself was a hoax, but it seems they really took the bait.

  23. i was just wondering if you could make a chatroom on your site is it poss ?

    1. Zach, this software is for blogging so there's no chat feature. I'd have to start a forum which is something I'd rather not deal with right now. There are a few sites that will allow open discussion about the dinar including the money supply and lop. They are Dinar Discussions, Stardogger, and Ten's Dinar Den.


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