Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shutting Down the Blog

Upon obtaining legal counsel I have decided that it's time to shut down this blog.  After tonight the information contained here will no longer be accessible.  Thank you for your support over the past six months.  I wish you all well in your future endeavors.



  1. Sorry to hear that. Have a "great day" Sam.

  2. Too bad "they" get to keep the "con" going.....Thanks for the memories Sam

  3. What were you doing that was "illegal"?

  4. Is this an "April Fool's" joke, Sam? I sure hope so......

  5. OK dude, I'll be honest, you got me. I was even considering asking you to sell me the site so I could keep it going, that's how bad you got me. Now quit messing around and give us the new Douchie award. I've been waiting all week for it.

  6. I hope this is an April Fools joke.

    If not, thanks for your efforts Sam. I am not "invested" in the Dinar, food and shelter are priorities for my family right now, but I know someone who is and they are having a rough go because of it. When I ran across your site it was my hope that it would help some people break the cycle of lies and false hope they have bought into. The sickness of greed that is gripping the buyers and sellers of Iraqi Dinar is very troubling.

    One last thing... Donning my Guru Hat I offer the following predictions:
    1. The Iraqi Dinar will NEVER "magically" re-value by the push of a button or stroke of a pen.
    2. At some point Iraq may re-denominate their currency to make transactions easier.
    3. The value of the Iraqi Dinar will remain pegged to the U.S. Dollar for quite some time.
    4. Many people will lose money on their "investment".
    5. The Guru's will continue to spread inaccurate and misleading information until they glom on to the next something-for-nothing scheme.

    Best of luck to everyone!

    'Nuff Said

  7. I'm hoping this an April Fool's joke!

  8. Well, either this is a good April Fools, or this is a sad day.. when the only site with integrity and honesty, ends up being the one to shut down based on legal advise.. One would think this should be the other way around.. I am personally hoping on the April Fools theory though.. lol!! Thanks for all the research and time Sam!

  9. Yeah, April Fool! See, you guys are too smart.

  10. HAR HAR... I avoided the April's Fool from people I knew all day.. knew I would get hit with one sooner or later today... LOL!!!!

  11. Yeah.... I saw Iraq Business News great April fools joke this morning right before I posted here. So I figured this was an April fools. Hence the "Great day"


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