Thursday, April 26, 2012

Okie or not Okie? (With apologies to Will Shakespeare)

A few months ago I interviewed a very informed dinarian who goes by the name of Azrael.  His website "People's Dinar is a Joke" served as the inspiration for this blog.  In that interview he stated his belief that Okie Oilman had departed from the dinar scene a year ago and that the Okie persona was hijacked more or less by members of the current OOM website.  (In his opinion the original Okie was well informed and truly connected but his replacement is clueless.)  I don't really follow that site too much so I wasn't sure about his claim, but recently I came across a recording of "Okie" from March of this year (starting at about 40 minutes in) and I am now convinced that Azrael is right.  The Okie in this call does not sound like the Okie of 2010.

Adding to the mystery is the discovery of a cabal whistleblower named Drake who was recently interviewed by David Wilcock.  (About 2 hours 10 minutes into the interview he discusses global settlements and the realignment of world currencies.) 

This guy has Okie's pronunciation and accent to a T, but sounds younger and a little more sophisticated.  Is he the same guy who did the Okie character?  Is he Okie's younger brother?   Did Okie die?  Did the men in black take him away?  Somethin' strange goin' on here.

I'd like to call upon my readers to go through any old posts or recordings they might have of Okie's and see if the writing style or speaking style changed over the past couple of years.  I ask this not because I'm an Okie fan or believer, but because I would like to follow up on any leads to see what trail of fraud I might discover.  Thanks for any help you guys can offer.


UPDATE!!!   I was just getting ready to post this when I heard that Iraqi Dinar Money had done a review of Okie Oil Man's site which prompted the owner of the site to announce that it is closing down. I'm sure we'll have more to say about this later but right now I just don't have enough to go on.

Here's Miskebam's post in response:

This is just the short side of what has taken place. I have made the decision to disassociate myself with OOM site. I have made my position clear from day one, that I built this site for a friend, and have tried to maintain the administration of it only, helping the moderators and admins when I can. When you build something through the forums, such as this, you must enter a name and address to register the domain. I never thought a thing of it, when I used my real name and home address, Hold that thought....

There are members out there that will tell you, (when I have noticed) that they registered using their real name or their email address, I would email them and tell them to please select another username for their own security. This site asks only for a username, email and password when you register. It asks other info yes, these are optional, as forumotion is a social platform, such as that used by gamers or people that come together for common interests. I have never pushed for people to use the social information part of this site. I have cautioned members to not detail how much dinar they have either.

I personally do not endorse nor sell anything. I have allowed placements of ads for dinar, and for AJs book, who is a retired lawyer, and business trusts were his expertise when he was working. His book tells how to make sure that your trusts are complete and has no holes with which to fall through. He has done classes for free to the members, so the price of the book, is not much for protecting your money from incomplete trusts. The forums and chat sites cost, and up until October of 2011, I didn’t have ads on any of the sites, I paid for the sites out of my own pocket. I charge a monthly rate for the ads, and am not privy to how much dealers make, by their placement on the site. I do not receive a kickback or percentage of anything.

There is a site that does “reviews” of other sites, and has now put out my name and personal home address, saying member beware of a site that offers advice and services but try so hard to cover their tracks. If I were a business, that was soliciting members for a product or service that I sell, then I could see where this statement would be called for, and if I were in it for this reason. I would have the address to the business and all information pertaining to listed. These are forums and chats, built for members that wish to discuss their common interests. There is no hidden agenda, so to put my personal information and my home address out there is only with malicious intent. I now have to live in fear for the safety of my children.

So, to let everyone know that doesn’t know, why I have these sites, here is a little run down:
After being on several sites throughout my time in the forums, several of us that were tired of the guru speak and the dictator style of some of the leaders of the forums, built a private site, so that our small group could discuss things that we had found in the news articles. This was Bizarre Dinar. I have had that domain registered to me for about 2 years. I use to study the Vietnam Dong… and wanted to be able to discuss the issues there with more people, and at the same time, we had decided to build a forum with which to discuss MORE of these types of things, and we didn’t want DINAR in the title, as we intended to use the site to keep in touch even after the RV that we are all waiting for, so that is where Changesxchange came from. NEWS ONLY, still NO GURU… and NO bashing. (I have since stopped studying the Asian currencies, as time does not allow)

Meantime, I built a site for Bondlady. She was getting slammed at some of the sites she was on for posting NEWS ARTICLES… at these other sites, she had developed a lot of friends that wished to discuss these articles, but she would get banned and unbanned over the whole deal. She and I had developed a friendship, so I offered to build her a site, so that she could post and discuss her articles. She didn’t know how to do this sort of thing, and it was an honor for me to build this for her, so that she could discuss whatever she wanted to without fear of being banned. Although my name is on the domain registration. Its her site, ran the way she wants it. Sambo and I only administrate the back room. Moving people to mod status, and helping with log in issues.

Which brings us to okieoilman. I don’t regret building something for friends, but the time has come for me to part ways with this, as I only built it because Okie is someone that I am friends with, and he was being exploited, taken advantage of and treated badly at the site he was on. I built it because there were plenty of people that had come to love Okie, and were exasperated and appalled at the way he was treated, and it was not for his sharing information. It was for his love of God, Family and Country. The fact that he is very open about some of his beliefs, that some did not agree with. I built the forum and chat for him without his knowledge, and gifted it to him the next day. My intentions were to put admins and mods there to run it. I had my site after all, and I figured this would be all there was to that. I envisioned at the most 5000 members over the full life of the site. I bit more than I could chew here, as there were 5000 within the first 2 weeks.
I have always made my position clear, and always tried to do my part of keeping members grounded. When I am on, and I see that they are upset over something that is said, I try to get them to focus on the news. In the last several months, you will see my postings have become less and less, and mostly they are me posting the news links to my site. Although I have become fond of a lot of the members on OOM… I can not be a part of this anymore.

I am closing the doors of OOM. I will leave the coffee shop open for a time, so that you do not lose contact with members that you have befriended, and I will leave the Holy Land tour, and the prayer link. But as far as being able to obtain any information regarding anything on the dinar, you will have to go anywhere but

Here is a list of some places, especially for new people that get directed here. (blog style - montage of daily quotes from all over the net) (blog style - all things guru) (chat & forum; NEWS ONLY - Bondlady and crew pick apart the days articles) (chat & forum; NEWS ONLY – Kaperoni and friends) (blog radio & blog site - chalked full of good info, NO RUMORS, only facts) (blog style – NEWS ONLY)

As for me, I have nothing to hide you can find me at This is a GURU FREE, NEWS ONLY, FACT BASED, BASH FREE site, I will be adding a chat room soon, for my friends that I have made that wish to come there, but only articles with links will be discussed. So if you are looking for rate/date, don’t bother. I have been done with the rumor mill for some time, and I now have a more pressing issue to deal with, and that will involve getting a security system in place for my home, talking with my attorney, and meeting with an agent that I know within the local FBI field office. I love Okie and always will, but I cant do this.

May the Lord Bless you and keep you,



  1. Sounds like all the lies where to much for them.

  2. I think a person that used to be a mod then an admin did the vengeful and hateful thing. Though I have issues with those that call this thing done every other day it is something else when you go after someone and publish their persomal info like this person did. If that person does not think that they will get caught they had better think again. Oh... and Karma is a real biotch!!!! You will be found out.

    1. If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas. Ole Miske knew what she was getting into. What do the mods say? "Put on your big girl panties and suck it up"

  3. Sam, I've listened to both recording side by side. They sound like the same person. I would bet on it. I also found it interesting that Miskebam's husband, John, happens to work for an oil company - UDI Drilling and happens to be from Oklahoma. What are the odds? We are getting closer to the truth.

  4. Anything on Miske, you will not get from me. Stuff on Okie, I will also keep to myself out of respect for Miske. Sorry Sam. Will have to come from others.

  5. Am I missing something here? Whipering and Debra, are you saying that Miske has nothing to do with Okie and his site? Didn't she build it for them? Didn't she admit to paying for the sites herself? Doesn't she have some responsibility?

    Don't take those questions the wrong way. Not trying to be a jerk or get anything started with you guys. I was just under the impression that she plays or played a big part in Okies site. Please tell me if I'm misinformed.

    1. Please, Miske is the Super Moderator on the site. Anything contradicting to what they are trying to say regarding the RV she either bans that person or shuts down the thread.

    2. So why is everyone taking up for her? And why weren't these same people running to Sonny1's defense on the whole Adam Montana issue?

    3. Here is how I see this. Whether Miske and her husband, or Okie, or whoever, created characters, or they are real is not my issue. It is how this person did this is what I have a problem with. When you put someones personal info out that then creates a fearful situation regarding children I feel it is a bullshite thing to do to anyone. So this person, someone that must have had the opportunity to get her info, then does something like that is a coward and deserves what he has coming to him. This said person that I am referring to bragged that he could take her down in a day. If this is what is truth I hope he gets what is coming to him. Regardless of the dinar being a scam or not... there must at some point be a moral high ground. I hope I am wrong about who did this. Cause if I am correct, this person will have some big guns coming at him. So do I think Okie calling it rv'ed every other day was right? NO! Do I think Miske sould have had her personal info splayed out for all to read in this volitile climate? Heck NO!!!!

    4. Like I said below, I get that, but when you commit fraud and deception against others for personal gain, you take these risks. I am not saying I wish ill will on anyone, and I certainly hope that it never becomes a safety or security risk, but maybe this person can use some of their ill gotten gains to go away... or better yet.. a good defense attorney may be smarter investment in the near future :)

    5. The article only posted public information that was available on the internet because SHE PUT IT THERE for someone to find. My goodness, it's just a few clicks ad a few dollars more to use anonymous hosting. Any information that got out, got out because of her own incompetence.

      If she wants to shine the spotlight another way, maybe she ought to tell everyone who Okie Oil Man is.

  6. I am with Whispering299....

  7. Reeder you make a good point, maybe some of the guru bashers here are gurus trying to discredit other gurus to gain support for themselves. hehe

    1. I think you're right man, DDB has been infiltrated.

    2. i think you're right

  8. Roger at Dinar Daddy is now looking to buy your dinar..... after he pumped the hell out of it for his dinar company, I wish he would shut down - I talked to him early on with his scam to get business loans up to 250k with no credit, but all it turned out to be is a way to hold on to peoples good faith 4k for 6 -12months while people fought tooth and nail to get it returned when it was obvious there was no loan coming. Oh and almost forgot that they required they write your business plan for the submission, but all they did was create a 5 min pdf with your name on it and charged $250 non refundable fee. This guy really need a Douchie bad.

  9. Ok, now I am rather confused. So a person creates a site that is intended solely and specifically to scam people out of money by making up stories so the naive investors will think that they have just heard some information that they were a few fortunate people to learn, and then go out and purchase more dinar based on false information.

    I am not sure where the defense is for such actions? Correct me if I am wrong, but does this person ban people from that site for speaking the truth, and then allows others to make up fake stories? Please explain how some people are defending such actions, or any person that would commit such actions? If this person is in anyway associated with, or involved in the scam that this person(s) that play the "Okie" character is committing, then please explain how this person should not be called out for their involvement? Is this "Miske" person innocent from any involvement from what the "Okie" character does? I am asking an honest question so that I better understand the thought process here for those that may be defending the person that creates a forum for Okie to do what he/she does, and then bans anyone that may have proof that the Okie is wrong in what they are saying.

    I can understand that some people do not think that it is right for a person that commited fraud or deception on others for personal gain to have their personal information put out there, but while some may not agree with me, and I get that, my feeling is that maybe they should not have committed the act of fraud or deception in the first place, and maybe they would not be a target for people wanting to put their information out there. If this is the only thing they have to fear, then maybe it is time that people act in ways so they have a reason to be concerned about repercussions of their actions.

  10. Bravo JayP, you aren't so bad after all :)

    1. Gee Thanks!! So happy to hear I have been able to convince you otherwise than my reputation may have preceded me.. lol!!!

  11. She was being defended because they are from Arkansas too.

    1. If this was the only rationale for defending this person, than that is a rather ignorant reason in my opinion. It is a matter of right and wrong, not a matter of the "home team". Just because a scam artist lives in my home state, that would not give me enough justification to support their actions....

  12. Personally, I have to agree with JayP. There should be consequences for the actions taken by these douchebags, and they deserve absolutely no sympathy or protection of any kind. Exposure and identification should be the "least" of their worries. They deserve whatever they get, and much more. If there is proof to support the allegations of fraud, they should be identified. Let the chips fall where they may.

  13. I think what I meant to say is that they are friends. See the link above.

    1. Oh I see.. yes.. nice find.

      As they say, be careful who you associate yourself with. If you do not want the stink on you, don't be playing with the skunks ;)

  14. Debra Debra Debra - you have no idea how many followers of those idiots real or made up that have lost their homes believing the lies spewed from those keyboards. You are dead wrong in your opinion and are likely part of the deceit yourself.

    1. Debra, why do you feel that posting her personal information is putting anyone in danger? I mean, the RV is imminent right? Why do all of the gurus go through such great lengths to hide who they are if the RV is such a sure thing? Are people going to get mad at them, and come looking for them once the dinar RV's and everyone wakes up one morning as an instant overnight millionaire?

      The reason they hide is because they're scamming people. If Miske didn't want her family put in danger than she shouldn't have involved herself in a scam, and she sure shouldn't have been stupid enough to leave a trail leading back to her. (I do hope and pray nothing ever happens to any kids in this)

      And you want to talk about some big guns coming after some people? Wait until all of the Okie followers find out they're being lied to, and that they won't make anywhere near the money promised them by Okie, Bulldog, and all the other gurus. No wonder they're hiding who they are, I would be too.

  15. LOL I can assure you I am not part of the deceit Anonymous. I think I have an idea about how many morons bought dinar instead of making house payments. I am on this site am I not. No... I just feel that the way this person did this thing is bogus.
    When you can post with your real name then your opinion might mean something. Until then not so much.

    1. Debra.. my guess, the way this Miskebam deceived people was bogus. The way they carried on with the deception for as long as they have was bogus. Until Anonymous has wronged someone intentionally, or intentionally deceived someone for personal gain.. my guess he is no need to worry about someone exposing him, and if someone did, as long as someone has done no wrong, then I suppose there should be no fear of any sort of retaliation or legal issues once people have someone's personal info.

    2. Debra, Miske made her information public when she paid for the okie domain. she should have masked her personal information then. So it is public information which any of us can easily find by searching the internet. I think bear5642, okie and the bulldog are all characters she has created. I always wondered why she defended okie and his lies constantly and consistently. In my opinion, her troubles have just begun. You don't do that to people and think you can get away with it. There were way to many people believing that crap and some even committed suicide. I'm also astounded that okie has yet to make a good bye post. If you had such a huge following, and were leaving your own site wouldn't you at least explain why to your sheeple??? I'm reporting them to the fbi and cnbc.

  16. OK OK Debra my name is Bill does it make my point valid now? Are you really Debra?

    I'm sure you feel it was bogus - but in my mind the only people that would feel that way either do that stuff themselves or were involved in it somehow.

    As a silent self proclaimed "smarter than those people" you seem to feel sorry for the perps instead of the victims that clearly can't make good decisions. Not everyone is as smart as Debra (real name I'm sure)

  17. JayP, there you go again making sense, i might have to edit the book I'm writing about you :)

    Anon Bill

    1. LOL !!!! Now that would be one comedic story no doubt...

  18. My name really is Debra.
    I am not defending what the Okie site has done to anyone.
    I am not defending anything Miske or whomever has done Bill.
    So you can lose the tone if you please.
    What I am saying is that is was a bullshite thing to do to anyone. If that makes me guilty to you then you are a non thinker. Seems others here also do not want to be like that but you choose me to direct your arrows at. Why? Maybe you are the one that did this to her? Seems to me that anyone that would jump like you did on me might be because you feel threatened in some way? Not everyone is as smart as Bill... or does your name start with an R?
    See how silly that is? Maybe a little counterproductive?
    I have known for a very long time how rife with deceit this so called investment is and that is why I like Sams site so you can just back off... Bill.
    I am bordering on not following the rules posted below as were you so I will leave it at that.

    1. Yeah, you kind of are defending Okie and those involved with Okie. It sounds like it anyway. Where was your uproar when Sam exposed Adam Montana?

    2. Bottom line is that the guy posted her info found it online as can anyone else. She's walking away from okie for a reason but she's just as guilty for setting him up with a website. Period. Everyone knows how dumb and incoherent okie is and he was that way waaaayyyyyy before he got his own site. Miske doesn't deserve any sympathy. Stop defending frauds and liars. Again her info is on the Internet and anyone can look it up if they choose to. She should have covered her tracks since she was helping a known liar or not have helped him out at all. End of story

    3. Dude, I was wondering where you were! I missed not hearing some fools gettin' called out!

    4. Lol...just took a break from the morons but I see Sam is still exposing these fools By far this is the best dinar site out there. Keep it up Sam

    5. I was here and applauded Sam exposing Montana. I could care less about the rest of the liars that call themselves gurus. They are all fakes and developed characters. My point is now and will remain that no one has the right to put CHILDREN in harms way. Whether they be Miskes or not.
      I don't think this person just happened upon her info online. Again that was my point.
      I do think it interesting that Bear jumped ship last week saying he could no longer go along with the lies. Now this happens. Maybe this whole dinar scam is about to hit the fan. And to that I say GOOD!!!!!

    6. Nobody wants children to get hurt. I have kids so I know but at the same time don't blame the other guy for exposing her. She put her own kids in danger by associating with frauds. It's her fault

    7. Yes that is true callingout. She in fact did do this to herself. But there are better ways to get to the truth. Just ask Sam about that. He is doing it the correct way in my opinion. He digs around and finds the facts. He has not that I have seen done something that could directly hurt innocent bystanders. If I am wrong on that please correct me.
      I have been accused as not being who I am by some guy that calls themselves anonomouse and we are on the same side so to speak. I have been clicking in on this site since last year when I first found it and have posted here lately. Not as much as you but I have read what you say. So... we are of the same mind basically.

    8. callingfoolsout.. I have to agree with you here. It is never good to expose a child to any danger, but there is no more disgusting, outrageous, despicable, and selfish act than a parent that would put their own child in harms way. When you commit crimes like this, you have to understand that there may be some people out there that will feel a need for retaliation, and when you engage in this person's type of behavior, you are putting yourself at risk, and any children you have with you.

      Would Debra and whispering 200 be as forgiving if this person's children were injured in a drug deal gone bad??? Well, guess what, like it or not, this is NOTHING different. You are dealing with deceiving a LOT of very desperate people just like dealing with people that need a drug, and they know this when they engage in such behavior.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Yes. Miskebam and myself are friends. Yes we are both from Arkansas. Yes I will defend her but not because of our geographic similarity. I will because she is a friend because she has a large, forgiving, gracious heart because she would go out of her way to help those who she cares about. Which is very evident in the fact she has started sites. She started Bondlady's site. Do I like Bondlady? No. She started Okie's site. Do I like Lonnie? Absolutely not. I never even visited either of those sites. She started Bizarre Dinar and later started CXC for those who did not want to deal with any of the gurus or their postings or any of their followers. CXC is where I stay. Misk has NEVER been in this for anything other than to try and help others. Is she guilty by association? Probably and I have told her so in the past but she's a big girl and can handle herself and so she continued at OOM and being friends with Lonnie. Who are any of us to say who we can and can not be friends with? We may not agree with it but we support it. That is what friends do. That is what Miske did with Lonnie and that is what I'm am doing with Miske. I didn't get into this to make friends. I got into it to make money but after 5 years you can't help but to make one or two friends.

    So again if you are wanting info about Miske, then don't expect it from me. I suggest someone go ask her. The worse thing she can tell you is no.

    1. Yeah, that large, forgiving, gracious heart stood by as people were getting scammed out of their money after reading info on websites that she started. Sounds like a great person though!

    2. How can you defend her and say she has a big heart if she's friends with Lonnie even though she knows he lies everyday to people and is an idiot. I would never be a friend to somebody like okie if I knew about him. I don't care how nice someone don't become friends with frauds. She's guilty period. Don't get me wrong whispering...I'm not trying to be rude to you just sayin it makes no sense to have friends with shady pasts and presents and help them out.

    3. You never know anyone until you get to know them. Talk to them in chats, in texts, on the phone, emails, private messages, etc. All some see is the fact she started Okie's site and she helped run it and maybe that's all you need to know to crucify her and that's fine. Some are just like that, but if you ever have the oppurtunity to talk to her, you would understand where I am coming from. If you don't ever get that chance then it's your right to think what you want of her or for anyone for that matter.

      I know you aren't trying to be rude calling, you just want to understand and I can respect that and try to help you understand.

      This is not directed to anyone in particular but purely for future references. If me being friends with Miske is a problem for someone and they can't understand and think I'm a bad person for it, kiss my ass, go "f" yourself and get over it.

    4. And she wasn't only friends with a liar and a con man, she's a mod on his site, and according to Anonymous, would ban anyone who posted anything negative about the RV. She's as guilty as the day is long. Her and Sonny1 both.

    5. let me get this straight, you are friends with the head of the biggest lying deceiving site on the internet, and you have been coming at me?
      what the f is going on. i believe you are a complete fake.
      why wouldnt you let it be known that you were friends with the $12.00 rv gang. i cant even believe that you held that in so long. i have been around this dinar b.s for years. i can tell you that you are involved, and probably one of the heads of the okies site as well. busted......
      and it couldnt of happened to a bigger d-bag.... congrats.

    6. reeder, i am guilty of........
      you show once again that you have no clue about anything.

    7. Sonny, stop your whining. My friendship with Miske has no relavency on me being a part of anything. I have been staunchly against Lonnie since his appearance on KTFmissions with Frank Villa and Miske knows it. Hell we have even had some tension between Miske and I over it. I am only replying to this comment from you to let YOU know this. Everyone else who knows me can testify I have no sympathy to any of you gurus. I will stop there in respect of the new rules at the bottom of this page. Only sites I have ever modded was BizarreDinar and CXC where there were NO gurus at either. In fact we ran Okie off BizarreDinar because we didn't want his crap there, Hence, Miske started his own site so he can have his sheep listen to him. I am involved in nothing, and if you can prove anything differently, please feel free to bring it here and show us all. Otherwise stfu and stop trying to turn attention to others when you have your own issues to work out.

  21. When Okie called the in country RV numerous times and stated that the rate was $12, all flat out lies, she and her team of moderators were there to ban anyone who even questioned it when it didn't happen. She wasn't some innocent bystander helping a friend. She was pepetuating the lie. Some people lost their homes partly because they believed in what they were saying. I even remember hearing a case where someone committed suicide a year ago over this. So stop trying to convince everyone what a caring heart she has. That may work on your online poker games kid but it won't work here.

    1. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I stated my stance on the issue and what light I see Miske in.

      Good googling too. That just shows I go everywhere on the same name and don't care who sees me and don't hide behind any other name than the one I started with, Anonymous. Oh and I've got your kid right here.

    2. Sorry Whispering299, I respect that you are standing by your friend, but let's face it, there is no excuse for what this person has done. It is time for the guilty to face the retribution for the acts that have been committed on many desperate, but innocent people that meant no harm on anyone. It would be wise if this person thought long and hard about how to use the ill gotten gains. This person, and anyone that knew her had to know it was only a matter of time. It would be pure ignorance to think anything otherwise.

      In time, as this person fades away into the darkness that is the hole that this despicable person came from, they will feel it is safe to re-emerge when a new scam comes to light. This is what professional con-artists do. They move on from one scheme until the next, until sooner or later in life, it catches up with them, and there is no getting out of it. It happens every time...

    3. I do not know if this is new or not because I do not frequent the OOM site, but I see that the site now has a big banner along the top that reads:

      Apparently all of their threads were pulled down as well. Do you think that it is likely that they are getting a little worried that maybe people are going to be doing a little digging and a little researching now? Are they possibly a bit worried of what would have been found and used against them? I find this rather interesting...

    4. Thanks JayP. I can see and understand your point as well as the others. Did Miske do things that were questionable. Yeah, because I myself questioned it from the onset of her announcing she was going to set the site up for Okie. This day was inevitable. Did she ask for it? In my opinion No. She was trying to help Okie get away from people like myself who would tear into and disect everything he said. Now did she do questionable things while on OOM? I don't know because I never went to that site. I didn't even register as a member. I will however say this. If Miske banned someone on OOM, not the other mods but Miske herself, they were probably being total assholes and really disrespectful. I know first hand she is a very tolerant individual, simply from having to put up with my shit and always being the "negative nelly" towards the "go rv" posts. So if she personally banned you, you probably deserved it.

      Now will she have to answer for something she did on OOM? I don't know. If she does then that would suck for her, but as a friend I will be there for her to talk to if needed.

      I myself think Okie is the bad guy in this scenario and everyone is too focused on Miske. Maybe because it's someone you didn't know or maybe because a few of us were quick to defend her, I don't know. Is she guilty by association? Unfortunately yes, but she realized what she did and despite what is thought here, she didn't shut OOM down because of that review. She had been talking about doing so for many weeks now. I'm not going to speak to why she didn't right away because only she can answer that, but I'm glad she did finally.

    5. Whispering299.. good for you. Now that is a response I have to respect regardless if it would have been my feelings as her friend or not. I get it, and at least you see where she has may have made some errors in judgement. It certainly would have been much better for her had she done this well before the post came out about the site, and then in addition she told everyone all she knows about what the person that portrays this persona of Okie is doing. That would have been the best justice of all, and maybe should would have been reveled rather than reviled in the end ;)

      Then again, if you speak with her, you can let her know that it is not too late. She has the information, and she has the key to put a stop to the nonsense. If she let's it go, he will only return to continue his hurtful and dangerous actions. She can stop the nonsense NOW, all she needs to do is contact Sam, and he can put it out there. If she continues to harbor his by not telling ALL she knows, then she is only participating further in allowing these things to go on, playing her role by keeping silent.

  22. I've exchanged emails in the past with miskebaum when I was looking for information on Okie. She seemed like a nice person. I have no evidence at this time that she was part of any fraud, but this review at Iraqi Dinar Money is a real game changer. As I mentioned in the post there's reason to believe that Okie's persona may have been taken over by people who sought to exploit his gullible followers. I intend to keep looking into this but I'm going to try and do so with an open mind. One thing I've learned since starting this blog is that the facts often take you in a completely different direction from where you thought you would end up. Wolfyman is a perfect example.

  23. I don't get it guys. Whispering even admits that she did some things that are questionable. Everyone with half a brain knows Okie and his crew are idiots and liars. Are you going to sit here and tell me that his good friend doesn't know that?

    You guys need to ask yourself a question. What if it were your mom, or dad, or brother, or sister who lost their house because of this investment? Or what about the recent post from Anonymous who said someone may have committed suicide? What if that were your loved one? Would you be sitting there saying how nice a person Miske seems to be? Gosh, she's so nice and loving, and it's not like she always agreed with Okie on everything.

    No, you'd be SCREAMING for justice for EVERY SINGLE PERSON involved!!

  24. A great deal of valuable information is being compiled at this site, as well as at I hope that in addition to writing about it HERE, people are forwarding it to appropriate authorities who can DO something about it. Anyone with information regarding these scammers should be providing it to the FBI, as well as State and Local Prosecutor's Offices - the more the better. I suspect that investigations are already underway, but the more complaints received, the more likely decisive action will be taken. A great deal of time can be saved if people who have compiled this information provide it to every agency possible. With a little luck, a good investigative reporter will sink his/her teeth into this fiasco, and then REAL exposure will finally occur. Every one of the scammers deserves to be exposed and prosecuted. Rest assured, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

  25. Hope she goes to jail with the rest of them. Sam, if i may be so bold, you need to do a post on all the BS banks stories that gets posted everday. I love how all these people "talk" to either the president or the vice president of the bank. How they all have personal bankers who come to their house.

    1. As far as I'm concerned every bank story told in a dinar forum or conference call is BS, except for the ones that end with "then they laughed at me and told me it was a scam".

    2. LOL....kinda what i was thinking!

  26. The Salem Witch-hunts….

    I really love this site, and its exposure of the liars, corrupt gurus, etc. I guess there are a number of dangers….

    I think “Sam” is a smart and responsible guy. But I don’t know that except by what I read, in both posts, and replies. Still….any relationship developed on the Web is up for question, right? I couldn’t vouch for him apart from what I read. Same goes for the slime bags exposed on here. We can suss their behaviour based on what they write.

    I think the main danger is a sort of McCarthy-istic approach to those we deem “guilty by association”. As with dear old Joe, he ended up getting into a sticky wicket when those associated became bigger than those who were actually Communists. His broad based accusations became his downfall, and at that point, his credibility for the entire thing was called into question.

    I sort of see that here. Anyone….and I mean ANYONE apart from the sheeple are not only suspect, but looked at with unabashed skepticism.

    Having said this….I’m on your side here. Yes, I know Miske, and I think she has been careless. But….one must remember that she also believed Okie as did the sheeple…until her eyes were opened. Sure…she should have seen it earlier. But she’s not what many of you are suggesting. She’s deeply hurt by what all of this has caused. And….she’s a good person. If you’re looking for $hit, just like Joe McCarthy, you can find it, or find something close, and manipulate it.

    Consider the following:

    CROWD: A witch! A witch! A witch! We've got a witch! A witch!
    VILLAGER #1: We have found a witch, might we burn her?
    CROWD: Burn her! Burn!
    BEDEMIR: How do you know she is a witch?
    VILLAGER #2: She looks like one.
    BEDEMIR: Bring her forward.
    WITCH: I'm not a witch. I'm not a witch.
    BEDEMIR: But you are dressed as one.
    WITCH: They dressed me up like this.
    CROWD: No, we didn't... no.
    WITCH: And this isn't my nose, it's a false one.
    BEDEMIR: Well?
    VILLAGER #1: Well, we did do the nose.
    BEDEMIR: The nose?
    VILLAGER #1: And the hat -- but she is a witch!
    CROWD: Burn her! Witch! Witch! Burn her!
    BEDEMIR: Did you dress her up like this?
    CROWD: No, no... no ... yes. Yes, yes, a bit, a bit.
    VILLAGER #1: She has got a wart.
    BEDEMIR: What makes you think she is a witch?
    VILLAGER #3: Well, she turned me into a newt.
    BEDEMIR: A newt?
    VILLAGER #3: I got better.
    VILLAGER #2: Burn her anyway!
    CROWD: Burn! Burn her!
    BEDEMIR: Quiet, quiet. Quiet! There are ways of telling whether
    she is a witch.
    CROWD: Are there? What are they?
    BEDEMIR: Tell me, what do you do with witches?
    VILLAGER #2: Burn!
    CROWD: Burn, burn them up!
    BEDEMIR: And what do you burn apart from witches?
    VILLAGER #1: More witches!
    VILLAGER #2: Wood!
    BEDEMIR: So, why do witches burn?
    VILLAGER #3: B--... 'cause they're made of wood...?
    BEDEMIR: Good!
    CROWD: Oh yeah, yeah...
    BEDEMIR: So, how do we tell whether she is made of wood?
    VILLAGER #1: Build a bridge out of her.
    BEDEMIR: Aah, but can you not also build bridges out of stone?
    VILLAGER #2: Oh, yeah.
    BEDEMIR: Does wood sink in water?
    VILLAGER #1: No, no.
    VILLAGER #2: It floats! It floats!
    VILLAGER #1: Throw her into the pond!
    CROWD: The pond!
    BEDEMIR: What also floats in water?
    VILLAGER #1: Bread!
    VILLAGER #2: Apples!
    VILLAGER #3: Very small rocks!
    VILLAGER #1: Cider!
    VILLAGER #2: Great gravy!
    VILLAGER #1: Cherries!
    VILLAGER #2: Mud!
    VILLAGER #3: Churches -- churches!
    VILLAGER #2: Lead -- lead!
    ARTHUR: A duck.
    CROWD: Oooh.
    BEDEMIR: Exactly! So, logically...,
    VILLAGER #1: If... she.. weighs the same as a duck, she's made of wood.
    BEDEMIR: And therefore--?
    VILLAGER #1: A witch!
    CROWD: A witch!
    BEDEMIR: We shall use my larger scales!
    BEDEMIR: Right, remove the supports!
    CROWD: A witch! A witch!
    WITCH: It's a fair cop.
    CROWD: Burn her! Burn! [yelling]

    1. Brilliant post and well said D.C.. I can see where your coming from, and I really want to give Miske the benefit of the doubt, but it just does not look good for her considering that she did not make this move until after she was exposed. Sure, as Whispering said, she may have been considering this move well before, but the fact is, that did not happen, so her motives are left to suspect. That can only be natural.

      As I stated in a earlier post, she can VERY easily make it all right by simply putting is ALL out there for people to see. To expose the true actions and intentions of the person(s) that play the persona of Okie. She now holds the key. If you knew that there was a person that had information of a suspect that was harming thousands of people, and can quickly put a stop to it, but instead, regardless if they were involved or not, sat idly by and allowed people to continue to be hurt, would you not look at that person is a lesser light? I do believe that when someone like herself, if she truly was not involved, and has information, she has a responsibility to do the right thing. If she was not involved, and not worried about incriminating herself, then what does she have to worry about by exposing the entire plan of this person or group? This is where I think that most feel some contempt. She is either involved, or is harboring the behavior so that it can, and most certainly will continue to happen.

    2. JayP, you are exactly right. If she is such a wonderful person then she needs to expose okie, bulldog, bear and everyone else that has been involved in this scam. She needs to open the eyes of all the sheep that are still defending her and okie.

  27. Trunk...I'm not a sheep......careful.

    1. Wasn't calling you one....and careful about what? Are you threating me?

    2. Also, I meant the people defending them on the OOM site, just to clear it up.

    3. D.C., I do not think that he was calling you a sheep, but rather those that follow the word of Okie so blindly. You even admitted that you felt that she may have been careless, regardless if you do not want to be too quick to pass judgement, so I doubt that this reference was pointed towards you at all :)

    4. Then why defend someone who sat by and did nothing while innocent people were being conned out of their money? At the very least she could have just left. She didn't have to blow the whistle on anyone when she found out the truth. She could have just said "See ya" and gotten out of there. Did she do any of that? No, she continued to post on the site, she continued to moderate on the site, and apparently, she continued to pay for the site.

      We make light of the "sheeple" who refuse to see reality. They refuse to believe anything other than an imminent RV, or believe anything contrary to what their favorite guru is saying. That same exact thing is happening right here on this site with people defending or refusing to believe anything negative about Miske. Unbelievable!

    5. Trunks007 WTF? Threatening you? Seriously? guys do your "due diligence" and uncover your dirt, and draw your conclusions. Seriously....again I'm saying that this site is great...calling the guru's out for their criminal actions is good and hounorable. But you all are acting like a bunch of Joe McCarthy's, and I think that's dangerous, that's all. But you will believe what you want to about people you've never met, including me. And that's fine. I just think it's disingenuous. You are getting caught up in the minutia, and as a result, unless someone tows YOUR line, they're guilty by association.

      Sam....I love the site, but I think I'm gone now. I long for fairness, and smart and integral thinking. Seems to be a rare commodity here.

      Peace, out.....

    6. Trunks007 I think D.C. was just saying that you should be more careful about your accusations. I don't see that as a threat. More of an admonition.

      D.C. I've stated my views on Miskebam. We've talked a couple of times and I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, just like with Sonny1. I don't want to become the Joe McCarthy of the dinar world. Maybe she's just incredibly naive. To be honest that's the impression she left me with, but it's hard to tell when you're just exchanging text. I'd certainly be willing to talk with her again about this and see if there's more that she can add. In the meantime I hope you'll stay with us and keep contributing as I know you're on the right side here.

    7. D.C.:

      I guess calling out gurus for their criminal actions is good and honorable as long as they aren't friends of yours. I also seem to recall your support on a number of douchie awards given to various gurus whom you've never met. Talk about disingenuous. And Miske being guilty by association? Even Whispering admitted to that.

  28. Just a thought

    There are a few of us that went to the Okie site to open the sheeples eyes and in that were successful.
    In time more would have seen that.

    If I were Miske right now, I would do what some of you said in the above posts. I would tell the truth, and then I would keep going forward. This RV issue will be exposed eventually of that I have no doubt. Sites like this one that Sam runs do a great job at pushing that forward. I referenced this site on OOM many times.

    1. I have also posted the link to this site in the oom chat room and have been banned multiple times. On another note Bulldog is waiting on verification of his intel he has recieve, but everything is looking good for an RV........747s flying high! lol

    2. Just to be clear, yesterday I stated that as long as Elizabeth Ogle (aka. Miskebam) does not speak up, she is knowingly allowing the lies and deception to continue on.

      I see that just as I said it, here is a new post as of today:
      "9:40am cst: okie & bulldog75: we are getting verifications and confirmations of intel received yesterday. At this exact time and moment, things are wonderful. (end) gone."

      So what does "Miskebam" have to say for herself now? Those that wish to defend her, do you feel that you should continue to defend her yet today knowing that she is continuing to allow these actions to take place on other sites now? All that are condoning this to continue are partially responsible...

    3. Yes I will JayP. It's not up to me whether or not she clears the air on here or not. I have suggested it to her and that is as far as I go on my part. If she does then great. It'll be out there for ya'll to see. If not then everyone here will continue to think what they will.

    4. She won't say anything because she is in on it. At least she's now distancing herself from Okie, which she should have done however long ago once she realized he's a liar and a con. It's also interesting to note that the only reason any of this is happening is because she was exposed. That's what it took for her to make a change. Not that Okie is a liar and a con, not that Okie has been misleading people, not that Okie has been wrong about EVERYTHING dinar related, it's that she was found out. Had that post from Iraqi Dinar Money never came out, they would all still be posting the same old guru pumper BS they've always posted.

    5. @Whispering299 - I appreciate you saying something to her, and your being more understanding of why people feel they way they do towards her. I can only speak for myself when saying this of course, but if she is not directly involved, and if she does come out and speaks up in order to protect people that are and will in the future be hurt by the deceit, then she will have gained some of my respect for doing the right thing. I would hope that others would feel the same way to help encourage anyone else to feel safe enough to do the right thing as well that may have other information of their own.

      I may not be happy about any involvement she may have, but I am at least trying to keep an open mind and give her a chance to do something to make it right.

    6. I can fully understand where you guys are coming from. I myself would love Miske to do an interview with Sam, but I can not make her, nor will I bug her about it other than just making the suggestion once. I would not reccomend her coming and posting here like sonny does for I feel she would be bombarded and treated unfairly because some people have already made their minds up. Yeah, I would love her to tell us the inside workings of OOM and tell us all about Lonnie and Lawrence and bear if she knows anything. She has made a statement, as published above by Sam, but I'm more interested in the man/men himself/themselves. But again, I can not make her and I would hold no ill will towards her if she didn't.

  29. Okie finally answers back and still give "intel"













    1. Took the words right out of my mouth!


      WTF? Those countries are all phucking jungles, not exactly places with water supply issues.

      Jus' sayin'

  30. With all do respect I wouldn't waste your breath on this guy. He is like the" Bozo the Clown" of the Dinar world.

    1. I would almost believe that, but I think that we have seen enough evidence though to believe that there is true malicious intent here though. That is the problem...

    2. I think you missed the point, bailey. It's quite possible that "Okie" doesn't even exist. He might be a character that was created to pump dinar, or he might be a real guy who has left the dinar scene and his persona has been assumed in order to defraud people. If either is the case the people responsible could very well be tied into a larger criminal network. How will we know unless we research the matter? I don't really give a rat's ass about Okie per se. I think it's obvious that I've spent more time focusing on Breitling and Wolfyman than Okie. Everybody knows his intel is bogus. But obviously many people have been swayed by his posts. That being the case I'd like to know who is behind his posts and what other pumping characters might have been created by these frauds.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. "Bozo the clown" was a fictitious character, their were many people throughout the years behind the makeup. That was my point. I am sure this is very common among the "Gurus". I wouldn't be surprised if their are a handful of people that represented many "Gurus" throughout the years. I realize that some are legit like the American Contractor but most I think are bogus and are somehow tied into making a profit of of their buffoonery.

  31. Wow, what a thread. Thanks for the freedom Sam. Public information is what it is, and if people think what they post on the internet is protected they are fooling themselves. Global cache folks. IMO, the address and number could have been presented in a way like XX26 and as long as we know they posses the info and hint to how other folks can do a simple search that helps, but that is neither here no there. If you set up websites on the intent to fleece members I have a hard time defending your ignorance when folks do a simple search and can find your personal information. Yes, this speaks to the ignorance of the average web user. Though in the end with any investment unless you take control of it, you are victim to changes unless you are vigilant in your research. Like I said, in the end people outside Iraq will lose, and you can take that to the bank. Peace and grease. The Chucks!

  32. Is anyone else wondering why SHE is the one closing the doors to OOM? Does Okie have anything to say about this? Why can't she just sell it to Okie, or transfer ownership to Okie? If I'm Okie, and I have a huge following on my site, and someone else comes in and wants to shut my site down then I would be fighting tooth and nail to keep it going. Who knows, maybe they are working that out behind the scenes. But does anyone else think it's odd that she's the one closing it? Didn't Sonny1 help Adam Montana start his site? What would Adam Montana do if Sonny1 tried to shut DV down? Maybe not the exact same scenario, but sort of similar.

    I don't know. It just seems a bit odd, and it kind of plays into the whole "Okie is just a created character" theory. It also could just be me letting my imagination run a little too wild.

  33. I just found this in the comment section of Iraqi Dinar Money. And yes, I found it after my last post. Don't want you guys thinking I'm trying to make myself appear to be smarter than I am. (truth is - I'm a freakin' genius)

    Recap says:
    April 27, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    OKIE OIL MAN Elizabeth Ogle is Miskebam (BEAR5642) shows owner of shows owner of and also and perhaps same owner as shows as the owner of has ebook by Samuel Baucom but Ogle (miskebam) states she owns it, and shared same web server!
    Changesxchange – Ogle (miskebam) states she owns it – Ogle (miskebam) registered it

  34. It is possible that Bondlady knows the real identity of Okie according to her. I put up a post over at Ten's den that explains what Bondlady said and a little digging may have given us the clues as to the identity of the name that she is referring to as the person that she knows to be Okie. Good going Bondlady, I appreciate you not thinking before typing :)

    It would seem that she knows who he is, and there is no question that there is a link there between her site and Okie's as they were created by the same person, so I guess it would be reasonable to say that she does know who this person is..

    1. [BondLady] as far as okies intel i dont go along or approve of the majority of it
      [BondLady] but about 3 months ago
      [BondLady] when he was saying so many different things and calling the rv done
      [BondLady] i decided to investigate him just to see if he was who he claims to be and what type of man he was
      [campdav] WOWZA
      [BondLady] i didnt really tell any 1 much about me doing this
      [BondLady] like i said i may not agree with his intel but as a man i did a pretty through search of him
      [lightingcslt] BondLady you on okies butt? lol
      [BondLady] ill tell u all a small bit of what i found out
      [helend] lightingcslt shhh let her tell LOL
      [Antar7] yeeeaaa
      [BondLady] per any criminal activity there is none outside of a speeding ticket which he paid
      [BondLady] per his oil field back ground thats all true too
      [BondLady] he owned his own drilling company
      [BondLady] and he contracted for other big oil names which i wont name
      [BondLady] as far as his military back ground goes
      [BondLady] thats all true too he was even wrote up in a oklahoma paper as basically a hero
      [BondLady] he in 1991 created a device
      [BondLady] that would find the mines that saddam put out all over the place
      [BondLady] he didnt ask for money for this device
      [helend] BondLady wow!
      [campdav] Incredible
      [BondLady] he felt according to this 1991 article that it was his patriotic duty
      [Antar7] GO OKIE
      [BondLady] and ask the defencne department get the contract an not some high powered company that would have got it at a huge price to the tax payers
      [BondLady] i wont show the whole article as it has his full name in it
      [BondLady] i will show u a few pieces of it tho
      [BondLady] Oklahoman Lends Idea to Detonate Mines
      [caveman] is his real name lonnie richards
      [BondLady] Saddam Hussein ‘s plans to cripple an American and allied ground offensive with land mines could be foiled in part by an Oklahoman’s inventive mind. XXXXXX XXXXXX is not asking the United States for any money for his idea but does not want the military to award a high-dollar contract to a defense firm to manufacture his mine-buster. Freels said Tuesday he feels it is his patriotic duty to give
      [BondLady] this was a portion of a article take in out of a very established oklahoma newspaper
      [BondLady] im not sayin any thing other than i did do a investigation on okie
      [BondLady] an what i found in his past wasnt any thing bad
      [helend] BondLady he sounds like a good american
      [BondLady] i cant speak for his intel imo it kinda reeked or it was never proved right
      [BondLady] im not defending any thing or any one
      [BondLady] im just giving u all facts about what i learned
      [BondLady] thats all i have to say about that
      [lightingcslt] BondLady thank god you dont go into mine then lol
      [campdav] BondLady Thank you and court adjourned
      [bullymomma] as okie would say nuff said
      [BondLady] now lets not let the okie drama affect us any more in our course to get to the bottom of our investment
      [BondLady] deal?
      [campdav] Deal nuff said
      [BondLady] one last thing
      [BondLady] okies name is not lonnie richards
      [BondLady] i can promise u that
      [BondLady] its totally not his name

      Read it carefully and you'll see that BondLady told us his name.

    2. Her own arrogance has once again betrayed her. I love when we can rely on their own foolishness and carelessness. :)

    3. Left off this part ....

      [campdav] omg
      [campdav] What can this goofy net do wow
      [BondLady] if i showed the whole article u would see his name
      [Antar7] BondLady thanks
      [player46] GM all... BondLady sounds like a real stand up guy..
      [BondLady] an im not about to damage some 1s security by doin that
      [lightingcslt] BondLady i admire that
      [BondLady] but once again okie is not lrichards doesnt even start with a R

    4. Bondlady is such an attention seeker. She couldn't just keep her mouth shut and not say anything. Instead she had to come out show what she knows about okie. Talks about being high and mighty and taking the high road and not giving any info out on him. HELLO BL. You gave everyone the article name. Oklahoman Lends Idea to Detonate Mines. You don't think people can google that this day and age and find out what they need to know? Many here and on other sites, including the very one you condemned for posting Miske's info, thanks you for your arrogance. Stay tuned for the information will be pouring in shortly. And people wondered why I don't like you.

  35. Here's another comment on Iraqi Dinar Money that I thought made an excellent point. Enjoy

    Alex Martin says:
    April 27, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    Notice for a man who all mods “say” he is a oil worker and a man of mis-spelled words.. look below and tell me these are the words of a “mis-spelled ” man…all who have seen Okie’s post KNOWS his “language” ..words mixed and most not spelled correctly… These words below are of elegance …wonder who wrote this SOB story for you Okie ?

    OkieOilMan Update – OOM Chat (yelling removed :)

    I have been gone for 3 day’s now taking care of personal business. now when i was on the way home yesterday i received numerous calls about site being shut down and all the firestorm being created.

    I know nothing about what happened or who caused what. i have just been informed that there are rumors about my and several other’s being arrested—what??!!!!—

    The only thing i will openly admit to being guilty of is this–i am a son of god–a born again christian–that has only agenda of helping others and supplying information furnished to me. i have never nor would i ever purposefully mislead anyone or say anything i considered as an incorrect rumor.

    Read more link on right
    I don’t understand what the furor created involved but i certainly wished it hadn’t happened. i would never be a party to being a contributor to any dissension on this or any other site. i have never promoted a program or any investment scheme of my own.

    I have endorsed the jim jenkins trust–the dinar depot (because this little dealer is a minister that all his profits is to go to the kindgom of god)

    I have furnished the best intel available at the exact moment in time that i felt comfortable to share to this site. i have refused on numerous occasions the offer from others who wanted to be involved with my orphanage project in haiti and the water well project’s planned on in guetamala-somalia and nigeria.

    I have always and will always refuse any contributions to me personally on any project that i am led to do on my own (as per my father’s will i pray).

    I am nearly at the point from all the false accusations and falsehood’s that’s being circulated about me that i am nearly ready to stop posting intel that i consider valid at the time of posting.—–but the holy spirit has told me to hang on and keep trying to help as many as i can and he will keep the wolves off my back–

    So on that basis here is today’s information furnished me–

    We are at the end of the road and am being told that at any moment the r/v can or will occur–no i am not calling it–just passing on what i am receiving from very well placed sources.

    I have confidential information concerning about the final interference that has hindered this from happening being finally settled last night. i pray for each of you and love you and pray the r/v is at hand as i was informed it was.

    [14:48:44] okieoilman: I care not to discuss dates or rates–i don’t want to be incorrect–my sources says the rates are fabulous–and that’s all i have to say about that (forrest gump)

    [14:49:57] okieoilman: I must be gone for awhile taking care of oil reports–i may be back later–my blessings to each of you—-god bless u—-gone

  36. okie hasn't gone anywhere, when i banned okie years ago for telling me he was going to pick me up in his private jet and take me to his island, i knew he was a complete liar and fake. the writing patterns are the same as then, so it is 100% okie. the one thing here that bothers me is the fact that he is linked to bondlady. i thought bondlady was a lot smarter than getting mixed up with okie. and for your miskebam issue, if she owns the site like she has admitted, then she makes all the money off of the site, when you go to google adsense you have to enter in your info, and you must be the sites owner to be able to put ads on the site. whispering, i am waiting for an appology from you, you sat on here and were banging on me, telling me that i dont have a sick child and i was a fake, then it comes out that you are buds with the leader of the biggest dinar lying site on the internet. wow whispering whos the fraud now, you should be ashamed of yourself, you are a complete 100% phony. it couldn't of happened to a bigger d-bag. i cant believe you were coming at me, knowing you were friends with the biggest liar on the internet............WOW........

    1. Here's an example of the pot calling the kettle black if I've ever seen one. I would argue that the biggest liar on the internet is Adam Montana, and one of the most dangerous. Aren't you associated with him? Didn't you help start his site? Don't you continue to moderate his site even after its been proven he's a liar? WOW....

    2. He desperately is trying to redeem himself here. But will all ways be recognized as Adam "James Wolf" Montana's sidekick. Wow why come back?

    3. I don't owe you a damn thing sonny especially not an appology. I tell you what though sonny, as long as you keep coming after me, then at least it keeps your aim of stupidity from someone else. Whatever you've got, I can handle it. You keep saying I'm a fraud and phony but until you can provide ANYTHING that shows I was a part of anything in which this site is designed to uncover, then you will just sit there and show what a child you truly are. In fact, I would extend the invitaion to ANYONE here, Sam included, to dig up something on me being a part of some fake intel, or selling dinar, etc. You won't find it, unlike yourself sonny. All you will find are posts I make either one, being funny and cracking jokes, two being a smartass, from simple boredom, three jumping on go rv posts and explaining a lop is an option, or four jumping on dipshit gurus like yourself and showing what complete morons you and they are. In fact, doing such posts are what got me fired as mods on the only two sites I have modded on. So again, give me your best shot school girl and don't use my friendship with Miske as the only thing you have. It's old and in fact it's even a friendship that has nothing to do with a site or dinar. We talk about nothing about okie or bondlady because she knows I don't like them and therefore my friendship with her has no bearing here. So go find something. It will give you something to do and will keep you busy enough to stay away from posting here and making yourself look like a bigger fool then we already know you are. It will also give you another excuse to avoid the previous questions posed to you, which is your true reasoning of coming after me since you know I am persistant and will keep throwing that in your face. Many have said it here in this thread. If someone doesn't answer questions about what is found and avoids them then it just makes it that more suspect and people will think whatever they want. Including and unfortunately Miske as well. I'm still her friend though.

  37. Sam...I came back on to read if things were "under control". Seems that folks are NOT heeding your admonition, "Please keep your comments civil and respectful. No namecalling, insults, or accusations against other participants".

    This is disappointing. I had hoped this would be a place to gather supported revelations, but clearly there is quite a bit of juvenile behaviour. Pity. In your defense, it would be near impossible to monitor all the replies...way too much maintenance.

    Sonny1...again...I know Whispering, and he's a fair and intelligent guy, who has posted on here with fairness and candor. You cannot make the accusations based on who people know.

    This is really become a witch hunt now....and the infighting going on between those of us who care to reply is nothing more than a pissing contest.

    Where are all the adults?

    1. It is a place to gather supported revelations. If you have any evidence that Miske is innocent in all of this then show it. So far all you have said is how nice a person she is, how caring and loving, and how she just wanted to help people.

      She built and pays for OOM along with other sites.
      She is a moderator at OOM.
      She is friends with Okie.
      She was exposed and immediately shut down OOM. Why? If there was no wrong doing then why shut it down?

      Provide some evidence of her innocence and I will recant everything I've said about her and issue an apology. But right now, the evidence we have is not in her favor.

    2. I will make this point again. Not one single person came to Sonny1's defense during the whole Adam Montana fiasco. Not one! Why weren't you screaming "with hunt" on that one D.C.? Where was whispering?

      Is there a difference between these two situations that I am missing?

      The only difference I see is that a few people on here seem to call Miske a friend. I guess Sam should ask everyone beforehand I we are friends with the person about to be exposed.

    3. Reeder...I didn't have a personal stake in the Sonny thread. This is all juvenile entertainment to me.

      As far as evidence to support my claims about Miske...what the hell are you asking that for? Is this a trial? Do I OWE you that information? Hell....Now you can pile on me. I don't give a rats ass, 'cause I don't know you. I don't owe you or anyone else on here anything. I'm along for the my 2 cents like everyone else. I dislike the Douchebags as much as you do. But I sure as hell don't see Miskebam as a Douche. But hey...that's my take because I know her. Perhaps she's bull$hitted me. I don't know. I don't know your character apart from what I read here. Based on that, do I know you? Likely not. $'re probably an intelligent person. But I don't know me, you are a cyber-person known as The Reeder.'s McCarthy-ism.

      I don't know Sonny1, nor have I ever followed his tenure on any of the forums. So I didn't get involved. How could I support him? This thread, I have had some relationship of some sorts with both Miske and Whispering. I think you may mistake my "not picking up and throwing any stones" as "defense". Very different. I don't believe I've defended anyone...I simply haven't thrown any stones. Is that incriminating?

      For goodness sake, you guys are so rabid. This started with some questions about Okie, who I think is a dough-head, and a evil one at that. I'm not burying my head in the sand regarding Miske, but rather, not engaging in that side of it. My prerogative. Deal with it.

      Truth be told...I have no stake in the outcome of any of this. I just find "guilty by association" a very, very dangerous dynamic. If you disagree, just Google "Japanese-American internment camps, 1942" and peer into the nature of "guilty by association".

    4. Exactly DC! Thank you for your words.

      I applaud Sam for his investigation on this and look forward to his findings.

    5. Saying that this is a witch hunt is not defending her? You also accused us of McCarthyism. Is that not defending her? You also said in a recent comment, "But she’s not what many of you are suggesting". Sounds like a defense to me.

      Here is one definition of McCarthyism:
      The practice of publicizing accusations of political disloyalty or subversion with insufficient regard to evidence.

      First, this isn't political. Second, there is evidence, sufficient evidence. We aren't just picking someone at random here and trying to discredit them. So your McCarthyism argument doesn't hold water.

      Again, the ONLY difference between the Miske and the Sonny1 situation is that you know Miske. Every other fact is almost identical.

      I just sounds like you are not OK with what Sonny1 has done, but you are OK with what Miske has done.

    6. Amazing response reeder. Well done

    7. No, saying you are using McCarthy tactics is not defending her. It's pointing out your tactics. It does hold chose not to see problem.

      Have I said I'm ok with what Miske has done? No. Just said I wouldn't engage in that part of the discussion.

      Really...ya need to read what was written, not read what you want it to read.

      You guys get pissed when someone won't push back on the school-yard.



    8. I'm done have fun in determining why I'm done, and come up with your theories. You guys are ALWAYS right! lol

    9. Saying someone is engaged in McCarthyism is to say they are attempting to discredit someone without evidence. Sooo, how is that not defending her again?

      Just in case you missed it; McCarthyism is trying to discredit someone without any evidence. We have evidence. We're not engaging in McCarthyism. So it does not hold water.

      You did get one thing right, your last statement.

  38. d.c i agree, for me it comes down to whispering calling me a fraud, and telling me that i made a fake claim about my kid, and then to find out he is friends with the biggest liar on the internet. it is just surprising, if they can dish it out, then they should be able to take it when they get exposed.......don't you think?

    1. "if they can dish it out, then they should be able to take it when they get exposed". Listen closely to yourself Sonny, totally hypocritical statement.

    2. Sonny you keep using this word exposed. You forget that it was I who came out and said we were friends? It wasn't something someone found, you tard. Keep grasping at those straws though.

  39. @The Reeder is right on with this one.

    Throwing out terms like McCarthyism is nothing more than a red herring. The entire Iraqi Dinar RV scenario is based on fallacies so this type of thing is to be expected.

  40. WOW! I can't leave you kids alone for one day without all hell breaking loose. LOL! Tell ya what. I just got an email about a new dinar site called The Dinar Scam It will have a chat room and forum and the owner is one of us. Why don't you guys go over there and slug it out? I'd prefer to keep the comments here on topic.

    1. the dinarscam site is not up. Just an fyi

      But I see why all of this happened as it did.

      The person responsible for attempting to take down the OOM site WAS a past member there that was kicked out. I observed his behavior the day that he found out Miske ousted him. He is a vengeful person filled with hatred. That person told many people including myself that this was exactly what he planned on doing.

      He told many that he could take down Miske in a day. He did this so he could take the reigns on the dinar discussion world. I was interested for a time to do business with this person until I met him. The bad vibes this one carries are huge.

      He is not one of us. Unless you are a bi-polar, ego driven, legend in your own mind sort of person that is. He is bad news. A complete liar about everything. So good luck folks. Don't say you have not been warned.

      Oh.... he goes by the name Alchemist

    2. Debra are you saying that the guy behind is Alchemist?

    3. Sam
      That is yet to be determined as the site is not yet live.

      I am saying in my opinion he is the one responsible for the damage done to Miske. Revenge pure and simple. That is what I think. He was not very closed lipped about his plans and bragged to many. This is not just my opinion.
      Will he get caught? Probably not.
      But my observation is that ego driven persons always take the fall eventually.

      Oh... and since I did not call him by the name (real?) that was given to me or published his cell phone number, email address, home address, etc. I don't see this as the same as what he perpetuated. I called out a screen name. One that any could possibly have. But the one that I mean knows who he is.

      This is what I am saying. :)

    4. Are you also saying that Miske is innocent and shares no responsibility?

    5. Nope I am not. Nor have I said that.

      I am saying that this person did this for a reason. And that reason is that she gave him the boot and spoiled his plans. He does not take rejection very well apparently.

    6. Ok, so are you saying that you would have been OK with anyone else other than Alchemist exposing Miske?

    7. Hahahaha, Reeder!

      Debra....some will try to put words in your mouth or pin you into a corner...those who are out for blood are content with nothing less....

      (This is amazing!)

    8. Actually D.C. Reeder is responding exactly to what the other person is commenting. He is not putting words into anyone's mouth. You should really try not to act do high and mighty and like you're above everyone else. This site is called dinar DOUCHEBAGS and it's for exposing frauds and liars. If you can't handle the content or responses because they are too childish then leave. No one is forcing you to read anything. Haven't you said twice now that you are leaving because there are no adults here? People are getting exposed and it won't stop until there are answers. So please stop with the I'm better than everyone else attitude. Thank you

    9.'s too much fun. The Reeder provides some good comic relief here. ("Can I bully the witness, your honor"?)

      People are being childish here. It's made a mockery of this site, but it is entertaining, and yeah....I wanted to stop engaging, but like I said, you guys make it too much fun to read! :)

    10. If the person that started this did this for the right reason I think I would feel a bit different than I do about it.
      For example if Sam for instance, did tons of digging and came up with this, as he does, it would have a very different feel to it.
      If the site that exposed this had allowed real comments to be posted.They blocked them.
      If that site had not used the names of mods and admins from OOM to put up the vile comments it would be different.
      If Alchemist had not told many many people what he planned to do it would be different.
      All of the above might make one feel differently.
      It is the reason this was done that makes that difference to me.

    11. Debra it does not matter if a site is started up for malicious intent or as to inform as long as its the TRUTH....your claim holds no water. The truth is the truth.

    12. Well I respect your opinion callingfools.
      But that does not mean I have to agree with it.
      It may not matter to you, the how or why, but it does to some of us here.
      You are free to not agree with me.
      But why then does that site not allow any other comments but their own?
      Don't you find that suspect?
      What is your opinion on the fact that all of those posts most likely are coming from one individual using the screen names of others? Playing fair to you?
      The revenge factor here is obvious don't you think?

    13. Thank you callingfoolsout.

      D.C., I'm getting tired of taking everything you say and pointing out how ridiculous it is, and people are probably getting tired of reading it. Now go cry and threaten to leave again as if that's going to have any affect on the success of this site.

      Debra, I appreciate your honesty, and believe it or not, I respect your position. However, I do have to agree with callingfoolsout. Truth is truth no matter who brought it out or for what reason.

    14. No, that's ok, The Reeder....I'm not crying at all. Like I said, you provide entertainment, so it's fun to read...and I don't particularly care if you think my posts are ridiculous or not, so like many have said....if you're tired of reading it, then don't.

      I think Sam's response to all of this will be telling. It will show his meddle. I want to stay around long enough to find out if this will be an intelligent site with healthy discussion, or a repository for speculation and innuendo...

    15. And that is fine The Reeder.
      I really do understand your point of view.
      I just wish this had been done in a more admirable manner.
      It is what it is. And I will not be visiting thedinarscam website.
      I hope no one does.
      I continue to support Sam and the work he does.
      He at least has some class.

    16. What amazes me is Okies real name has been exposed....both first and last name. He's one of the biggest frauds in this silly world of Dinar. I would have thought this place would go ape-$hit with that info, and get the goods on that jerk. Instead, it seems that people are caught up in the peripheral issues that can only be conjecture, when they have a huge possibility of exposure of fraud with Okie.

    17. Here we go again. I love how you invoke Sam in all of this in hopes that he comes running to your defense.

      This would be more appropriate for you D.C. "Sam, please tell them to stop! Sam, they're picking on me! Sam, this isn't fair! Sam, they're treating me like a child!" Any of those statements would be more fitting to you.

    18. Debra,

      Fair enough. Point taken, and respected.

    19. I think the majority of everyone knows okie is a fraud. All you have to do us read all of his posts from the last 3 years.

      Adams site hasn't skipped a step since he was fully outed. Ignorance will surround us no matter what.

    20. I agree with you callingfoolsout. Plus, I'm not completely sold on the identity of Okie being this Lonnie Freels or however you spell his name. If Okie and company are simply characters made up by one or two people, then who is to say that article wasn't posted to intentionally throw us off the trail of the true identity of Okie?

  41. Thanks Sam. is yet another positive step in the right direction. It would be great if much of the material posted here on DinarDouchebags could be copied to this new site. Your work needs to be shared with as many people as possible, and adding that data to the new site would very quickly increase traffic there. It would require some effort to create the new topics and add the individual comments, but I think it would be time well spent.

  42. Whisper, Im sorry that you had to take up for yourself because of your friendship with me. I'm sorry to everyone else that has had to waste their time trying to pick apart my life, things that I would freely give you. Am very transparent. I did build a site for someone that I considered a friend, I had very little involvement with it until November of this last year, Someone else ran it, which is the way it was supposed to be. I have never liked rumors... I have never scammed anyone, have never asked a dime of members, and made sure that all of the sites that I built were free for them. As for me and Okie's friendship. I listened to his information when I first met him, and believed him until after a few times of it not coming to pass, that didnt keep me from being friends with him, and feeling sorry for the way people treated him. Thats why the site was built.... Again, built it and gifted it to him, but had to put someone else on to run it, because I didnt want to be associated, but kept getting dragged back into the administration end of it. I stepped into Admin role in November, Okie went out of the country, and Bulldog was taking phone calls from Okie and posting on his behalf from then on... Okie came back in December, but didnt post often because the treatments that he had made him very ill, and Bulldog being the spotlight fanatic that he is would volunteer to post for him. I spent from January til the time I decided I had enough trying to get rid of bulldog, thinking that Okie would stop posting too. Also from January on... I spoke to Okie less then half of dozen times. What Okie did in chat, was solely Okie, I was not privy to what he would post or when he was going to post it, until it was already posted. Same for Bulldog... I finally sent Bulldog a nasty email telling him that if he called the rv one more time I would ban him, and I got a not so nice reply back from Okie... it was then that I decided to remove myself from that site, but ended up on the review since the review site decided that they would SHUT ME DOWN... haha... I removed Okies posts instead... I moved all the threads out of public view to be sure that none of the mods from OOM chat (which I dont own) would post any of that stuff.

  43. You can believe me or not, I honestly don't care... I have never done anything illegal, immoral or unethical within or outside of the forums. My husband is a driller for a drilling company that I use to work for too, That has nothing to do with anything. I have five children, and one that "use" to walk home from school daily, but that has all changed. My children are not allowed to even play in the front yard without me or another adult being with them now, they are not allowed to answer the door or check the mail, because of the review site putting out lies that I am Okie, and because as Admin of the site, I received Death threats that were addressed to Okie.... I am now out the expense of putting ADT security in my home over this... You say that I asked for this by not masking my information when I bought the domain name? The info they obtained, was through Bizarredinar, unassociated with with Okieoilman... and the site that I bought bizarredinar domain through, Unknownst to me, did have a mask option. I can not believe anyone would suggest that because I built a site for someone, that I asked for or deserved any of the crap that I have had done to me. I am no longer friends with Okie, and as a matter of fact when all of this happened to me, and I had an outpouring of people feeling bad for me... I did not receive ONE phone call of concern for me from Lonnie, nor was there even one post or comment made in public. Other than one little post that said "Wouldnt it be nice if we had a place to put our posts". The review site and all of its comments are lies and their scenario's are totally twisted.... If any of you care to know the truth about my involvement, you are more than welcome to email me at or you can come to CXC and pm me... I am willing to talk to you on the phone if you wish... I have the emails to bulldog where I told him to not call the rv (date stamped back in march I believe) but I will forward it to you if you want to see the proof. Anyone that has ANY ideas on a good way for me to prove that I was not part of some silly deceitful plan to milk or scam money from innocent members, PLEASE tell me. I have also put my time lined history on ... you are more than welcome to go there and read it... its not the deep dark secretive epic novel garbage that so intrigue the people that want to believe the worst in people, rather than try to look and see if someone is innocent first. I even put a video on there, should you want to see my face and hear me give an introduction to the site. I am more than willing to have an interview with samiam. I am a christian, mother of 5, wife to a wonderful HARD WORKING husband.. and have 3 beautiful grandbaby girls... but even with that... If anyone of you thinks that I ASKED for any of this to happen to me... or I intentionally jeopardized the safety of my children... God forgive me ... but you can kiss my ass, and so can the review site... There's your real Dbags!

  44. Can you clear one thing up for me please?

    This was posted by you on April 10 of this year.

    by Miskebam

    I started this as a reply to a PM from someone that was concerned over Okie not being taken seriously, due to his abundance of writing errors, and while writing it, I decided to take this opportunity, and share with everyone, what I have learned about him and at the same time address his grammar issues... might clear up some things for many... (to the member that was concerned, please note, that this WHOLE post is not directed at you, only the part about the error’s in spelling)

    Thank you... Okie is not an English scholar... He was born and raised in the school of hard life. He elevated himself through a major oil company by his hard work, perseverance and the uncanny ability to absorb and retain information, and analyze it to apply at the right times. He is a master puzzle worker and trouble shooter. These abilities are God given. He never had a need for written correspondence through his years of working on oil rigs, and by the time he made the more professional level of superintendent of the company, where correspondence was necessary, there were secretaries that did this for him. He types the way he talks... He is just a good ol’ boy from Oklahoma, retired pilot from the military who loves God, family, dogs and country, in that order.

    Read More Link on Right
    The company that he worked for is contracted internationally for exploration, and drilling of wells. Because of this he has gained & retained over the years, a broad based knowledge of countries and their economies. His position has given him an opportunity to form an impressive list of friends and contacts, inside and outside of the oil industry with which to draw from. His heart and soul are grounded in the Lord. He has been given the gift of knowledge, and the gift of helps. With that said, he only wants to be able to share what he hears from incoming phone calls of contacts that he has made, which others do not have. He does this in real time, when he gets something that is exciting to him, he will make a few calls to try and verify what he has heard, and if he finds that the information is across the board, he then goes to chat to share. Vetting and spell checking, would take away from who Okie is.

    1. The calls received give him hope, and by sharing what he hears, he is trying to give hope to others. The people that have been given the gift of the discerning spirit can immediately pick up on Okies legitimacy in his spirit... and know that there is nothing more than him wanting to help others understand where we are. People don’t read or listen to all that he has brought to the table on how all this works. All they look for is "THAT" call that says if it has happened, or when it will happen, or the rate; which is sad really, because his understanding and ability to convey in terms that ALL can understand is remarkable. He has time and again, said ALL the rates that he has "heard" even though he knows that people will remove the fact that it’s not information that is his, but rather it was given to him by people that he has known and formed a trust in.

      There are those that accuse him of using the Lord as a sell or draw when putting out his information. To those, I ask... When the Lord is the foundation and very essence of your life, why cut Him from ANY part? And further more...

      Okie does not USE the Lord... The Lord uses Okie.

      I know this, because there is a plan and it has been revealed to me... and I would like to share it with those that do not know. The Lord put Okie in the oilfield for a purpose; He has shaped him and formed him for work that is still ahead. He drew Okie into where he is now, and because Okie obeyed... We have him here. This is ALL a build and a refining period for what the Lord has planned for Okie in the very near future. He will use Okie, in the drilling of wells in places where the mortality rate of children is astonishing, because they lack a necessity that is readily available at the turn of a tap for you and me.


      I hang my head in shame, every time I see rants ranging from why this didn’t happen, to name calling, to out and out death threats. Not shame on Okie, but shame on the people that put their hope in man, and not in the Lord... shame on you for not seeing the big picture, shame on you for not appreciating that the Lord has put Okie here to lift you up and encourage you. Shame on you for saying that he has ill intentions for people, or that he is only doing this because he is receiving kickbacks for putting out lies. Shame on you for not appreciating that, this man fought for your country and your freedom.

    2. Okie has passed the 70 year mark in his life, and aside from him being a veteran, he is my elder... If he were a man that God had turned over to a reprobate mind, I would not be writing this... But He is a man that is strong in his convictions, loves his brother not just because that’s our instructions, but it’s his nature. He prays for the healing of this nation, leaders and YOU, wishes nothing but the best and does not look for the worst in people, commits to taking care of those that the Lord sends him, never thinks more highly of himself than he should, and always thinks of others first. He is spirit led, and spirit fed, and he tries to do that which is pleasing to the Lord... but he is human... (File that under, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone")

      I am amazed that he continues to come back, but the obligation that he feels to the members, outweighs the nature of the bashers intentions of hurting him. It’s not just the obligation... but the majority of the chat room participants are good friends of Okies, why wouldn’t he want to share with the many that he has built friendships with? He is extremely humbled that his username is even a draw at all. I take it as a reminder that with God… ALL things are possible, and know that Okie keeps coming in because that’s what the spirit compels him to do.

      My point of this, is to give those that come here looking for rates and dates, rather than out of respect or adoration for Okie, is to give you a better idea of the what’s, when’s, where’s and why’s of OKIE, to better help you assess WHO he is.

      One other point that I would like to make, is that Okie IS just sharing to those that are in his chat room. Kind of like when you share things you have heard while gathered around a family table. The forum was created to put his and his friend’s posts, for those that DO like to hear from Okie to be able to read at leisure since not everyone is able to catch him in chat. THAT’S IT.

      Okie does not participate in popularity contests, and honestly doesn’t care HOW many members are on the site. There is no hidden agenda to draw people in for any purpose. So, for those that show up to the forum JUST FOR information on the RV, and not because the want to be part of Okie’s team. If you don’t agree with it, if you don’t like the way it was presented, if you don’t like any part of it, then leave. Your absence may lessen the quantity of membership, but it will improve the quality of the site to what it was meant to be..... Okie and Friends.


      I'm no investigator, but it really doesn't look like your post from a couple of months ago is adding up with your statements today.

  45. Here are two comments from another post on this blog after you posted your Okie tribute. The comment was verified by at lease one other reader.

    XXXX April 11, 2012 11:15 AM

    Yesterday I witnessed genious at work on OOM. After "bashing" started because of Okies constant calling "IT" Miske put up a heartfelt post worthy of an oscar preformance. The first time posters came out in droves falling to their knees in prayer and praise for Okie and Miske. I can honestly say I have never in my entire life seen anything like it. I feel we as humans are truly doomed for the sheeples are lined up for their cup of koolaid the flavor of Okie Orange. Now he has called "IT" to happen on Friday the 13th. When "IT" does not happen they will fall on their knees again and offer to kiss his azz for being wrong again.

    XXXX April 11, 2012 12:29 PM

    Well as pathetic as it is, it really is a gold mine. To watch this unfold with eyes wide open one can not help but admire the psychology at work. As annoying as some of them are I have a new found respect at the control that Miske has over the minions. Someone should do a disertation on this. Put it right up there with the Hitler phenom. It is something to behold! LOL!!!

  46. Sure... I got sick of dealing with the daily bashing in the forum... so I wrote that piece you put up there to put in the forum, to answer a lot of questions that people had about Okie... NOWHERE in there, do I say that his information is correct or that I believe it... I speak of what I knew of him personally through the times that I "did" talk to him on the phone... I was hoping that it would shut down my PM's and emails of the people that wanted to know stuff about him... and that the bashing would stop.... You have no idea what I went through trying to keep the peace in the forums, and not believing a word that was put out. I know you will probably judge me for that... I did everything possible to try to keep the forum up and running for the members that were there. Like I said, I spent the better part of Jan on trying to get the rv calls stopped, and when I was in the forum and saw people upset that it didnt happen, I would direct them to articles. Anyone that wanted to check THAT out, can go to .. Go to my profile, select "statistics" and then click on "find all posts by miskebam" You will NOT find where I supported the call of the rv, or "source call" info. As for the "control" over the minions, I have never tried to control anyone, I just try to keep the peace, which was an impossible task there. I seriously didnt come here to get beat up, trust me I have had plenty of that over the last few months, even at OOM when I would hop into the chat room, and try to post articles, "so miske are you saying you disagree with okie?"

  47. I would say, "I am not calling anyone a liar, I am saying that according to the articles that I am giving you, there is no way that it has rv'd" For some reason they believe that Iraq does not have control or say in their own monetary policies... anyway... If you have any suggestions on HOW I can clear this up, please let me know. Have done everything I can to try to prove that I am me, and I am not Okie, and that I was not out to scam anyone... again, I not ONCE asked anyone for a dime... all of these sites came out of my pocket from 2010, until October 2011 when the chatroom I bought started crashing, and the one that the mods found cost so much, I couldnt afford it, so I allowed for ads to cover the cost. I had been approaced about ad placement prior to that, and didnt want to do it, because I had honestly had everything paid for...

  48. ok... i posted a BUNCH on a post prior to the one that just posted... wonder where it went to???

    1. Hi Miskebam. Your post was caught in my spam filter but I moved it out. Sorry about that. It happens sometimes. Don't know why.

    2. o ... thought I must have done something wrong, like hitting the submit button too many times too quickly. Thank you... I appreciate it.

  49. I cant believe its gone... ok ... tell ya what... I will copy that and break it down... because I did make a huge error in putting that in the forum for the members, and not thinking that it would go to recaps for the whole world to pick apart...

    But I will break it down for you, give me a little bit.

  50. @Liz - Thank you for your explanation, but Reeder does bring some extremely valid points of concern here. I understand what you are saying, and also think that if it is true that after everything, for Lonnie to not even show you the respect of reaching out to you with concerns for the things you feel you have gone through, it just shows his character. For those of us that are smart enough to know he has been flat out lying and taking advantage of others, this comes to no surprise to us though. There is no shock when people like Lonnie to prove how low of a form a life he is when someone like him lies to people on a weekly basis, and THEN decides to also advertise for certain Dinar Dealers on their website.

    While your explanation sounds sincere, can you explain why you stated in March you were writing this email, and then in April you posted this big post speaking in Okie's defense though? This is certainly not helping your situation at all.

    What you can do, is expose all that you do know about Okie, and Bulldog, and what they are trying to acheive. Are the lies related to the Dinar advertisements on the site that you built and administer for? Are there arrangements by these Dinar Dealers and the people that are telling the weekly lies?

    Then there is the Bondlady site. This is another site that continually wants to re-define for people what terminology for things as simple as deleting zeros means, so to confuse people, rather than giving the truth about what the real definition of this means, all the meanwhile, coincidentally enough, just so happens to advertise for Dinar Dealers as well. This is another site you were responsible for giving an outlet to give false information to investors. Can you explain this, or can you provide the information that you know about this? I would say that this would be a real big step back in the direction of redemption, quite possibly prove that you do have some good intentions, otherwise, harboring or protecting those that take advantage of others, and providing a forum for them to do what they do leaves you just as guilty as them. Thanks!

    1. I gave the whole run down of ALL of it on If you click on My Sites... it tells the whole story...

  51. "Thank you... Okie is not an English scholar... He was born and raised in the school of hard life. He elevated himself through a major oil company by his hard work, perseverance and the uncanny ability to absorb and retain information, and analyze it to apply at the right times. He is a master puzzle worker and trouble shooter. These abilities are God given. He never had a need for written correspondence through his years of working on oil rigs, and by the time he made the more professional level of superintendent of the company, where correspondence was necessary, there were secretaries that did this for him. He types the way he talks... He is just a good ol’ boy from Oklahoma, retired pilot from the military who loves God, family, dogs and country, in that order."
    Sorry but I'm having a lot of trouble with that. He worked his way up through a major oil company despite being barely literate then somewhere along the line joins the air force? You allow pilots with that degree of literacy in the services?
    And I too have contacts all over the world but why would an oil worker have contacts at the highest levels inside foreign banks and governments? Contacts willing to give him seriously important financial information. I don't buy this at all. The story that someone else has taken over his ID sounds more believable, because I can't believe anyone with any sense (other than someone involved in a scam) would be calling the RV at least weekly for what is it now? A couple of years?

    1. I was not involved in ANY scam. I honestly had intentions of building the site and giving it to him...THATS ALL... I dont know the first thing about flying a plane, and I have had a friend of mine that IS a pilot tell me that he doesnt believe that he is a pilot after he had read some of his banter about flying, but my friend didnt tell me this until very recently. What I was told by Okie was that he was in the Naval pilot. Im not like all the forum owners that build site for the express purpose of setting up some sort of seedy back room deals, am sure that THESE types are the INSTIGATORS of all the ins and outs... I built the site... and was administrating only... I rarely went into the chat room, and spent most of my time, helping members with registration, sign in problems... or helping solve problems with the mods... running a forum is very time consuming and with the amount of children that I have... my day goes by very quickly, weeks and months... where I intended to get something done, and just could not because time would not allow.

      Im glad to hear that you have contacts all over the world... I personally do not. As for a someone in the oilfield knowing "banking" people I can not answer that for you... but after you reach management level (even illiterates in the oil field can go pretty high up - or they use to could til recently, but he is past retirement age, its very feasible that he could have known people within our government... Or is it wrong to think that oil companies stay far from the campaign trail? The oilfield structure use to be based on EXPERIENCE... and I have known men that worked their way to managing a rig that lacked a high school diploma. When they reach rig manager, next step is generally superintendent, these are selected from rig managers, not hired in without experience. But that's me taking his word that he was who he says he is. As for someone else taking over his Identity, the man that I stopped allowing posts on the forum that I own called Okieoilman... was the same man that I met 4 years earlier.

  52. are obviously very intelligent to be able to set up these sites and you obviously spent quite a bit of time on at least one of them...Therefore it baffles me how you would not know what you are creating or that these sites were hurting just doesn't add up....As stated above...if you were sincerely sorry about being a part of these sites taking advantage of people then you WOULD come forward with all of the inside information you are obviously privy to...otherwise you are just a hypocrite.

  53. Here are just a few excerpts from your Okie tribute:

    Because of this he has gained & retained over the years, a broad based knowledge of countries and their economies. His position has given him an opportunity to form an impressive list of friends and contacts, inside and outside of the oil industry with which to draw from.

    The calls received give him hope, and by sharing what he hears, he is trying to give hope to others. The people that have been given the gift of the discerning spirit can immediately pick up on Okies legitimacy in his spirit... and know that there is nothing more than him wanting to help others understand where we are.

    I know this, because there is a plan and it has been revealed to me... and I would like to share it with those that do not know. The Lord put Okie in the oilfield for a purpose; He has shaped him and formed him for work that is still ahead. He drew Okie into where he is now, and because Okie obeyed... We have him here

    Okie does not USE the Lord... The Lord uses Okie.

    He has time and again, said ALL the rates that he has "heard" even though he knows that people will remove the fact that it’s not information that is his, but rather it was given to him by people that he has known and formed a trust in.

    Not shame on Okie, but shame on the people that put their hope in man, and not in the Lord... shame on you for not seeing the big picture, shame on you for not appreciating that the Lord has put Okie here to lift you up and encourage you.

    You said that you never claimed to believe in Okie's information, but it sure looks like you're trying to tell me why I should.

  54. Please think about what its like to be a mom of 5 and still try to keep forums running...

    I took the time out so that I could do a break down on the post that I put in the forum, that made its way to recaps...

    Since there is character limit on here, I put it on a web page...

    some of the things you just addressed will be in there. I have to get dinner on the table, so wont be back til later this evening, to take some more... I did this being fully aware that some of you already have your mind made up that Im a bad guy and I meant nothing but harm for the members, I cant help what you think... I just know that I have never had to fight so hard to defend myself... and have not done anything wrong... but at least am getting my say...I will answer questions, but Im not going to argue, and that does not mean that you have won, if I decide to not come back... just means that it will take a little while longer for you to really know the truth, when you stand before the Lord... and have to answer for your wrongful judgement on me.

    Here's the post, explained:

    1. Hold on a second there Liz! Don't throw that "wrongful judgement" crap out on us. Here's something I know you'll understand - We aren't judging you, we're judging your fruits. And so far the fruits ain't lookin' so good, even after your breakdown of the recaps post. The only thing I really see in the breakdown is that you took Okie at his word on a bunch of stuff, you questioned why Okie would continue to post even though he's been wrong a lot, and Bulldog called the RV every week to show you that he wasn't going anywhere. Oh, and you don't think anyone was intentionally trying to scam, con, or hurt anyone.

      I guess we're supposed to believe that you are the only person on the planet who doesn't know that Okie is one of the biggest morons and con men in all of dinar land?

    2. Read it for yourselves folks. Here's the guy who only wished to help, never meant to hurt, and certainly wasn't a part of any dinar dealer kickback or any other form of monetary gain.


    3. Reeder, to be completely honest, that post from Okie you just gave as an example, does not seem like something he would say. It was put together coherently and some of the words were too big for his vocabulary. To me it appears someone is either posting as him or took a statement from him and edited in words to make him appear more intelligent. I have seen the plural thing with the apostrophes from someone else before though. Can't remember who.

    4. Reeder, sorry, I don't look for the worst in people, and maybe I should, but its not in me to intentionally hurt others, and I do try to help people. I seriously didn't look at this as though it was some sort of "guru" industry when I built the site, I had a ton of volunteers to run it, and so many that were willing to help, that say they knew Okie. I knew only that I am an adult that can form my own opinion, and I stopped listening to the stuff long ago... up until recently I DID NOT believe that he was harmful to others. If THEY wanted to run the place, let them... I had my own forum, which has no rumors. The forum that I built FIRST... and built two to give to people I considered friends. Up until recently, I didnt have a reason to doubt what he told me, he honestly reminded me of my grandfather. But... I am not responsible for what comes out of that mans mouth, or into a chatroom, I am not responsible for people that want to listen. and that post you just posted... is dated two days ago, but does look like all his other posts. I did not say that he was definitely NOT doing anything wrong, Im said that I personally did not see any evidence of it. AND... between taking care of my kids and the drama forum, I did spend plenty of time trying to figure out a way to get them to shut up, and stick to the rules... to shut the site down, after I had talked to an attorney about liablities, and also had the trust they endorse checked by two attorneys, and both reported that it was lacking. I spend alot of time trying to get information. I was NOT privy to anything that Bulldog or Okie might have been up to, as I wasnt part of their circle.

  55. Miske,
    It's really hard taking your word on the matter when the evidence overwhelmingly points in the other direction. I'm trying to put myself in your shoes and I can see a million and one ways to get out of the situation. Way number 1: just leave. Tell Okie and Bulldog and whomever else that you're outta there; it's as simple as that. Why stick around trying to get Bulldog to stop posting while hoping Okie does the same? And you were paying for the sites right? Why not leave and make them pay for it? Also, and correct me if I'm wrong, but all of your responses seem to imply that you had been trying to distance yourself from Okie since this past January. My question would be - Why would you write such a flattering post about someone you are trying to distance yourself from?

    And here's the million dollar question. Would any of this be happening had that website not exposed you? Obviously no one can answer that definitively one way or another. However, it does seem much more likely that it would be business as usual had none of this ever happened. That's what is so troubling. It took you being exposed for you to come out and tell your side of the story. And to be quite honest, I think a lot of us still don't think you're telling the full truth about Okie. Everyone person reading this knows Okie to be a lying moron who's sources couldn't find sand in Iraq let alone the RV. Most of us would also bet money that he has some sort of monetary agenda unrelated to the RV cash in. Yet here you are, a friend who built his site, paid for his site, moderated his site, had a relationship with him, and you know nothing about any of this?

  56. Liz,

    First of all it takes alot of courage to come here and post your side of the story. I can appreciate that. I had a question. On the site that came out with that blog about you they also linked dinar recaps and dinar guru to you. Is it you that owns dinar recaps? or is it Michael Swerdloff? I read that the ip address was linked to you but the address on the business license was linked to him. My issue is that those two sites (dinar recaps and dinar guru) are cess pools of guru trash that is fed to the public. While there are disclaimers clearing them of any responsibility for what is posted you must admit that there are probably thousands who still mislead by much of the false intel that is posted. A great deal of what is posted on these sites is downright ridiculous. When you consider that these sites have ads for various dinar dealers it doesn't post a very pretty picture. I would appreciate your honest input here.


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