Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

I think it's a good idea from time to time to remind the dinar community about the numerous times that investors got all excited over some prediction or breaking news.  You see, what usually happens is that pumpers sit around trying to come up with something that will really go over big.  Most of the time they fail, but occasionally they hit on an idea that really has legs.  For example, back in January of this year there was a frenzy over people supposedly cashing in their dinar in Jordan and Kuwait. Here's an excerpt from a conference call with the GET Team back on Jan. 13.  (If you don't want to read all the way through this moose hockey I certainly understand.  Just scroll to where the bold text ends.)

[Janna] TerryK has been very busy - did hear that PD is going to have a call later tonight to verify the Jordan, Kuwait intel, rates real, $3.22 RV'ng, being paid. See this here tomorrow night - cash out on Tuesday (banks closed on Monday)
[Janna] TK is very confident that this is going down.
[Janna] no
[Janna] Steve is here
[Janna] So to recap, couldn't verify before the call tonight but can today
[Janna] Don't go out and buy more dinar
[Janna] Can't go into anymore details (TK)
[leo] G.E.T. Team Main number Skype: FreeConferenceCallHD.7676 Conference dial-in number: Participant access code: 850046# For Q &A G.E.T. Team alternative number Skype: Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0075 Participant access codes: 962953# or 729776# to listen to call only
[Janna] Rodney - appreciate Okie going in chatroom today - has pretty good info
[Janna] sources Rodney talk to look at things in a global perspective
[Janna] all is tied into the dinar
[Janna] confusing but makes sense
[Janna] tons of things going on behind the scenes
[Janna] there are a lot of big investors
[Janna] bigger nations
[Janna] they are looking to get a leg up on the others
[Janna] not getting into details - don't like crazy things like peeps showing up at his door
[Janna] no coindicences
[Janna] there is always a reason certain things are going on between China and the RV with their own currency.
[Janna] 19 countries in RV basket
[Janna] everything has to be precisely to make sure all puzzle pieces fit
[Janna] all have to RV at the same time otherwise one gets a leg up on another
[Janna] we understand there is going to be some major adjustments re currencies
[Janna] the world cannot fall back into the same traps, thus you can't repeat the same mistakes again - this is insanity
[Janna] going to get rid of the fiat currency
[Janna] fiat currency - has nothing to back it up
[Janna] 20% gold back and make sure you have other precious minerals to back up your currency
[Janna] Iraq has a great advantage in this
[Janna] 2 big things happen
[leo] G.E.T. Team Main number Skype: FreeConferenceCallHD.7676 Conference dial-in number: (760) 569-7676 Participant access code: 850046# For Q &A G.E.T. Team alternative number Skype: Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0075 Participant access codes: 962953# or 729776# to listen to call only
[Janna] sudden announcement where the currencies will be backed by gold, etc.
[Janna] only so much gold, silver and other precious metals around to do this
[Janna] will start to dwindle down currencies
[Janna] must make sure there is no hyper-inflation in any part of the world
[Janna] stock is going down like world economy then suddenly a huge rebound and distruption...
[Janna] like a rubber band - will snap back
[Janna] don't want that to happen and have high inflation to kick in
[Janna] putting these pieces in place to make certain that .... doing a do over in the world economic game
[Janna] the slates hopefully will be clean
[Janna] huge economic things going on
[Janna] don't ask Rodney about the details - can't get into it - be respectful
[Janna] these things are happening for a reason
[Janna] Rodney glad to hear RV happening over in the ME
[Janna] Okie out of the blue gives us such wonderful intel
[Janna] When Rodney comes across a really good source, it is interesting
[Janna] We now have 3 or more different people saying all the same things.
[Janna] Okie
[Janna] TerryK
[Janna] Al
[Janna] Rodney
[Janna] etc.
[Janna] Really great stuff
[Janna] very optimistic
[Janna] world economic factor
[Janna] Rodney heard today: China was basically bartering back and forth to get a leg up
[Janna] Bickering...
[Janna] apparently England as well as many other countries are heavily involved with the dinar. They said "Enough is enough"

The G.E.T. Team conference call 1-12-11 - Part 2

[Janna] when Rodney gets more details he will share it
[Janna] Ray - thanks for the trust biz
[Janna] we have added something new - can take credit cards now
[Janna] 48 hour turnaround still
[Janna] on front home page of www.**********.com
[TamRon400] back sorry
[Janna] Tina asked if he is taking hugs and kisses
[Janna] lol
[Janna] Steve - did not prepare anything written
[Janna] Steve agrees with Rodney - we are at the doorstep
[TamRon400] Okie has intel 30 min
[TamRon400] all Gulf Coast participating in RV
[TamRon400] countries
[TamRon400] at 3.22
[Janna] Okie - just got intel 30 mins. - all GCC are participating on this RV. Started out incremental Kuwait and Jordan - now at all middle east countries $3.22 rate.
[Janna] Will probably rv at the rate they should
[TamRon400] Could revalue at a later date higher
[Janna] $3.22 equalibrium right now
[Janna] fiat currency - paper money created out of thin air
[TamRon400] last month the IMF gave permission for countries to monitize their assets
[Janna] last month the IMF, let countries monitize their assets
[Janna] if they are assets in the ground (like oil, etc.)
[TamRon400] notified by gov that this is real
[Janna] Got kicked around in the chatroom today a little bit
[Janna] the surrounding countires in m.e. are RV'ng
[Janna] the dinar
[TamRon400] this is real folks
[Janna] we can't do anything about it here yet - it is real, not memorex
[Janna] party of the Jordan and Kuwaiti reval - reparations to private individuals
[TamRon400] That was a way of settling up with individuals
[Janna] incremental RV will gradually spread out to the world
[Janna] China has tried to do an end run
[Janna] per a US Senator at 1:20 a.m. today
[TamRon400] Okie was on the computer a lot today trying to explain how this is happening
[Janna] it will be 2-3 days before we hear about it
[TamRon400] Okie has had more confirmation then he would care for
[Janna] it is reall - it is here
[leo] G.E.T. Team Main number Skype: FreeConferenceCallHD.7676 Conference dial-in number: (760) 569-7676 Participant access code: 850046# For Q &A G.E.T. Team alternative number Skype: Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0075 Participant access codes: 962953# or 729776# to listen to call only
[Janna] TK - really glad he finally figured out how to use the password!
[Janna] TK thanks Okie for everything. Really appreciate you!
[TamRon400] TK appreciates Okie coming on the site
[Janna] after the word GET is the word team
[TamRon400] I hope everyone realizes that this might just be the intial rate
[TamRon400] initial rate
[Janna] Okie - I hope that everyone understood that this is a reinstuted rate and probably a rv rate in a bit to 4 or 5 dollars
[Janna] it is an RI right now, not an RV
[TamRon400] If this is an RI then it is a reinstatement you need to check with your tax attorney!!!!! entirely different tax implications
[TamRon400] we will talk about this on the call
[Janna] ramifications involved
[Janna] if the IRS, banker, CPA, best friend - always say you got in to this as an investment
[Janna] investment!!!
[Janna] investment!!!
[Janna] 13303 Presidential Order - investment
[TamRon400] always specify this is an investment 13303 us presidential order
[Janna] physically currency in hand - lots of tax consequences...
[Janna] currency exchange, investment!
[TamRon400] no tax questions on the call
[Janna] no more on taxes tonight!! no questions later on taxes!
[Janna] Kudos to Dan on Comrade's Dinner
[Janna] We have nailed it more than the others!!
[Janna] We are a team, family!!!
[PeaceKeeper] GolferDan from don't promote other sites
[TamRon400] Ray asking a question
[Janna] IMF will mandate a certain period of time - 18 to 20 months historically, but this is a different situation here.
[leo] G.E.T. Team Main number Skype: FreeConferenceCallHD.7676 Conference dial-in number: (760) 569-7676 Participant access code: 850046# For Q &A G.E.T. Team alternative number Skype: Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0075 Participant access codes: 962953# or 729776# to listen to call only
[Janna] $3.22 and up within a day or 2? Can't drive it too high because of a shock to the surrounding countries.
[TamRon400] must maintain equilibrium
[Janna] Al 0 numbers
[TamRon400] - 12 degrees where TK is
[TamRon400] dont' mess with AL Okie has his 6
[Janna] Al giving a bit of info to Ray
[Janna] Al - numbers
[Janna] dinar 150k giveaway - tonight will probably be the last night - next call will be the drawing
[Janna] home page tab on the far right
[Janna] follow directions
[TamRon400] we will have another call when it hits the banks on Tuesday
[TamRon400] That will be the day of the drawing
[TamRon400] we believe we have all the orders taken care of
[Janna] on orders not received, email webmaster@**********.com - most have been sent out today
[Janna] if you haven't received your stuff from about 5 days from now, let Al know
[TamRon400] within 5 days if you have not received your order please let us know
[TamRon400] some just wanted to donate
[Janna] refunds 25 to 26 this month
[Janna] will be paid back on the 25th or 26th
[Janna] lol
[Janna] TerryK is talking about the envelope he has the 150K dinar in
[TamRon400] Okie needs to apologize for pre-empting TK and AL on the forum
[Janna] Okie hopes TK didn't mind that Okie posted his intel in our chatroom today
[TamRon400] we are all in the same boat
[Janna] didn't want to preempt anyone
[Janna] TK - not a problem - share and share alike
[Janna] it doesn't have to go through anyone
[Janna] it doesn't have to go through anyone
[Janna] no blue couch (Okie)
[Janna] Okie wants to hear TK sing for a change
[TamRon400] TK doing elvis
[Janna] Okie once bought a blue couch used to have visions and dreams on it - had the worst nightmares and through it out
Janna] TK - not going there
[Janna] As long as the intel is positive, no problem with posting
[TamRon400] We do not want negativity on the site
[Janna] Don't dwell on negative
[Janna] Okie never posts unless it is positive
[TamRon400] Okie never posts unless he has intel that is solid
[Janna] Al - number 77,430 in www
[Janna] unique hits 21,778
[Janna] # visitors from unique 623, 080
[TamRon400] visitors returned 63780
[Janna] ttl # 8, 167,619 this month
[Janna] # countries 79
[Janna] Iraq into top 10
[Janna] #9
[Janna] from 19 to #9
[Janna] avg daily hits 430.634.83
[Janna] 430,634.83
[Janna] thur yesterday 656,820 # hits to website
[Janna] homepage - flashing IQD
[Janna] when we get the amount in there, it will be posted
[Janna] front page - where to get motor homes, etc. - link is there and a write up
[TamRon400] on front page a lot of questions regarding motorhomes so the link is there
[Janna] mention GET Team for discount
[Janna] Will motorhome pull a Bentley (Okie question)
[Janna] TK and Al will talk tomorrow about the dates for the RV Party
[Janna] Jan 30, 31, Feb 1 and 2 still available
[Janna] March 27, 28, 29, 30
[Janna] next available in Vegas
[Janna] TK singing
[Janna] intel from Al - everything has been said - he is backing it up
[Janna] wants to talk to Okie about something
[TamRon400] lol
[Janna] call is IRS, Washington DC
[TamRon400] Air Force one called all 3 times in one day
[Janna] Al - check out the front page caller id - Air Force One called 3 times in one day.
[Janna] One time Al was talking with TerryK when AF 1 was calling. Al didn't hang up on TK to take the call
[Janna] Al - getting back to the biz...
[TamRon400] AL had not talked to his Forex contact regarding the live rate
[Janna] He has not yet talked with his forex people (has several) on the live rate.
[Janna] If it comes out at $3.22 ad they have an irrevocable rate they have to RV but the rate he guesses it could drop
[Janna] *and
[Janna] Al will find out and post in the room
[TamRon400] question is above okie's pay scale
[Janna] He was told once the rate goes live, the RV is irrevocable and cannot be pulled back
[Janna] The rate he is assuming they will might drop the $3.22 in...
[Janna] TK is happy with $3.22
[Janna] Okie $5.27 could still come into play at a later date
[Janna] take the $ and run
[TamRon400] TK is getting out as quick as he can
[Janna] they are counting on us doing that
[Janna] how would you like to live halfway between Israel and Iran?
[Janna] Al - everyone said what he had
[Janna] You have to be a citizen of Kuwait or Jordan to cash in
[Janna] in country RV - incremental
[Janna] worldwide phenomena now
[Janna] Q & A:
[Janna] *6 for question
[Janna] no tax questions
[Janna] Q: Okie's question - got a little ole lady (194 yrs old) - her question - are we rich yet?
Janna] Q: Thanks! JT - post RV anxiety - would envision when this happens and peeps go to cash in, veterans being able to cash in last week at $5 and wiring money home, how long will we realistically have to cash in
have to cash in
[TamRon400] Until all 25,000K notes are in to cash in. TK had not heard of soldiers cashing in at 5+ overseas, they were required to turn their dinar and he thinks it was 1 to 1.
[TamRon400] kicked off call
[Janna] Q: Rich - for TK - when this is offical and we cash out calling Ty's # can't get through - what are the chances are to get through then?
[TamRon400] back
[TamRon400] Ty will have phone numbers for the airports posted on his website so you call the site direct
[TamRon400] The day that he has the official notification we will have an emergency call and he will give specific instructions
[TamRon400] Please Please Please if you go to the bank you will be paying 1 to 3% to the bank
[TamRon400] that is high, with Ty you will pay $150 that includes one wire for each additional wire it will be another $25
[Janna] Caller holding off on surgery
[TamRon400] yes you will be calling the airport direct
[Janna] Q: TK - Al and all thanks for everything
[Janna] Q: Jay - are we doing anything in Orlando for TCB grand opening or something?
[TamRon400] If you are in the wonderful members in the millionaire club we will be flying you into orlando and putting you up at our hotel
[TamRon400] they will be recognized at Las vegas
[TamRon400] The resort we were looking at buying it now not for sale so we have to find another facility
[Janna] Q: What are the chances of changing the RV party to Orlando because of the weather?
[TamRon400] the members choose las vegas and it is hard to get accommodations to get 1200
[TamRon400] TK forgot to vote
[TamRon400] for the party location
[leo] ~~Thank You For Being on The Get Team Conference Call Tonight~~ We Appreciate All Our Members ~~
[Janna] Q: Allison - different levels and names of tax info...
[TamRon400] No Tax questions
[Janna] Q: RI vs RV tax advantage??? Which is most advantageous to me?
[TamRon400] RI is most advantageous, it is a reinstatement of currency, so per most tax attorneys it is not a taxable event do your homework
[Janna] Q: Martin - do we know for a fact that it did RV or RI and when we will be able to cash in in the US?
[TamRon400] TK has news
[TamRon400] IMF will be revaluing IQD on 14 Jan
[Janna] Jan 14 IMF RV'ing IQD
[TamRon400] 2 major high level sources
[Janna] 2 major high level source
[Janna] 24 hour allowed over there
[Janna] $5.27 after certain countries to cash in
[TamRon400] Okie had same intel but did not have te 3.22
[TamRon400] sorry 5.27
[Janna] after 24 hr period from $3.22 to $5.27
[TamRon400] After 24 hour it could go to 5.27
[Janna] what about the other currencies in the basket?
[Janna] There might be a window of opportunity - might double dip/?
[TamRon400] there may be a window of opportunity on other currencies? not sure
[Janna] with dong
[Janna] Q: having problems hearing a few on the call
[Janna] Q: was answered already
[Janna] Q: will Ali be mimicking Ty re: location and info when it is time to cashin
[TamRon400] Ali is posted on the site, he has his own 14 locations, go to his locations, he will have a different timeframe.
[TamRon400] Ty will be mobilized within 2 hours
[Janna] State dept source $5.27 was their projection for the US, 24 hrs later
[TamRon400] This state department source? 3.22 then 24 hours later 5.27
[Janna] Q: $3 something on Tuesday?
[Janna] When will it be $5 something?
[TamRon400] within 24 hours afterwards
[TamRon400] it is not a matter of when it happens it has opens
[TamRon400] Okie told her to sit down and put hands in lap and go to the bank on Tues
[TamRon400] Lady would not believe
[Janna] Q: Diana - thanks for all of your help and input. Q is what kind of atty or who do I need to talk to for preparing...
[TamRon400] She needs a Tax Attorney
[TamRon400] 988 and 525 of the IRS Tax code, and go to tax site and talk to the trust attorney also. He does charitable trusts etc.

The G.E.T. Team conference call 1-12-11 - Part 3

« Posted: 1/13/11 at 02:04:16 AM »

[TamRon400] The attorney on the calls answers all questions free of charge, but please download the information and read it first.
[Janna] Q: Post RV - how long can Ty hold onto the dinar?
[TamRon400] Post RV how long will ty hold on the Dinar? TK - he does not want to go past 30 days
[Janna] Q: Rebecca - Steve, you talked about wanting to get new phone numbers...other than relatives and friends harassing us was there some other reason..?
TamRon400] recommendation to get a new phone number is you don't want to be known as a wealthy person. You only give it out to your closest friends or it will be ringing off the hook
[terryk] *6
[Janna] Q: Roger - in touch more with Ty - at one time he was serious about opening Charlotte NC
[TamRon400] this will not be a permanent facility
[TamRon400] TK has not heard since this RV'd over there of any other currencies RVing
[TamRon400] TK is expecting to hear the dong pop
[Janna] Sorry about that - Tina didn't know what happened
[Janna] Q: Wouldn't the CBI rate be higher?
[TamRon400] What we heard is 5.27 is bank rate and 80 to 90 cents more is CBI rate (we heard this the other day)
[Janna] How about San Antonio with TY?
[TamRon400] TK does not know, he will be in Dallas and Houston
[Janna] Can you repeat the info about what law to refer to when stating investment info (IRS)
[TamRon400] tell your tax attorney you are interested in 988 and 525 of the tax code
[TamRon400] [Key word] investment, George Bush presidential order of 13303 backs up validity of this being an investment

[Janna] Q: Brian - Thanks and God Bless...curious about how Iraq is going to do change into the smaller denoms
[TamRon400] the smaller denoms are not out yet
[TamRon400] they are in the banks in iraq they will not be coming to the US
[TamRon400] Iraqi
[TamRon400] iraq uses food rations cards like a credit card to buy their food
[TamRon400] their intent is to become a cashless society
[Janna] Q: Danny - if everything happens as we are hearing to c ashin in Tuesday - will we see the higher CBI rate before then?
[TamRon400] We might see it on the CBI website on Sunday
[TamRon400] Might show up on Forex Sunday afternoon
[TamRon400] Nothing is official until it is on the CBI website
[TamRon400] Ali and Ty do not take it as official until it shows on the CBI website
[Janna] Q: Lori - Prayer Warrior - can we cash in with Ty even if we didn't purchase from him?
[TamRon400] As you are a member of the GET team you can cash in with Ty even if you did not purchase from him, reference the GET Team

[TamRon400] As you are a member of the GET team you can cash in with Ty even if you did not purchase from him, reference the GET Team
[leo] G.E.T. Team Main number Skype: FreeConferenceCallHD.7676 Conference dial-in number: (760) 569-7676 Participant access code: 850046# For Q &A G.E.T. Team alternative number Skype: Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0075 Participant access codes: 962953# or 729776# to listen to call only
[Janna] Q: If the reserve is runs out on the 17th and an RV is showing that day - how late before the reserve must be paid?
[TamRon400] If RV happens on same day as reserve is due you have until midnight
[TamRon400] Does Martin Luther King day extend to the next day - yes
[Janna] Q: I purchsed dinar from Ali but lives 10 miles from Ty - can I cash in with TY
[TamRon400] repeat question regarding cashing in with Ty
[TamRon400] Answer yet
[TamRon400] yes
[Janna] Q: Mike - I say a rumor want a clarification currency converter on Jordanian website not real - any take on that?
[TamRon400] the Jordanian website was correct
[TamRon400] kicked off
[Janna] It was legitimate
[TamRon400] back
[Janna] Q: You had mentioned about the other countries RVing - can we see any bank sites or converters to verify it?
[TamRon400] Word came in to Okie during the conf call that the Central banks of those locations would have it
[TamRon400] kicked off
[Janna] Q: Saw a post somewhere in relation to the $ .35 rate - there was a comment made about it being a low ball rate, don't want citizens ripped off then go up to 3,4,5 bucks???
[Janna] Actually converts to around $3 USD
[Janna] Q: Rob - talking about rate and $2.05 coming off the top...we are dropping that. Finito
[Janna] Q: The RV is not going to happen on the 14th?
[Janna] She has a reserve up on the 14th - big stew on what to do
[Janna] You will have to decide that for yourself. Okie or none will tell you what to do
[Janna] Q: Wanted to make sure that I heard correctly that reserve orders due on the 17th , a legal federal US holiday, will be extended to the 18th for Dinar Banker. Email Ty to verify it. He did that at Christmas and NY Eve. Ali also did during Thanksgiving.
[TamRon400] ok I am back
[Janna] Q: thinks ? answered about reserves
[TamRon400] Individual wants to know if this will go down by the 14th? His reserve expires then
[TamRon400] supposed to hear about it friday but will not be able to do anything about it until Tuesday


And then we have a post from People's Dinar back on Jan. 15.  Notice the lengths that these people go to to explain what is happening in this event that never happened.  There's big money to be made in these rumors so they put a lot of thought into them.

I have a small team of people that I talk to on a daily basis. We bat around opinions and ideas, and try to make the most sensible agreements on what’s going on from day to day.
I told “Exiled” a few days ago that I have all kinds of info that I never think to put out here, because I assume everyone knows what I know. This is one such piece. Keep in mind that this is strictly opinion that has been debated and has come down to common beliefs of a group of knowledgeable individuals who have done their share of research. Here goes.
The current events that we are looking at are Kuwait and Jordan cashing in with a “pre-RV” situation. This IS NOT the RV in terms of the global cash-in. We believe what Iraq is doing is putting this out to the Iraqi surrounding areas initially, as Viper has stated on more than one occasion. This process of giving the “pre-RV” out to surrounding areas is strictly to bring in as many of those “000″ notes as they can.
Take Kuwait, for example. The stipulation for their cash-in was “at least 1 Million IQD.” They know that the people holding a large sum of dinars will hit the bank and give up those “000″ notes, because these CITIZENS do not sit on the internet all day and dig up everything they can about the dinar. They simply know, “Hey, I can get a lot of money for this worthless currency now.” And probably never knew anything about the dinar going to revalue. Of course, the Kuwaiti Government knew, and that’s probably why they only offered .1 to the KWD. So, in the end, Kuwait buys back these IQD at a low rate, knowing that it will be much higher very soon. Now a large amount of “000″ notes are out of Kuwaiti citizens hands, and go to Kuwaiti reserves to wait for the actual RV.
Of course, Kuwait would be the first to benefit from this, as Iraq “owes them a solid.” Where to next? To an obscure country that you don’t hear a whole lot from everyday. I’m sure that everyone has thought, “Why Jordan? They don’t play a big role in the process.” They actually do. They are a middle eastern country that holds IQD. They aren’t a “headlining” country, so Iraq thinks they can slip in and get the “000″ notes out, without a lot of publicity. Well, they are not taking into account the number of Americans that scour the internet like hawks, just looking for anything IQD. We found it. We called. Iraq wants this to be low key, and Jordan knows this. Now the Bank Manager at JIB is worried about catching heat from Iraq, because 500,000 Americans have made phone calls wanting to cash in. Of course the manager is going to clam up, and not want to say a word.
Also, in Jordan there is a stipulation. Corporations and accounts of over 10 Million IQD. Thus pulling in a high amount of “000″ notes, at a rate lower than the actual RV.
Next, they will move to another ME country. You may be asking, “Why are they doing the middle east first, and not the entire world?” The answer is this:
Iraq has not been able to import or export for years. The middle eastern countries have been where they get a lot of their products and services from. So, over time, these countries have been acquiring IQD. With the exception of the US, the middle east is predominantly where the IQD has been distributed. Iraq wants as many of the “000″ notes out of circulation as they can get, and they want to do it quietly. If they came to the US first, it would not be quiet.
What we’re seeing right now, is the implementation of the plan. They are doing what they’ve been saying they were going to do. You’ve seen the articles about plans to “remove the zeroes.” This, my friends is what they’ve been talking about.
Again I say, this is a pre-RV situation that they are executing to pull the “000″ notes in mass quantities out of circulation. Once they pull the notes from corporation and the wealthy, they are left with a small amount of people to be cashing in at the RV rate, which in our opinion, will be higher than the offer at the “pre-RV” event.
In dealing with how long it will take to get to the US, think about it this way. I’m pretty sure that Iraq knows that we know what’s going on right now. How many people do you think have put millions on reserve, just since the CC today? How long can Iraq afford to let Americans buy up dinar? When you have the answer to that question, you have the answer to the first question.
Stay grounded, and know that the US could very well be next. Rest assured in this investment, because the currency that you paid roughly $1000 per million for is being traded at $3,400,000 per million somewhere in the world RIGHT NOW.
As it has always been the thought in my mind, it is now reality–> “It’s not a question of ‘IF,’ it’s a question of ‘when.’”

Notice that in both posts "reserve" purchases were addressed.  Many people were convinced that the cash-ins in Jordan and Kuwait meant that it was going down any day now in the US and they bought up a ton of dinars on reserve.  BIG MISTAKE!  This was over nine months ago and it hasn't hit the US yet.  Why?  Because it never happened in Jordan or Kuwait.  It was all BS, and dealers made out like bandits on it.  The pumpers drove a ton of traffic to their sites, boosting their commissions, advertising, and affiliate marketing revenues and the investors got what?  If they were able to pay the balance on their reserve purchases they got a bunch of dinar that they still can't sell for what they paid for it.  If they weren't able to pay off the reserves they got jack.

This wasn't the first time somebody got screwed for going by what they read on the internet.  This has been going on for years, folks.  As far back as 2006 some guru or pumper was out there saying "RV any day now" which prompted countless schmucks to hand over their hard-earned money for a currency that still hasn't produced any profits for them.  In every Iraqi election there was intel that the RV would occur just prior to the election as a way of throwing the advantage to the incumbent.  After the election there would be intel that the RV was held up until after the election as a way to try to help defeat the incumbent.  Similar intel was shared about US elections.  In July of 2010 there was a lot of anticipation that the RV would occur because GE contractors needed to be paid.  In October of 2010 people expected an RV because Iraq stood to lose billions in aid from donor nations if they didn't make good on their commitments which they couldn't do with their devalued currency.  Then of course at the end of 2010 everybody was expecting the RV to go down by year's end because ... well, I don't know.  Just because.  Some of these dinar forums actually have these failed predictions in their archives, but most have deleted them.  It's really an eye opener when you read through what was being said two or three years ago about "solid intel" that the RV was taking place and the rate was $3+ or whatever.  It helps you put into perspective the rumors and intel posted on these forums today.

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