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Phoenix from "Gimme Shelter" Revamps

You know him, you love him. You can't live without him. He's the coughing, rambling, pro-RV host of the Blogtalk Radio program "Gimme Shelter" where he offers everything from dinar/GOI/world economics analysis to global disaster warnings to astrology to commentary on the Mayan calendar and doomsday prophecies with even a dash of politics on the side. He's Phoenix, AKA Phoenix3333, AKA Ranger77, AKA the guy who thinks the RV is tied in to some universal vibrations and cosmic realignment or something like that. Read this posting of his from January of 2010 below:


Watch These Days!

The reason all of the intel has been wrong even from high placed sources
is because this situation of the revaluations..and redistribution of wealth
is being coordinated by the observance of celestial events!
Primarily the movements and position of


This is all tied together!
The NWO the call for a Global currency,
the call for a GLOBAL religion...and the heralded appearance of a
GLOBAL spiritual leader!
To understand what all of this thread is about
and what I am trying to teach you
Watch this video:

Venus I am your control.

Celestial Time line and Sacred Geometry of the Golden Ratio: 1-1.618

I am pointing out near time events marked by the movements and positions of Venus based on a time line starting with the start of the Iraq War March 20th 2003 and ending on December 21, 2012. The Mayan Calender End Date

March 20th. : Spring Equinox the length of night and day are equal (Duality)

March 24th: Venus appears as both the morning and Evening Star. (Duality) :

March 26th. : The completion of the 11 day mission of STS 119 completing the 911-119 (Duality event) 911119 on the New Moon.

March 27th: Venus becomes the Morning Star. (Inferior Conjunction)

March 29th : Earth, Venus and Mercury alignment.

March 30th-31st.: The Phi Point (Golden Ratio) between the start of the Gulf War and on March 20th 2003 and December 21st 2012 (The Mayan Calender End Date)

Watch all of these days.

BUT the highest chance of the observance of a "Ritualistic" type of event for the RV is anytime PAST the 26th/27th events....and into the 30th/31st.

So watch for major action within the "Ritualistic Hot Zone" which is from March 26th - March 31st.

As it is it is below.

3333 coming up

Stand By

Ranger 77

Well anyway, Phoenix has said for some time now that he will keep broadcasting nightly until the RV, at which time he will begin broadcasting only one night a week. So this week out of the blue he announces that he is going to one night a week next week, but he doesn't say anything about an RV prompting the change. So now his followers are left to wonder is he saying there will be an RV this weekend, or is he just scaling back a bit earlier than he had planned, or is his voice giving out, or is he giving up on the RV or what? Phoenix has a history of saying "it's done folks ... goodbye!" and riding off into the sunset only to reappear some time later and resume his RV discussion as though nothing had happened (which in fact is the case because nothing did happen, except that he forfeited a bit of credibility). Phoenix' broadcast is the #1 Blogtalk program, and there's no secret as to why. It's not the New World Order stuff or his comments about the alignment of the planets or Elenin or anything like that. It's the fact that he talks about the impending revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. That's what draws in the listeners by the thousands night after night. And now apparently he's going to practically drop his dinar discussion from the program, so it will be interesting to see how many people tune in to hear him talk about chem trails and underground bunkers.

For this uninitiated, here's an example of Phoenix' dinar talk from September of 2009:

Ok…so here we are.

There is a large amount of intel and supporting news that has been gathered and shared on the chats, postings and e-mails from various forums.

All of this points to a revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar and other currencies to happen soon.

This is an event that has been in the works for many decades and is being coordinated on a global level as we all know and the supporting data of same is easy to find on most forums or by the simple use of a standard Internet search engine.

I will use this brief e-mail to summarize and clarify the current situation as it relates to currently available intel, info and data as cross referenced with intel we had received in the spring of this year as a base reference.

I will be doing this because it has become evident to those who were made aware of this information earlier this year by a former contact who had shared information with us that we now seem to be seeing this information being replicated and verified by other research teams working independently.

Recap from spring of this year:

1. We were told there will be two rates.
One rate is to be a higher rate that will not be seen by the public and will only be used as a government to government rate.

This higher government rate had been set up by the IMF and World Bank as a means of settlement of outstanding international issues between Iraq and the debtor nations.

This was being done as part of the International Compact with Iraq. The I.C.I. This higher government “book” rate was to never be seen by the public and will never be used outside of its specific parameters of use as per designated by the IMF, the World Bank and the International Compact with Iraq.

The higher non-public government rate we were told at that time was planned to be $3.86 The second rate we were told is the lower “public” rate. This rate we were told would be higher than a Dollar, lower than the Pound and at or near the Euro.

The current rate of the Euro is $1.47

2. We were told there would be a limited time to exchange the Iraqi Dinar.

We were told that this time which will be made known some time after the rate change would be no longer than 45 days.

Now….here is where I would like to give some clarity to some of the current information we have been hearing.

There was word that the U.S. Treasury would be taking something “off of the top” of the Iraqi Dinar exchange.

Well that is some what true…but how that will happen is (as we were told in the spring) by the existence of the two separate rates….the higher government rate and the lower public rate. So YES the US Treasury will get more…..but not in the way most have feared.

They (the US Treasury) will receive more by the use of the higher government rate….not by taking anything from you, but by ADDING to the book value of the Iraqi Dinar as prearranged by the ICI, IMF and WTO.

So nothing will be taken from you!

BUT value will be ADDED to the Iraqi Dinar when the U.S. Treasury and the governments of the world take possession of the IQD from the banks.

So nothing is taken off of the top. BUT The value of the Dinar is MORE when used by authorized governments.

Now as an example this is how this will work and how everyone including Iraq will benefit from this.

I will use the rate of $1.00 (one dollar) as an example to explain this….remember that rate is only an example.


1. Lets say the Iraqi Dinar revalues at a rate of $1.

2. Everyone goes to the bank and exchanges their dinar and opens accounts and the banks are flush with thousands of brand new multi-millionaires.

3. The bank then turns over all of the exchanged Iraqi Dinar to the U.S. Treasury who gives the banks a higher commercial rate. As an example I will say the U.S. Treasury gives the banks $1.50 for every IQD so the banks now have just made .50 pure profit from every single dinar exchanged with the U.S. Treasury.

4. As soon as the U.S. Treasury has possession of the Iraqi Dinar it is instantly listed on the books at the higher “government rate” of $3.86 so the U.S. Government and all the governments of the world will make more than 100% pure profit instantly!

Also all of the existing Iraqi Dinar that is held by the governments at the time of the revaluation will make the bottom lines of all the nations soar!

So just as your financial bottom line will change from the RV so will the US Government’s as well as other governments world wide!
So YOU make money…the BANKS make money….AND the US Government makes money!

Now…as most know…it has been arranged by the IMF and the ICI that the Iraqi Dinar held by the nations only be returned to to Iraqi in a very controlled manner.

Now this had been set up before hand by the ICI and IMF but as many may know this just became an serious issue when China threatened to do otherwise and that would have been a very destabilizing act upon Iraq’s economy.

So deals have been struck to prevent this from happening and the assurances from the nations who hold Iraqi Dinar had to be solidified to insure that the return of the Iraqi Dinar to Iraq by the nations who hold IQD would be done so in a very metered and controlled fashion.

This info about the “China situation” as most know has been provided by the team at DV and if you want those details contact a DV or DS member for the details.

So how does Iraq benefit from all of this you ask? Well besides the obvious positive points that the revaluation will bring to the Iraqi people and government there are also hidden aspects to this “two tier rate” that help Iraq.

First I would like to point out that Iraq is a nation…a nation who has as its primary products and exports oil and natural gas.

Iraq is NOT in the currency exchange business.

When the Iraqi Dinars that are held by the U.S. Treasury and other governments return to Iraq they will be used
to buy oil and natural gas… there is no exchange of currency.

AND the benefit to the US and the other nations is that this high government to government rate will in essence enable the US Government to buy Iraqi oil at a great pre set discount!

That is because the Iraqi Dinar that will be used by our government to purchase oil and gas from Iraq will have been secured from the banks for less than half the value!

ALSO! What this has done for Iraq by doing this is in this manner is Iraq now has GUARANTEED customers for all of it Oil and Gas!

So all of the governments who will soon be holding all of these Iraqi Dinars have a very real incentive to hold on to all of the IQD they can get…for in doing so they are assured of the discounted purchase of oil and natural gas in the future.

So EVERYONE benefits!

YOU become rich!

The Banks become flush with brand new millionaires!

The US economy soars!

The banks make BILLIONS from the exchange to the US Treasury.

The US Treasury makes TRILLIONS of dollars instantly!

The US Government is guaranteed decades of discounted oil and natural gas products by the use of the Iraqi dinar to purchase oil from Iraq.

The nation of Iraq is guaranteed customers for their oil for decades!

This is a classic win win situation.

And that is how this works to the benefit of all…you…the banks…the US Government and the nation of Iraq.

Got it?

So we have collaborating intel and great news.

All looks great and I expect this to happen at anytime.

Date and rate classified.

Hope for the best.

Best of luck to all.


So now you have a clearer picture of what Phoenix is all about. He has this strong belief that there's a secret plan to revamp the world's economy via the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar, and everybody wins!

So EVERYONE benefits! YOU become rich!
The Banks become flush with brand new millionaires!
The US economy soars!
The banks make BILLIONS from the exchange to the US Treasury.
The US Treasury makes TRILLIONS of dollars instantly!
The US Government is guaranteed decades of discounted oil and natural gas products by the use of the Iraqi dinar to purchase oil from Iraq.
The nation of Iraq is guaranteed customers for their oil for decades!

There's just one problem here. With millions of people owning millions of dinar an RV of $1 would mean a payout in the trillions of dollars. Who's going to pay for that? Iraq? They don't have the money. And even if they did have it, why would they do that? To reward us for liberating them from Saddam? I don't think so, Tim. Some of them are demanding US reparations for the war, and most of them are resentful of Americans in their country. And if you buy into the idea that the money comes to investors from the US Treasury who will then recoup that money from Iraq in the form of oil credits, you still have to ask yourself why Iraq would obligate themselves to offer trillions in oil credits which will take decades to honor? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Now I'm sure that Phoenix is a nice guy. And he's obviously intelligent. But come on, people. He's a bit of a loon, wouldn't you say? There's no "plan" unfolding. No global reboot in the works. No ingenious oil deals. This is just a slow, messy, painful process of rebuilding a country devastated by decades of war and tyranny and trying to point them in the direction of democracy. And that process takes time. Lots and lots of time. So if you're invested in the dinar you might as well look at this as you would real estate speculation or a retirement account. Plan on leaving it alone for a few years before you realize any profits. You'll sleep easier if you do, I promise. Especially if you don't listen to Phoenix' broadcast right before bedtime.

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