Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Chat with TerryK's Brother "Hford"

From Just4Dinar

Rilee: The reason for this chat is that you have disclosed to me information that you have been holding onto for personal reasons. Please let me know if there is anything asked that you do not feel comfortable with
Hford: Thanks Rilee. It’s my understanding that on the GET call of August 8th, TerryK decided to mention that he had a brother who was a MOD on another site, that MOD turns out to be me. I have been holding this from our members in order to bring an un-biased and open discussion forum that you and J4D intended Just4Dinar to be. I didn’t want my relationship with TerryK to be a hindrance to what you all have built.
Hford: now with TerryK opening up the floor for further discussion as he has, I thought it was time to come out and let folks know some truths, myths and all out lies.
Rilee: ok, great. You ready to proceed with some questions?
Hford: shoot away
Rilee: Why are you in this investment?
Hford: I only have a small amount in this investment, just enough that if or when it does hit, I can pay-off my home and have money in the bank for retirement. I never understood the need for being greedy or taking more than I needed. I only invested what I thought would be enough to accomplish what I wanted my 401k to do. So when Terryk stated his brother doesn’t have any Dinar, he is mistaken, his brother only has a small amount of dinar compared to a lot of other folks that I have encountered on this site.
Rilee: I have seen, and you and I have chatted in the past about this, that you have cautioned people since about the first day you joined our site about TK rumors and dinar investment, is there a reason behind that?
Hford: yes… I am sure we will eventually get into a little more detail further in our chat about Terry and his grand delusions. My main reason was to warn people not to believe everything you read, THERE IS A REASON THESE GURU’S are leading and trying to gain your trust, most have schemes for post RV for you to send them money for investing/multi-level marketing schemes, etc.., and some are even so bold as to have pre-RV schemes that are taking money out of people’s pockets that can’t afford it. I had watched for a while how people were responding to him and others, you can see the anguish some of these folks have hinging on every word these guys are saying as if they were investing everything they had or mortgaging their futures based on this supposed secret “Intel” . Granite, at times some of these so called experts may be speaking to some folks who are working over there in varied capacities, but do you really think any of them has super operatives located within any state department that’s going to give them top level government secrets?..what would they have to gain? Nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, the information and news articles that are published on a site like Just4Dinar and many others are great for people to read, comment, and make up their own minds on where they think there investment is going. BUT when you get a supposed GURU changing the lives of people by pumping them up on false hopes, lies, and bogus “Intel” day after day after day, then it becomes too much to bare.
Rilee: How did TerryK get involved with the Dinar investment?
Hford: My understanding is that my little sister had told him about the investment opportunity a few years back. He scoffed at it stating it must be a scam. BTW, he just recently posted he is going to sue her for slander when this thing RV’s because she has spoken out about the lies as well. Evidently from there, he invested a small amount and started visiting Adams site for more information. My understanding is even the “other” Guru sites have booted him for one reason or another..

Rilee: Can you tell me about his statements of bank ownership, potential ownership and supposed properties he owns…
Hford: Terryk has no ownership, nor affiliations with any banking institutions. Never has. Terry would like to have you believe these statements in order to gain further trust with the investors to either send him their Dinar, pre-or post RV in some sort of investment scam. You see over the years, Terryk has tried many different get rich quick schemes that have never panned out. Everything from a supposed Generator resale business, local computer resale business, to trying to scam telecom services companies into contracting his company for installation. All of them were to be these multi-million dollar deals which were a figment of his imagination.
Rilee: Sounds like it’s been one scam or money making scheme to the next?
Hford: More or less. He does own a small piece of property which as sat vacant for probably close to 5 years now. Nothing every materialized there even though week after week he has been telling of some big company is going to be renting and the money will be flowing. Sound familiar to his dinar postings? There is pattern to the madness….
Rilee: Does sound familiar, lol….So where does he get his supposed Intel for his postings?
Hford: I asked him that direct question one day and his answer was that he reads the other posts and changes up the story just enough to get people listening. He has no “inside” contacts or high level sources. His statement was he just knows where to find the articles to make it sound like he has some secret intel. Just think about Rilee…..If he actually did, then wouldn’t you think they would be risking their careers for TerryK to post on his board? And for what benefit would they be risking this for? ……. I don’t think so. It’s made up. He reads enough to be dangerous to others health!
Rilee: then why does he post these rumors, or why even get on these boards to get people all pumped up about the investment?
Hford: IMO, I think he truly believes or is thinking of some sort of scheme to get people to send him millions of dollars for him to invest for them once this investment hits based on his bogus bank ownership rumors. Again, this just my opinion. How about the scheme he was floating around a few months back over at CC.. Something about send your Dinar to him, and he will approach many major banking institutions to get you the best return and long term investment..He has no more stroke than your pizza delivery guy. Not sure why any so called GURU would place himself out there in the line of fire other than some sort of long term personal gain plan. I think for a large part it’s about ego, someone is listening to him. When he goes into his chat room, his “peeps” flounder over him.. he loves the attention and doesn’t care who he hurts on his way
I am sure he truly believes in the investment like we all do, but there is an underlying reason for him to keep pumping the false rumors.. Can’t figure that out unless it’s just pure ego that people are listening to him.
Rilee: ok, this one has to be the winner question, why does he refer to himself as Elvis? LoL
Hford: lol, that’s a good question Rilee.. He has always been a huge fan, even collecting tons of memorabilia, albums, etc.. He is truly a fan.. Almost to the extent of grand delusion, hence the jumpsuit.. and no, just in case this one comes out, there is no relation to Elvis!.. I am sure that’s no doubt been posted somewhere.
Rilee: ..umm..ok…. well how about the statement that he has made about being on staff within a White House Administration? True and if so, which one?
Hford: Totally false.. Never has. His career has been in the construction fields. Believe me, if he was, he would have bragged that one up really good over Christmas dinner. My grandmother had a picture of JFK in her house, maybe that’s where that delusion originated.
Rilee: Maybe better if we did a true or false as not divulge too much information on your part, what do you think?
Hford: Let’s do it..
Rilee: True or False: Does he own a gold mine?
Hford: False, unless he can produce the deed, I would not believe that one!.. funny, why would you spend all your time job searching, watching soaps and coming up with Dinar rumors if you owned a gold mine?.. these are some strange myths…
Rilee: Did or does your father work for the CIA?
Hford: OMG…..absolutely not. Never did. Not sure why he would claim this. Guess I am better off not knowing his answer!
Rilee: Has TK ever been to Iraq?
Hford: No, false.. Never has
Rilee: Was TerryK ever contact by some national TV Network for a post RV Interview?
Hford: Do not know, however, take it with the other “myths” .. I doubt it..
Rilee: Did TerryK own CC before the issues over there?
Hford: No, grand delusion
Rilee: So why are you coming out now? How will this affect your family?
Hford: Well, I had no intentions of letting anybody know my relation to Terryk until he decided to make a statement on his last call. I was content on sitting in the shadows and making my little comments here and there about trusting or knowing your source to some folks who got excited about his predictions. My goal is not to bash Terryk, but rather to educate the investors out there who are putting their families, homes, life savings at risk based on what he is saying. I guess this is more or less a rant on my part for the investors to investigate who you put your trust in before investing your hard earned money or betting on your family’s future with an unknown resource. If they are truly credible then you should be able to look up their personal or professional information and research their credibility.. A person with delusional disorder may be high functioning in daily life and may not exhibit odd or bizarre behavior aside from these delusions. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) defines six subtypes of the disorder characterized as erotomanic, grandiose, jealous, persecutory, somatic, and mixed, i.e., having features of more than one subtypes.[2]
[terryk] ok here is what im thinking
[terryk] most of us have at least 1 mil dinar
[terryk] cash in maybe 3.5 mil each
[terryk] if we each invested 250k
[terryk] that would give us a BUNCH of strength
[terryk] 4000 peeps
[terryk] right
[zigmnstr] it would open doors we couldn’t on our own
[terryk] how would you like to be part of that group
[terryk] and have % shares
[doninmaryland] Elvis i in Terry


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