Sunday, September 25, 2011

Links to Good Dinar Sites - This guy is as anti-pumper as I am. - Quatloos site dedicated to exposing scams and frauds. - A forum that sticks to news and news analysis with no rate and date hype. - An excellent forum. Long on cataloging of rumors and news articles but short on hype. - A non-revenue generating dinar forum dedicated to gaining a true understanding of what's really going on with this investment. - Another good BS free dinar forum started by disgruntled DV members - News from Iraq with no hype or BS. - The title is a hoot, but there's actually some good information here too. - A great site to review the babbling and BS of various "gurus". - Another good dinar site offering intelligent analysis. - Great site to get information on dinar dealers. - Scooter's blog. - Marcus Curtis' blog. - Good dinar news site.  Posts by Just Hopin and groovgal. - Don't let the word "scam" throw you.  This is an excellent site for learning about currency valuation and re-denomination. - I've included this link because of all of the good basic information on investing in the dinar, but there's also a lot of great discussion going on in the comments part. - I get a kick out of this site.  It's basically just a review of the pumper lies.


  1. Sam I Am, you can honestly believe that American Contractor is a good guy. If you have followed his prior "statements" or "intel" for any length of time, you would realize that he is a DoucheBag!!! His posts used to get posted on Dinar Daddy quite often several months ago, although I haven't heard much from him lately. It is difficult when he has Okie, Jonnywg, Bear, BGG, etc... posting every 3 seconds though!!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, bgallant. I have only seen objective observation from AC. If you can provide me with evidence of him pumping or throwing out bogus intel or rate and date predictions I'd love to see it.

  3. The best Website for accurate information, that takes no side, is: ... they just had a fantastic Conference Call "The Great Dinar Debate " it hosted 4 Guests, 4 Questions, and 4 Minutes each to answer in their perspectives...
    The Next debate they have will be even better... No falsehoods, No Guru's, No fables, completely verifiable linked data, Only REAL INFORMATION the Community can count on... Best Wishes... Proteus
    and whomever moderates this site...
    Needs to fix their LINK as you mis-spelled it, and they deserve better,
    Visit them at - They really rock the Dinar Community!

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Proteus2222. Link edited.

    2. fyi...Dinar Alert is a great site and should be on the great site list


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