Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dinar Researchers/Analysts

Despite all of the douchebags who talk about the dinar there are several people whose motives I've never questioned since to my knowledge they have never taken any money for their analysis.  I may not always agree with their conclusions but I can at least respect their efforts.  In no particular order they are
  1. Scooter - A software business owner in the Phoenix area who began posting about the dinar after seeing how the douchebags were misleading people about this investment.  Unfortunately he got a little too close to some of them and when his name began to be linked to the BH Group he was advised to lay low.  He is posting again on his blog but it's mostly about emerging economies around the world other than just the dinar. 
  2. Randy Koonce - A good old west Texas boy, Randy claims to have contacts in the "ole bidness" (oil business) who feed him intel about the RV from Iraq.  He has never been caught up in rumors or conspiracy theories.  He just sticks with what he knows about the process within the GOI and the CBI. Randy's catch phrase is "good question, next question".  6/7/12 UPDATE!!!  4/10/13 - Randy has been reclassified as a pumper after three years of flawed intel and bad analysis and aligning himself with a dinar dealer.
  3. Marcus Curtis - Marcus is a guitar-playing airline employee who learned about the dinar and then started telling his family members and friends about it.  When he got tired of them contacting him with questions he started a blog, and his research was soon copied and pasted all over the dinar world.  Despite getting hundreds of hits a day on his blog he refused to run any ads or accept any payment as he didn't want his motives brought into question.  6/7/12 UPDATE!!! Marcus has sold his dinar and concluded that this is in fact a scam. 
  4. American Contractor - I don't know anything about this guy except that what he says seems very down to earth and that he has never promoted rumors or hyped the dinar.  There are no ads on his site and there's no fee to join.     
  5. Enoch8 - Another resident of Arizona, Enoch8 has a reputation for offering excellent analysis of the economics in this investment.  He can be prone to conspiracy theories at times, but he doesn't get caught up in pumper BS.
  6. Highlander - A woman who seems to have a great grasp of the economics, law, politics, and geo-political aspect of this investment.    
  7. Dr J. - A chiropractor/forex trader whose source is a buddy from college who works on Wall St..  He's kind of a one-trick pony in that his assertion is that there will be no RV until late 2012 and China is the holdup.  According to the good doctor, the dinar should RV around the value of the euro.  So far he hasn't been proven wrong.
  8. Chuckles - Owner of Dinar Dater.  Chuckles is an IT guy who got banned from a couple of dinar forums for asking hard questions and decided to start his own forum where people can honestly discuss the dinar.   


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