Saturday, September 24, 2011

Aspiring Douchebags

  1. Dinar dealers who sell on reserve - "Reserve" dinar purchases are usually made with a 10% deposit with the balance to be paid off within 30 days.  Many people have been lured in by rumors about an impending RV to buy on reserve thinking that they wouldn't have to pay off the balance because the RV would provide more than enough to cover the balance.  When there's no RV and the due date comes and the purchaser doesn't have enough to cover the balance they lose their deposit.  This has generated a small fortune for dinar dealers who never had to ship any product.  It's basically legalized gambling and the gambler or reserve purchaser is always the loser. 
  2. NESARA proponents - "NESARA" stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act.  It started off supposedly as a set of proposed reforms and morphed into a sort of cult that claimed that the 9/11 attacks destroyed the computers with the records of intended recipients of "prosperity funds".  When NESARA proponents saw that they weren't getting any traction they saw the attention that the Iraqi dinar was getting and decided to link their cause to the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar.  These people keep posting their nonsense in dinar forums and occasionally make their way onto a dinar conference call to add a voice to the poop. 
  3. Phoenix -  The host of the very popular internet radio program "Gimme Shelter", Phoenix has been promoting the RV for years.  I can't grant him full douchebag status because as far as I know he has never made any money from any dinar website or his broadcasts, and he has actually had some good information to share on occasion.  He goes by a matrix of information that he gathers with the aid of his wife "Lakehouse" which leads him to certain conclusions about the plan to revalue the IQD and make us all rich.  Phoenix has been saying for months now that the RV could happen any day now.  The longer we go without an RV the less he has to talk about so he has resorted to talking about astrology, earthquakes, the Mayan calendar, solar flares, and basically anything else that he can think of to fill up the time.  He sounds more like Art Bell every day.  I'm waiting for him to start interviewing clairvoyants and psychics.  Still, he hasn't crossed the line just yet.  For now he is afforded the unique title Aspiring Douchebag/Total Wackjob.  (UPDATE!!!  Phoenix did in fact do a show with two psychics/tarot card readers on 6/3/12)
  4. Breitling - Dangerously close to crossing over to full douchebag status, Breitling has made a name for himself by pumping lower denoms (at grossly inflated prices) as a hedge against a lop.  This of course makes no sense since a lop or re-denomination would mean that all of the existing currency would be replaced by a new currency.  He is also known for his usage of the line "while you wait ... accumulate" which reminds one of another douchebag named Johnny Cochran who, in defending O.J. Simpson said "If it doesn't fit you must acquit".  (Douchebags love to make rhymes.  Remember when Vanilla Ice said "drop the zero and get with the hero" or when Jesse Jackson said "down with dope, up with hope"?  Betta drop da rimes big B, or you be slapped wit da big DB!)  Like so many other gurus Mr. B frequently throws references to God into his dinar discussions as a way of maintaining the trust of Christians, a dinar douchebag trademark.   Breitling has been identified and upgraded to Total Douchebag!
  5. The Midnight Think Tank (AKA The Midnight Drunk Tank) - These guys aren't quite douchebags but they're definitely certifiable nutjobs.  They never met a conspiracy theory they didn't love.  The Nesara, Global Settlements, and CMKX crowds all found a home with the MTT where they have tried valiantly to find some way to make their agenda fit in with the presumed imminent revaluation of the Iraqi dinar.
  6. Kaperoni - Kap likes to take ambiguous articles and twist their meanings to support his contention that Iraq is going to RV at around $1.  He's won a couple of Douchies but so far I don't think he has crossed the line.  I'm keeping an eye on him though. 
  7. WangDang - WD likes to "educate" his listeners about the news coming out of Iraq and how it confirms an RV of around $4.  He claims intel based on his military service and family of servicemen.  Borderline.


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