Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Pumpers

Thanks for all of the help you guys have provided in obtaining this information.  I can't do this alone, of course.  This is quite a list of sordid characters.  You have to wonder how many people who bought dinar wouldn't have done so if they had read this page first?  I guess we'll never know.  This list isn't intended to be exhaustive because there are too many people out there selling and pumping dinar to include them all.  But here's the list in no particular order.
Lonnie Freels
a.k.a. Okie
Okie Oil Man (Lonnie Freels) - No bigger douchebag in the dinar world.  Okie was introduced by another douchebag named Roger at Dinar Daddy.  Roger threatened to ban anybody on his site who bashed his friend Okie.  Since then Okie has been out there telling us about his contacts in governments, the military, business .... etc.  Almost every week Okie has a new rate and date for the RV.  So far he is batting zero.  He has been featured on several conference calls and has a distinctive voice which presumably reveals his Oklahoma accent.  In over two years of relaying his "intel" Okie has been run off of countless dinar sites and has become the laughing stock of the dinar community.  I swear the guy couldn't find an RV in a crowded campground.  And more than once he has been caught ripping off things that were printed on dinar forums and using them for his "intel", only to be exposed when the person who originally posted was thoroughly debunked.  It got so bad that Roger finally had to distance himself from his dear friend Okie in order to save his own "credibility".  Lately Okie's "intel" has put the RV at over $4, which would mean a payoff of over $8 trillion to investors and a new money supply in Iraq of presumably over $100 trillion.  What a deal!!!  Okie is also well known for poor grammar and spelling, which is odd since he claims to be a high powered VP or something for a top oil company.  Numerous times Okie has been ridiculed to the point where he threatened to quit posting, but I guess the lure of getting it right keeps him coming back.  Or maybe it's the ad revenues generated on his site.  Or maybe he just likes being a douchebag.

Bulldog75 - Okie's right hand man.  Tentatively identified as 64 year old realtor and avid golfer Lawrence T. Ermis of Bellaire, Texas (Houston area).

BGG (Tom Sanders) - Nashville cat and bigtime pumper, BGG presents himself as a newshound but also says things like he has a contact at the CBI who confirmed the new lower denoms have been printed.  Recently he and fellow pumper Poppy have been doing the conference call/prayer meeting thing to keep the faithful on board.  Still looking into BGG.

Dan "Poppy" Bloodworth
Poppy/poppy3 (Dan Bloodworth) - Also from the Nashville area, Poppy participates in most of BGG's audios providing the prayers and the intel to accompany BGG's news analysis.

John "Jonnywg"
Jonnywg - Tentatively identified as John Greenhalgh of Ontario, Canada.  Jonny is known for his frequent posting of male bovine excrement dinar intel with abundant usage of  banking and IT references.

Frank Villa
Frank Villa - A direct descendant of Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, Frank Villa is the Jim Jones of the dinar world.  He refers to his followers as "family" and sings hymns and prays with them and throws in a little bible study occasionally.  He speaks in riddles and offers asinine analysis with a few "Praise the Lord"s thrown in here and there to keep the good Christian followers on board.  He loves to tell his followers about conversations between various figures in Iraq ... conversations that he would have absolutely no way of being privy to which tells me that he's making them up which means he's a lying douchebag.  A little background study on this guy reveals that he sells a little of everything.  Hardly an economist or a currency expert, Frank's background is in the restaurant business and MLM.  In 2010 Frank started a countdown to RV because supposedly the head of the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) Sinan Al Shabibi told us that he would RV the dinar by the year's end.  So every day Frank would start off his talk by saying "T minus 90 days (or whatever) and counting".  Well of course there was no RV in 2010 so after New Year's 2011 he started telling us that Shabibi lied to us.  Could it be Frank that you just don't know what you're talking about?

Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin - No, not the croc hunter.  Steve is known as SteveI and lives in Arizona where he supposedly works as a pilot and is part owner in a business that has a telecommunications contract in Iraq.  His contact is named Ray and he gives Steve top secret intel on a regular basis that so far is about as reliable as Okie's.  Steve is famous (or infamous) for claiming that he owns a billion dinar and for guaranteeing an RV of over $3 by the end of May 2011.  He is also known for his wild mood swings where he goes from saying "blessings" to his people one minute to essentially "how f'ing stupid can you people be???" the next.  He probably holds the record for the most banned members on a dinar site.  Typically Steve's "intel" posts are followed by several pages of PD members singing his praises.  Anybody who questions the legitimacy of his intel is quickly banished.  Kinda reminds me of Saddam Hussein's leadership style.  Anyway, Steve founded People's Dinar when he and his partners Checkmate and Tony staged a couple of conference calls at Dinar Vets in violation of the rules and were promptly banned.  It was obviously planned as they wanted to start up their own site and do the MLM thing like Checkmate and Tony had done before.  More on that later in the Checkmate part.  Anyway, Steve and Check had a falling out and even though Steve isn't gifted in public speaking and doing conference calls he kept the house (the website) and Dan (Checkmate) got the kids (Tony, Chief, Viper ...etc.) and the microphone.

"Dinar Daddy"
Roger Dorman (Dinar Daddy) - Roger claims that he has a contact who is friends with one of the authors of "The Plan", meaning the supposed plan to essentially devalue Iraq's currency and buy up a buttload of it then revalue it to make trillions for the US government.  Roger's site is the biggest cash cow in the dinar world.  He makes money from ads, affiliate marketing, and now we know that he is also involved in sales of currency (Treasury Vault - he announced this only after he was outed on several dinar forums) and safes.  He makes references to God on occasion but never mentions his Mormon faith, likely because it would alienate many of the evangelicals (who believe that the LDS or "Mormon" church is a cult) that are involved in dinar speculation.  Recently Roger decided that he was losing credibility by posting rumors on his site so he announced that he was going to archive them or tuck them away where it would be hard to find them.  Well that lasted about a week, because it's the rumors that drive traffic to these sites.  So much for restoring credibility.  RV or no RV Roger is raking in the big bucks by encouraging people to follow this dream.

Tony "Breitling" Elder
Tony "Breitling" Elder - This guy works in cahoots with douchebag Roger Dorman of Dinar Daddy and The Treasury Vault.  Breitling's strong points are his emphasis on information about how the RV will happen (as opposed to rates and dates), his answers about opening a Warka account, and his nice guy Richie Cunningham disabling charm.  He also throws bible references around from time to time to keep the believers on board, but like Roger never mentions his Mormon faith.  His weak points are a poor command of the facts and a lack of logic.  Breitling pumps the lower denoms as a hedge against a lop (which makes zero sense), the Treasury Vault, and the ISX Report that he and Roger either compiled or market together.!/AgentBreitling  (Closed since we ID'd him)

Steve "Ennorste" Norris, Terrance "TerryK" Keller, and
Rodney "Gankans" Blackburn
The GET Team (Rodney "Gankans" Blackburn, Steve "Enorrste" Norris, Terrence "TerryK" Keller) - AKA the Three Amigos (better yet the Three Stooges) these douchebags were banned from several dinar sites before starting their own site in 2010.  Steve (Enorrste, not SteveI) is known for his "eloquent" dinar analysis and his vodka induced incoherent ramblings about government conspiracies and his "friend" Shabibi.  He wrote a book about the dinar which he is always happy to remind people about.  In this book he goes on and on about Operation Rainbow which I think was supposed to be code for the completion of the RV even though it was written in early 2010 and we still have no RV.  His fellow douchebag TerryK is known for his "hot" intel as in "HOT HOT HOT!!! Just got off the phone with my contact in Baghdad.  The RV is done and the rate is live.  I'm hearing it's going to be $5 or more .... "  This has been going on for years and it's well known among veteran dinar investors that TerryK gets a kick out of making things up and getting people excited.  Die, scumbag!  The lesser known of the Three Stooges is Rodney "Gankans" Blackburn, a guy whose claim to fame is his interview in January of 2011 with Contact 2, a guy who babbled on and on for a couple of hours spouting off nonsense drawing from every conspiracy theory known to man over the past 40 years. You can listen to this horsepoop at or in 30 minute segments at and and and .  The GET Team also teamed up with the Midnight Think Tank to interview "Thing 1 and Thing 2" about prosperity packages and global settlements.  You might recall that Thing 1 and Thing 2 were characters in Dr. Seuss' "The Cat in the Hat" which is quite appropriate since they apparently have an imagination just as fertile as Dr. Seuss.  The GET Team is almost as big of a joke in the dinar world as Okie the Oilman, although they have managed to maintain a slight edge in the credibility department because Enorrste can at least spell.

Blain "Blaino" Fogel
Blaine Fogel (AKA Blaino) - An Okie protégé who founded the site Planet Dinar.  Blaino's claim to shame is his proclamation back in May of 2011 that the RV was done, based on something that Maliki supposedly said.  "I AM CALLING IT! WE HAVE AN RV! THEY WILL POST THE RATE IN HOURS! CONFIRMATION JUST IN FROM DUBAI AL MADDEN FROM GET TEAM HAS ALSO CONFIRMED...VIA A FOREX CONTACT IN DUBAI. I SUPPOSE SOMETHING CAN STILL GUM UP THE WORKS..BUT MAN MALIKI SAID IT..IN PUBLIC AND ON TV! WELL...WHAT A NIGHT"  Of course no rate change was ever posted.  Blaino is shameless though, and is still out there spouting his nonsense.  I'm not sure if he's a pumper or just a buffoon.  Still looking for more info on this guy.

Randy Koonce - When I started the blog I had Randy listed among the good guys because even though I didn't agree with his views (he says the RV will make the IQD worth $3I didn't see any indication that he was making money from the dinar.  I grew concerned when he started promoting Dinar Corp in 2012.  Their ads run on the forum where he hangs his hat and also on his personal website.  Also, Dinar Corp apparently invited him up to Chicago to do a short promotional video or two with their spokesman Ivy Johnson in 2012.  After reviewing his record of bad intel and listening to constant misinformation and forum facts coming from Randy I have now concluded that he should be listed on the pumper page along with these other douchebags.   

Jay "Hammerman" Womack - An admitted "coonass from Louisiana" who claims to have worked in construction on the Pentagon post-911 where he made contacts in the government that provide intel for him.  Also claims to have worked in Iraq.  Hammerman was Blaino's intel sidekick until he was banned from Blaino's site.  Within days he had a site of his own where he is now establishing himself as the premiere douchebag of the dinar.

Richard "Med" Mattson
Med (AKA Medic, SFMedic, 18Delta, and Ghost) - Med has been identified as Richard Mattson.  He runs the site Dinar Speculator where he rants, insults, berates, and basically exhibits manic behavior on a regular basis while "explaining" to his followers what's happening with their investment in the IQD.  I'm not going to get into the controversy over his military service.  You can click the link below to read up on that.  But Med has definitely said some curious things about the dinar.  For example, on New Year's Eve 2010 he said that the holdup on the RV was because the Iraqis didn't print enough lower denoms, and that as soon as parliament met on Jan. 10 to approve printing the extra currency the RV should be released.  He quit offering rates and dates a couple of years ago so IMO Med isn't as bad as most of the pumpers, but he still engages in spreading misinformation and rumors so I included him.

James "Wolfyman" Wolf
a.k.a. Adam Montana
Adam Montana (?) - Would you invest thousands of dollars with somebody who won't even tell you their real name or where they live?  Well that's what many do with Adam Montana, the owner of the Dinar Vets website.  Adam claims to be a Harvard graduate, a Series 65 licensed investment adviser, an entrepreneur with high powered contacts all over the world, and an experienced currency trader who made out bigtime by buying the Kuwaiti dinar when it was devalued.  He also claims that his wife is a CPA (35 minutes in), and like Enorrste from the GET Team, Adam has also written a book which he loves to remind people of.  Only Adam charges for his book, and he doesn't waste your time with stories like Operation Rainbow.  No sir, Adam is very down to earth.  The dinar will probably RV quite low, so you need to join his VIP club to benefit from his post-RV investment plans.  (Now if there is an RV why would you need to join his VIP club?  Why not just use that money to buy more dinar up front?  If there's no RV you're not going to do any post-RV investing anyway.  But again, I digress.)  "Adam" has carved out an image as a no-nonsense guy who tells it like it is.  Unfortunately for his followers though, some of what he tells people about himself is simply not believable.  And his OGIT (Operation Get It There) - a plan to move the revalued IQD to Belize to avoid paying taxes - is completely impossible to legally accomplish according to my advisors.  I have also discussed this matter with somebody who personally went to Belize to see firsthand how doable OGIT is and was told that you can't cash in more than $10,000 at a time because of agreements Belize has made with the US.  Presumably a windfall of millions would take forever to cash in at that rate.  Nobody begrudges Adam or anybody else for making a profit in a capitalist system like we have.  But we all feel that we deserve to be dealt with honestly, and anybody who is dealing honestly has no need to do business anonymously as the douchebag Adam Montana does.

UPDATE!!!  Adam has been identified as James Wolf from Greenville, Wisconsin.{%22ImageId%22%3A2223729}

Tony "TonyTNT" Renfrow
Dan "Checkmate" Atkinson
Dan Atkinson (AKA Chekmate or Check) and Tony Renfrow (Tony TNT) - Dan is a snake oil salesman who quite literally sold snakes.  This douchebag and his former MLM partner Tony Renfrow have been dishing out BS intel for a modest fee ($14.95/mo) to gullible investors for months now since leaving People's Dinar.  Dan's strong point is talking, and talk he does. He has probably done more conference calls than anybody in the dinar world, and has yet to prove that he knows anything about this investment except how to make money off of investors.  Dan has been saying since August of 2010 that the new lower denoms (which are needed in the event of either an RV or an RD or "re-denomination") have been loaded into ATMs in Iraq.  He started saying "RV next week" every week in October of 2010 until recently when it finally occurred to him that doing so might cost him some credibility when there's no RV.  Tony is still at it though, so Dan and Tony have a sort of good cop/bad cop thing going on.  It might be entertaining but there is nothing substantive in anything that either one of them has to say.
Dan Atkinson Crimes
Tony Renfrow gives secrets of his success in MLM

Brad Huebner
Charlie Emmenecker
The BH Group (Brad Huebner & Charlie Emmenecker) - These guys pump the dinar like their lives depend on it.  They sold dinar until the authorities shut them down back in July of 2011 shortly after they hosted a dinar summit with other douchebags in Toledo, Ohio.   The BH Group is best known for their conference calls with moderator Charlie Emmenecker and guests Rudy Coenen and Scooter among others.  Brad likes to read off of a script that he calls Dinar 101 where he pumps the living $hit out of the dinar telling everybody that they need to buy and get everybody they know to buy.  Currency experts?  Investment advisers?  Not exactly.  Their prior business experience is in MLM selling controversial products like Nu Skin and Xango which is basically the modern day equivalent of snake oil.!/profile.php?id=1402488808 

Jack DeAngelis
Jack DeAngelis - AKA The Collectors Coach, Jack got in early on pumping the dinar before most people ever heard of it.  But in 2010 he suddenly did an about face and said the dinar wasn't a good investment. He said that his followers should sell their dinar and put the money into precious metals instead.  No idea what prompted the change unless his story about getting the heads up from a military guy is on the level.  At any rate, Jack is an admitted felon who apparently has a brother in prison.  Even though he's not pumping the dinar any more a lot of people bought on his recommendation not knowing that they were listening to a convicted felon.  I include him as a warning to the dinar community that this investment is full of scammers and liars.  Don't be naive.


Rudy Coenen

Rudy Coenen - A very popular dinar conference call guest, Rudy is hard to read.  On the one hand he is up front about who he is and where he lives and works, and he seems very knowledgeable about currency investments.  On the other hand his stories just don't seem to hold up, and his Bayshore Capital Hedge Fund company doesn't seem on the up and up either.  Rudy also does the "I love Jesus" thing which puts him on shaky ground with me.  Read all about him on the links below.



  1. I hope your assets are well protected!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. You can tell by the way this is presented that it's all lies by SAM I AM! Many that he is slandering on this page are some of the finest human beings you'll ever meet.
    But Sam I am won't! Because these people would NEVER hang out with low class individuals like SAM I AM!
    This blog is all made up to hurt good people. Why? Some deviates get excited by their malice behavior. It's a fact....these people do not pump or sell! They'd be in jail now! Think people. What made this so called SAM I AM character go this far with such hate and disdain? Weird huh?

    1. ... and your drunk on the koolaid! I've been on many sites, modded & admined too and I guarrantee ALL OF THEM are for some form of SELF GAIN at the expense of the members!!! so don't forget to pay your monthly membership fees and most of all don't forget to use your favorite sites PROMO CODE when buying dinar! (they need the commission, lol!!!)

    2. Hey Unknown I looked up every company under WHOIS and found them ALL LINKED up under the same name and phone number and address you Douche bag.

  3. On the contrary, this blog is designed to help good people and stop the bad people. People who misprepresent the facts or tell absolute lies in order to sell an investment are bad people. "Slander" is defined as "oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed". Tell me what statements I've made that are untrue and I'll gladly remove them.

  4. so, sam I am.. should everyone in the dinar community sell their dinar. as you make it out like the dinar is a total scam?

  5. If you'll read carefully what I've stated you'll see that I think it's possible to make a profit off of the dinar, although I don't believe anybody's going to get rich. But the risk is considerably greater than any pumper will acknowledge. You could lose every dollar you invest. I'm not going to advise anybody on what to do. I just want to inform people about the true risk and potential in contrast to what the pumpers are saying.

  6. Well you can start with Me AKA Neno and remove the Okie tie's and state more facts when speaking about who I am or what My Site is about. You can also state that I am the only one that uses my real name and the longest board of all these you are talking about if, you are using me as a douchebag. While I may agree with most of this said of some, it is nothing new, basically old news. I am not worried about this blog one bit and only see it as another wannabe. TY to all that alerted me about tho.

  7. Hi Neno. Thanks for visiting. Unfortunately I didn't have as much information on you so I was working with the scant info that was available. Since posting the pumper page I have been reading what you said at Real Scam and you seem to want to distance yourself from the scammers. Good to know. I'm going to remove you from the pumper list and hopefully our relationship can become a positive and productive one.

  8. Sure, I am just like Ali with Dinar Trade when concerning what our individual role is, all about the investment in real meaning for the investors or the peeps that follow the info in reality, not some bs story for attention and or a agenda dollar made. I been around along time, probably double+ to these on either list you have. What they do is one thing and have to live with. What I do is the total opposite. Thanks for the reality comment back. I hang at 99.9% of the time. I also would prefer you to not list me or my site link on the good dinar sites list you have, so peeps do not think MY Site is anything as they are. I prefer to stand alone, Thanks... ;)

  9. Thank you for sharing this info.
    Sadly, I have been sharing bits and pieces about the true nature of these gurus for a long time and the sheeple label me a basher for bringing them the truth.

  10. My pleasure. Spread the word. Education is the only way to stop these guys.

  11. all great information... not one of them has ever been involved with an rv before. this alone makes them experts!!!! Personally, I don't think they are pumping any dinar sales. they are just pumping their ego... a bunch of morons.

  12. It depends on the day to whether I am outspokenly opiniated or not---maybe it has to do with how many cups of coffee I did or did not have but today I have an opinion--Just like you!

    So--IMO---It seems as though you created a website to attract attention to yourself by using a jolting title for your website name(Dinar Douchbags). I give credit where due as well---so in all fairness you were smart enough to look for a group of people hungry for news and you found them all in the world of IQD. Smart move--you must have had a day or two selling snake oil too!(identifying your market)

    There is only one problem with your whole dinar douchebag concept---what would the dinar so called pumpers be pumping? What gain would say PTR ( I am a proud member of this chat and forum board and not even an AKA) have in putting together a website for members to converse about IQD and discuss the current intel? PTR does not make dinar sales---that's what currency exchanges and foreign exchange banks are for. Let me see---oh yeah---$14.95 a month to be a private member---that's a real MONEY MAKER---until you start subtracting bandwidth charges--format charges--IT management, moderators, customer servers SSL certificates and likely more beyond my tech knowledge. Now I have a free blog spot blog just like you---FREE being the main word so dinar douchbags doesn't cost you a red cent or any other color or country of origin--just plain nada. In what is left to our free society we can make choices to what websites we chose to frequent or even pay to be on as a member---just like you can sit behind your keyboard and call everyone involved with dinar a douchbag but you have no gain in pumping crap unless your punping your ego.

    I guess I have more of a question for you than anything else---why is it you want to slam people you don't even know--that have followers and people that enjoy being part of particular group? You don't make any money off your blog because you don't have it monetized in anyway. Is it just a personality gliche with you that makes you want to stir crap or even hurt others with your words?

    I think you would be interesting to talk to face to face. I just have one more question---how will it feel when the IQD either RI's or RV's knowing you could have bought a bill or two and tucked it a way just in case? Kind of like the senario of believing in God---You know---Better to believe and find out there wasn't one than not to believe and find out there is a God. Why doesn't it bother you if people buy IQD on hope---without hope you only are left with hopelessness.

    No Problem---you just keep doing what your doing and I'll keep doing what I'm doing---no loss to me---I am making the best possible friends ever---I am a part of a community run by dinar douchebags that I just think the world of and I only pay $14.95 to make tons of friends. My business website site costs me nearly $60 a month and I can't make friends or chat on it.

    Happy douchbag follower,
    Trinity Clark

    1. Trinity, since 2011, you have been dead wrong! Sam I am, saw you coming from afar! Job 8:9 KJV.

    2. Trinity. Have you drowned in enough koolaid yet or have you hung yourself because of your worthless comments and ego 2+ yrs ago. Would you like to go for a 3rd year or do you give up if you're still alive. Enough spread!! Land the plane will ya!!! LOL...

  13. Hi Trinity. Thanks for visiting. WOW! You sure had a lot to say.

    Okay first of all, yes I did choose the name Dinar Douchebags to be provocative. What's the point in doing a blog if nobody shows up to read it? But I'm certainly not interested in attracting attention to me. I'd prefer to remain anonymous. I do feel that it's important to point out the backgrounds, distortions, and flawed logic behind what's being posted on dinar forums however, so I put some effort into marketing my blog as well as in writing it.

    Secondly, you asked what they are pumping. If you'll read the first post RV Reality Check you'll see where I stated "Most of the so-called experts or "gurus" are in fact what we refer to in the investment world as "pumpers". They constantly spew out lies and exaggerations about the dinar and Iraq in order to increase the sale of dinars, increase the advertising revenues to their dinar site, or sell anything from investment plans to dinar ebooks to storage facilities for your valuables." Some are making more money at it than others, but they're all (the pumpers) trying to make as much as they can IMO. There are a few decent dinar sites out there that aren't trying to do anything but provide a good site for discussing the dinar and I mention them in my post Links to Good Dinar Sites. The cost in running a dinar forum isn't as much as a lot of people think. Less than $100/mo. Seven memberships at $14.95 covers that and the rest is profit. Then you add in the ad revenues and the commissions on dinar sales and the profits on anything else they sell on top of that and it starts to add up.

    Third, you're wrong about me calling everybody involved in the dinar a douchebag. As I already mentioned I listed some good dinar sites with the links, and if you'll read my post Dinar Researchers/Analysts you'll see a few more mentioned. If you're content to pay $14.95 to be part of a dinar site then go for it. You've obviously already made up your mind on the issue. But there are many people out there who are still looking for answers and trying to see if maybe there's something else going on here and they're looking for the kind of research and analysis that this blog provides. That's my target audience. Those who are still asking questions.

    Fourth, I do use AdSense on my blog so I at least get a little money from it. Certainly not getting rich though. LOL! And I'm not trying to hurt anybody. I'm trying to help people and apparently I am, as I've received several comments to that effect. The hype and pumping of the dinar is a cancer that needs to be removed, and unfortunately there's a bit of pain inflicted in the process of extracting it. But if anybody is hurt I lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of those who lie, distort, and exploit others with their dog and pony shows. I wouldn't need to do what I'm doing if they weren't doing what they're doing.

    Fifth (if I haven't already lost count) I do in fact own some dinar. I never said nobody will make any money off of this investment. I said it's much riskier than the pumpers will tell you and the potential return isn't as much as they're saying it is. That's my opinion of course, and I certainly hope I'm wrong. I'd love to see the IQD go from less than a tenth of a penny to $3+ at the flip of a switch. What dinar speculator wouldn't? But given the facts and the history of currency revals I'd say the chances of that are slightly better than the chances of being abducted by aliens. Hope is fine as long as you don't abandon reality, and far too many dinar investors have done exactly that I'm afraid. I'm just trying to bring them back. If I ruffle a few feathers along the way then so be it.

    Again, thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Say hi to Dan and Tony.


    1. Sam I notice you posted this in 2011, and here it is now late, late, 2013, and these pumping pimps are still at it! We all know at some point we will have an RV, penny's on a dollar may the truth be known! Sam, you are right on point, these are outlaws we are dealing with!

  14. here here sam! great job with trinity she sounds like a douchbag from ptr been there been banned and for what you ask? For voicing my displeasure with dan and tony's fantastic intel they did me a favor and i cant wait till these frauds are found out for pumping the dinar for kickbacks,great job sam keep up the good work your a gentleman and a scholar!!!

  15. Thank you Sam I Am for all of your hard work. I hope you continue your mission of exposing the DoucheBags of the dinar community. I believe this blog should be a prerequisite to anyone investing in the dinar. I really hope that your efforts will save someone from getting ripped off by these pumpers. Great Job Sam I Am!!!

  16. Thanks guys. I do my best. Keep telling people about the blog and bring me any relevant info you may have on any of these pumpers.

  17. She has to pay for her friends? Very sad.

  18. I love this site!!! You have been posting things that I am being banned for. This great, I am going to use some of your material if you don't mind. My goal is to visit each and every site and take a dump in there then see how long it takes them to ban me. So far 6 sites and counting. You may know some of my work. The Russian and Canadian invasions, and calling out the gooruu's. Keep up the excellent work!!!

    1. hey milkman I'm @ 7 and counting, lol > if you don't drink they're kool-aid and bow to them your gone! > EVERY site out there is making money off members one way or another > monthly fees, dealer links, promo codes, attorney or advisor kickbacks > the REAL scam is the very dinar sites themselves! I wonder what kind of 'kickbacks' the banks are going to give these clowns who will offer bank pkgs to the members, LOL!!!

    2. Thanks for the comments. I don't mind anybody sharing my material. Just add a link when you do, please. If they won't allow a link leave some other clue where you got it so that people can find the blog. Thanks.

  19. Great stuff Sam. Sad to see Sheeple here trying to convince you that YOU are doing wrong here. lol

    Listen folks.......every site you've ever been on, has advertising links of where they can buy from. It's called an affiliate program. And if you choose to believe it or not.....whenever someone uses the coupon codes on that site, the person who belongs to that code GETS PAID FOR IT! Look up Internet Marketing Practices.

    They are fleecing you.....and you are enjoying it. It's sad.

    Again, great work Sam. I'm with you, on calling out the turds that should be flushed away for good. Problem is, some of them (PTR) would clog the bowl up...

  20. Is this site just limited to DBs that have their own websites, or the parasites that spew their lies on other DB websites?

    1. This blog is about dinar douchebaggery in general. I've written about many douchebags who don't even have their own site like footforward, JoeP, and bear. Unfortunately I don't have the time or the resources to research all of these guys so I focus on the most prominent ones. But if you have info on any of them I'll look at it.

  21. Funny You made a comment about how we should not trust our investments to people who do not tell you their real names and where they live... But yet your name is Sam I Am.... you have a blocked profile.. have not stated where you live... or anything else.. I know for a fact Okie Oil Man is a fake... TerryK is a fake... Eagle 1 is too, Poppy is border line... Adam Montana I want to throw out there as one of the more stable Dinar speculators...
    I could care less what his name is or that worse pic of him in his entire life that you put up there... My investment is not off a name, nor a profile photo, it is off basic news articles and common sense.. it will revalue... it will increase in value as well.. We may not all get "rich" but this was never about that with me... this was a learning opportunity for me.

    This is what i have learned over 5 years of this...
    1) Do not trust anyone or anything you hear to the full extent...
    2) Learn to read between the lines
    3) news articles are a great way to find out where we are at.. but at the same time remember they are not always 100% facts.
    4) if someone is posting in all CAPS then they are not worth your time.
    5) he said-she said is not worth your time
    6) look for a pattern in the lead Speculators Posts... if you see a pattern arise, question them.

    People this is the age of the internet.. you do not post your full name nor where you live nor even a photo of you online... I know I would not.... If that makes you think of me as fake so be it.. not is not about my looks its about the information i dish out.. is it true.. or is it fake..
    it does not take a rocket scientist to find the fakes...

    anyways thanx for posting this site.. it does call out most of the fakes, but sadly it calls out a few of the non fakes. either way only you can make your choice.. choose wisely...

    1. Daox13, the difference with my anonymity is that I'm not selling anything. I'm not telling people that they should join my VIP club for $200 a year. I'm not pumping an offshore tax dodge program. I'm just providing information with links to back it up. As for Adam, maybe you should read my posts The Montana Trail 1, The Montana Trail 2, and The Montana Trail 3. There's a lot more there than just an unflatteriing photo.

  22. Sam, Keep up the great work! Someone needs to expose this scam for what it is - a scam. People need to understand how currency trading really works, and that investing in a hard currency like the Iraqi dinar will only be profitable for the ones selling the Iraqi dinar to the sheeple.

  23. hahahah this shit is awesome. These douchebags are making desperate people hope in some illogical get rich quick scheme. And every time I see them they are heart broken because their dinar isn't suddenly worth millions like these pumpers are saying. Hey i wish i could make millions over night with this dinar scam too but it's just not likely to happen. if people invested without believing all the lies no big deal, but people are hurting, and continue buying into dinar lies bc they have no hope for any financial security in their lives. I bought a little just in case. Put it away and not thinking about it. If we all get rich, sweet. If not, thats ok, I can work hard to get rich if I want instead of getting lucky with an improbable investment. I know people that hang on Blainos every word. It's sad really. They know nothing about this guy, and think he delivers truth because he sounds nice and mentions god every once in a while. I want to believe in an RV bc some of it seems logical. Kuwait rv'd once they recovered from their war, once you're a sovereign nation your currency has to be worth something in order to trade in the global markets, Iraq is one of the richest countries in the world backed by their oil, and the gradual devalue of the US dollar with the IQD RV could potentially get the nation out of debt. Farfetched, sure. But it could happen. Just don't listen to the fukcers that act like they know everything about it. Try to get rich another way, and if it happens to RV, groovy.

    1. BTW great job sam. way to stand your ground and provide solid info against trinity up there.

  24. Thanks Sam. It is funny how brainless people, like Trinity, follow so closely to "obvious" scam artists. Without people like them, Charles Manson and Jim Jones wouldn't be famous. Now, the DB's are hanging on for dear life, having fictitious DC contacts on conference calls and the like. It's pretty funny.

  25. Sam have you found out anything on MILLIONDAY ? She/He/it thinks she is the ticket anfd now has gone to the douchebag BGG and PLOPPY3..yes PLOPPY3 that human waste

    1. I have actually seen and heard Millionday in a YouTube video that has been removed, but I don't know her name. She was a mod at People Invested, the site owned by a guy called Fresh. Fresh, Million, and a few others all did a promotional video for a dinar dealer in 2012. I believe it took place in Atlanta so I'm assuming that all the participants were from the Southeastern US. That's all I can tell you right now.

  26. Is there anyone you do trust for info on the dinar RV?

    1. Some are more honest than others, but I wouldn't listen to anybody who thinks the dinar will RV enough to make anybody rich. They're either ignorant or dishonest or both.


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