Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Learning Markets" Videos on the Iraqi Dinar is one of the best sites I've found for learning how currencies are valued, revalued, re-denominated, re-monetized .... etc.  The usage of the word "scam" is only in reference to the hype surrounding what the future value will be.  Something that has always bothered me about the dinar investment is the lack of recommendations from investment professionals.  After listening to John Jagerson I think I know why that is.  Here's his background:

"I have worked in the capital markets and private equity for most of my career—including investing, writing, education and money management.

Currently I am a co-founder of a free source for videos, education and commentary on the stock, options and forex markets. Before Learning Markets I was a vice president for thinkorswim Group, Inc. (SWIM).

My B.S. is in Business Administration from Utah Valley University and I completed the PLD at Harvard Business School in 2006.

I was one of the coauthors of the book Profiting with Forex published in 2006 by McGraw Hill and have been the featured trader in BusinessWeek’s Stock Trader newsletter. My thoughts on the markets are regularly featured on"

John talks about the dinar dealers and the true risks involved in owning dinar on his website.  Everybody who has read what any guru or dinar dealer has had to say about the dinar needs to give equal time to people who are educated about and earn their livings analyzing investments. I'm not saying that he's right about everything, but he clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from unlike most of the gurus and pumpers.  Something he pointed out that we don't hear from the pumpers is that a growing economy, as we presume will be the case with Iraq, doesn't necessarily mean you will have a currency with an increasing value.  The US dollar has lost purchasing power through the decades even when our economy was growing.  Such is the case with most currencies.  It's flawed thinking to assume that the dinar will automatically increase in value as their economy grows.  Time for dinar investors/speculators to get educated somewhere other than the dinar forums.   


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