Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Marshall Donnerbauer - Electronic Dinar Douchebag

AKA Marshall Wayne, this guy has a background in digital media, web design, and internet marketing.  Here he discusses his background of selling Ginzu knives, diet pills, watches, and golf videos as well as becoming a state champ running track in Wisconsin.  He started selling dinar early on in 2004.  He promotes the idea of purchasing electronic dinar as cashing in paper currency might prove problematic.  He also sells "dealer rights" to people who want to use him as a supplier for their own dinar dealerships.  Nothing wrong with any of this.  Just a guy trying to make a profit in a capitalist system.  But Marshall claims that he has inside information on the dinar that he makes available at $497, but is now including for free to his dinar customers.  Sounds a bit like Adam Montana's VIP program, huh?  He also reportedly took a stab at the hedge fund thing a la Rudy Coenen.  But here's the thing that really caught my attention.  Marshall doesn't charge you a setup fee for creating your Warka account, but charges you a 7% fee for any profits earned on that account.  That means that if the dinar RVs at a dollar and you have a million dinar, his cut will be about $70,000!!! So imagine 150 customers holding an average of a million each cashing in at a dollar.  His haul would be over $10 million.  Sure, he provided a service for you, but at what price?  You could save yourself a bundle by setting up your own Warka account.  Mind you, I'm not recommending that anybody set up a Warka account.  I'm just saying that with the dinar as with all investments, doing your due diligence could prove quite rewarding.  Also, you might want to read through this thread about Marshall.  Or just type his name into a search engine along with the words "scam" or "ripoff" and read up on the guy.  It seems that the dinar community is less than enthusiastic about doing business with him.

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