Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yet Another SteveI Meltdown

Omigod, this is great!  Sometimes I wonder what I'm going to write about next, but some guru or pumper always seems to provide me with new material just when I need it.  Such is the case with Steve "SteveI" Irwin.  Stevie delivered "fresh intel" to his followers at People's Dinar and requested that it not be shared with the other sites.  Well of course somebody did the C&P thing and his intel was posted at Dinar Vets where it promptly became fodder for the scorn, ridicule, and entertainment of the DV crowd.  Apparently Stevie reads DV because he saw his precious intel being trampled on and he had a total meltdown of Irwinian proportions.

Why in the hell can't you all just leave our information on this site? I just do not get it. Are you so desperate for attention? Give me a break. Ray and I sure get sick of this, so maybe we will just keep it to ourselves from here on out. That will fix and solve the problem for sure.

Yes this is real information unlike the comments from the absolute idiots on DV. That is the dumbest group ever. What joke. We told them not all papers are on line, but yet demand a link? Boy are these members dumb or what.

The problem is that they just cannot think for themselves and just type something close to their IQ and it shows. These idiots will be the first one broke, guaranteed.

Blessings to all,


Don't you just love how Steve goes into total maniac mode and then ends with "blessings"?  LOL!!!  Bulletin, Stevie. This is the internet. You can't have a forum with thousands of people using anonymous names and think that your information is going to remain confidential.  The problem isn't your stupid followers.  It's you, compadre.

And what was this priceless intel that Steve had shared?  Well it was a note he received from his "source" by the name of Ray.


Just wanted to pass on some interesting information one of my guys just told me. He said this is in the Iraqi newspapers, and on TV and even in newspapers in the Arab gulf states. He said that banks in the Arab gulf are buying billions of dollars of dinar. Not just millions but billions. The people of Iraq are wondering why and the government came out and told them that they didn’t know why but would check into it. Seems strange that these banks could have bought billions of dinar before now but have chosen now to do this. And the Iraqi government is playing dumb. I see this as a sign that we are getting very close now. Will send more as I receive it. Have a blessed day.



Okay, billions of dollars' worth of IQD would amount to trillions of dinar.  So in addition to the 2-3 trillion dinar already being held by speculators and the supposed 12+ trillion dinar held by various governments around the world now we have at least a couple of trillion being bought by Arab banks.  By my math that comes to around 17 trillion dinar being held in anticipation of a $1-3 RV which would theoretically provide a $17-51 trillion USD payout to all parties involved.  And this is from the currency of a nation with a GDP of a little over $100 billion that can't even keep the electricity flowing, and whose vast oil reserves are being pumped out at 2.5 million barrels a day which is less than a billion barrels a year which means that even at $100/bl their annual revenues from oil would be less than $100 billion.  At that rate I calculate that it would take at least 170 years to pump out enough oil to pay everybody.

In the meantime what about the Iraqi people?  Isn't this oil supposed to belong to them?  Aren't they supposed to be getting something out of their profits?  After all, that's why we put so much emphasis on securing the oil facilities after the war.  Their people needed those oil revenues.  And now all of those revenues are going to pay off everybody who bought dinar?  Are you starting to see how ridiculous this whole scenario is?

You see, it's not just the manic depressive outbursts that have brought such ridicule to Steve.  It's the absurdity of his claims.  He owns a billion dinar.  He knows what the rate will be because he has a contract with the rate written in.  He knows that the RV will go down by the end of May 2011.  And now, this.  I gotta wonder how many people will be leaving PD after this sorry episode?  I'll be watching and reporting so stay tuned.     

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