Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adam in Dubai

I just found this video at the xtranormal site.  It was created in February of 2010 shortly after "Adam" claimed that he met with his CBI contact in Dubai.  Seems that somebody was on to Adam over two years ago.  Enjoy!

Here's another one with TerryK and Adam.

And now for this breaking news!  LOL!!!

For more fun videos visit http://www.xtranormal.com/search/?q=dinar




  1. You would have to be a Dummy1 to follow Adam Montana.

  2. Lol.......I can guarantee SWFloridiaguy works for dv. His post are pure pumper ad has this claim well it's just my opinion....bull.....he's there to make everyone happy. Hey reeder did you see we made it on dv.....dummy1 mentioned us and cried how he gets put down over here and that all the loppers should stop posting on DV and just post on SAMs site....what a douche....he has his umbrella over on dv where anyone who is smarter than him he can delete posts and put on mod review (20million) the. Eventually ban. But we are all liars and dummy1 is totally innocent

    1. Haha. No, I didn't see that. If it weren't for the LOP section that site would be just one big piece of fabricated doo doo with other big pieces of fabricated doo doo making contributions to it.

      And we aren't putting you down DooDoo1, we've just made some very logical assumptions about your shady associates and worthless opinions on an RV that's never going to happen.

  3. thanks for the compliment guys, if you guys weren't such nutsacks, you could probably post over at dv.... i am the one who actually took 20 million off mod review, so get your facts right, or people will think your stupider than you are....

    1. Hey sunshine.....are you and your group of 270 million dinar still setting up cash in details at your local banks......are you still on the phone once a week talking dinar lol........sonny1 you're too much.....thanks for all the laughs. I really enjoy reading how little you know about economics and the dinar....keep it up...you're doing great lol

    2. [sonny1] hello
      [sonny1] Lively bunch i see
      [Dinarkicker] sonny1 morning
      [kcw] sonny1 good morning
      [sonny1] how you guys doing?
      [kcw] sonny1
      great and you?
      [sonny1] i am great, thanks
      [lone ranger] is this lifting
      of the zeros a good thing or a bad thing
      [Dinarkicker] sonny1 doing good
      battling computer issues (stinking new comp)
      [pluMmet] Q: for you sonny1?
      [sonny1] just got off the phone with the bank, final preperations
      [Nadita] sonny1 question… from your comment above
      that you are preparing your bank etc… I am assuming you are not part of DV or
      are you…?
      [Nadita] or you are one of the people that we can trust with
      [sonny1] Nadita i
      have my group, we have 270 million in dinar between us, i was just letting the
      bank know, they call me once a week

    3. sonny1] in a few minutes adam is posting a letter that medic got from chase
      [sonny1] ok i have had this letter since saturday night
      [sonny1] it is real
      [sonny1] i have had to call this guy as well, and i know who this guy is and have talked to him
      [sonny1] what is huge here is this, why would a vpof chase write a letter to a bunch of noones, including me
      [sonny1] and they probably had about 2-3 million dollars a year of salaries work on this unless something was up
      [sonny1] now my bud who is packed up with money (not that this matters) who has 71 million dinars
      User spteach11 has logged out.
      [sonny1] his best friend is president of a bank in new york, i will not give the bank cause you will call
      [sonny1] as i would also, so i understand
      [sonny1] but he told me that the white shirts in the bank did indeed have the rate, because he is one of them
      [sonny1] now that is all my buddy would tell me,
      [sonny1] i know that bank rumors are running rampant
      [MzzMicki] sonny, I talked with a bank officer at BofA today and they are gearing up for the RV. They all know about it
      [sonny1] MzzMicki i know
      [sonny1] but i can say on my two year old and 6 months life this is true
      [sonny1] 6 month old
      [sarah77] I heard from a reliable scource That the ri was delayed because of the bombing it will be atime of mourning maybe thur maybe the ist the rate 3.20 this info has come from chase i was told
      [tonyg] talked with chase in Florida today and they said the same thing. they r ready but waiting on city bank
      [sonny1] so back to bank letter
      [sonny1] why would the chase vp send a letter to some dude they dont know
      [sonny1] i know, i know
      [sonny1] because they, first of all want all our damn money, second they know what is up
      [sonny1] so when some pessimests say its fake, IT ISNT
      [sonny1] we are sooooo close its silly
      [Sunglass] Sonny1 please forgive me. I've worked for some very powerful and important people, and if I put out a piece of correspendence that looked like that, aesthetically, I would have been fired
      [sonny1] i am not a kool-aid drinker, though sometimes it may seem this way
      [Sunglass] Sonny1 please forgive me. I've worked for some very powerful and important people, and if I put out a piece of correspendence that looked like that, aesthetically, I would have been fired
      [sonny1] i am not a kool-aid drinker, though sometimes it may seem this way
      [Tiapan] Aren't you guys tired of this. If you want the truth IM me. We can work together to verify the data I have that shows no rv without a lop.... No rumors.. No speculation. Just research
      [sonny1] Sunglass we should of got it 2 weeks ago, but it had to go through legal
      [sonny1] Tiapan im curious
      sonny1] go ahead big boy, sounds like a debate
      [sonny1] im waiting
      [sonny1] listen there will not be a lop
      [sonny1] there 100% will not be a lop
      [sonny1] if they do they will have nothing but enemies
      [sonny1] this person has zero clue to what is happening
      [sonny1] its hoyt again
      [sonny1] dude go away
      [sonny1] your like the one terd that doesnt flush
      [sonny1] anyway, the letter from chase is real, and sit tight people the rv is soon come

    4. [sonny1] you all know i hate bank rumors, i have heard them all, and i never believe them
      [sonny1] but the bank that i am cashing in at, the guy that i have talked too, and the one who begged me to take my group and cash-in at called me today
      [sonny1] he said he was aware of the rate mix-up on doha yesterday
      [sonny1] he said it isnt a coincidence
      [sonny1] he seemed to think we got a glimse of our rate
      [sonny1] he said that doha probably thought it would go un-noticed
      [sonny1] but they didnt take into account that we on the internet are hawks, and annoying at that. lol
      [sonny1] .35 was the rate it had said
      [sonny1] now you all know i dont believe bank rumors, but since i had first hand knowledge, it was kinda refreshing
      [sonny1] he didnt say if it would go up, or if this was even the rate for sure, but he said banks dont make these kinda mistakes
      [sonny1] he said that cut rate currency converter sites may, but not a bank
      [sonny1] he said that at his bank the food chain was talking about it
      [sonny1] now i heard this first hand, and i know that some will take this as another b.s bank rumor, and i dont blame this, but i did hear it with my own ears

    5. [sonny1 (username://sonny1/)] so all i got tonight, is the bank rumors are true as far as i was told by the bank heads
      [sonny1 (username://sonny1/)] the banks were given a heads up, that is 100% confirmed from my ears, 5th 3rd and chase i heard it from 2 bank president that i have become friendly with over the last 2 or so years
      [sonny1 (username://sonny1/)] i confirmed banks were told to keep there eyes on this

      so we have 5/3, chase, and wells fargo...man youre good with contacts sonny lol spot on pumps

    6. and heres sonny confirming adam in dubai lolol:

      News From Sonny1 Chat 12-15-09

      from dv

      [Sunglass] Stop typing ROOM....................... Now please
      [sonny1] and for the record adam is in dubai
      [sonny1] as many of you already know, i have friends in dubai
      [sonny1] i have for a while now
      [sonny1] i just got off the one with m good buddy in adi dubai, and he told me that there is a 100% chance it rv's between the 17th and the 21st
      [skelllley] sonny1 i have 2 contact that say the same thing!
      [sonny1] now these guys have given me info before, but never a rv date, only news that has been riht
      [sonny1] right about .
      [sonny1] now the rate isnt 2.47, its closer to 1.40
      [Bumper64] I will take that anyday!!
      [sonny1] now my arab buddy is very low key, he could win the lottery and take a nap
      [sonny1] but he was jacked
      [sonny1] he told me if i could get more dinar to buy some, i dont recommend anyone doing this, but it is wonderful news
      [skelllley] you know if fact terryk had the same news i think
      [skelllley] so that makes 4 sources
      [sonny1] i believe this info, this isnt a george bushes barber rumor, its from a real person
      [sonny1] i am usualy reserverd with rumors, i hear them all, but i believe this one, almost as fact
      [sonny1] done, good luck to all

  4. I love getting stalked. Its so much fun.
    If it wasn't from a complete loser like you I would probably be concerned.

    1. Pump pump pump it up........lol.

      Anyone can type in sonny1 on google and find all his pumps. Love it.

      How's your contacts going. Still making final preparations....still 100% go go an rv in 2009....yea you contributed so much.

      You're a known pumper who works for Adam. Work it gurl

  5. Dude, why don't you go get a hobby. Maybe match.com I am sure you can meet a nice man on there. Get a life thats from 2009 loser

    1. All this shows your lies and pumps. It's clear you're the stalker. Anytime anyone mentions your name you show up almost immediately. You stalk around to see who's talking about you.

      It's obvious you need a life sonny. You're one of the biggest jokes in dinar land.

      In one of the posts above you said you would put the info you received on your two kids because it's true.......well Anyone with kids could tell you that if you're lying you should never put anything on your kids...karma.......something could happen like maybe getting sick.......just saying......KARMA

  6. Oh and why dont you ask sam who the only one to ever get anything right is ....... oh ya idiot me

    1. Lol yea you.....rolls eyes...you're a joke

      Sonny is always saying he's always right or im right more than I'm wrong. Lol. You been wrong 99.999999% of the times...ask Sam!!!,! He's laughing at that comment. Along with all the chats posted about you amd all this bank intel.......well it's clear you don't know squat. You need serious help

  7. Sam, when did DooDoo1 ever get anything right?

    Was it this statement:
    [sonny1] i just got off the one with m good buddy in adi dubai, and he told me that there is a 100% chance it rv's between the 17th and the 21st

    Or maybe this one:
    [sonny1] as many of you already know, i have friends in dubai
    [sonny1] i have for a while now

    What about this one:
    [sonny1] anyway, the letter from chase is real, and sit tight people the rv is soon come

    I love this one:
    [sonny1] i have my group, we have 270 million in dinar between us, i was just letting the
    bank know, they call me once a week

    1. Reeder......sonny has 5/3 bank, chase, and wells Fargo bank contacts. This guy is LEGIT LOL

  8. Psycologically and statistically speaking, people who say things like, "I will stake my life" or "I swear on my kids life" or anything of the like to try and increase the importance of what they are stating, are lying. Not to mention the fact people who drag their own children into anything to try and make themselves look better than they really are or to use them as an excuse, like leaving the dinar saga for good only to come back, are simply put, pathetic and shamefull.

  9. Whispering aren't you friends with okie? LOL.
    calling anyone who wastes there time stalking someone is a complete loser
    Calling thanks again for stalking me. 0
    Calling I'm done with ya.

  10. Lol thanks for stalking sams site and my responses. Bottom line is that now a lot can see you what we all see you as......a nobody who is part of the scam.

    Game. Set. Match

  11. I did a search but I couldn't find it. As I recall sonny1 accurately predicted the weekend that the PM issue would be resolved in the fall of 2010. We discussed that once so I believe that's what sonny was referring to.

    I'm very disappointed in the behaviour I see in these comments. Despite my repeated requests to keep it civil you bait and insult each other and act like children. I refuse to allow this blog to deteriorate into a hangout for flamers. All comments are back on moderation. If I have to have a comment free blog then so be it.

  12. Sam, maybe I'm missing something here, but this blog IS just one big insult to people. So why are you mad at us for following your lead? And acting like children? The name of this blog is a bit child like don't you think (although I think it entirely appropriate)? By flamer do you mean one who instigates argument by insult? If so, I resort back to my first question.

    While I enjoy reading the content of your blog, the comment section is just as enjoyable. You provide a service to people by entertaining them. The minute you cease to provide that entertainment is the minute your blog declines in popularity. KMart was popular too at one time, and I don't think I've set foot in one since the mid 90's. I would have to believe that insulting your fan base would be a sure fire way to speed up that process. Calling even contributed to an entire post the other day (a very good post I might add), and now he's acting like a child, and is a flamer? Now I can totally understand your frustration if a bulk of your readers are contacting you about our comments and complaining. If that's the case then I humbly apologize and will refrain from being a flamer and acting like a child. But if that's not the case, and our comments aren't having an effect on site traffic, and we really are just following your lead by calling these douchebags out, then I fail to see the problem with any of the comments above. I understand that it is your blog, but without your subscribers, you would be the only one reading it.

    1. The blog isn't just about insults. It's about content. It's about research. It's about putting facts out there to counter the BS. Sure, the name is deragatory and provocative, but that's primarily a marketing ploy. And it works. People remember the name and find it through Google.

      I don't insult people who post here. When Enorrste came here to respond to what I wrote about him I tried my best to allow him to state his case. While some like JayP tried to engage him civilly and articulately others resorted to insults and namecalling. When Blaino addressed me my response was basically to remind him of his history of calling the RV. I've posted about sonny1's intel history too, but I qualify that by saying that he has admitted he was wrong and doesn't do rates and dates any more. I'm willing to give anybody a chance to state their case or redeem themselves, but that's not likely to happen if they have to run the gauntlet every time they comment. If you followed my lead you'd try to conduct a civil discussion of the facts when somebody comments here.

      I am not doing this for the money. I don't need it. If I did I'd register a domain name and sell t shirts and coffee mugs and have a hundred ads on the site. I do this because I want the information out there. Too many people are being hurt by the fraud related to the dinar and they need a place where they can get the truth. If by disabling comments I lose followers that's too bad. If people quit reading I'll find something else to do in my spare time. No biggie. I had a life before this blog and I'll have one after.

    2. You may not insult someone in the comment section but your posts are full of insults to people, and rightly so. And so what if people called Enorrste names. He's a lying douchebag scamming people out of their money. Did you really think he was going to present an argument that would give a logical explanation of how the RV could happen? He came on here spewing lies about oil contracts between the US and Iraq, and how he is an investment adviser or some crap like that, and we're expected to not call him out for the douchebag that he is? I fail to see the point in giving two dinars what names your readers call a lying scumbag like that.

      We've been down this "discussion of the facts" argument before with Sonny1. And so far the fact that he's admitted to being wrong before, and the fact that he doesn't do rates or dates anymore, somehow exonerates him from knowing full well that Adam Montana is lying, conning, and scamming people out of their money while Sonny idly stands by and watches it happen. He not only stands by, he bans people from Adam Montana's site for having dissenting opinions. But I guess as long as he doesn't do a rate or date anymore he's cool and shouldn't be subject to ridicule.

      I agree that too many people are being hurt by the fraud. We're sitting right here reading your blog and posting comments. We all got scammed in this deal, and you provide one of VERY few outlets for us to vent our frustrations. Especially when one of the douchebags responsible for the scam shows up. You vent your frustrations through your posts, and we vent ours through the comments. The type of blog you have sometimes fosters the type of comments we post. And if people not reading your blog wouldn't be a big deal to you then why not let us say what we want to say?

  13. All my posts about sonny's pumps about bank info are facts. This guy always claims he's not a pumper well the facts I show do clearly show he's a pumper. The content after that could have been a bit more mature. I just hope more can see how much of a liar he is. He plays victim but you can only do that do much. Sam you know reeder and I are huge fans of this blog....and many others are too.....I know I'll keep it more civil.

  14. Not sure if I can post...but sonny if you get this...why are you sending me private messages at DV?...you know I don't have access to my account there...I got an email stating you sent me two different ones...curious as to why.


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