Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Changed My Mind

I watched some videos on YouTube about the dinar and I'm now convinced that this is really going to happen.  I mean if these people think it will then who am I to say that it won't?  GO RV!!!

I hope this guy buys a tripod with his RV money, but I have a feeling it's all gonna go up in smoke or up his nose.  I totally agree though about using dinar money for fireworks at Easter or Christmas, or maybe Easter Eggs for New Year's or July 4, or maybe lots of candy and costumes for the kids on Memorial Day.  Sure wish he could have finished what he was saying about Jack DeAngelo being such a nice guy.  I heard he was in prison.
Okay I couldn't quite follow his math but if the bad guys are behind this then hell yeah!  I want in!  Where do I buy?
The only link I see is to www.cbi.iq and there's nothing mentioned about any "sympartism".  But if this "sympartism" took place I'm all in!!!  I mean, if Shabibi went to a "sympartism" in Jackson Hole, Wyoming presented by the Federal Reserve of Kansas City ... well what more proof do ya really need?  And if Muhlicky goes to the UN to get chapter 7 removed .... whooo hooo!!!  GO RV!!!


  1. Awesome Sam!
    I am back on the hope train myself.
    Look what is happening with the arrests and the bring down of the fed. reserve.
    I am told with in several weeks we will be hearing the msm announce in the US.
    It was showing on European Forex last week at 7.62 USD.
    Guests are welcome to visit www.oom2.com to read and keep up on the dinar and all other alternate theories so please join me there!
    Thanks goes out to you that tried to keep it real through this roller coaster ride that is the dinar.!

    1. Debra my dear I'm afraid you have failed to recognize the usage of satire in my post. I thought those videos were funny, and demonstrate the lack of sophistication and comprehension on the part of most dinar investors. I guess from now on I'm going to have to issue a disclaimer when I use satire. (sigh)

    2. Lol....I'm hoping she's using sarcasm as well but I don't think so......too funny

    3. Oh wait ... were you being facetious? Crap! I think you were and I missed it! DUH!

  2. Replies
    1. Haha! Maybe I should give myself a Douchie!

  3. Lol too funny, I enjoy the sarcasm and satire here it is to my brain what air is to my lungs. Especially after reading a few dinar forums where it seems stupidity is a prerequisite!

    Karma edit: removed typo errors in previous post!


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