Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sam I Am Tired

In my final post of 2011 I stated that I'm going to be spending less time with my blog this year.  For the past few weeks I've been finishing up on the Breitling expos√©.  I didn't want to do that post but I didn't really feel that I had much choice.  It's not in my nature to look the other way when I see people being led down the primrose path.  That's why I started this blog.  I'm really glad to have it out of the way now so I can move on to more enjoyable things that don't pertain to the dinar.  I'll still do the weekly Douchies and maybe a couple more interviews, and of course I'll post things as they are brought to my attention.  But I'm done with the research on these guys.  I've said all that I have to say and IMO I've adequately debunked and/or exposed them. 

As you know this site doesn't get much exposure on dinar forums because I don't tell people they're going to get rich off the dinar.  (I've also written about more than one forum owner.)  It's all done by word of mouth which means that my readers are my marketers.   Thanks so much for the support over the past five months.  Because of your efforts we've had an impact on the dinar community.  I get emails all the time informing me about this pumper or that guru.  Most of it I don't post (I have a policy that I will only post information about people that is already posted elsewhere on the internet) but it still helps to provide context for the people in question.  I also get emails from people who appreciate our efforts as it has helped them to make a more informed decision about investing in the dinar.  If we've been able to help one person make a  better decision regarding the dinar then I guess we've accomplished something.  But I believe we've done more than that.  I believe we've made a significant dent in the operations of the douchebags.  Dinar sales are down.  Forum activity is down as well.  I'm not about to take all the credit for that, but I maintain that this blog has had a hand in it. 

Having said that I'm off to take care of some personal things.  Feel free to email me or post comments.  I'm not going to retire.  I'm just going to relax.  I'll respond when I'm able.  Thanks again, everybody. 


  1. Well done Sam. Many of us have attempted repeatedly to bring a realistic and rational perspective to several of the Dinar forums, only to be ridiculed as being "negative," often even prevented from doing so by the criminals who fear a loss in income stream.

    Your blog is probably the first to attempt to organize the available information and put it all in one place for anyone interested to review and comprehend, having removed and debunked the guru and pumper BS from the equation in order to make it easier for nearly anyone to see the truth.

    The human brain is an amazing organism. We're still not sure exactly how it happens, but some people have the ability to convince themselves of nearly anything, throwing out overwhelming evidence, science, common sense and reason in favor of wishful thinking and delusion....particularly when they desperately want it to be true. If we've saved even a few who might otherwise have made potentially devastating financial mistakes, then the effort was worthwhile. Others always have, and always will learn the hard way. Such is life.

    I remain hopeful that in the end, those responsible for the deception will ultimately be identified and face severe consequences for their greed.

  2. Thank you, Sam, for the work, for the time, for the balance you provide. I, for one, would rather be informed than affirmed. Peace....

  3. Total Bummer Please come back when you can. I realize its a lot of work but you have done a great job! Hopefully some of us can pick up the slack. Thanks again good luck in whatever you do.

  4. A little R&R is always good to recharge your battery. I hope you have a great time.
    I would like to say that you are a breath of fresh air to me in this Dinar drama. I appreciate so much this blog of yours. I have reposted numerous things of yours on Okies site that of course was immediately removed. LOL! That means it was awesome of course.
    I for one hope that you come back stronger than ever Sam I Am!!!!
    Peace from purpleskyz

  5. Sorry to hear that you are going to take a break. Your site well organized with much needed information. Unfortunately, there are people who refuse to take an objective look at their Dinar investment. I think there is investment potential in Iraq, but an RV of $8 - $12+..... Seriously..... Put down the crack pipe already. I bought a small amount last fall and would be absolutely thrilled to see an RV of 10 cents.

    Debra, I've been in Okie's chat room too. The attitude there is just amazing. I've seen people asking logical questions get kicked out for being 'negative'. The glee that follows someone being booted off is so twisted. Pure meanness. Paranoia abounds. Okie is revered as some sort Dinar god. And these people say they are Christians.

    Thank you, Sam, for your work.

    1. I know... it is quite maddening.
      I was banned for 10 days because I posted an Okie song parody. LOL
      I try to be a voice of reason there but it entails balancing on a fence that I sometimes fall or jump off of.

  6. Nice to see that at least a few people from Oakie's site are looking at this one. I've never been there, because DV is more than sufficiently delusional for my taste. Oakie is so far gone that I think I might implode if I had to read anything that anyone there would have to say. Everyone visiting this blog should do everything possible to get the word out. If even a few are helped, it's worth the effort.


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