Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Friends of Brad Huebner" Douchie

This week's Douchebag Award goes to the "Friends of Brad Huebner".  This email was just brought to my attention by a trusted source.  Brad as you may know is the man behind The BH Group, the MLM company behind controversial products like Xango and Nu Skin that saw the potential of selling dinar and dived in head first.  The BH Group was raided by authorities back in July which promptly put an end to their dinar sales, as well as putting Rudy Coenen’s hedge fund (which they marketed) on hold. I have a few comments that I'll add after the email.

Feb 24, 2013
BH Group Members,                                                                                                         
This letter is coming from close friends of Brad Huebner that feel it necessary to let you members know what the Founder of the BH Group has actually been going through since the US Treasury Department raided his office and home back on July 27th 2011. They took his business records, Dinars and cash from his office, home and bank accounts.  Within a short period of time and without prior Court approval, sold his Dinar to The Bank of America for less than the price he paid for them!

Fortunately for Brad, he's a fighter and has been able to hold it together and keep functioning but has been living in a state of pure hell and terror!  Economically he has lost most everything including real estate investments that have now been foreclosed, his personal home is in serious jeopardy and he cannot pay the significant amounts of state and federal taxes on revenues the BH Group created in 2010 and 2011 plus his various legal defense bills.

Brad has never missed doing his Monday night BH Group Conference Call trying to keep you informed on every step of this journey.  He also created the very informative and educational YOU TUBE Video, DINAR 101 that educated tens of thousands of people about the Dinar.

Many of you don't realize that Brad worked tirelessly over the last two years with a small professional staff that provided friendly help and service second to none in the industry as The BH Group became a respected entity in the Dinar Community.  In fact, he was branded the "Voice of Sanity" as he tried his best to avoid the Rate and Date game that put so many people on the emotional Dinar Roller Coaster.
Immediately after the government raid, Brad teamed up with The Treasury Vault to become the exclusive supplier to provide Dinar to BH Group members so they would have a reliable source of supply at a very competitive price advantage through a trustworthy Company.

Today Brad is living on "fumes" and has downsized his business significantly but still provides help for any member that calls in for questions or concerns and he will personally answer any call from a member in need.  Now he needs our help!

Please consider helping Brad by "gifting" any amount of Dinars you feel comfortable with so he will be able to benefit from the RV, as well.  We have looked into this matter and you can gift to anyone up to $13,000 tax free which would equate to approximately a total of 11 million Dinars. Realistically 500,000 Dinars is a $610 gift and 1,000,000 Dinars is a $1,220 gift to help give you some perspective on values!  The key is that the "gift" has to be made BEFORE the re-valuation! Please understand this would be a true gift and you will not receive any type of service for this and it is not tax deductable.  If you have it in your heart, now is the time to make your gift to help our leader. He would never ask you but he needs help and we need to help him now!

We know for a fact, Brad's main mission from the beginning was to help people no matter how big or small an investor and he felt very strongly about trying to do his part to make a difference in the future of his home area of NW Ohio that has fallen on very tough economic times. He still has a goal of putting a large contribution together for the Wounded Warrior Foundation that made the Dinar opportunity available for all of us and many other worthwhile charities.  He also wants to use the combined leverage of the BH Group to help our individual members in many areas of their life after the Re-valuation.

Brad wants his legacy to be the tens of thousands of people that he helped educate and or sold Dinar to that eventually will have a tremendous positive effect on their lives and future generations of their families and others who need help in their individual communities!

 If you have been touched by or appreciate the work that Brad has done and want to help him in his hour of need send any amount of Dinar you want as a gift to the BH Group, 19 N. St. Clair Street, 3rd Floor, Toledo, OH 43604, Attn: Brad Huebner by Certified or Priority Mail of the US Postal System, FedEx or UPS.  If you live in the area you can stop by his new office located on the 3rd Floor of the same building they have been in above Fricker's Restaurant at Fifth Third Field in downtown Toledo.  You will receive a receipt from The BH Group that acknowledges the amount of Dinar and basis of your gift for your personal records.

Thank you for your considerations,
Friends of Brad Huebner

First of all we have to assume that there was some reason that the authorities took action.  Obviously he was in violation of some laws or regulations that led to the actions taken by the authorities.  As a businessman it’s your responsibility to make sure that you cross every T and dot every I.  You should have accountants to ensure that there are no irregularities in how you handle your money.  You should have attorneys to help you structure and conduct your business in a way that covers your butt legally.  And if you fail to do so and get in trouble you should turn to family and friends for help, not strangers on the internet whose email addresses you have acquired through your marketing efforts. 

Second, Brad Huebner did nobody a favour by producing that Dinar 101 video.  I posted on this a few months ago.  It’s full of unsubstantiated “facts” and pumper nonsense including Brad’s claim that Dick Cheney and his associates put together a brilliant plan to RV the dinar to generate a windfall in the trillions for the US, and that he (Brad) is privy to top level intel and is nice enough to share this information with people who buy dinar from BH.

And finally, where does this guy find the nerve to ask for help from people who were already sold a product based on hype, now that he has presumably run afoul of the law and has fallen on hard times of his own doing?  Can you imagine Ken Lay or Bernie Madoff accepting donations via “Friends of Ken” or “Friends of Bernie”?  According to his Dinar 101 video the BH Group has 10,000 members.  If each one just sent him a 25K note that would produce a windfall of over $200,000!  For what? 

Brad has already profited once from his customers.  Why should he be allowed to double dip?  This is your hard earned money.  If you’ve bought dinar from Brad or anybody else I think you should either hang on to it or sell it, not give it to a guy who lost his because of how he conducted his business.  If you want to donate it to the Wounded Warriors that’s fine.  If you want to give Brad some dinar after the RV that’s fine.  But gifting it to him now is essentially the same as handing him US dollars as was pointed out in the email, and in the current economy most people don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to just hand over to a “cause” like this.  Charity should be for the poor or for people who have experienced a tragedy, or in the case of Wounded Warriors people who suffered an injury in the service of their country.  It should not go to people who created their own hell through their careless or illegal business practices.  Just my 23 dinars.


  1. Plain and simple this is the work of a pro con man. Brad could careless about how he does his dirty work. He wants to pad his wallet other people and causes are trivial. Its like someone making up a story saying their mother is dying of cancer so they can raise money to go buy lottery tickets. Keep up the great work Sam!

    1. As a long time member of the BH Group, and a dinar owner before the BHG was founded, I can speak with authority as to the the honesty, integrity and fairness of Brad and his long time friend, Charlie Emmenecker. I have known both for years and in all my years as a business professional, I have met few men with a more caring heart than these two men. I spoke with Brad often, always weekly sometimes daily about affairs in Iraq and other worldwide events and the effect on the dinar. At no time did I ever sense that Brad was forcing the sale of dinar. I am convinced that his motive was to help enrich the lives of others through what will surely be viewed as the largest financial event in history, eclipsing even the Kuwaiti dinar RV, which went from $.06 to the USD to over $3, and is now worth about US$3.609 (€2.686). It is the world's highest-valued currency unit. Any thinking person would see that Iraq, a vastly richer country than Kuwait, would have a similar potential. Perhaps you and Sam I am are just not thinking. I have many other examples of Brad and Charlie's concern for the feelings of those they have access to. For any questions feel free to email me at

    2. Bud I can deduce from your email address that you're a Xango affiliate so your loyalty to Brad is understandable. However the indictment against Brad spells it out very clearly. Over 80 counts of fraud and money laundering. Also,there was no RV in Kuwait. The official exchange rate never changed. That's just one of many lies told by pumpers to sell dinar. It's all there in my blog. Happy reading.

  2. You're awesome Sam! Finally, someone calling out this RV nonsense. I bought in recklessly and will see it through. This thing will RV AND RD. Either way we lose because of the spreads. Boooooo!


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