Friday, November 18, 2011

Stardogger Site

A few days ago I wrote a post entitled "Hot Tubs and Dinar" about the former owner of Stardogger.  Well I just received an email from the current owner that I would like to share, along with my thanks for his support of our efforts.



My name is M___ ______, owner of I purchased our site from the crook Steve Lanny that you have made reference to in your blog. I want you to know that we run a clean..non-pumping Dinar site, we only provide legitimate info for our members to review and suggest that they decide for themselves what is accurate, or trustworthy. Steve has no affiliation or connection to our site what-so-ever. I have personally banned all 13 of his usernames and he is not welcome in any way on our site. I have owned this site for better than a year and a half now, but I find myself constantly plagued by his bad name and wrong doings, please reflect that in your blog and effort to "call out" the pumping bullshitters. I applaud your efforts to stop the false bs that is portrayed as fact by these pumpers. Thank you for your time and I hope that you will set the record straight for me. Take care.

Sincerely, M___, aka dbcooper


  1. DB is a great guy that is running an honorable site.. ..I applaud him!.......

  2. Thanks for your leadership and friendship. We will continue with our format and hope others will join us at Stardogger.


  3. Admittingly I only went to Stardogger for Scooter. Once he left, no reason to go.

  4. Thanks for the post but dbcooper is the biggest idiot I have ever met and I do know him, have talked to him on the phone more than once. I personally consider dbcooper to be as big a douchebag as Adam Montana and Checkmate.


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