Thursday, November 3, 2011

Donations and Dinars

Something that has really caused me concern in the dinar world is the number of posts to collect money for various causes and events.  Many are set up to support a relative of a member of the site, and people feel compelled to help because they consider those members "family".  Something that people need to remember is that most of the people we're dealing with are just names on computer screens.  In my opinion you should never donate one dollar to anybody you haven't met in real life.  Don't let anybody guilt you into making a donation.  If the cause is legit the friends and family members ought to be able to collect the necessary funds from people in their communities rather than from strangers online.

A while back there was a collection of $25 per person for everybody who wanted to attend a post-RV event in San Francisco.  Some of those people are still trying to get their money back.  Then there was a fund for surviving family members of the brother of a regular member at a dinar forum.  Don't know what ever became of that money.  On another site there's a plea for donations for a member's injured child that hasn't been updated for eight months.  And yet another site has a fund for injured veterans.  There are many injured veteran funds out there of course, but it's easy for people who are members of this site to just send their donations to the people they're already following for intel and analysis on the dinar.  We are creatures of habit, after all.

I'm not saying that these are all fraudulent, but I have never donated to any nor would I.  As we have proven here the dinar world has an abundance of scammers and con men looking for prey.  It's just too difficult to ensure that the cause is legit and that the money goes for the intended purpose.

Tonight I heard about a new one .... kind of a hybrid cancer victim fund/MLM scheme with a $7 investment.  Supposedly this person was a mod at a popular dinar site who contracted thyroid cancer and was given a 50/50 chance of survival.  She had no health insurance so a fund was started to pay for her treatment.  The author of the plea said that if we wait too long she could die.  How's that for manipulation?  Boy, and you thought you were pressured into buying dinar in a hurry.  Again, this might sound heartless but ask yourself why these people need to turn to faceless strangers for donations?         
It's a well known practice in the business world to return to former customers in your marketing.  The same is true in the non-profit world and donations.  And I feel that the same is true with dinars.  People who were gullible enough (sorry if that offends - I bought some too by the way) to buy into the idea that they could turn $1000 into $1,000,000 are believed to be gullible enough to donate to a fraudulent charity or event.  If you believe that the dinar is a good investment then IMO you should limit yourself to it, and not all of the other products and causes that are offered from people who sell or promote the dinar.

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