Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Couple of Clarifications

It was brought to my attention that I have been accused of fabricating my story about meeting with pumpers in my post "The Douchebag Summit".  Yes, I admit that I made it all up.  It's called satire.  That's a literary approach where you .... aw hell, look it up.  Anyway, I assumed that people would understand what I was doing but apparently some didn't.  I guess I should have added a disclaimer.  Sorry for the oversight.

Also, it was mentioned that I go too far with namecalling.  Well I suppose that's a valid point, but I chose to name the blog "Dinar Douchebags" because it seemed appropriate given the nature of what pumpers are doing in exploiting people who are gullible or even worse, desperate.  It also seemed to have a certain edge to it that would help from a marketing standpoint.  What's the point in doing a blog if nobody reads what you have to say?  I want to make it clear though, that I don't call everybody who disagrees with me a "douchebag".  There are many good people out there invested in the dinar with viewpoints that I don't share who fall far short of douchebaggery.  To my recollection the only chap that I've called a douchebag with no evidence of monetary compensation was Phoenix, and actually I still haven't labeled him a pumper or a douchebag.  But his commentary is so far out there in ganjaland that I felt that he deserved a Douchie Award.  But even when I gave it to him I called him a wackjob rather than a douche.

Anyway I'll try to do a better job on both accounts, although I do feel that my readers bear a certain amount of responsibility in using their own discernment.  I mean, do you really think I'd take a couple of bouncers with me to Toledo, Ohio to meet with a bunch of dinar douchebags?

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