Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Week's Douchie Winner - Phoenix

In reviewing this week's dinar nonsense I noticed jonnywg was once again going to great lengths to show everybody just how on top of every minute detail of the RV he is.  But he has already won a couple of Douchies so I skipped over him.  Then there was purplehelmet300 from Okie's site, making a valiant effort at earning his first Douchie.  I even got an email from a well known guru/analyst asking if he could win the Douchie.  No fair campaigning.  You have to earn it based on douchebaggery.

So after much consideration the one who stood out above all others was Phoenix, the host of the Blogtalk radio broadcast Gimme Shelter.  I jokingly stated a while back that I'm waiting to see him start interviewing psychics ala Coast to Coast with Art Bell (or whoever is hosting it these days).  Well on Tuesday Phoenix did indeed conduct an interview with an oddball preacher/astronomer named Mr. Comet Watch.  I kid you not.

The next night he kicked it off with this quote from Dr. Seuss:

Today you are you, that is truer than true
There is no one alive who is youer than you.

Now of course I have no problem with Dr. Seuss.  In fact I took my pen name "Sam I Am" from the guy.  But there's a time and place for everything, and injecting a quote from Dr. Seuss during a broadcast about world currencies and the Iraqi dinar in particular struck me as more than a bit odd.  

Then he went on to recite a litany of good news during his "Sunshine" broadcast, including the statement that Shabibi is on record as saying that the #1 tool that they have for combating inflation is adjusting the exchange rate.  And with the recent announcement of a rising inflation rate in Iraq surely we can expect them to take action soon.  However, any casual observer to the history of the IQD over the past 8 years can see that their previous adjustments to the exchange rate in fighting inflation were not 1000 to 1 upward RVs but a ratio of less than 2 to 1.  While we would all welcome any increase in the dinar's value, nobody is going to get rich off of an adjustment like that.   

Now I can overlook the Dr. Seuss thing and the pumper-like reference to inflation triggering the RV, but then on Saturday night he completely took leave of his senses.  Starting off with a quote from Ann and the Angels:

My dear friends, we love you so very much.  Each one of you is special, precious, and unique in our eyes. In the heavens we never identify you with you circumstances, your thoughts, and your moods. Instead we see you as the beautiful and courageous souls that you truly are. For indeed it takes courage to be upon your earth at this time. Mother earth herself is stirring, rumbling, trying to awaken her children to the fact that you are all one human race. She wishes for nothing more than her children to get along peacefully with one another, or at least, to find peace within their own hearts. And so, dear friends, the greatest gift you can give the world, and the greatest honor you can shower upon your Creator, is the gift of being yourself. And being yourself includes, not only finding ways to express your gifts and talents, and authentically expression your truths, but most of all being "yourself" means being the loving being that you truly are.

Now for those of you who don't know, "Ann" is Ann Albers, an angel communicator, modern mystic, and traditional Reiki master.  So Phoenix is taking up valuable air time quoting from this ditz who thinks she's delivering messages from angels.  WTH?  He then proceeded to launch into a lengthy discussion of EMP, or Electro Magnetic Pulse.  WTF???   

I have refused to label Phoenix a douchebag in the past because I never saw any evidence that he was making any money off of his commentary, but now I think I have finally figured Phoenix' shtick out.  My theory is that he was riding the IQD wave long enough to build his own following so that he could become the Art Bell of the internet.  He knew that a lot of conspiracy nuts and wackos were attracted to this investment and he talked about the impending RV of the Iraqi dinar long enough to (according to him) become the #1 broadcaster on Blogtalk Radio.  Shrewd Phoenix.  Very shrewd.

If I had a Loony Award I would gladly bestow one upon him, but all I have is a Douchie so that's what he gets.  With most gurus we say don't drink the koolaid.  In Phoenix' case I think we should say put the bong away.  What a wackjob!

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