Saturday, November 19, 2011

This Week's Douchie Winner - Checkmate

There were many good candidates for this week's douchebag award affectionately referred to as "The Douchie".  Some guy at DV named GoFast350z said his uncle who dines frequently with the Bush family in Dallas called him and said the RV is done.  Then there was Purplehelmet300 again with the $8 rubbish.  Breitling read an article that clearly described an RD/RV and said it proves no lop.  Then there were the regular clowns like jonnywg and bulldog recycling old "mosque announcement" rumors and such.  Nothing really grabbed me until I read this from Dan Atkinson at PTR a.k.a. Checkmate:

11-15-2011  Checkmate "We're hearing this is over. Believe we are extremely close.  By no means am I saying there will be delays, but we know its possible to be put off longer. I really, really believe this has to be done because of the economy.  For the first time I can honestly say I believe we're in the week."

 LOL!!!  The first time?  You've been saying that for a year, mate!  Or maybe you meant that it was the first time you believed it and you were lying all of the other times?  So which is it, Dan?  Were you lying then or are you lying now?  Either way you're a lying DOUCHEBAG! 

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  1. I personally am just soo proud of dan he has worked so hard for this achievement and im sure there are many gurus out there just as deserving but this week belongs to dan!I hope you savor this dan enjoy it with your family and just know that hard work does eventually payoff!! lol


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