Saturday, November 5, 2011

This Week's Douchie Winners - TonyTNT & Jonnywg

In case you haven't heard, David from Trinidad (dtmc) at Revalue.US announced this week that he's hanging it up as a guru and will now be a dinar dealer.  I always considered David a straight shooter but now I have to wonder if he was just pretending, or has he decided that this RV thing isn't going to happen and the only way to recoup his money is to get on the receiving end as a dealer?  I thought about giving this week's Douchie to him but in the end I decided that I can't really blame him.  After all I'm making a little money (keyword here is LITTLE) with my blog.  This is a capitalist country so I don't begrudge anybody making a buck off the dinar as long as they're honest about it.  I'll be keeping an eye on ol' Dave.

So after eliminating David I read through the other crap that was posted this week and two names jumped out at me.  The first was from our old friend TonyTNT at People's Talk Radio (PTR).

11/1/2011 - Trigger has been pulled for over a week now. Things done at banking level...we are about to see it... Everything is good. If  I ever said 99.999999999% before, this time you can believe it...We have never been here where we are. We have never been at this place, that's what makes today different!  We're that close. Just waiting. Could be before or shortly after sunrise. Definitely will see it before sunset tomorrow. JMO, thats the info, and I'm sticking to it! I truly feel we are at the end, pot of gold at end of rainbow.

Explain to me how the trigger has been pulled but the rate is the same?  Was there a misfire?  But wait!  Tony had more to say today ....

11/5/2011 - " I said if the baby was not born by Thursday, there would be a C section performed. I have received information that indicates that is still the case. There is a time and date for this to take place and it is not as far as you may think or as far as some would think or as far as some would have you believe."  

"As of 3am this morning UST personnel were called and were locked down and BIS people were called in and between 3am and 6am every agency that as something to do with this RV has been called in and they are all locked down…look at the end of the G-20 as it was part of what held this up and it is what is making this GO now… its all settled now.  I am very happy and excited and still looking for some very good things to happen in the near future and you know me this is NOT A WEEK away – but VERY near future…the info we are getting is good and people are excited and are in fact saying that this time is the time for real." 

I wish to God that somebody would lock this DB down and throw away the key. Tony has been shoveling this BS out ever since he and Dan "Checkmate" Atkinson decided to do unauthorized conference calls at Dinar Vets a year ago as a way of creating their own following. 

The other one was from jonnywg, also at PTR.   

11/2/2011 - THE SCREENS ARE IN AN UPDATE PROCESS...WE FEEL THAT MUCH INFO WILL COME OUT TONIGHT...I CAN QUOTE YOU many rates but 3.68 still sticks...however our top soures still say it will end at 8.47...I WILL RETURN    FOR A LATER UPDATE.

You weren't content to throw the absurd $3.68 out there, huh jon?  Had to add the wayyyyy too absurd $8.47 at the end?  The latest figure we've heard on the money supply in Iraq is 4 trillion dinar.  This would put their total money supply in Iraq at over $30 trillion USD!  Then you have to add the dinar outside of the country.  And all of that from a country with a GDP of a little over $100 billion.  Do numbers mean anything at all to you, douchebag?

Congrats to TonyTNT and jonnywg.  I'd like to give an honorable mention to a new guru named  Purplehelmet300 at Okie's site.

11/4/2011 - Dont have an exact date - just within days!.. 8+...high rate GBP and within days. Hope that sums it up! 

You're a total douchebag!  Hope that sums it up for you.  Keep it up and I'm sure you'll have a Douchie of your own some day. 


  1. Iraqi Dinar Gurus and Iraqi Dinar Investors should be aware of what is said to happen on 11/9/2011 at 2pm (EST, I believe). There is said to be a test being conducted at this time which will shut down all, ALL, communications for approximately 3-5 minutes.

  2. The current M2 of Iraqi Dinar is just over 40 Trillion, up from about 27 Trillion at the beginning of the year.


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