Thursday, August 2, 2012

Don't Drink the Punch

Before I started this blog there were other anti-pumper blogs out there fighting the good fight.  One of them was called Don't Drink the Punch.  I went back there the other day and read through some of what therealmod wrote, and while he was a bit too liberal with the expletives for my taste I think he had some astute observations. 

One such post (May 11, 2011) was concerning a pumper-driven record day for a dinar dealer.  See below.

Okay let’s face it folks, these cronies creating these blogs are on these sites to do nothing more than make money. Has anyone heard one of their calls or looked at their websites? They have banner ads plastered all over the sites. Rumor has it that, when the “mods” i.e douche bags, said that RV is done, one of the currency dealers recieved 5000 “reserve” orders the next day.

to quote the post I saw: “Obviously you were not on the call when all the Mods were saying their goodbye’s becuase it was the Last call before the RV, or you must have missed the call when Dan said one of the currency brokers called him and asked “what did you say on that call last night?…I got over 5000 reserve orders the next day!”

The currency dealer asked them what they said in order to get that many next day orders. So let’s do this math:

5000 reserve orders


(1 Million Dinar purchased if you type in PTR) – Let’s be conservative and say on average most people are buying 1 million reserve orders and 10% of $1,180 = $118

5000 reserve orders x $118 = $590,000 (that is just 10% of what everyone would be putting down).

Now you don’t think that these guys at, peoplesdinar, or dinardaddy are getting a piece of that? You are crazy because they are! Let’s be smart here people…..these blogs are filled with ex-MLM cronies looking to put their hands in another cookie jar. This time it’s directly affecting your wallet.
Be smart and as I always say: Dont drink the punch!

I just wanted to share this with you guys.  You might want to visit the blog and read through the comments.  It's amazing to see how many people were defending these douches over a year ago saying they have great intel and are great guys and they're just doing this for us .... yada yada ....  Hopefully some of these people have since wised up. 


  1. Dinar Daddy, Roger, is deserving of special Douchie this week for allowing crap like this to be posted on his site. This stuff was proven a lie years ago and Roger is fully aware that it is a lie. He has no problem shutting down all comments on his board so no one can possibly explain the likelihood or the facts surrounding a redenomination, but he allows blatant ridiculous lies like this to go unchecked or unchallenged. I have no idea who generals64 is, or where he normally post from, but Roger is a dirt bag douchie for allowing this on his site.

    “generals64: just kidding….You guys….this is a Currency Exchange from what I have heard…..The complication factor is only going to be if you let it be…..
    generals64: …this is nothing different than the revaluation of the Kuwaiti DINAR….Google it and read what happened and how it happened….then Read about the German Deustchmark…and the 1946 Japanese Yen. It’s that simple……the answer is in History and History will repeat itself….Its that simple .
    generals64: the Kuwaiti Dinar revalued from $3.29 American to 1 Kuwait dinar…it was Artificially devalued by Hussein and then lowered even more by the United States….It was revalued to $3.69 and was on a managed float…it grew to $11.00 and some change and then the Hedge Fund people messed things up and it dropped to $3.69 and has stayed around there for some time.
    It revalued on a Wednesday Afternoon at around 3:30 or so East Coast time…Now, there is a TRUE History Lesson. zerolimits….Most Financial people don’t take the time to study where your finanaces come from…they just want their check…I am a history buff and got in this for the research…”

  2. All one has to do is go back and look in the dinarguru archives and compare what they said one, two or even three years ago to what they are saying now. It's almost exactly the same!

    Any one who thinks this is done, about to happen, etc. is stupid if you're basing that on what some stupid guru blogging from their double wide says. Just look at the past posts from these scammers and you will walk away either shaking your head in amazement that so many people are so stupid, or just laughing at the absurdity of it all.

  3. 2 oe 3 years. You can go back to the end of 2004 and see pumpers saying the exact same thing as they say now. Rates were a little lower back then, but the story and lies. Search for dinar and names like Clay75 or bottlebush. It has been 8 solid years of this crap.

  4. DaveD don't forget Shot Gun Susie.......

  5. Clay and Bottlebush and his group were all smart guys. They were dinar dealers pumping sales. Shotgun Susie was maybe the first of her kind. She was a useful idiot. The dealers saw that she was gaining popularity so they started calling her pretending to be "in the know contacts". She was so stupid she couldn't see they were just working her.
    To this day I still think there is a split in the gurus. Some are dealers, or pump for dealers, and some are just idiots being used by dealers.


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