Saturday, August 4, 2012

Douchie for July 29 - August 4

This week Dan Atkinson was in France and Frank Villa returned from Hawaii.  Nice to see these gurus flying all over the world having a lovely time while their faithful sit around desperately waiting for some indication that they weren't swindled, huh?  Dan did check in with his listeners to assure them that the RV is going to happen and that we're very close.  Nice of him to take time out from his European vacation to make sure that those people paying $15 a month don't bail on him, don't you think? 

There were several good examples of douchebaggery this week.  DaveD, one of my readers and frequent posters, voted for Roger Dorman to receive this week's Douchie for posting this:

generals64: …this is nothing different than the revaluation of the Kuwaiti DINAR….Google it and read what happened and how it happened….then Read about the German Deustchmark…and the 1946 Japanese Yen. It’s that simple……the answer is in History and History will repeat itself….Its that simple .
generals64: the Kuwaiti Dinar revalued from $3.29 American to 1 Kuwait dinar…it was Artificially devalued by Hussein and then lowered even more by the United States….It was revalued to $3.69 and was on a managed float…it grew to $11.00 and some change and then the Hedge Fund people messed things up and it dropped to $3.69 and has stayed around there for some time.
It revalued on a Wednesday Afternoon at around 3:30 or so East Coast time…Now, there is a TRUE History Lesson. zerolimits….Most Financial people don’t take the time to study where your finanaces come from…they just want their check…I am a history buff and got in this for the research…

For the hundredth time, Kuwait didn't RV.  When Saddam invaded Kuwait he replaced their dinar with the Saddam Iraqi dinar.  During that time fleeing Kuwaitis were taking whatever they could get for their currency and the street value tanked.  Once Saddam was removed Kuwait printed a new Kuwaiti dinar to replace the old Kuwaiti dinar (much of which Saddam's forces took) and the Saddam Iraqi dinar, and they valued it the same as before Saddam's invasion.  It was never valued at $11 and in no way does this meet the definition of a revaluation. 

As I've pointed out previously Roger knows that these posts aren't just rumours or inaccuracies.  They're bold faced pumper lies, and yet he posts them on his site because they draw traffic.  What a scumbag!  I took DaveD's vote into consideration, but unfortunately my blog isn't a democracy.  It's more of a benevolent dictatorship.  MWAHAHAHA!!!

On Friday SWFloridaGuy posted this:

I want to start by saying RV, RD, RI, I have no clue. I can only hope for the best. We continue to see the GOI stratagem toward reform (which would be the optimal solution for investors). The more I study macroeconomics, the more I understand the Lopsters argument. If you solely look at historic large currency appreciations, even a 20% increase, runs the risk of having negative long term effects. A 100,000% increase is not even something regarded as possible by most economists. However, what the Lopsters fail to recognize is the fact that Iraq is a very unique situation. The value for the IQD is still there. Iraq was devalued due to a war strategy (have yet to see proof from a Lopster that it wasn't) and the U.S. has been in control of the reconstruction from the start. I believe Iraq will revalue and the real questions are - how high, when and by what mechanism? Several incremental adjustments (to get us to 1 to 1 initially) would be what I prefer. That would ensure that the large notes retain their value.

He states here that the dinar was devalued as part of a war strategy. I've posted numerous times a quote from the CBI website that the dinar was valued at 3000:1 back in 1995, eight years before the war. I posted another article a few weeks ago showing that Iraq was experiencing hyperinflation in 1993, nearly 20 years ago. That's where the low valuation comes from, not any war strategy. He goes on to suggest that a lop would devalue the larger notes. This guy must have gone to the Breitling School of Economics. A lop treats all notes the same. They all retain their value until they are simultaneously demonetized at the end of the exchange time frame, at which time only the new currency is honored at the new rate. But since SWFG admitted that he is clueless and wrapped up his post with a disclaimer that he could be wrong, I'm passing him up too. 

On Thursday TonyTNT from PTR posted:

[via millionairemoma] [Just watching Iraq TV. Conference with president just ended. Three ministers were with him. He said Iraqi Dinar will re-value higher than it was in the days of Saddam Hussein. He is on a minute to minute watch. WOW!!!!] TONY SAYS HE HAS CONFIRMED THAT HE HAS HEARD THIS FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE POND!

Talibani is the president, so I'm guessing that Tony is referring to him.  Doesn't really matter though, because whether it was Talibani or Maliki or Shabibi none of them have ever said that Iraq is going to RV, nor will they.  Redenominations are announced but revaluations aren't.  Nobody announced back in January that the rate would be adjusted, did they?  It just popped up on the screen one day larger than life.  Tony is obviously lying, but as bad as this is I'm only giving him a runner-up Douchie. 

This week Frank Villa once again baffled us with BS saying:

Somebody posted "Well Frank you told me two years ago that this was a nine and a half month pregnant woman and she's way overdue.  I guess she's really way overdue now, huh?"  Yeah, but you see that was two years ago sir, and the nine and a half month pregnanacy turned into a stone baby.  It was never delivered, sir.  If you don't know what a stone baby is, look it up.  They get stuck in the fallopian tubes.  A stone baby is a child that never had a chance to come into the world.  The Iraqi dinar two years ago was coming into the world, but they suffocated the electorial (sic) process and Allawi tried to steal everything.  When the authors of the plan found this they put Maliki in this position and said "fight this guy".;0OTc3NDYwNjg=0 (30 min. in)

In this one passage Frankie
  1. Refuses to accept responsibility for his past proclamations (as is his custom)
  2. Makes an assinine analogy to a lithopedion or "stone baby" (he couldn't even get this right - stone babies get stuck outside of the fallopian tubes in the abdominal cavity)
  3. Blames the delay on the electoral process (uh Frankie, the election was over two years ago ... it was resolved in Oct. 2010)
  4. Claims that the authors of the plan intervened and put Maliki in charge (sure took them long enough huh?  8 months?  And by the way, Maliki was already in that position.)
As I have pointed out in previous posts Frank is a big fat liar.  He gets by on his dramatic speaking style that aparently mesmerizes his followers to the point that they can't process information rationally and recognize a big fat lie when they hear it.  What a douchebag!


September marks the one year point for this blog.  My first post was RV Reality Check on Sept. 23, 2011.  It's been an incredible adventure for me.  Sometimes it was exciting, sometimes it was aggravating, sometimes sad, and sometimes it was fun.  But it was never really boring until the last month or so.  I've noticed that reader participation is down.  Apparently people are losing interest and quite frankly so am I.  So I have decided that at the one year point I'm going to step away.  I'll finish what I'm working on now and from time to time I'll post things that are relevant, but I'm not going to do any more Douchies or big research projects.  Frankly I hadn't intended to stay as involved as I have, but I found the videos on James Wolf and that got me jazzed again about researching.  Then I stumbled onto the Dinar Corp info and again immersed myself into the research.  But I have other things going on in my life now that I need to focus on so it's time to go.  I'm saying this now so that nobody will claim that I was run off or bought off or any of that rubbish.  I've just decided to let my work stand on its own merits which I'm confident that it will.  Thanks for your support.  


  1. Yea this ride is coming to an end anyway and many blind and ignorant sheeple will be burnt but it's their own fault for being STUPID. All the info is out there about all these con artists and I find it hilariously sad that many still don't believe their beloved guru god is a scam artist. I've witness many on DV still to this day defend Adam James wolf Montana. Our society is filled with gullible morons who can't think for themselves and truth and facts can't get passed their small minds. This dinar hysteria reminds me of the religious nuts that take religion way too serious and never want to hear the other side. Ignorance is bliss and it clearly shows.

    Thank you Sam for this site. It's been fun watching these fools get exposed. There's really no more info needed. Everything is out there pointing to this as a scam and the dinar will without a doubt RD. to think otherwise is ridiculous. The CBI is very clear with their intentions. Could the rd get delayed....of course it could and the pumped would love that but eventually it will RD.

    To all the douchebags out there, I say thanks for the entertainment.

  2. Thanks CFO. I happen to be a man of faith myself, but I've always felt that faith and reason can co-exist. I actually believe that this is going to drag on a lot longer than most people expect. I wouldn't be surprised to see the rate around 1000:1 a year from now. And the gurus will still be telling people we're there, just hang on. No thanks.

  3. I'm with you Sam. And not just faith and reason, but faith and logic can co-exist as well. I know some will scoff at that statement, but it will most likely come from those who lack the personal experience or relationship to understand it, and that's OK.

    Thanks for the site Sam, this was the best blog I think I've ever read. And sorry if I caused any of the grief in my attempt to be comical and get a rise out of people.

    Calling, nice knowing you man, and let me know if our friend (who I will choose to leave nameless because I don't think I can refrain from making up another stupid name for him) posts anything about us over at his hack for a website. It's been fun calling these fools out with you.
    This one's for you brother: Romans 8: 38,39

    1. Reeder, I agree with, science, logic, reason should all coexist. It's the close minded people who won't accept facts or logic that annoy me lol. Expand your mind and always try to learn something new.

      It was nice knowing you too and since you won't say it I will.......sonny you are a DOUCHEBAG!!!!!! A the MODS at Dinar Vets are douchebags and James "Adam Montana" wolf is the biggest LIAR in dinar land. There will be charges filed once this RD happens. Just because he now admits that a RD is a possibility does not mean all his lies to sell services won't be looked at. Get your ski trips in James because you will be in jail for fraud.

    2. sam even though i feel it will revalue, and i have been attacked by complete losers on this site, i must say that i have enjoyed your site. you have always been fair with me, and i feel what you have done here has been needed. someday the truth will come out. wink wink...

  4. Sam, your readership would improve if you would collect email addresses and send out emails when you have posted a new blog. Ask those people to forward your link to other dinarians. Also, pop up some adsense ads on this puppy. Maybe allow some guest blogs from like-minded individuals. I would really hate to see this site slowly fade. You are doing a great job for this community.

    1. Thanks, supergirl. I've never created a mailing list. People can be notified automatically about new posts by subscribing. There were a lot of things I could have done to make this blog more lucrative, but I didn't want to come across as blatantly marketing it to increase traffic and revenues. I can always use the money but I don't really need it. The important thing to me was getting the facts out, and to some extent I feel that I succeeded in that.

  5. Actually, you know what this site is lacking? Some MODS and STAFF. Oh, and a monthly fee. And a steady stream of baloney. lol

    Sam, I agree this is unfortunately no longer needed. Although it is immensely entertaining, and I for one would love to see it continue, I know it's a lot of work and frankly at this point I feel like if somebody is still believing the lies about the IQD, then they almost deserve what's going to happen. I imagine you feel the same. Especially after you have been warning them for a year.

    Having sold all of my IQD I no longer even follow it except for this site, which again I find very entertaining. Thank you and good luck.

    Rich in TX

  6. Sam....
    You are a bright light in the world of the dinarians.
    Thanks for all that you have done in the past year.
    I also will miss visiting your blog site.
    We all must move on with life and I wish you the best!

  7. One thing I always found odd was Phoenix has stated on his show on BlogTalk Radio that he believes there is only 3-5 trillion IQD in total, worldwide.

    Sam, you are a joy to read and your sharp wit will be sorely missed.
    Seeing you dissect these mental midgets brought me some kind of sick joy and I really do hope you bring us the occasional article to enjoy.

    Wishing you well

  8. Thanks for the kind words everybody. It's been a pleasure. And yes, I think all the info anybody needs about the dinar can be found here. Google pulls up my blog and I've posted about nearly every relevant topic. If you can't find your answer now you're not trying. In time I'll reveal who I am and how this all came about. Let's see how this all plays out first.

    1. wait.. I didnt realize we were guessing who you are! Are you someone famous? lol
      Are you DonnieR?

    2. Not famous, no. But my background will certainly give the blog more context.

  9. I don't think we have long to wait Sam. The CBI is really pushing to do this at the first of the year.

  10. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  11. Darn....I just found this site. I've enjoyed (?) learning about the "gurus" in dinar-land. Especially Adam Montana. At the suggestion of an aquaintance, I purchased some 2 years ago. He was a big Dinar Daddy (Roger) fan. Roger kind of bugged me. A whiner...hahaha! I found DinarVets and will admit that I found it rather believable. Recently I just got a funny feeling about it so, started looking around the internet. There you were! The information you have posted about AM is profound and completely makes sense! The folks on DV are definitely "disciples" of the guy and are immovable regarding him. Just prior to getting those feelings about it, I had swallowed the whole offshore corporate name thing. Paid $299 with my AMEX. Within 12 hours I emailed "Sara" telling her I had changed my mind and wanted her to cancel my request. She emailed me back to let me know that "just isn't done here" and that the funds had already been sent to the Schcellyes Islands to begin the set-up of my corporation. Hmm....oh well, I called AMEX, explained the situation and they are going to block it. I just feel rather foolish for being sucked in for the past 6 mos. and feel especially bad for those who have given him thousands if not close to a million dollars with all the various "perks" he "works so hard for".
    I do have one queston for you. I can't tell if you believe there will be any return at all. Maybe I just haven't read enough?
    Best to you and I agree with the previous comments about seeing you fade out BUT...certainly understand it. ;-)
    Ms. Hightop..AZ

    1. Hi Ms. Hightop. Thanks so much for your story. It's for people like you that I created this blog. I have always maintained that there is a chance to make a profit on the dinar, but nobody will get rich. That's why I have never simply called the dinar investment a scam, although quite a few of my readers do which of course is understandable. A good rule of thumb is to only invest what you can afford to lose, because that is a very real possibility. And don't expect an RV to $.86. The best you can hope for IMO is to double or triple your investment. I still have some dinar and would love to be proven wrong, but since I started this blog my track record is about as good as anybody's. Good luck.


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