Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Booted from the Dinar Forum

What many dinarians have discovered over the years is that many forum owners have an agenda, and they use their power as forum owner to control what is said in their forums so as to further their agenda.  For example, if a member finds information that indicates that Iraq might not ever revalue their currency enough for investors to make any profit they are often branded a negative nelly and banned.  If the idea is to discuss the investment then all pertinent info should be allowed, pro and con.  If the con info isn't permitted you have to question the motives of the site owner. 

I found this blog the other day while searching for something.  Never noticed it before but I think it's interesting.  Notice the dates.  This has been going on for years.


  1. Being part of the dinar community since '05', I am quite familiar with this site. Good place see how the B.S. has been pumped over the years.

  2. Got you covered "Sam I Am"... ;)

  3. Been booted from every single one of them. They all have an aversion to common sense it seems


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