Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Update

Well surprise, surprise!  Another month has come and gone without "the RV".  Who could have imagined that?  Yours truly, that's who. 

I'm kicking back these days, taking care of things I neglected last year when I was kind of obsessed with researching and blogging about all of this skullduggery.  However, I still find time to browse a few forums and listen in on some of the calls.  The month of February saw a renewed expectancy with many, from talk of an end to Chapter 7, a deal with the Kuwaitis, the impending removal of Maliki, and the selection of Jack Lew as head of the Treasury.  All of this has nothing to do with dinar investors getting rich of course, but these douchebags never miss a chance to mislead.

Before I go any further I'd like to talk about a story I read that has nothing directly to do with the dinar.  It's a story about a member of a famous gospel music family who has been convicted of defrauding investors of $8 million worth of Saudi oil bonds.  Michael Winans Jr. reportedly used church pulpits to promote this scheme that left many victims broke, divorced, and devestated. 


The reason I brought this up is that many if not most dinar investors are Christian people who bought dinar because of the pitch they heard from some religious con artist who talked their language in order to sell them on the idea of buying it because it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when in fact it is headed for demonetization.  This isn't the first time nor will it be the last that people of faith were exploited by douchebags.  Even in the bible the money changers were ripping people off as they came to the temple to offer their sacrifices.  More recently a number of similar examples have been reported.

Asian church founder arrested for $17+ million swindle

Greater Ministries' Ponzi Scheme

Jim Bakker and Heritage USA

Universal Church of the Kindgom of God (Brazil)

I could offer more examples but you get the point.  Lest anyone think that I'm bashing religion, I'm doing no such thing.  I'm a person of faith myself.  But I heed the admonition of scripture to "be wise as serpents and harmless as doves".  I've personally witnessed too much of this crap in the past, and this is part of what motivates me to do what I do. 

Submitted for your approval:
  • Get Team starts their conference calls off with prayer.
  • WangDang starts his calls with prayer.
  • Randy Koonce claims to be a Christian.
  • Okie Oilman claims to be a Christian.
  • SteveI from People's Dinar claims to be a Christian.
  • Roger Dorman talks about his faith.
  • Breitling talks about faith and prayer and thanks his listeners for their prayers.
  • Rudy Coenen (now indicted) talked about his love for Jesus.
  • Frank Villa (Frank26) prays on his conference calls and conducts "bible studies".
  • BGG either has Poppy pray on their calls or does the prayer himself.
  • Bruce from The BIG Call either prays or has FootForward pray on their calls.
Is it just a coincidence that so many gurus/pumpers are devout men of faith, or is it possible that these people have discovered that church people are easy prey?  Just a theory .....

Now to this month's update.  Recent examples of dinar douchebaggery include:

Adam Montana, who claims a recent trip to Belize to confirm that all systems are go with his offshore investment (OSI) post-RV program.  Actually this was from late January but I missed it in last month's post.

9:48 AM [Adam Montana] sorry mods, I didn't give you a heads up on this one.
9:48 AM [Adam Montana] Just a quick update, although it's probably more relevant to our VIP and OSI members than anyone else.
9:49 AM [Adam Montana] With the current state of things, it's starting to look like the stars are lining up in our favor
9:49 AM [Adam Montana] I'm not going to do another full on analysis at this time, check my last chat for that
9:50 AM [Adam Montana] but with the current state of things, I have been doing some confirming with our VIP banks both foreign and domestic
9:50 AM [Adam Montana] in fact I'm just leaving Belize, where I've spent a few days meeting with both our VIP cash-in banks and also our OSI partner banks
9:51 AM [Adam Montana] we are 100% ready to go with every outlet that I've made arrangements with...
9:51 AM [Adam Montana] and that applies to everyone, not just VIP members
9:51 AM [Adam Montana] I have 100% confirmation from several major banks that they DO have plans to move from "no dinar" to "bring it on!"
9:52 AM [Adam Montana] on a note that is strictly relevant to our offshore investor group - I've opened a few new doors and I'll be sharing that with you later this week
9:52 AM [Adam Montana] so... until that RV is announced, we still wait.


Frank Villa (Frank26), who did a conference call Feb. 25 in which he said:
  1.  Clinton revalued the Kuwaiti dinar to balance the budget in the 90s.  (14 min.)  There was no Kuwaiti RV, but even if there was Desert Storm was in 1991 and Clinton's balanced budget didn't materialize until 1998.
  2. The 2013 budget will contain the new rate (35 mins.)  These stories about the RV being in the budget have been around for at least three years, and every time they've been wrong
  3. I can call him any name I want, so I'll go with "douchebag".  (36 mins.)
  4. The CBI needs the 000 notes to use in international bank transactions.  (63 min.)  Why, pray tell, would the CBI need 000 notes for bank transactions when the whole world now handles these transactions electronically?  And if Iraq is concerned about counterfeit notes as they have stated repeatedly why would they want these 000 notes to remain in circulation if they're suddenly worth 3000 times more?
  5. Countries are now going to peg to the Iraqi dinar instead of the US dollar.  (72 min.)  This is too stupid to even bother with.  What a asshat douche!


Breitling, who did a video claiming that people who know me told him that I was foaming at the mouth angry that he rebutted me.  This is pure fabrication.  The fact is when he rebutted me I talked to a few people about it and was laughing at his babbling, rambling, name-calling rant.  He actually had to restart his recording a couple of times because he got so worked up that he knocked his recording equipment loose.  I couldn't believe that he would put something that juvenile out there for worldwide consumption.   He then went on to say that everything I accused him of was a lie except for the name-calling.  However, in his rebuttal (which has now disappeared along with all of the videos I critiqued in "The Breitling Catalog") he admitted to getting a couple of things wrong after I pointed them out, so how was I lying?

Breitling also said that I never talk about the numbers, which is rubbish.  As my readers know I've talked numbers frequently.  Here's an excerpt from a post I did back in September called "Shabibi and Stability".

They're backing the dinar with their foreign currency reserves which are currently a little over $60 billion (recent reports have it up around $67 billion so I'm expecting that to be reflected soon in their M2 figures, which will probably be reported between 75 and 78 trillion by the end of the year) and they're backing all of it which includes the electronic currency as well as the cash. That's why you have to go by the M2 figures rather than the M1 which is only cash. The current M2 is a little over 70 trillion dinar. If you divide $60 billion by 70 trillion you get a figure of about $.000857. Sound familiar? That's the current value of the dinar. Now, why doesn't that change as their money supply increases? Because their foreign currency reserves are also growing. In fact, that's the very reason their money supply is growing. It's how they reflect the growth in those reserves and their economy. Here's how it works. (FCR = Foreign Currency Reserves)

$40 billion (FCR) x 1170 = 46.8 trillion dinar
$45 billion (FCR) x 1170 = 52.6 trillion dinar
$50 billion (FCR) x 1170 = 58.5 trillion dinar
$55 billion (FCR) x 1166 = 64.1 trillion dinar
$60 billion (FCR) x 1166 = 69.9 trillion dinar

These are all approximations of course. Money is constantly going in and out but this is pretty much what they're doing. As their foreign currency reserves grow they increase the money supply to the extent necessary to maintain equilibrium resulting in a stable exchange rate. They could leave the money supply as it is and just increase the value instead, but Shabibi wants stability in the exchange rate.

Now, according to the latest financials on the CBI website the M2 reached 75 trillion in December, just as I expected. 


So the next time you hear somebody say "nobody has been right yet" just tell them that Sammy was right about the M2 for 2012. 

The figures in yellow are tentative, but if they hold up we have to conclude that there are 75 trillion dinar in total.  Now according to a report in September of 2012 they expected their foreign currency reserves to reach $70 billion by the end of the year, so we divide $70 billion (FCR) by 75.5 trillion (M2) and we get about $.000927 which is slightly higher than the current value.  Of course if they haven't reached $70 billion in FCR yet the potential value would be lower.  Those are the numbers, folks.  There's really not much room for a big RV.  They could bump it up a few % with these numbers, but that's about it as long as they're backing the dinar 100%. 


Speaking of Breitling, he has been pumping REIC, a MLM real estate scheme headed by a guy named Kris Krohn.  Well, take a gander at these links.

Douches of a feather ......

As I mentioned earlier, another topic siezed upon by several pumpers recently is the appointment of Jack Lew to the head of the U.S. Treasury.  Supposedly he was involved in the Kuwaiti "RV" and he's now in place to RV the Iraqi dinar.  I have been unable to find any documentation that Lew had anything to do with either Kuwait or their currency.  Lew worked in the Clinton administration from 1993-1994 but the Kuwaiti "RV" would have taken place during the Bush Sr. administration in 1991 after Saddam was removed from Kuwait.  Doesn't add up.

The story I'm really waiting for is the fraud and money laundering trials of Brad Huebner and Rudy Coenen.  If these clowns are convicted I have a feeling that it's "Katie bar the door" as other indictments are sure to follow.  I'll update if I hear anything. 


  1. Good post as always Sam. If you dig deep enough you'll see Dinar scamster "personalities" are often involved in other scams or selling false legal advice. The pumper "Phoenix" was said to have pumped the CMKX penny stock fraud under several different "sock-puppet" names (before its top 4 men were prosecuted for stock fraud and all but a few cult members suddenly saw the blatantly obvious counterfeiting / stock fraud for what it was).

    And "Dinar Daddy" (and some others) have been pumping the legally bogus LLC stuff a while ago (this is where some claim all you need to do is set up a Limited Liability Company in your name (ie, "John Doe LLC"), buy your Dinar through that, and you'll magically be "immune" to both Capital Gains Taxes on any Forex gains, and can even borrow money you don't have to pay back).

    Neither of these things are true, and plenty of people have learned that the hard way when the IRS and private loan debt collectors come knocking and start aggressive tax evasion / fraud-by-misrepresentation loan-recovery legal proceedings that "John Doe LLC" hasn't got a leg to stand on in court when they point out "John Doe LLC" isn't a real business at all, hires no staff, has no business model, makes no turnover, buys & sells no products or services, has no accounts, and exists solely for the purpose of John Doe's attempted CGT evasion....

    LLC's simply mean you won't owe other creditors of genuine companies more than you put in if it goes bust, not that you can ignore paying CGT from personal gambling on currencies with a fake shill company (as some Dinar conmen are fraudulently selling).

    And that's if the "100,000% RV" was possible or real which it isn't for the reason you pointed out above - 75 trillion Dinar backed by $70bn of USD = there's only $1 available to support each 1070 Dinar which ironically gives the Dinar the same fair market value of 1164-1170:1 that it's already at!

    1. Good post. However, The Bureau Of Internal Revenue aka IRS corporation is one of the biggest scams/frauds along with social security perpetrated on the American people. Research that cabal. I for one do not fear the IRS.

    2. Yeah, rfcr, I do understand (and know all about "the IRS is a false corporate overlay" stuff). My main point was a lot of people fall for "the answer to one scam is another scam" by chronically dishonest Dinar pumpers who play on the fact some people attach themselves to the first thing they want to believe in by "I'm on your side! Honest!" salesmen who know exactly what "emotional buttons" to push (religion, patriotism, sovereign people, etc) to keep people believing but without asking too many questions...

      Some people do know what they're doing and have indeed taken on the IRS with success. Many more have made a right hash of it and ended up in jail / losing their house. The investment "advice" Dinar pumpers sell has overall, been much closer to the latter than the former.

  2. Good job Sam, as usual. I hope you're right about the floodgates opening if the indictments against Huebner and Coenen are successfully prosecuted. I'm a little more pessimistic. As detestable and deplorable as I find these douchebags, at the end of the day, I suspect a prosecutor must conclude that they were simply selling a product that people chose to buy. Even if you and I know that they are lying through their teeth to sell that product, I think a prsecutor will conclude that they can't PROVE that they were lying. After all, most of these "products" involve super secret back-room deals that will benefit their members AFTER the RV. The prosecutor would have to prove that there will never be an RV and the seller knew there would never be an RV. I suspect prosecutors will leave it to the buyers to determine if they receive adequate value for their purchase and, if not, to pursue a civil case against the seller. I hope I'm wrong but I think "buyer beware" will prevail. Even if they aren't indicted, I'd like to see them squirm a little. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

  3. It's offical: I am out and just sold my millions - LOL! Armchair QB is too easy at this time, but dude, I feel like a douche for falling for this hype 4 years ago.

    Sam & others - thank you for your time, dedication, and simply doing a good deed. There are some good humans who care about others - I appreciate all you have done. Please keep up the good work and check in more often. I will continue to check back on this site - it's an exceptional resource for which I am grateful to have found.

    I am riding my surfboard Dinar-less into the sunset...OK, maybe I did keep a little "just in case." :)


    1. Thanks for the kind words, spic. I have never told anybody not to buy dinar or to sell their dinar. I just want people to understand the true risk and true potential of owning dinar, and that most of the people promoting it have an agenda. Once they understand that most make the right decision. Hang loose my friend!

  4. keep up the good work ! i love this site

  5. Hi Sam
    Regarding all the gurus who claim to be a christian. I have learned a long time ago to never trust someone simply because they have a fish on their business card. I have learned that the hard way. It is absolutely shameful how these gurus try to fleece the flock.


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