Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blaino's Diatribe

In The Dinar Scam's forum there was a post addressed to me the other day.  It read:

Blaino here! I'll put this up in parts as your blog has a limit...

Part 1 I am fascinated that you could write about me without apparently EVER doing a minute's worth of due diligence... you never made any attempt to contact me... never tried to ask me a question or "interview" me in any way at all... yet you seem to pass YOURSELF off as some kind of guru "GURU" with this magical ability to separate myth from fact, and divine truth from "pumping" (never was real sure what does and does not constitute pumping) and bring the white light of truth to your followers about what might be in my mind, my motivation, my intent.
So, let's start at the beginnig, shall we.... I have a little time if you do.
I came to this dinar deal in the late summer of 2010 as many did with the intent of getting in to turn a little USD into IQD for awhile and hope for some appreciation.
The friend that got me involved sent me to this brand new site, GET Team to learn and listen. I went and did... heard a few of the calls and then the night came where TK told us it was all happening... would be on the UN website in the morning, "Cash IN Monday!" We all know how that played out!
At the time I was commenting and had even posted a few times on Dinar Daddy and been well recieved... getting mostly 50 to 80 comments per on my few posts.
Now, I had just suffered my first "Scamming"... stayed up all night and NOTHING... I was pissed off and couldn't understand why this was said if there was nothing! I posted a stinging "Where's the Beef" post and days later I was chewed up by Rodney on the next GET Team call, for 17 or 18 minutes... which I had no idea was happening as I was in a meeting.
I heard about it from several people that knew me when I turned the phone back on and as Q n A was still going, I called in and was on in less than a minute.
That was interesting... Okie liked me and called me soon after, but although I did bring his intel to the GET site for a time (as HIS!), I was never some kind of Okie protege.
Later Terry asked me to join GET on the calls because I had done some vocal impressions.
He asked me to be Shabibi for an "pretend interview" which apparently many people thought was the real thing... so controversy developed around me from almost the beginning.
People wanted me on the calls and away we went.
When I realized that all at GET was not what it seemed, I began to separate myself, & then I was flushed from the site along with my wife after challenging Terry privately on some of his professed contacts... to his credit he did have Al call a few days later... said I could come back if I would apologize publicly... for what, ... Al couldn't say... but if I would, then I could... my wife could return too... if she would apologize publicly as well.... again, for what heinous infraction, we were not told! I shared with Al that I needed to respect the guy in the mirror, so thanks but no thanks on that offer.

Part 2... I did ask him to share that were Terry willing to call and apologize to me, I would certainly entertain it... phone still hasn't rung!
TampaTom and Okie both agreed that if I was not going to be on the GET calls, neither would they... so that's how things ended there.
Days later Al informed me that Terry was concerned that I was going to open a site myself.
It took about three minutes to decide that this was the best idea I had never considered and off to the races we went.
TampaTom and Okie agreed to help with their persona's being affiliated but the costs to establish the site were all on me. A couple of guys offered to pitch in on the programming, TampaTom came up with the best name "Planet Dinar" and off we went. The software guys Myron and Chaos did a great job, we were off and running on March 19th, 2011.
In all fairness to you, Sam, I was in fact relying for a time on Okie's intel sources and Al Madden and I had some behind the scenes exchanges and sharing as well. Also at that time I had an intel circle that included other people, who that at that time all claimed to have these incredible sources... I later realized they had nothing at all... they all called it regularly, and encouraged me to do the same... based on their information, articles etc... BGG, then known as TommyMoe was one of these... always claiming to have all these great sources... Pam (ILoveMyLife)was another... retired CIA guy Chris Marsh(not so much CIA I think), SweetVirgoDinar (now SweetQueen), Tony Borgognone (Athena) Eric Ranks (Peacekeeper),  Dusty, the list drones on... all claiming to have all these contacts and insiders... and all flat as an old rotten tire!
In June of 2011, I took to pay as the costs to operate the site were too much to bear alone, bandwidth, maintenance, ram, support,I.T., software...and I had never sold advertising etc, also because there was so much spam & porn getting dumped into the forum. I didn't think these types would pay to push that junk... and they don't, so that worked.
I had an offer from MOD seeker,(Dennis Boyle, Houston TX) a member that claimed to have been an admin for Roger Dorman to help with MOD stuff and over time he became the primary Admin with access to everything on the site and in the backend software as well.
I discovered that Dennis was a Muslim convert and we had several discussions along those lines...he telling me how true and wonderful it all was, and me sharing that using children to kill, stripping every right from all women, and the huge inconsistencies in Mohammad's personal life (pedophilia, familial murder, incestuous leanings and genocide) were worth a second, third, ...ten thousandth look! So maybe that set him off... like when the Dutch cartoonist was attacked and rewards put on his head for lampooning Mohammad in a news paper several years ago.

Part 3.... He (Dennis) was coming to my attention as a booter and banner, having attacked several friends and others that were bringing intel... later running off several of our MODs as well. He wanted more and more control and after alienating Okie, TampaTom and others he finally laid out a plan where I would turn over all control of the backend of the site to him, all intel would be cleared by him before posting, etc, etc, etc or he would write some horrible e-mail to all the site members, etc.
I don't respond well to ultimatums. So, seekr and his dreams were immediately banished, and he did try to spread a lot of crap around... safe to say that almost a year later, it's not really worth the bytes and bits it's typed on... he had me in some desperate financial straights and willing to sell the site, etc... while actually he was in bankruptcy and the beginnings of a divorce, so maybe his Muslim motivations are revealed a little more. Their book, the Muslim Book of Jihad (now renamed the Koran... or the "Holy [not so much, IMO] Quoran") makes it clear that a "true believer" can lie, misrepresent or cheat anyone that is an "infidel"...

Part 4.... Anyway, all last summer after losing all the "intel" PEOPLE WE THOUGHT WE HAD...& getting down to a small handful of "real" people in some key positions, I was able to share many things well before they were anywhere else, that then happened...
We called the troop pull out in July for sometime after Sept 22nd, and revised that in August to after October 1st... on the 14th, Barry called it and we left.
On September 6th or 7th I told everyone that the 12th would be interesting... and on that day I was informed there was shooting and a good chance for Civil war in the Kurdistan region... there were doubters... the next day the US State department issued a Travel Advisory for the area and Iraq generally.
All last summer, I called pass after pass while everyone was saying it was about to happen any minute.... jonnywig, Okie, Bluwolf, PTR and all the rest... How about a lil credit for that?
I told people to go enjoy their Summer, not waste it in front of the PC... "Ole Pumper Blaino!"
I steered people away from the "Reserve Rip-Off Programs" from all the big dealers... and toward the only dealer with a legitimate layaway program!

Part 5 On December 17th I advised planeteers to relax, enjoy Christmas and New Years as there was NO CHANCE for any RV before the 2nd of January and little chance then as well.. on the 22nd, I repeated that again amid a din of noise from all the "Guru's" calling it for the next day, the 23rd.... and we did the whole exercise again on the 26th and the 2nd of January. "Ole Pumper Blaino".... REALLY???
I even went to a system of "Markers" to make it a lil harder for these other sites to copy everything we were putting out... Pumper? I think has one of the best reputations for consistency, honesty and dependability.
Our text messaging system is a one time pay, $8.95 for members... ONE TIME PAY... no monthly fees... no per text costs.... Pumper? Profiteer? REALLY?
They get up to date intel, Conference Call news, etc... as well as any significant news... right to their phones. ONE TIME PAY!.... douchebag? REALLY?
I submit that you have a lil more homework to do!

Part 6 ... finishing up!
In summation, We try really hard to be a service to our members... and to earn their continued support and respect. Out team is generous and will bend over backwards to assist members with any troubles or issues... sure NO IMMEDIATE MIRACLES... but douchebags? I hardly think so
We have given out well over 2m IQD... That's Two Million Iraqi Dinar! Contests, membership bonus's, game prizes on the site and as awards to those we felt were in need or deserving.... like our Senior-est member... etc.... But hey... it's just "Ole Pumper Blaino"... douchebag at large, right?
I have personally sent hundreds of real dollars to those in need or dumped on by life in general... and I never did it in a public way, nor have I ever mentioned it on the site or anywhere else till now.
I could go on and on.... but I tire of other people trying to make a big splash by climbing up my backside to jump from!
I resent your attacks on my name, character and the site and people that have worked so hard for others, and to build something clean and solid!
It seems to me your provocative title for this murky blog was to attract the darkest side of people's fears and appoint yourself Policeman, judge, jury and executioner ... with almost no real knowledge about the subject at all... hey, isn't that what you are complaining the guru's do.... blather about something they have little or no knowledge about... at the expense of others?
Yeah, I think that's exactly what you're doing!
Thanks for the space.... I triple Dog Dare you to publish this.... in it's entirety!
Know that I will... on BOTH of my sites... AND ....
Clean it up where I am concerned.... and as well... or face the facts that you are as bad as the people that you accuse... or "mebby" even far worse!


Triple Dog Dare accepted.  My response:

4-11-2011 Blaino - made a follow up call and had permission to release it [the rate] would be above $6.18

4-21-2011 Blaino - May happen between Thursday PM (Baghdad) and morning prayers on Friday….

4-25-2011 Blaino - Best Guess: By Thursday PM (here) April 28th, 2011 …. and as I told you before $5.72 give or take the same 45 cents….I published it [rate] in early December 2010, and have NOTHING YET to deter me on rate…

4-28-2011 Blaino - Date: the prime opportunity for the RV, imo, is after 9pm central standard time tonight, Thurs, April 28, 9pm (central standard time) = all banks in USA are closed (even HAWAII)….+… About the time for morning prayers in Baghdad, known as the best time for information to be spread to the people!



5-24-2011 Blaino - 1. Major Bank, South East, bulking [up] on cash twice in the last 2 weeks, re-training on the DeLarue Machine (with IQD!) on Saturday, solving “IT” issues today…. now on watch…. (yes, for that!) 2. Second Major Bank (Different brand) in the land of the Lone Star… is in the early stages of “connection establishment” to the network of systems connecting all the significant Banks, prepping Staff (overtime $) and so on…. did you bring your glasses? The “read between the lines” glasses? ‘Nuff Said!

5-27-2011 Blaino - We are getting some amazing intel…we are watching closely what the morning conference will address in Baghdad. Some quite remarkable stuff has come down…would love to spill every detail, but it might hold things up… Watch the news, examine the details…the truth will make itself known to you.

5-27-2011 Blaino -  Maliki has spoken. He has stated that today the IQD will be restored to a value higher than before the occupation, and be a frontrunner among all currencies in the world. No rate or value was given. He alluded to it (rate) coming out today, Friday in Iraq


5-28-2011 Blaino - It appears that that we will be seeing the rate more like Sunday morning…. the ability to begin some cash in stuff next week, maybe Tuesday!

6-4-2011 Blaino -  Heard from several sources, Bagdad, Dubai, & other M.E. contacts.the RV announcement was apparently made…again!…expect to see more indications in coming hours…several confirmations that some of our millitary folks in Iraq were “Cashing In” at $5.25…could be GBP…in which case the rate would be $8.60 or so…uncertainty of that…either way me be happy!

6-7-2011 Blaino - heard from a known reliable contact that his parents went into a major banking chain branch after hearing they could exchange for $4.30/IQD and they saw the dinar on the screen for the $4.30 rate with all the other foreign currencies that bank handles (so, NOT a “back screen”) but the transaction would not lock in. A call was made to the home office, etc, etc and the people were asked to return on Tuesday for exchange.

6-11-2011 Blaino - One of our ForEx & Stock Market Intel Guys…with a 35 year winning business track record says that Monday, the 13th, fits the mold for an “increase in the value in the Iraqi Dinar”. Poppy, Rich Queen, Okie, Myself, Gump, Dusty &…more…believe…that we “SHOULD” see the worldwide financial reset within days..this affair is not the revalue for Iraq alone…somewhere between 52 & 137 countries…”IT” must happen TOGETHER.

6-12-2011 Blaino - It seems the end is at hand…finally!…had indepth intel conferences & conversations…with our intel teams including Okie, Longfellow, Dusty, Studley, Chickenhunter, Gump, Rich Queen, Seeker, Poppy2. Here’s what we feel secure to release: 1. Major American Bank, “Noticed to be ready for Monday 13, June. 2. Electricity Minister “gets”…funding (GOTTA have a “increase in value” of the IQD to float that boat!) 3. …solid proof of the release of the “lower Denominations” 4. Solid proof that prices are changing EVERYWHERE in Iraq!…member…arrived, saw & knows! 5. answer to LACK of any kind of pictures…Authorities place a seal on the lenses of the cameras…& warn: If tampered with in ANY way..prepare to be DETAINED! Also, the subject if taboo for discussion ANYWHERE! 6. We have the whole voucher program, detailed. 7. Notice to the big 4 banks…to inform them revaluation was due this weekend, for Monday banking. 8. UST, IMF, WB, & related parties have FINALLY got the software to “run” right!

6-15-2011 Blaino - I have excellent conections at a number of large Gov’t organizations that we were within 24 hours this morning (yesterday)…

6-20-2011 Blaino - All “appears” on track for this week. A certain group of people in certain (govt) organizations (several different ones) are now “activated” to do their tasking…Intel sources agree we should see “an increase in the value of the IQD” on or before June 30, but it “could be” as early as TOMORROW!.

7-1-2011 Blaino - It appears that several financial …. “Entities” …. are supporting the Intel that PlanetDinar Intel Services released on Tuesday evening… The 5th of July or (immediatly) thereafter. Read that as the 6th and 7th. There “may” be some announcement prior to that, howeever… we Dinarians will most likely be unable to “do anything” with our IQD much before that. This is GOOD NEWS! We can now measure the length of this ride in …. hours?

7-2-2011 Blaino - It appears that some of our Politicians have been through a very private exchange where they were provided an opportunity to convert their IQD to vouchers! The rate for them, or us is yet to be posted…we have decided that we like the 5.25 GBP number just fine! Once the rate is “live”… they will then be allowed to convert their IQD (from the voucher) into other forms.

7-6-2011 Blaino - It is exciting to continue to hear all positive events happening and to see the movement and possibilities getting better and better. There is not one word of anything negative so far..we will see the RV before we hear the rv from anyone. The RV is I STILL feel within the next 48 hours.

7-6-2011 Blaino - a 26 year + ForEx Vet… has access to a ForEx “Back Screen” of some type, I’m guessing it’s Thompson-Reuters Interbank systems, through a very secret and secure connection…which she says is showing the IQD ‘renumerating’ at very low levels over the last few days and as the pings are confirmed and answered world wide the rate sneaks up and another round of pings is issued worldwide at the new, slightly higher rate. Problems are solved as they occur. At this time the rate is passing $6.44…and heading to $8.43 or $8.44 where it will “lock in” and render us ‘Revalued’….and she believes that the “lock in rate” will be acheived before 6AM Eastern Standard Time, USA on Thursday, July 7th, 2011…. as I first indicated almost two weeks ago..was able to get a second confirm a few minutes ago. I wish I could call this “fact”, I cannot…draw your own conclusions

7-11-2011 Blaino - I had several strong indicators for today – tomorrow which came to me last night …however…there was no way on a Sunday evening to get ANY kind of confirmation. I also got several different sources who are equally as adament about Thursday coming & “Sure that this is the date ‘Certain’ for the revaluation!”…have been able to get a handful of people that “ought to know” to offer grudging confirmations on that date, with a rate that is beyond Blaino’s belief (way high, IMO)…It is substantially ABOVE the 5.25 GBP we have heard…about for the last 2 months or so…at pennies off the $10 mark. As I said, I have NO IDEA how “they” get this number..

7-12-2011 Blaino - some political figures…relate…they…under an informal Gag, they are informally watching Thursday, this week (the 14th) which I think is a lil strange considering the new banking regs fly on the 15th. The rate seems to be climbing with every time the date gets pushed, almost as if “they” feel they “owe us” something when we have sharp intel that later cannot cut the cheese!…believable… let me get back to you on that!

7-13-2011 Blaino -  I was informed…a M.E. bank… orders IQD a couple of time a week (resale) and will be reordering on Wednesday…. “mebby, mebby NOT” since they were told “Rates will be higher”… working on…confirmations. Also,…Several “significant” Citizens are rumored to have done the swap deal…last week, in Lone Star Land, rate $6++, and this WILL be difficult to verify…considering their stature, security & former “Employment”. Take as rumor…although the contact across the pond seems well placed to be privy to the facts. Also, there MAY have been a meeting…where there was discussion about an announcement…By whom, to whom and WHERE FROM???

7-16-2011 Blaino - This just in…..breaking rate news! Our “sandbox” source now reports that the rate may be closer to the 4.40 GBP…You get it FIRST…Right here!…$7.00++++

7-17-2011 Blaino - (From the sandbox) Two Military contacts have confirmed that indeed the increase in value for the IQD is accomplished at long last and we should see it here on many sites as well as the Banks here (USA) on Monday

7-17-2011 Blaino - Good NEWS…”Breaking News” Boots on the ground…have reported that the tv news, radio, papers and so on are reporting the “increase in value of the Iraqi Dinar”…. which is now pegged to the GBP (Great Brittan, Pound)! …And the rate: is the 5.25 that we have been hearing! We ought to see it here in the Morning! I cannot yet state it is “ABSOLUTELY IRON CLAD”

7-23-2011 Blaino - several of my contacts with excellent resources in the ME… especially Baghdad, are really confidant about tomorrow… I think the best place to see it first is on the CBI site. IMO, ForEx cannot assign it a value initially, but can push it once it has been assigned a value by Them

7-30-2011 Blaino - Looks like we have about 5 1/2 weeks…by the first week in September have you bank accounts ready and get ready for cashin around Sept 12th.

8-16-2011 Blaino - from two sources that I trust…the $13 rate is hog wash… horse feathers… bunk! our stated timeline (September, first week)… still on track. Then, later this afternoon…same source’s…now we might be within 10 days

8-18-2011 Blaino - we appear to still be on track! the current intel is that we actually could see this in the next few days. So far, I am NOT telling you that it will not happen in the next few days! It is not the same as telling you that it will happen in the next few days… but I have NO intel telling me that it won’t happen, which is different in a subtle way

11-17-2011 Blaino - Top source told me it’s not going to happen this weekend. There were some Parlament meetings, everything signed, new budget, all ministers approved, everything is set. Looks like Monday is going to be the day. I have a source so well placed that it could not take place without this person knowing. It appears that we are done. Do not know the rate, but looking at $5.72, give or take $.40. Am I calling the RV for Monday, NO, but it looks good.

12-1-2011 Blaino - There are some National scale players – mega corps, Countries, several wealthy types (very BIG Fish)…have in fact CASHED OUT using leveraged deals…asset backed. It’s different than you going to your bank and cashing out. I did get confirmation. Smoky Joe (Biden) has been over there having meetings with governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (al Shabibi) and most of the conversations and agreements are complete at this time. More will be happening today (Thursday) in about 5 hours (Midnight, Central Time) when “today” starts in Iraq. They will be dusting off all the details tomorrow and there was a lot of conversation about the “Button”. It is now back where we thought it always belonged, with al Shabibi. We are in 24 – 30 hour countdown…Could be 6 hours or 14… no way (yet) to tell. Rate: $5.72 give or take 45 cents more or less.

1-24-2012 Blaino -  We are all being bombarded daily (hourly) with the news that the RV is imminent. Has anyone been right yet? Not so far. But let’s look at some facts: Iraq is running out of money, the average citizen still has 3 hours of electricity a day. At the “last minute” someone is going to have to finally do something. Will it be outside pressure from the rest of the world that causes it, or will it be pressure from the citizens of Iraq that will finally cause these… politicians to do the right thing? And then, without fanfare, the RV will be released.

etc. etc. etc..........

Seriously, guy .... how much more due diligence should I have to do?  I don't have time to track down everybody I post about to get their whole life's story first.  I just go by what they say.  I believe people should be held accountable for their words, especially when those words have such dire consequences.  As for me being a guru or having divine insight, I'm just a blogger.  If people don't want to read what I say they don't have to visit my blog.  But people do read what I say because it's pretty obvious that I do quite a bit of research. 

My concern is not you or your site.  It's the people out there who end up buying dinar because of the incessant hype and pumping about the RV.  If you're that concerned about your site and your reputation I have a simple solution for you.  Renounce all of the past intel and rumours and acknowledge that this mythical RV doesn't exist.  Do what Legolas and Marcus Curtis and countless others have done .... admit that you were duped and after doing adequate research you now realize that the overnight millionaire thing ain't gonna happen.  (It's all there in my blog.)  I'm a reasonable guy.  Just ask Neno.  I removed him from the pumper list last fall.  I'll gladly forget all of your past transgressions if you'll just drop the constant RV drumbeat.  But if you refuse to do that I have no choice but to list you among the pumpers.   



  1. I believe Blaino just got his ass handed to him.

  2. 6-13-2012 Intel Guru Blaino Got some intel from my "Whale Watcher" earlier today::: Seems like our 'turn' is in the works for the next few days...That's IF all works out! He/She/They are even now awaiting a call regarding 'departure!' Said the "Whales" ought to be done cashing in today and/or tomorrow and then "WE" get our turn at bat! He/She/They doubt we will see much before Thursday mebby Friday. So...using our judgement and common sense...we should be done by mid week next week ..."mebby!"

    Blaino, you're a douchebag. Nuff said.

    1. the only whales cahin out are the one up here in the bering straight feasting on the krill!

    2. I never cease to be amazed by how these guys conveniently "forget" the literally hundreds of BS and blatantly false "intel" posts they have made in the past when they make their feeble attempts to defend their so-called honor. Do they seriously believe that people don't remember, or better yet, SAVE the posts they've made. There are by now tens of thousands of pages on the net loaded with their "douchebaggery," and yet they continue to make these delusional and arrogant claims that they are in fact good people, with not a word of apology for the damage they've done. Truly unbelievable.

    3. Blaino's an a55 hat.
      I'm sure if and when folks start doing their own research they'll go through the 7 Stages of Grief like I did. 1)SHOCK & DENIAL (when they see the currency in circulation and realize a revaule is unprecedented). 2)PAIN & GUILT (when they realized they they can lose money and they got someone else invested). 3)ANGER & BARGAINING (mad at themselves, the pumpers, and their friends for busting their chops why it didn't RV over the weekend) 4)DEPRESSION, REFLECTION, LONELINESS (staying away from forums, friends, chat rooms etc because frankly they are embarrassed) 5)THE UPWARD TURN (when you make the choice to not expect a 100,000 ROI, maybe sell some on Ebay to pay some bills or buy a cool toy, and eventually reach out to the good friends you made on this ride). 6) RECONSTRUCTION & WORKING THROUGH (turning the time you use to spend in chat rooms, posting articles, and defending your inductive reasoning into real sweat equity and doing thinks to give back physically to your local community and family). Finally, 7)ACCEPTANCE & HOPE (You will start to look forward past the Dinar and actually plan things for the future outside the "RV". Eventually, you will be able to think about the Dinar without pain; sadness, yes, but the wrenching pain will be gone. You will once again anticipate some good times to come, and yes, even find joy again in the experience of living). Sell it, shoe box it, or wallpaper your outhouse with it I don't care. Sam, thanks for caring so much to protect new investors out there from these liars. To those of us who have been in it for sometime in the end deserve what we get, and you know these "Guru's know exactly what they are doing"! I hope this ride is about to get REALLY bumpy.

  3. From Mr Blaino ( :

    Thanks for getting back to me.... I have NOTHING that says the RV is hype.
    I have NO IDEA what "legolas", neno or any others found out etc... only what I have from the small circle that I have.
    I will not list them, but I have faith that what we get is real and happening.
    Thousands of people care for what I do, the way I do it enough to pay a modest fee to be a part of it and have access.
    I have always told people NOT to buy any IQD with money they will need anytime soon and NOT to try and build up tens of millions of IQD, VND etc.
    I came out vocally and publicly (and alone) against the latest round of reserve rip-off schemes from DB, DT and exposed the connection between Treasury Vault and Ali (not even his real name) and their sham "interview" conference call....maybe you missed that.
    I don't sell currency, I get no fees, commissions, kick backs, percentages or money from any entity based on someone buying dinar, dong or any other currency.
    So, in many ways I feel we are on the same side of that street, however... like Dad always said.... no good deed goes unpunished.
    I have given "Pass" after pass when all the 'guru's" were calling it done.... and told people that it was NOT done, would NOT RV that day... etc, but all that counts for nothing.
    I think people are smart enough on their own to see that jonny, okie, dan and tony, etc are completely full of gas.... and if they choose to continue to follow them,(which I agree is STRANGE) how does that become your issue?
    Best of luck in your future endeavors!

    From Anonymous:

    Respectfully, as many times as you've called it and been wrong I'm surprised anyone is paying to get your information.

    From Mr. Blaino :

    I would surmise that's because I have told my subscribers so many things, before the fact, that then DID happen, in the way and time frame that I had indicated....
    NO other site has that track record...
    Mystery solved!
    I once offered a 10,000 dinar reward for anything substantial that any other site had said that later happened, when they said it would, the way they said it would.... no takers came forward.
    No one has correctly called the RV so far... God bless his heart, Okie is sure trying.... LOL, however there is so much more to this than just the date.

    From Anonymous :

    That's because 10,000 dinar is worth about 8.58 USD. What a bet !!! Lol. I can tell you this. People won't ever become the millionaires they thought they were going to be. Not by the end of the year. Not ever. Why don't you make it 10,000 US dollars and I'll take you up on that bet?

    From Mr. Blaino :

    Clearly, we must come to terms with the hard facts that we will disagree in some respects... however I see no reason to be disagreeable.
    May you live in interesting times.

  4. Wow what a fool Blaino is.

    Fails to accept any wrong doing because he continues it.
    He doesnt see any pressing need to give up his pumping unless the feds come to speak with him.

    Using the Chinese curse of 'May you live in interesting times' as shown above surprised me as I didnt give Blaino credit enough obviously for being that smart to know of or understand it.

    I think most of the dinar pumpers are street smart rather than intellectual and they know how to play the con game rather well.

    1. Either Blaino is lying about his intel or his sources are lying to him and he's too stupid to figure it out. I've listened to him talk several times and I agree that he's not stupid. So where does that leave us? For the record, Adam Montana never made any money selling dinar either that I'm aware of. You don't have to be working for a dealer to be a dinar douchebag.

  5. I'm amazed how much time and effort people like "Sam I Am" spend on this. Why not move on to more productive ventures with their considerable writing and commenting talents? The "douchebag" here is no so much the dinar-entusiasts, but the people wasting their time criticizing.


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