Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 10-16 Douchie

Another slow week in guru world.  Maybe these guys are tired of me writing about them.  Or maybe their BS doesn't pull the traffic to their sites that it used to.  Or maybe (God Forbid!) some of them actually decided to get a job and don't have time for pumping any more.  Who knows?

The big story this week was Kaperoni's post acknowledging the possibility of a lop based on an article he read.  Being such a staunch anti-lopper that really seemed to shake up the believers.  Having spoken with Kap a few times along these lines I give him the benefit of the doubt on this.  I don't think he has quite crossed over to the dark side yet, but at least he appears to be willing to take a looksie.  Kudos Kap. 

Still we had a few good efforts of pumpitude.  On Tuesday Hammerman said:

info is still smoking good...imo some upper class in iraq are using smart cards...i belive announcements within 48 hours if intel is true...we should here of it in iraq...then hours later here, then days later we get to the best intel just told me should be wealthy by the june 27th...all we can do is sit back hope an wait. intel says meeting on the 15th [un] wont speed this up, not a concern for iraq...whales with over 50bil have gotten money...whales withover 500mil starting within a hour...all is still good, and all is positive. 

He followed it up on Wednesday with:

If I told you all the info I have today your heads would explode. im in contact with 10 or so whales that have cashed out. Been confirming all morning. Between this Thursday and the 20th for an RV. I'll really be shocked if we see it this week, with the way they are in timing, I feel late next week we'll see an RV. 2.72 is what I am being told. Not the offical rate, just what is on the cards for every day Iraqi citizens. Government and military will get more I am being told.

In case you dinarians haven't figured it out yet Hammerman is full of hooey.  There's no whales cashing in, no confirmations, no 2.72 RV.  As of June 20 the IQD's value will be about what it is now plus or minus a few %.

Hammerman's partner in crime Blaino chimed in with:

Apparently, and according to 3 confirmed Dinarians, some large IQD holders "MAY"..."MAY" be getting some signals regarding ..."CASHING OUT"...AHHHH...LET ME TYPE THOSE GOLDEN WORDS ONE MORE TIME.... "CASHING OUT!" Feels good just to type it out...WHHOOOO-BAY_BEEEEE!

and .....

Got some intel from my "Whale Watcher" earlier today::: Seems like our 'turn' is in the works for the next few days...That's IF all works out! He/She/They are even now awaiting a call regarding 'departure!' Said the "Whales" ought to be done cashing in today and/or tomorrow and then "WE" get our turn at bat! He/She/They doubt we will see much before Thursday mebby Friday. So...using our judgement and common sense...we should be done by mid week next week ..."mebby!"

Yeahhhhh .... mebby not!

But this week's Douchie has to go to TonyTNT from PTR.  On Friday he said this:

Tony Renfrow
I did get told the cards are being used and what ever amount they are using today they are telling them it will be MORE on SUNDAY! ... if they are using the cards today and it is to go up higher on Sunday I would think that was an RI... ...I DID THINK TODAY SHOULD BE IT AND IT IS IF WE LOOK AT THE RI THAT OCCURRED... IF THOSE NUMBERS ARE CORRECT... IT LOOKS LIKE AN RI HAS OCCURRED AND WE ARE TOLD THAT WILL CHANGE ON SUNDAY (RV), WELL SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN ON SUNDAY....

First a little background about Tony.  After earning his Masters in Economics from Harvard Tony was VP of the foreign currency division of J P Morg .......


Tony's  background is in MLM.  Before he and Dan scammed thousands of people away from Dinar Vets claiming that they had the real RV intel Tony's background in foreign currency was likely limited to breif excursions into Tijuana to down a few authentic margaritas that he bought with Mexican pesos.  I'm reasonably sure his list of "contacts" is just as impressive. 

The RI that he's referring to means "reinstate", as in restoring the value that the dinar used to have.  Whether that means the value before the coalition invaded Iraq in 2003 or the value from before Desert Storm or the value from before Saddam I'm not sure but it really doesn't matter.  There's no such thing as reinstating a currency's value.  I challenge anybody to provide one example of a currency that had a former value "reinstated".  From Investopedia:

Definition of 'Reinstatement'

1. The process of re-establishing the status of a person, company or law.

2. In regards to insurance, reinstatement allows a previously terminated policy to resume active coverage. Depending on the circumstance of the termination, such as failure to pay the premium, the
insured person may be required to compensate the insurer before reinstatement occurs.  

Investopedia explains 'Reinstatement'

1. For example, the government may reinstate prohibition, making it illegal to consume or exchange alcohol.

2. Reinstating the policy would provide the insured with all the benefits of their original plan. In case of non-payment, the insured may be required to provide evidence of eligibility, such as taking a medical examination for life insurance. Additionally, the person might have to pay the insurance company for the missed premium dates.

You see, currencies can be redenominated, revalued, or devalued but they are not reinstated.  Insurance policies are reinstated.  Memberships can be too.  But not currency valuations.  That's pumper BS.  (I think Frank26 started that nonsense.)  The smart cards have ZERO to do with any revaluation of the dinar.  Currency valuations are based primarily on money supply and GDP.  Other factors can influence them like inflation, stability of the government, war, and security.  But this fascination with the smart cards is all hype.  Hype that is often spouted by dinar douchebags.  Congrats to Tony for his second Douchie award.



  1. No one thought about the fact that all these "Whales" with trillions of IQD cashing out will affect the exchange rate?
    Thought not.

  2. I think Tony means they are re instating the Saddam notes. ROFL! Good luck with that douche bag.


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