Sunday, June 3, 2012

Douchie for May 27- June 2

Kind of a slow week in the guru dept.  Only two things jumped out at me.  The first was from a guy I'm not too familiar with.  On Friday SWFloridaGuy said:

6-1-2012  We see a lot of reports coming from the CBI referencing "delete the zeros," "raise the zeros" and "remove the zeros." This information campaign is the Central Banks' way educating the public of the upcoming changes and give them reason to believe that soon they will again be able to have confidence in their own currency, and that the goal of their leaders is to eventually de-dollarize the economy. This is a sensitive balancing act. Furtiveness is imperative to the process. They must delicately educate the public without announcing to the world their plans to raise the exchange rate equal to, or higher than the USD. Removing of the zeros refers to the collection of the larger notes from circulation. It doesn't directly refer to the specific rate change, more to the process of introducing the new currency.

This is hysterical.  This douche is telling everybody that Iraq is announcing to the world that they're going to raise the value of the IQD 100,000% ... only they're not really announcing it because that might encourage more people to buy dinar.  And of course they can't have that.  So they're being very cryptic (furtive), you see.   Balderdash!  "Removing the zeros" has nothing to do with removing the larger notes from circulation.  It's referring to removing all of the IQD from circulation as they introduce a more valuable replacement currency.  I'll be posting more on this in a few days.



Now for this week's winner.  Last week's Douchie went to Blaino, but this week's goes to his partner Hammerman with an assist from Blaino.  On Monday the two of them did a conference call where they said:

  1. Don't talk to the banks.  Hammerman's connections are better than a congressman's and he can get information that most bankers don't have access to.  Then Blaino chimes in with "if they told their employees about the upcoming RV they wouldn't have any employees after the RV". 
  2. Maliki left the country in exile for a few weeks until he agreed to "play nice".  He's back now and most people will never even know he was in trouble.
  3. The IMF, the World Bank, and the BIS agreed to allow 25 countries to break out of the basket that they're in so that they can RV.  If they RV without Iraq they will increase by 17%, but if they wait and RV with Iraq they will get closer to a 50% increase.  Hammerman was told they would RV in 8-10 days but he thinks it will be closer to 30 days. 
  4. The IQD RV rate will be over $1.
I probably don't even need to comment on what rubbish this is.  Given their track record over the past year or so most people realize that they have no credibility.  So let me just say this .... there will be no RV of 46-48% with any currency in the next couple of months.  There will be no RV to $1 or more with the IQD ... EVER!  If I'm wrong about either prediction I'll award myself a Douchie.



  1. These clowns have been at it for a lot more than a year. It's well over 3 now for many of these people, bringing up the same nonsense, word for word, over and over again, occasionally with a new guru name. The list of gurus/liars is several pages long now, with no end in sight.

    1) Don't talk to the banks.... been hearing the same crap for 42 months. "If the employees knew, there would BE no employees." Truth is that the IQD is the worst kept secret EVER, and the only reason to refrain from talking to the banks is to avoid looking like a complete idiot.

    2) Maliki is in trouble... If Maliki was "ever" in trouble, then he's been on "double secret probation" more times than the Delta Tau's at Animal House. Maliki will be in total control for as long as he wants to be. It's been more than 2 years since their last election, and they STILL don't have a completed government.....because Maliki doesn't WANT it. A few may grumble now and then, but rest assured, Maliki gets what he wants, and he isn't going anywhere.

    3)I've been watching this more than 4 years now, and we've heard of more RV'ing currency baskets than the Easter Bunny has EVER delivered - all total nonsense. There has never been a revaluation even remotely similar to the one promised here, and there never will be.

    4) The RV rate will be over a Dollar.... "only" after the IQD is re-denominated. If we're lucky, there will be a simultaneous increase in value of a few percentage points - highly unlikely to offset the outrageous 40-60% spread most investors will have paid in buying and cashing in their Dinars.

    8-10 to 30 days has been the guru RV promise more times than any of us can count anymore. Sam picked the perfect site name - Douchebags - every single one of them.

    1. LOL!!! I should have let you write this one. You had better stuff this week for sure.

    2. Sam you gotta see the praise this SWFloridiaguy gets on dv. He post his own crap there and whenever someone corrects his pumping lies the negs come flyin out. He is clearly a pumper that is part of Adams team. I've also noticed that since Adam was fully identified as James wolf that there's been a influx of newbies in dv cheering for Adam and the rv. Probably more screen babes created by Adams team. Adam is not just one person but a group of 6 people that are in on scam...James is ring leader

    3. You're undoubtedly right, CFO. If it's only 6 people involved with Wolf, then they are some really busy writers. When the truth eventually comes out, and these currently supportive "investors" figure out what's been done to them, I suspect that the Salem Witch Hunts will look like Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood in comparison. With tens of thousands of angry victims, it only takes a small handful to paint targets on the backs of the offending witches to make their lives a living hell. In this case, there will likely be a rather large handful. He may be living large now, partying at the expense of his victims, but in the end, I remain hopeful that he finds it to have been a very costly party.

      *No offense to the innocent Pagans out there. Wolf deserves a new classification of his own, but I couldn't think of a more vivid comparison. The picture of his sorry ass burning at a stake was an irresistibly satisfying visual. :)

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  2. Totally off subject here, but Miskebam (Liz) has posted on the "Okie or Not Okie" thread for those interested.

  3. Slow week? Don’t worry, Breitling is back at work and talking more nonsense than ever.

    Today he claims the CBI numbers are not real. He comes to this conclusion because according to him Iraq is under sanctions because they are not reporting the correct numbers. This brings up a huge misconception amongst many dinar holders. Sanctions.
    I have heard pumpers/gurus/dinaraholics talk for the last 6 or seven years about how Iraq can’t do anything until the sanctions are removed. Clueless babble!!
    Almost all sanctions against Iraq were lifted in 2003. For over 8 years now Iraq has had practically no sanctions. The only sanctions that stayed in effect were they were not allowed to deal in arms and they were not given full control of the DFI funds. They have since been given control of the DFI funds and I think there are still some arms sanctions.
    The gurus constantly bring up Chapter 7 as if it has all these sanctions attached to it. That’s a big lie. Chapter 7 is simply a designation by the UN that states a contry is a danger. It allows sanctions to be placed quickly on a country. Without chapter 7 every single sanction would have to go through a full Security Council vote and all the politics that go along with that. They put a country under Chapter 7 and that allow them to place the sanction without a vote.
    Back to Breitlings bogus claim. Iraq is under an IMF Stand By Arrangement. That is a loan program. One of the requirements for that program is complete transparency of their financials. They are not lying about the numbers.

    1. I guess you can either trust Breitling or trust the CBI and the IMF.


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