Tuesday, June 12, 2012

John Jagerson's Ebook

If you're a regular reader of this blog you've probably read my two interviews with John Jagerson about the dinar.  Well John has now written a book about the dinar.  I've just read it and I wanted to offer my thoughts on it.

First of all I have to tip my hat to John for taking the initiative in 2008 to speak out on the misinformation and hype surrounding the dinar, and for making two very informative videos which I've used on my blog and have found very helpful.  This is a complicated situation because most of us had no experience in the world of currencies prior to learning about the dinar, and we were overwhelmed with talk of reserves, fractional reserve banking, fiat currencies, crawling pegs, dirty floats, M1, M2 ..... etc.  It took a while to get up to speed on the terminology and the concepts and during that time many of us got sucked in by the hype.  People like John have helped to clear the muddy waters for us and for that I am grateful.

Now for the review.  If you're thinking "yeah I knew this guy had an agenda ... he's out to sell a book and make money off of this" you should know that this is an ebook that sells for $4.99.  Quite a bit cheaper than the $29.95 dinar guru Adam Montana charged for his book and I'm sure he's not going to sell nearly as many copies as Adam did because John's not feeding anybody's fantasies.  But he has obviously invested a lot of time in this and I see nothing wrong with a little compensation for his efforts.

You can tell from the issues he addresses that John is up to speed on the pumpitude over the past couple of years.  Some of the points he addresses are already covered in his videos as you would expect, but he goes into much greater detail in the book, especially in explaining RVs (revaluations) and RDs (redenominations).  He also shows you how the currencies of oil producing nations have fared over the past twenty years.  Unlike many who don't believe in the overnight millionaire scenario, JJ discusses the wrongheaded idea that the dinar will grow in value as their economy grows.

John Jagerson
John offers a good analysis of the issue of liquidity, which to me is the stickiest point in this investment.  If you could always easily liquidate your dinars like you can the Mexican peso or the Canadian dollar then certainly the risk would be minimized, but with so many banks now refusing to handle dinar, and the looming issue of redenomination, the liquidity of the IQD becomes a greater concern with each passing day. 

There's also a good discussion of the role that religion plays in the marketing of the dinar.  Rather than delving into the theological aspects he simply shows how the issue of eschatology (bible prophecy) isn't really relevant in assessing the validity of owning IQD. 

He concludes the book with links to articles discussing the dinar from respected institutions rather than dinar forums or dealer sites.  As you would expect from a professional he even includes references to support the points he makes. 

The least navigable part was no doubt his discussion of bonds and the sterilization of capital flows.  Dinar researchers like Scooter and Enoch8 (and F8 and DaveD - readers of my blog) might be able to grasp what he's saying here, but I have to admit it wasn't too clear to me, although the point he was making about oil exporting countries preventing an appreciation of their currencies was.

 Although I don't refer to the dinar investment as a scam as John does, I do agree with almost everything that he says based on what I have learned over the past few years.  But whether you agree or not you can't dispute that he knows what he's talking about, and he's happy to provide you with his credentials and his real name which many pumpers and gurus will never do. 

If you or someone close to you is thinking about investing in the Iraqi dinar you owe it to yourself to read what a true expert like John has to say.  The $5 price tag is nothing compared to the thousands you might be putting at risk. 


  1. Thanks, but no thanks. I have been in this investment since 2005 and no guru or book good or bad can tell me anything about the dinar. IMO, if this thing has not paid off by now it never will. There will be no instant millionaires made from IQD. It's been almost 10 years, and all I see is a RD. I will take .02 just for it to be over. Word to the wise...Never trust a banker..

    1. I'd take 2 cents too but I'm not holding my breath. If you have owned for 7 years then obviously you're not who my comments were addressed to.

  2. There is plenty of information that does imply a RV is possible. I am not saying that a RV is assured, just that there is information that supports that it could happen. The sad thing is this blog is very biased and only supports it's view from what other countries may or may not have done in the past and completely discounts that information. I think we all can agree Iraq is not the same situation. If you only see the war alone, that in itself makes it different or unique. But to me, there is so much more.

    Was there some grand global financial plan? Well, some say the evidence supports that there is. Others will argue that cannot happen. No way to tell for sure, till Shabibi finally changes the dinar and takes that step. One thing i agree on with RFCR, no person (no matter how educated) is going to stray me from the potential return of this investment if even only a .10 return. JJ is nothing more than a skeptic using his business principals to debunk the potential of this investment. If this ends up being a unique situation, all standards and principles go out the window. IMO, This investment takes years and years of study to see what is going on. And many of those who have been in it that long, still don't know all the details. Details that I expect we will never know.

    1. Sure an RV could happen. In fact several already have. The rate has been adjusted several times over the past few years and could be adjusted again. That's what a revaluation is, after all. A small adjustment of a few %. The question here is "is an RV of 10,000% or more possible?" No, it's not. Saying that I'm biased because I only go by what we know about the history of currencies and revaluations and redenominations and economics is like saying an astronomer is biased because he doesn't think it's possible for the sun to rise in the west. Everything that has been claimed about a plan to reboot the world's economy via the dinar has proven baseless. Bush never said the war would pay for itself. (Prove me wrong.) The CBI money supply figures keep going up. There's no evidence that the US Treasury holds dinar. Shabibi has studied the redenominations of Brazil and Turkey in determining how to proceed with the dinar. And every RV rumor since 2004 has flopped.

      As for John, he's more than a skeptic. He's an expert with years of experience covering investment scams, revaluations, and redenominations. He provides his credentials and his real name unlike most gurus. And you don't have to study this investment for years to see what's going on. It only took me a few days once I got off my backside and started researching outside of the dinar forums. That's when I discovered that the main issues are 1) GDP 2) Money Supply 3) How revaluations and redenominations really work. Once I understood the basics I knew this wasn't going to happen like the gurus predict every week. No need to spend hours a day reading the latest news from Iraq. Just learn the basics and move on with your life, knowing that there's nothing to see here.

  3. Paul Wolfowitz actually claimed that the war would pay for itself.
    What reward should he receive for such acumen? Bush made him president of the World Bank.

  4. Wolfowitz said that Iraq's oil revenues could help cover the cost of reconstruction after the war, and in fact that's what they're doing now without the "RV". That amounts to tens of billions, not the $800 billion cost of the war that people like Kaperoni throw out there to suggest that Bush planned a big RV.

    1. And let's not forget that the original estimates of the cost of the war were way off. http://articles.cnn.com/2004-04-15/politics/bush.oil_1_oil-revenues-oil-fields-iraq-war?_s=PM:ALLPOLITICS They didn't anticipate that the insurgency would drag on for years.

    2. Sam, no amount of logic, reason, or evidence will sway these people's beliefs about this investment. Their entire position is based on emotion. Logic and emotion go together about as well as oil and water.

  5. Sorry, had to post this due to hammerman's honorable mention last week for the douchie award:

    6-13-2012 Intel Guru Hammerman If I told you all the info I have today your heads would explode. im in contact with 10 or so whales that have cashed out. Been confirming all morning. Between this Thursday and the 20th for an RV. I'll really be shocked if we see it this week, with the way they are in timing, I feel late next week we'll see an RV. 2.72 is what I am being told. Not the offical rate, just what is on the cards for every day Iraqi citizens. Government and military will get more I am being told.

  6. Sam... I'm sure you are all over this, but figured I'd put it here.
    Another pumper turns.
    Kaperoni: This article is not good. It appears clearly in this article they are talking redenomination or LOP. I am not giving up hope, but this seems pretty compelling that Iraq may not be honoring the dinar at face value post redenomination. The best one can gain from this is 2X or 3X our investment if this is true.

    So that's Ali, Dinar Daddy, and now Kaperoni who see a lop.
    It's a new soap opera... As The Pumpers Turn.

    1. Whats so funny about kap is that all the other articles that stated lop he twisted to mean rv.....so now it finally hit him that it's a lop.....not buying that he finally figured out those mean lop.....I'm sure he's known all along but now doesn't want to be part of the investigation when this thing turns ugly. Sorry kap not buying it.

  7. I made it through about 5 minutes of Breitling’s talk today. All I could stomach, and all it took for him to say something completely moronic and show how stupid he is.
    He started by mispronouncing Kaperoni as Kaproni. But that wasn’t the true idiot moment.
    He went on to talk about how this Dirty Float just isn’t working, that they must change to a managed float.
    Seriously… how stupid is this guy? Can he not even figure out how to google a simple term? A dirty float IS a managed float. They are the exact same thing.

    From investopedia:
    Definition of 'Dirty Float'
    A system of floating exchange rates in which the government or the country's central bank occasionally intervenes to change the direction of the value of the country's currency. In most instances, the intervention aspect of a dirty float system is meant to act as a buffer against an external economic shock before its effects become truly disruptive to the domestic economy.
    Also known as a "managed float".

    Certainly douchie worthy of Breitling, but today we should award him with a special award.
    A Jabroni award.
    Or would that be a Jaberoni in Breitling’s case.

    1. I listened to it too. I'm planning on posting about it next week. Feel free to post the same comments when I do.


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